War God Asura

Chapter: 21

Using You For Practice
“Wow, Ha Ha, Just now that chicken wings are really delicious, Four Eyes how you even when eating so gentle? This is not good, I must teach you later.” Xing Jue walked on top outer pavilion path, and said to the nearby Four eyes.
“Yes, by the way Xing Jue why not going to practiced pavilion first, instead go to Martial Skill pavilion first?” Four Eyes somewhat puzzled asked, in Imperial Wind Pavilion if they want to practice Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique, they must purchase it with points, but these Martial Skill are ridiculously expensive, therefore many people first go to practice pavilion to slaughter Demon Beast mission. After they accumulated certain amount points, they will look at Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique to Martial Skill pavilion, however Xing Jue actually go to Martial Skill pavilion to take a look first, this cause Four Eyes is very curious.
“I would like to see is there any Martial Skill that I want.” Xing Jue said with a smiled, in fact, Xing Jue already know that this outer court definitely doesn’t have as good as inner court martial skill, therefore Xing Jue didn’t plan to waste his points to purchase Martial Skill at outer court, the reason he must take a look at Martial Skill pavilion is to take a look is there “Soul Eater” Martial Skill at Outer Court.
The two of them then arrived at Martial Skill pavilion, this Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill pavilion is not very big, compare to other places at Imperial Wind Pavilion, the flow of people are much less, everyone are intently looking for Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique for them self, this Martial Skill pavilion actually very harmonious.
“Look like it’s not here.” Xing Jue carefully turned around, and didn’t find that Soul Devouring shadow, although he already know there is a little hope to find this Soul Devouring Martial Skill here, but still he is a little bit disappointed.
After all if he want to restore Soul Devouring Clan that formidable soul force, If he haven’t find that Soul Devouring, he simply can’t display this powerful Soul Power out, so now for Xing Jue, the most important thing is must find Soul Devouring first.
“Xing Jue, did you find Cultivation Technique that you want?” At this moment Four Eyes also came back, arrives at Xing Jue side asking with a low voice, as if afraid to affecting other people, displayed Four Eyes timid style splendidly.
“No, did you find it?” Xing Jue return to asked.
“Yes, there are two Black Rank Preliminary Rank Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique that I liked, but those are too expensive, it actually took 5000 points.” Four Eyes helplessly said.
“That’s right, what Martial Skill that you looking for Xing Jue?” Four Eyes suddenly curious again asked.
“I also can’t explain, it’s a little bit special.” Xing Jue replied.
“That, Xing Jue we better quickly go.” Four Eyes said after silent a moment.
“What’s wrong?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled asked.
“Just now I saw these two people that want to rob me, I suspected that they are following us.” Four Eyes nervously said.
“Oh! It seems they never change, but this is also good, Four Eyes today I will teach you.” a Xing Jue eyes turn and badly said.
“E…” However Four Eyes appeared somewhat uneasy.
Just as expected, as Four Eyes said they are really being followed, after Xing Jue and Four Eyes go out from Martial Skill pavilion, they were being followed with two disciples, and this are two people of six man today.
“Hey, kid, give that to me.” At this time, one of the man said to Xing Jue.
“Is there something wrong?” When Xing Jue has turned around, Xing Jue found out that at this time outside the pavilion standing four disciple, two of them are who followed Xing Jue, there is also thin and tall man which is 3 front teeth by Xing Jue punched and fainted, however besides these three people there is also 2 meters man, strong and muscular man, and this man actually Advanced Rank Martial Master, the strong man looks like twenty years old, on his face there is long and thick beard, inside his eyes emits a strong desire to fight, need not too much thinking Xing Jue already guessed, this strong man definitely asked to help them.
“Oh! Isn’t this the big brother who give me points? What’s wrong? Are you regret giving me your points? Want to take it back?”
“Hey, you said you are a kind man, want me to say how kind of you? Really doesn’t have any principle.” Seeing thin and tall man, Xing Jue intentionally teased.
“You… stop talking nonsense, the points hand over!” The thin and tall man hearing Xing Jue mention about his tooth, get angry right away, therefore loudly shouted.
“What if I don’t want to give it?” Xing Jue show a faint smile, disdain said.
“Doesn’t want to give it, I will break your leg.” At this moment that strong man speak, his voice just likes a bull, muffled, quite ridiculous.
“Oh? Do you want to try?” Xing Jue actually only cast a sidelong glance toward that guy, said it without feared.
“Wang elder brother, be careful, this kid is strong.” lean forward at strong man ear quietly said.
“Humph!” However the strong man coldly snort, his figure immediately move, just like a crazy buffalo, with a thumping sound, directly go toward Xing Jue.
“Tiger Fist” several meters from Xing Jue, the strong man figure suddenly leap, immediately raise his right fist, martial Qi condenses in his right fist, the fist waves bring a strong winds, the strong winds roar like a tiger roar, toward Xing Jue severely smashed down. However facing strong man wild strike, on Xing Jue mouth there is ridicule smile, his figure slightly move, and then easily dodge this strike.
Seeing Xing Jue dodge the attack, the strong man right arm make a turn, and once more smashed toward Xing Jue, but easily dodge by Xing Jue again, however the strong man keep waving his right fist, continue to hit Xing Jue, but each time about to hit, Xing Jue just keep dodge it with a good posture.
These went out for several rounds, the strong man eyes were red, therefore his move become more ruthless and quicker, but in any case, unable to hit Xing Jue body.
Four Eyes stand on the side, his arms on his chest, on his face there is happy expression looking at the good play, but in his heart actually secretly admire Xing Jue strength, Xing suppress his own strength, unable to show his Martial Ancestor strength, now Xing Jue strength only at peak Advanced Rank Martial Master. But is in this situation, unexpectedly Xing Jue can at ease evade Advanced Rank Martial Master attack, obviously Xing Jue strength is not a joke.
Compare to Four Eyes who looking at a good play, those three man simply stunned, at this time even a fool can see it, who is strong and who is weak, thin and tall man secretly complained, he want to bring a reinforcement, want to taught a lesson to these two kids, but now even the reinforcements actually defeated.
If it’s continue this way not need several rounds the strong man certainly defeated, if that happen naturally the one who suffer are them, but because they invite the strong man, they cannot abandon him and run away, they can only hope for luck, praying that the strong man can win, this is the only thing they can do.
“Bang” with a loud sound, the strong man fist punch heavily to the ground, and above the surface is spread till rock, he make a big hole, thus it can be see this strong man Martial Skill actually very powerful.
“Damn! Are you dare not to dodge?” The strong man constantly gasping, his face is sweating, angry toward Xing Jue and decided to shouted, constantly condense martial Qi in his arm, this is consume his physical strength.
“It’s not right, you are a big master, hit me a little kid, did you not dodge?” Xing Jue raise his shoulder, helplessly said.
“You.” But this guy unexpectedly hearing Xing Jue words it’s like having food stuck in the throat.
“I’m what? Ok, Ok, I will let you standing still, let you hit me a punch, how about it?” Xing Jue said with a smile, thought to himself, this strong man interesting. Obviously there is flaw with his intelligence, does not know why this person can practice to such level.
“Humph, tiger fist” The strong man is not polite, inspired by tiger, waved his right arm, just to displayed a same Martial Skill a moment ago, and then once more punch severely toward Xing Jue.
But at this time Xing Jue did not dodged, and when strong man fist will hit, Xing Jue palm move slightly, a rich martial Qi instantaneously condensing in the right palm.
“Bang” a palm and fist clash, with a loud noise, a small tornado and the two people at the centered spreads, a golden-colored martial Qi, even more clearly see at inside tornado, at this time even more large area draw in, it’s look attractive.
“Humph! This little kid, die!” the tall and thin man looking at that small tornado, mockingly smiled. He is clear regarding the strong man Tiger Fist, That striking power have a strength of Black Rank Elementary level Martial Skill, but Xing Jue unexpectedly dare to receive this fist, therefore for the thin and tall man it’s look like Xing Jue is more unfortunate than fortunate.
While waiting for the tornado subsided, those whose here beside Four Eyes, almost all of them are scared, they only see Xing Jue single hand grab the strong man fist, on his body did not have a scar, there is relaxed smile on his face, but looking at the strong man face, there is struggle, just like withstanding formidable oppression.
“This is me.” Xing Jue show a faint smile, on his eye there is fierce expression, this actually make the strong man frightened.
“Bang” a simple punch, does not contain any Martial Skill, an ordinary fist, but such a fist, make the two meters guy, fly to the air, and after glides through the air several meters, then heavily fall on the ground.
“Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor” looked at the already severely wounded man, that thin and tall male extremely shocking said, at this time he finally found out that Xing Jue actually was Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.
After hearing thin and tall man words, both guys at his side slump on the ground, Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor what is that mean? Even there are thousand disciples at outer court, but who already reach Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor only four people, and they all are this outer court powerful figure.
They never think, that this new disciple, unexpectedly is Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, it seems like that this time they really bumped into the sheet iron.
“Four Eyes, now is your turn.” Xing Jue gently slap his palm, said to Four Eyes with a smile, then looking at the thin and tall man.
“Er… This…” after hearing Xing Jue words, Four Eyes then understands what Xing Jue mean, Xing Jue want him and thin and tall man have a duel? However he is naturally timid and coward, he actually didn’t dare to fight with people.
“Hey! You fight with him, if you win then I will let you go.” Xing Jue said to the thin and tall man.
“Really?” On that the thin and tall man face that originally frustrated, suddenly extremely excited said. Four Eyes for him is simply a piece of cake.
“Yes, but there is a condition.” Xing Jue replied, but above his handsome face, there is sinister smiling face.
“Er… What is the condition?” Thin and tall male extremely restless asked, even his voice trembled.
“That is not allow to fight back.” Xing Jue silent for a moment, slowly said.
After hearing Xing Jue words, not only the thin and tall man, and that two man, even Four Eyes is stupid, but not allowed to fight back, Isn’t it just act as sandbag for people to beat?

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