War God Asura

Chapter: 19

Imperial Wind Pavilion
“What did you say? Say it again.” Xing Jue simply cannot believe his own ear, quickly asked again.
“I said, I want you to be my boyfriend.” The young girl said with a smile.
“Oh my God? Could it be that I am dreaming?” Xing Jue finally realized the young girl words, but he still showed expressions of disbelief. He hit his own head, and keep saying “Don’t wake up! Don’t wake up! such a beautiful dream, I do not want to wake up.”
“Hey! Don’t try to fool me, I should warn you, being my boyfriend is very dangerous.” The young girl gently pat Xing Jue back head, and said with a smile.
“Dangerous? Even if I die and become a ghost, I would still be amorous1.” hearing the young girl words, Xing Jue suddenly stand up, vows that he didn’t afraid, but his exposed body, only wearing white trousers that appear awkward, actually appear very vulgar.
“No it is wrong, it is wrong, could be your boyfriend, I am not afraid any danger.” After said the words, Xing Jue realized that some of his word are improper, quickly change his statement.
“This is also good enough” Seeing Xing Jue like this, the young girl is satisfied and give a smile.
“You wait for me here, don’t go anywhere, otherwise if you get caught, I can’t save you.” The young girl said to Xing Jue, and then didn’t wait for Xing Jue to speak, she turned around and walk into the room in main hall.
When the young girl come out again, her body already wore a beautiful pink dress, and after wearing the beautiful dress, she is simply like celestial spirit, appear more charming.
“Wait for me to came back.” The young girl come out, only speak to Xing Jue, then directly walks toward outside the hall.
“Wow, it’s so remarkable here.” After the young girl walks, Xing Jue shock that this hall very beautiful and very big, as to how big, you can say that you can put a small lake inside the hall, you said it how big it is?
Looking at the luxurious hall in front of him, Xing Jue finally know that the status of this young girl is not simple, according what the young girl said this protected pavilion array is forbidden to enter, but this young girl actually dare to take a bath here, this is explain everything.
However regarding the young girl identity, Xing Jue didn’t do too much guessing, this girl is too strange, just like guess through a mystery, therefore Xing Jue simply does not want to think, he directly jump into the lake, and enjoy it.
“Hey! You rather enjoy it pretty well.”While Xing Jue leisurely and carefree hovering on the water, the young girl pleasant voice actually once more resounds.
“Hey Hey, my wife, did you come back?” After Xing Jue seeing the young girl come back, he quickly arrive at the shore, grinning said, looking at his appearance, as if this beautiful young girl really is his wife.
“Pooh! Who did you call wife?” However after hearing Xing Jue words, the young girl eyebrows furrowed, unhappy shouted.
“Isn’t it’s you who want me to be your boyfriend?” Xing Jue both hands are spread out, pretending to be innocent said.
“Humph! Pretending to be my boyfriend is not wrong, but don’t call me wife.” the young girl eyebrows furrowed, unhappy shouted. Seeing the young girl get angry, Xing Jue immediately make compromise movement. Thinking she is just like unruly princess.
Seeing Xing Jue compromise, from behind the young girl take out clothes, and throwing it to Xing Jue body, curled the lip said “Puts this on, don’t wandering in front of me looking like that.”
“Cih! Do you think I want to be look like this?” using a voice only he can hear it, after make a complaint, Xing Jue quickly wear the clothes.
“All right, this is recommendation letter for outer court, you take the recommendation letter to report.” After Xing Jue wearing the clothes, the young girl take out a blue envelope, give it to Xing Jue and said.
“Why is recommendation letter for outer court? What I lost is recommendation letter for inner court.” Xing Jue read the blue envelope on his hand, curled the lip and said.
“Why? You don’t want it? If you don’t want it, I will take it back.” hearing Xing Jue words, the young girl extend her soft small hands, unhappily said.
“Want, I want it, I did not said I don’t want it.” Xing Jue quickly said.
“Good, from where you come where go, did you call Xing Jue, right? Later I will look for you.” see Xing Jue receive her recommendation letter, the young girl wave her hand to allow the visitor out.
” You won’t make me swim randomly at this bottom lake secret passage, right?” Seeing the young girl drove him away, Xing Jue open his mouth and said.
“If you do not want to live, you can come out from this house front door.” The young girl point at the door at the main hall, unhappy said.
“Oh! Ok, in order not to let you be a widow, I will go through the illegal road, Ha! Ha!” Xing Jue badly laugh, quickly jump into the water and swam toward the bottom lake with a high speed.
“You… Humph!” When the young girl listens to the Xing Jue words and there is something wrong with it, Xing Jue already dived into the bottom lake, the young girl madly stamped her feet on the ground, she look so angry, but also appears extremely cute.
At Floating Clouds Mountain, there are innumerable small lakes, at top of the lake located not far from Imperial Wind Pavilion, a small ripples are constantly spreading, a moment later, slowly appeared a pair of black eyes, after found out there is nobody around the lake, a youth quickly swim toward the shore, immediately ran toward distant place, and seemed like distressed youth, he is Xing Jue.
“Damn! What a bad luck, take a bath at small lake unexpectedly make my recommendation letter for inner court is gone.” On the road to Imperial Wind Pavilion mountain, Xing Jue swearing. After going out from the lake, Xing Jue thinking of good luck, he looking for several lakes, wanted to retrieve his recommendation letter, but this Floating Clouds Mountain is really too big, after disappointed several times, Xing Jue finally decide to give up, therefore his face looked helpless and walking toward Imperial Wind Pavilion mountain.
“However that young girl really beautiful, ah, does not know whether this is luck or curse, does not matter, first better I registered and then said again.” recalled the previous scene, Xing Jue feel very happy, but when thinking that young girl unexpectedly helped him, Xing Jue feeling nervous.
After several hour of walking, Xing Jue finally arrived at Imperial Wind Pavilion.
And so this is the Imperial Wind Pavilion which is expected for a long time, finally into Xing Jue view.
Looking at this magnificent building, Xing Jue can’t help feeling admire to this Imperial Wind Pavilion. In such steep mountain peak, unexpectedly can construct a luxurious palace, this is proves how great Imperial Wind Pavilion strength.
“Imperial Wind Pavilion, here I come.” Xing Jue didn’t care about other people looked, cheerfully shouted, along with everyone contemptuous eyes, facing that ten zhang2 high Imperial Wind Pavilion main door and walked.
1. Romance that worth dying for.
2. 1 zhang = 3.3 M

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