War God Asura

Chapter: 17

Xing Jue Real Identity
“Did you say that Soul Devouring Clan already perished?” Xing Jue quickly asked, according soul eater succubus said that Soul Devouring Clan should be very strong, and such powerful influence, how could it be perished? If Soul Devouring Clan already perished, then isn’t his parents already died? Then why is he still alive?
“Yes master, in fact Soul Devouring Clan already perished a hundred years ago, I do not know why master can survive in this world, and even so young.” When saying this, soul eater succubus gave meaningfully look to Xing Jue.
“You said that Soul Devouring Clan already perished? Then why are you still alive? You said more than a hundred years ago? What exactly happened at that time? Can you talk clearly?” At first Xing Jue think that he can find his own parents, but he didn’t think that Soul Devouring Clan already perished, although he before never know about Soul Devouring Clan, but now after know about it, and this felling coming from bloodlines, make Xing Jue concerned about the survival of Soul Devouring Clan.
“Because the Soul Devouring Clan was too strong, so strong until almost no one can compete with Soul Devouring Clan in this continent, to maintain the balance at this continent, several strong powerhouse in this continent start the alliance, and finally launched attack to Soul Devouring Clan, in during that time, that war could even be said shake the whole world, but under collaborations of numerous forces, Soul Devouring Clan still have the upper hand.” Soul eater succubus clearly know what happened that year, even after a hundred years, but regarding that year war, it still fresh in her memory.
“Why is it still perished?” Xing Jue continue to ask.
“Because afterward a super powerhouse force join that alliance, that in this piece of continent unmatchable powerful.” Soul eater succubus said again.
“Super powerhouse? Did you said Soul Devouring Clan is the strongest?” After hearing Soul eater succubus words, Xing Jue somewhat feeling confused.
“Yes, Soul Devouring Clan should be the strongest at this continent, and at that time the Soul Devouring Clan patriarch is the strongest powerhouse in this continent, however that mysterious powerhouse, single-handedly destroy the whole Soul Devouring Clan.” Soul eater succubus slowly said.
“Then how did you survived?” Xing Jue asked.
“During that time war, not all can participate, and we are slaves were responsible for protecting the young masters to leave Soul Devouring Clan, after Soul Devouring Clan destruction, the alliance of that several forces also searching for that young masters, because there is traitor within our teams, therefore mostly the young masters was killed.
However I am also one of the lucky slaves that manage to escapes, because we are not Soul Devouring Clan clansmen, and within our body has cursed seal, require to fix per period of time from Soul Devouring Clan clansmen to untie the curse, if within a limited time can not untie the curse, then our body will automatically dissipate. Therefore the alliance did not kill us.” Soul eater succubus continued to said.
“You were said that if the curse seal within given time were not untie, you will die. However why you can survive this long? Xing Jue has as if think of something, hurried to ask.
“This…” A little bit fear suddenly appeared from Soul eater succubus, the expression on her eyes start to change beginning to distracted, for a moment unexpectedly did not immediately answered.
“Quickly said it!” Seeing soul eater succubus began to hesitate, Xing Jue soon know, there are surely some kind of hidden secret.
“Reply to master, because at those years in the middle chaos of war, I obtain soul eater clan Cultivation Technique, although this Cultivation Technique only Soul Devouring Clan talented clansmen can practice, however actually because within our body has soul mark of Soul Devouring Clan, therefore we can also practice, but all I can do is only supplement the body with Soul Power, and cannot refined other people’s Soul Power to promote my strength.” Under pressure from Xing Jue, soul eater succubus quickly reply, clearly she was afraid of Xing Jue
“Oh, that’s how it is, so that Cultivation Technique is still with you?” After Xing Jue heard about this Cultivation Technique that can build up his strength, his heart can’t help to be moved, if he practiced this Cultivation Technique, then adds on with his Soul Devouring Clan Soul Power, his strength will certainly progress by leaps and bounds.
“In the past when I fought with Imperial Wind Pavilion two elders, Cultivation Technique have been taken by one of them, I guess that now should be at Imperial Wind Pavilion.” Soul eater succubus hurried to reply.
“Oh? What is that Cultivation Technique name?” Xing Jue felt that this soul eater succubus should not dare to deceive him, and it happen that he is going to Imperial Wind Pavilion to practice, if this Cultivation Technique really at Imperial Wind Pavilion, then as long as he know what it is look like, naturally if there is a chance he will take it back.
“Soul Devouring.” Soul eater succubus simply replied.
“Soul Devouring, I will certainly find it.” Said Xing Jue mumbles, and his face brimmed with anticipation and smile.
“Ah… Ah… Ah…” While speaking, the sky has shine, a ray of sunlight shoots into the jungle, just a shed on soul eater succubus body, suddenly on soul eater succubus body start to emit bursts of white smoke and she wailing painfully.
Upon seeing this, Xing Jue quickly drag soul eater succubus to the sunless region, and after leaving sunlight exposure, the painful expression on soul eater succubus face also start to lessen.
“Are you fear of light?” Xing Jue asked.
“En, exactly to said are afraid of natural sunlight and moonlight, this is the power of curse seal, although through absorbing others’ Soul Power I can survive, but it still limit by the cursed seal that is why I can only hide in this death mountain, afraid to go out.” Soul eater succubus slowly said.
“You said that Soul Devouring Clan people can help you untie the curse seal, then can I?” Xing Jue asked.
“Yes you can.” hearing Xing Jue words, soul eater succubus body start to tremble, immediately looking at Xing Jue with anticipations.
“What should I do?” Xing Jue continued to ask.
“Just a drop of master blood can do it.” Soul eater succubus somewhat uneasy said. She seems to be afraid that Xing Jue will reject her request.
“This is easy.” Xing Jue gave a faint smile, he bit his own finger, and then immediately handed his bitten finger toward soul eater succubus lips.
After seeing the Xing Jue action, soul eater succubus actually did not quickly absorb the blood which is slowly flow out from Xing Jue finger, but looking at Xing Jue with extremely touch look.
“Hurry up, or I will bleed too much, Hey Hey…” Xing Jue knows what soul eater succubus have in her mind, jokingly said.
“Thank you master.” Soul eater succubus politely said, and gently pasted her sexy lip on Xing Jue finger then gentle suck it, but this cute look and that violence acted it looks like two different person.
“How do you feel?” Xing Jue looking at soul eater succubus cute look, could not help but give a trace of good impression, asked with a smile.
“Master I would try my body, whether become normal or not.” After soul eater succubus wrapped up Xing Jue finger, slowly said. Xing Jue also slightly nodded.
Therefore soul eater succubus with bumpy heart, carefully walked toward ray of sunlight in the jungle.
“Master, I’m normal, I’m finally normal!” When arrive under the sunlight, soul eater succubus to seeing herself fine, with a happy smile, excitedly dance under this sunlight, her appearance is extremely attractive.
Xing Jue did not speak, he sit quietly enjoying soul eater succubus beautiful dancer’s posture, because he can understand the excitement this soul eater succubus feels, hundred years have not left this gloomy mountain, now finally free, this feeling of joy absolutely no less than him, after a long time with Old Feng help, finally succeed to condense Qi.
“Thank you master.” After short period of time, soul eater succubus finally wake up from the excitement, immediately arrive in front of Xing Jue body, kneel down in front of Xing Jue body, and humbly thanks.
“Good, afterwards don’t easily right away kneel, what if everybody under impression that I have mistreat a beautiful woman in perverted behavior.”
“That’s right, do you have a name?” Xing Jue asked with a smile.
“The former master called me Qian Ji.” Soul eater succubus quickly replied.
“Qian Ji? This name is not pleasant to hear, what if later I will call you Xiao Qian.” After a moment’s thought, Xing Jue said with a smile.
“Xiao Qian? I like this name Xiao Qian.” Soul eater succubus extremely clever replied, No no no, not soul eater succubus, now she should be call Xiao Qian.

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