War God Asura

Chapter: 20

Want To Rob? Instead Being Rob!
“Name, gender, age” outside the Imperial Wind Pavilion there is a counter for sign up, there is an old man with reading glasses, holding a pen and paper, looking at Xing Jue and said.
“Xing Jue, male, 16” Xing Jue learned the tone of the old man, however answered with a smile, but actually in heart cursed, are you blind? Can’t you see my gender?
“Wear the robe, take this letter and go to that side to line up.” After Xing Jue learned his own tone, the old man is somewhat unhappy, but after seeing Xing Jue is smiling, it is not good to act violently, immediately stare coldly toward Xing Jue, take Xing Jue recommendation letter, take a robe from cupboard and finally throw the blue robe to the counter.
After Xing Jue wearing blue long robe, then take the letter, arrives to the place that the old man said, he see a small square, sufficient for dozens disciple that wear blue long robe stand neatly, there is a small platform on the square, at this moment that platform is completely empty, after Xing Jue reorganized his robe, he is also enter the line.
After half an hour under the sun, on the platform walked an old man, he wear a blue robe, but Xing Jue blue robe style and this old man wear actually somewhat different, it is the same as Feng Jizi wear, obviously he should be this Imperial Wind Pavilion outer elder.
“First , on behalf Imperial Wind Pavilion, all of you welcome!” the old man said with a high tone, and said a lot of meaningful words, but these words makes Xing Jue want to sleep, don’t know how long, just like reciting chanting scripture, finally closed by disciples applause.
Soon after Xing Jue and all the newcomer walked, they were arrange at outer court residence,to settle down. Xing Jue is lucky enough to be assign to ten square meters single room, Xing Jue can conclude how is outer court disciple life, although this Imperial Wind Pavilion building is a dazzling sight, splendid and magnificent place. However their outer disciple residence area are still horrible to look.
Opening the window, at the same time the disciple under the loft was just moved, in his heart there is a conclusion, here is like shantytown1. Raised his head not far away under night sky, appears a splendid luxurious palace, Xing Jue secretly complained, if not because he lost recommendation letter for inner court, perhaps he’ll lived there.
Ah…” with helpless sigh, Xing Jue closed the window, lying on the bed thinking about today adventure, because only that thing can make Xing Jue feel a little peaceful, this went on for half an hour, at Xing Jue mouth there is a small smile, and then fell asleep happily .
The time passes by, a few hours later, the night sky at the east started to slightly light, and a new day arrives.
Early morning at Imperial Wind Pavilion, can be describe bustling extraordinary, not only main court disciple, inner court disciple also among them, only at Xing Jue location outer court, has ten thousand disciples, this is what? In other words, this Imperial Wind Pavilion is very large city.
“Thud Thud Thud”
“Damn! Who is it? Early in the morning not sleeping, what do you want?” Xing Jue in the middle fond dreamed, awakened by rapid knock, with anger opening gate then loudly shouted.
“E… that, today all new disciples will collect points, they said we must not be late.” In front of Xing Jue there is a young kid with glasses, somewhat timid said to Xing Jue, obviously he look like afraid of Xing Jue.
“Oh! It’s embarrassing, I am sorry.” Hearing the words of this kid in front of him, Xing Jue is suddenly realize, today is the day to collect the points. He quickly apologized and said.
Points in Imperial Wind Pavilion are like food coupon, for purchase Martial Skill, Cultivation Technique, even eat meal, need to spend some points, therefore this points are very important for Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.
The points exchange pavilion, can be said the busiest place at outer court Imperial Wind Pavilion, because as outer court disciple, in addition here they can receive 300 points every month, the points can be obtain by carrying out the tasks, therefore not only new disciple, many old disciples will also come here to exchange their points.
“Is this the point card?” Points exchange pavilion outside door, looking at his hand there is transparent crystal card, Xing Jue somewhat amazed said, and at Xing Jue point card is printed with 300 points. That is explain at Xing Jue point card has 300 points.
After receiving the point card, Xing Jue then directly walk toward the cafeteria, whether practice or anything, first must filling the belly then can do anything.
“Well isn’t that Four Eyes?” When Xing Jue on the way to cafeteria, a familiar figure actually brought Xing Jue attention, at this moment at the corner of the road there are about six outer disciples, and in the middle of six people there is thin and small young boy, he is who this morning called Xing Jue to wake up he is Four Eyes.
“Hey! Four Eyes, let’s eat together.” Xing Jue smiled at Four Eyes and shouted.
“Xing Jue?” After Four Eyes looked up and saw Xing Jue, surprised said.
“What? Is this kid your friend?” Among that six people, he is thin and tall and on his face there is blade scar. There is a grin on his face after looking at Xing Jue, asked to Four Eyes.
“No, no, is not, I don’t know him.” Four Eyes quickly said that and start to give Xing Jue a signal with his eyes, so that Xing Jue quickly walked.
How can Xing Jue not able to see clearly the situation, this Four Eyes are certainly in trouble.
“Hey! What are you doing?” Xing Jue not only did not walk away, instead he come closer, disdainful looking at thin and tall disciple and said.
“It’s nothing, the new comer need to pay protection fee, are you already pay it?” After the thin and tall disciple has sized up Xing Jue, harbor evil intention said. Xing Jue intentionally suppressed his aura, therefore the thin and tall disciple seeing that Xing Jue just a Preliminary Rank Martial Master.
“Oh? You did not afraid that I will report you?” Xin Jue hearing the thin and tall disciple words, only know what exactly happened, this gang are actually mugger.
“Ha Ha Ha, reporting? That if someone care about it.” thin and tall disciple suddenly laugh, as if he heard very funny joke. However that several disciples around him also laugh.
“Oh, so nobody care right? In that case it would be easier to handle.” Seeing everyone expression, Xing Jue also said with a smile. Thought this Imperial Wind Pavilion of the unwritten rules are also more understanding.
“Kid, you are actually very interesting, so be it, hand over 200 points, and today this elder brother will let you go.” This thin and tall disciple said with a smile.
“Four Eyes? Did you give them your points?” Xing Jue does not pay any attention to the thin and tall disciple, instead looking at Four Eyes, just now suddenly found out that point card in Four Eyes hand only remained 0.
Four Eyes did not spoke, only gently nod his head after silence a moment.
Yet this movement unexpectedly stir up disaffection of that thin and tall disciple, he punch hard Four Eyes lower abdomen, Four Eyes painfully curled up on the ground, but didn’t dare to say something.
Damn! You give your points to whom? Said it again.” Thin and tall disciple fiercely asked.
“I give it to no one, it is me who spend it.” Four Eyes quickly said.
“Look, he is a good example, you must learn from him.” The thin and tall disciple turned around to Xing Jue and said to him.”
“Puff” but didn’t wait for him to say the words, Xing Jue heavy fists suddenly hit his ugly face, just one punch, that thin and tall man spouting a blood and extra three front tooth, falling heavily on the ground, and then fainted.
“Damn! You are dead!” Seeing his brother being hit, nearby a slightly fat disciple trying to attack Xing Jue.
“Pu-chi” only a simple and neat punch, this slightly fat disciple soon like thin and tall disciple fall on the ground.
And the remainder few people, stand at the same place somewhat afraid looking at Xing Jue, must know that this two disciples are Intermediate Rank Martial Master, however in front of Xing Jue they simply does not have the strength to hit back, as Preliminary Rank Martial Master, they does not dare to attack.
“All of you, each people give to Four Eyes 200 points, if not all of you will end up like them.” Xing Jue lower his body, from two men take out two point cards, saw above one card written 1200 points, another one written 2000, then Xing Jue taking his own point card brushed above it gently, that two point cards turned into 0, but Xing Jue point card turned into 3500.
That several court disciples, then they quickly take their own point cards, each point card brushed 200 points, panicking take that two fainted disciples and then run away. Thought, this indeed a big lost.
“Xing Jue, you… Are you Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor?” Four Eyes looking at Xing Jue with disbelief said. Because Xing Jue suppressed his own cultivation, Four Eyes also thought that he is only Preliminary Rank Martial Master.
However after seeing Xing Jue attack, Four Eyes then completely changed his mind, not using martial Qi, but can easily strike down two Intermediate Rank Martial Masters, at least his strength at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.
Don’t look Four Eyes so weak, however his talent for practice extremely good.
“Hey hey, Four Eyes at least you are Intermediate Rank Martial Master, how come you obediently give them your points? There is something wrong with your character.” Xing Jue take his point card and put it into pocket, Xing Jue said to Four Eyes with a smile
“Yes, I will change later, Xing Jue, I invite you to eat, no it’s not right. These points are yours.” At Four Eyes hand there is point card written 1200, somewhat embarrassed said.
“What is on your hands is yours, let’s go, I invited you to eat.” Xing Jue patted Four Eyes shoulder, then change direction and walked to the cafeteria, Four Eyes also quickly followed.
“Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, it seems that this group of new disciples, arrived a guy with pretty good strength.”
“Another competitor, should be removed as soon as possible.”
“This is not necessary, he injured Zhao Wang subordinate, with Zhao Wang character, will definitely act.”
After Xing Jue and Four Eyes leave, slowly come out two forms from the roadside. These two people unexpectedly are Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor levels.
1. settlement of improvised housing, called shanties or shacks, made of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes.

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