War God Asura

Chapter: 18

Could It Be That Is Romance
“Xiao Qian, accompany me until here is enough, later if I have a problem I will contact you.” Ten miles away from Imperial Wind Pavilion, Xing Jue standing in front of a plain field, said to enchanting Xiao Qian who is standing beside him.
All the way to here, Xing Jue tell Xiao Qian that he must go to Imperial Wind Pavilion, and because of Xiao Qian identity, Xing Jue can’t take her into Imperial Wind Pavilion, but he let her stay nearby death mountain, later in time of need, he will find her again.
“Yes master.” Xiao Qian stand beside Xin Jue, just like ordinary lovely maid.
Xing Jue smile lightly, a maid-servant at Martial Sovereign level, this feeling is quite good, after all the matter clear, Xing Jue then walk toward Imperial Wind Pavilion direction, Xiao Qian gazed at Xing Jue that gradually going far away, after not seeing his form, she turned and walked away.
Imperial Wind Pavilion, is the biggest sect in Imperial Wind Empire, its authority area is very vast, although Xing Jue already entered into Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, but if he wants to reach Imperial Wind Pavilion, actually still required several days.
These several days, Xing Jue often meet some official young generation who go to Imperial Wind Pavilion to enroll, but Xing Jue also did not stay together with them, besides not familiar with the person, Xing Jue more prefer to travel alone.
Previously he travel together with mercenary group, because death mountain is really dangerous place, but at this Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, can be said that nobody dare to make a fuss, in other words, at this Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, is absolutely safe.
After several days traveling, Xing Jue finally arrived at Imperial Wind Pavilion headquarters, Floating Clouds Mountain.
At first glance only see endless mountains, every peak are through the sky, countless thousand zhang1 waterfall just like very huge dragon that drops from the sky, pouring down. Under illumination of sunshine, a beautiful rainbow hang in the mountains, it so beautiful. On top of that many floating clouds hover at the mountain peak piece by piece, it’s like a fairyland.
“So beautiful” Looking at this beautiful scene, Xing Jue is feeling astonished, then said.
Arrived at Floating Clouds Mountain, Xing Jue decided not like the other people, immediately report to Imperial Wind Pavilion, but found a small lake in the mountain, prepare to have a nice refreshing, Xing Jue stripped off his clothes, he only wear a white trousers, just like a fish eager to the sea, jumped into blue lake water.
“It feels good” feeling refreshed from the water lake, Xing Jue excitedly said. Feeling excited, Xing Jue dive into the lake, prepare to play around. However Xing Jue actually did not know that there is prohibition rule at this Imperial Wind Pavilion, it is forbidden to enter Floating Clouds Mountain lake, disobeying the rules means die.
Arrives at the bottom lake, Xing Jue discovered there is undercurrent inside this bottom lake, feeling curious, Xing Jue start to swim following the undercurrent, and finally found a lot of secret passage.
“Strange, why does this bottom lake have a lot of secret passages?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said, he is curious and want to penetrate the secret passage, the so-called curiosity kills the cat, Xing Jue also because of his own curiosity, have to paid happiness as a price.
“Wow” Xing Jue even he died it is hard to imagine that this secret passage have formidable suction, Xing Jue accidently led into the secret passage, with the rapid flow of the lake, in this underground passage, he dashing forward.
Don’t know how long, Xing Jue only follow rapid water lake rush out secret passage, and what make Xing Jue surprise was, after such a long time carried away unexpectedly returned to the lake, because he was too long under water, Xing Jue have a serious oxygen deficit, at this time Xing Jue didn’t think too much and directly swim away toward the lake side.
But when approaching the lake side, an attractive snow white body, accidental reflected in Xing Jue eyes.
“Gulp” can’t restrain himself, Xing Jue unexpectedly opened his mouth, A mouthful water lake poured into his stomach, this is the first time Xing Jue from infant to mature seeing woman body, and so beautiful, if said not excited then it is nonsense.
When Xing Jue create sound from his movement, it is also disturbed that tender body. Seeing that figure move and then instantly disappeared.
“Shit! I got caught.” Xing Jue knows that he has been found out by her, and desperately want to escape, after all this is not a good thing if he get caught.
“Come out for this young woman!” However Xing Jue prepared to crazily dive under water, a powerful suction firmly locked him, and with extremely fast speed Xing Jue began to come out from water surface.
“Poof” with a splash sound, Xing Jue just like sea flood dragon come out from inside water lake, however the next moment similar to a dog that fall into water, tragically fall to the shore.
Xing Jue was throw down to the shore, he suddenly spit out a mouthful of water lake, he slowly raised his head, after seeing the lake, Xing Jue was shocked to found that this is not the lake that he just jumped into, because there is a hall at this lake.
“Said it, who are you?” When Xing Jue looking at the lake in daze, a euphonious voice and pleasant to hear sounded behind Xing Jue.
Xing Jue turn his head to look, only to found out that his body was stiff, the only activity was his heart, and at this time his heart start to beat violently, the speed is so fast. All these responses are because at this moment in front of Xing Jue body, standing beautiful young girl.
This young girl have a light brown long hair that scatter on her shoulder, on her oval face there is bright and intelligent big eyes, small and exquisite fine jade nose, as well as small and tender mouth, giving the people fresh and pure feeling, although her body is wrapping by white wool blanket, but the enchanting curve still clearly visible, the young girl skin is like white snow shining brightly, and give a touch of sweet smelling from her body.
“Wow!” Looking at this stunning beautiful young girl, at this time Xing Jue mouth turning into big o, the previously elegant demeanor gentleman completely gone.
“What are you looking at, I asked you a question.” Seeing Xing Jue complexion look, the young girl uncomfortable said.
“Ah… my name is Xing Jue, didn’t know what this miss name?” At this time Xing Jue hardly have misgivings toward this young lady appear powerful strength to absorb him, rather very bold asked, there is one type for young person appeared awfully silly bold in front of beautiful woman.
“Hum” the young girl furrow her eyebrows, a strong pressure spreads, under this formidable pressure, Xing Jue can feels, unexpectedly this young girl is Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, and this formidable pressure also compared with Xiao Qian. In the heart Xing Jue is surprised.
Because Xing Jue practice speed already abnormally, but he and this young girl to be compare, simply is nothing, at this moment Xing Jue finally know what to be called outside the mountain there is mountain, there is always a people beyond the people.
“Now I ask a question, you answered, don’t talk rubbish.” The young girl said every single word, despite that he already know that the young girl angry, Xing Jue actually liked what he see, but because of the young girl strong strength, Xing Jue only fiercely nod, to show compromise.
“Are you Imperial Wind Pavilion people? How did you come here?” The young girls asked.
“I am Imperial Wind Pavilion person, but haven’t join yet, I was going through secret passage in lake at Floating Cloud Mountain. Oh! This is bad, my recommendation letter is still at the shore, what should I do?” Right now, Xing Jue suddenly becomes nervous.
Because he found out that there is a lot of secret passage at the bottom of the lake, and he can’t remember from which secret passage that he came out, so if he want to return to the lake is almost impossible, and if he didn’t have the recommendation letter, it might be said that he can’t join the Imperial Wind Pavilion.
However seeing Xing Jue helpless look, contrary to what one might expect, the young girl actually smile sweetly, because she already guessed Xing Jue origin, this youth does not understand anything, maybe he is a pesky who jumped into the lake and then following the flow and get inside a small hole, therefore fortunately arrived here.
“I asked one last question, just now what did you see?” The young girl asked again, above her pure face, emerged a tense expression.
“What can I see? I just came out from the water and suddenly sucked out from the water by powerful suction, and then see you, you treat me like a criminal, questioning me.” Xing Jue pretended a bewildered look, and also had some suffering from injustice, with calmness said.
“Hey! Did you know that you have a catastrophe?” However the young girl gave a smile toward Xing Jue sour face, pointed her finger and said again.
“Catastrophe?” After hearing the young girl words, Xing Jue somewhat puzzled.
“He he, that’s right, this lake is not a simple lake, this is our Imperial Wind Pavilion protection pavilion array, unexpectedly you dare to take a bath at this place, you tell me, did you not created a big trouble?” The young girls said with a smile.
Hearing about it, Xing Jue know that he have a big trouble, and listening this young girl words, obviously she is also Imperial Wind Pavilion person, and by this young girl strength, she is definitely not one of ordinary disciple, thinking about this, Xing Jue also starts to be anxious.
“But, I can help you.” The young girl looking at Xing Jue tense look, after silent for a moment, said with a smile.
“Help me?” After hearing the young girl words, Xing Jue unexpectedly replied.
“Right, first about you enter this protection pavilion array, as long as I did not said it no one will know.”
“Second, I can give you a recommendation letter, so you can smoothly to enter this Imperial Wind Pavilion to become outer disciple.” The young girl replied with a smile.
“Beauty, what is your requirement?” Although Xing Jue do not understand why this young girl want to help him, but Xing Jue actually know, that she help him there must have a price. However at this situation, Xing Jue simply doesn’t have any choice, therefore Xing Jue extremely free and easy asked.
After hearing Xing Jue words, the young girl did not immediately replied, but slowly bend her tender body, after looking at Xing Jue for a while, and give a naughty smiled, immediately said with a smile. “Hee hee, the requirement is that you become my boyfriend.”
1. 1 zhang = 3.3 meters

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