War God Asura

Chapter: 22

WinThe First Prize
“Xing Jue, better forget about it.” Four Eyes slowly walked before arrived at thin and tall male body, after silent a moment, turned his head and timidly said to Xing Jue.
“Four Eyes, do you want to continue being like this? If you can’t protect yourself, how can you protect your family, in the end why did you practice? Don’t tell me that you are going to continuously being coward like this?” Xing Jue loudly shouted to Four Eyes, he was really angry.
“I” Four Eyes didn’t said the words that he want to speak, but lowered his head silence, tightly gripping his fist, it seems very unwilling, gradually at the corner of his eyes, there is slightly a tears. His character followed him too long, and it’s really hard to change, even thought he also want to change, but he really can’t do it.
“Er…, this little brother, this is not me who didn’t let him hit me, but he didn’t dare to hit.” thin and tall man politely said.
“Get Lost!” Xing Jue clearly said to thin and tall man, and shouted loudly.
But thin and tall man is not talking, because he can feel Xing Jue anger, therefore quickly bring that two man to run away in a hurry, but actually secretly thought “Damn! Wait for me to take Boss look for you, actually you are only a small character, but unexpectedly you are Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, such opponent, Boss will never allow him to develop, you kid will be dead.” The thin and tall male already made the decision, his steps getting faster and faster.
“Four Eyes, I do not have a coward like you as a friend.” Xing Jue slowly came to Four Eyes side, looking at Four Eyes that sobbing unceasingly said. Then walk off without second thought for those left behind.
“Xing Jue, I’m sorry.” looking at Xing Jue figure that going far away, Four Eyes only said in a low voice.
Outside the practice pavilion, definitely the hugest building at Imperial Wind Pavilion, it covers 1 million meters area, and divided into three layers, from afar it looks like a giant fortress, giving an indestructible feeling.
At the interior of practice pavilion, in the middle is an extremely spacious main hall, and around the main hall there are dense and numerous rooms, each room does not have any window, only a large iron gate, and these iron gates are being made by thousand years profound irons, such iron gate, even powerful Martial Ancestor unable to easily break it. The reason why to have such gate, that is because inside these rooms, separately control a Demon Beast.
Demon Beast at Sky Martial Continent are extremely powerful, Demon Beast can also practice like human, therefore some high rank Demon Beast spirit and wisdom is not weaker than human, even they can change into human form, however these Demon Beast are equivalent to human race, they are terrifying top powerful existence.
At this practice pavilion, the disciples practice method is to kill these Demon Beast, because in the past the Imperial Wind Pavilion master believe, only have constant fight at the risk of one’s life in order to stimulate a person potential, can continue to become strong, therefore they create this kind of practice.
As long as can you can successfully kill the Demon Beast, then inside the room can obtain a corresponding certificate, and this certificate can be exchanges with points. Furthermore at each room on the iron gate there is a posts, on the post written demon beast rank, as well as the reward.
“Oh wow! There are so many people.” At practice pavilion main hall, Xing Jue surprised said. After Xing Jue and Four Eyes quarrel, he came here, first he want to temper his own fighting skill, second he want to vent anger in his heart, however there are too many people here, even the entrance of each room was shining with a red light, this explained that there is someone occupied this room.
Without choice, Xing Jue had to go to the second floor, at the corner of second floor, a room with green light attracted Xing Jue.
“Oh? How can this room did not post any notice.” Xing Jue arrives at the door, looking at the empty iron gate curiously said.
“What the hell, there is no one to occupy it, so let’s snatch it.” Xing Jue turned around to take a quick look, there are numerous dense crowd await to enter the practice room, whether he want it or not he directly push the switch to open the door. After the profound iron gate open, then emerge a blue light enchantment, however this is a method to prevent that Demon Beast to run away.
“Yes, not bad, this should be the enchantment, this is the first time I see it.” Xing Jue looking at the brilliant enchantment in front of him, secretly surprised said.
“Hey! What are you doing? You can’t enter this place!” at this time a disciple, run toward Xing Jue with extremely quick speed, and loudly shout, which looks like Xing Jue snatched his money.
“Damn! Elder brother this already open, do you want to fight for it.” Xing Jue seeing that man crazy style, he guessed that this kid want to snatch the room, to hold it or not to hold it, finally he beautifully dodge and get in. The room gate instantly fall.
That disciple run to the gate, looking at the red light is already on, his face instantly become white, large sweat continuously flow down. After ponder a moment, he turn around and then run off.
Certainly not long after that disciple ran off, an elder holding a sheet of paper post, leisurely walked to Xing Jue front gate, when he preparing paste the notice on the profound iron gate, suddenly shocked by the red light that already on. Looking at red light that already on, the elder happy face instantly change, suddenly loudly shouted “Wang Qiang, you get the hell out!”
However his loudly shouted, captured the attention surrounding disciples to come over, it’s not strange if ordinary disciple shouted loudly, but if an elder looks like this, indeed lose some manners.
Therefore everyone guessed something must have happened, one by one they curiously gathered.
At this time a young outer court disciple, nervously come out from the crowd, ran in front of the elder and humbly said “Master, what’s wrong?”
“Pa” After the elder seeing the youth, not saying any further suddenly there is a sound of slap, this slap is make the youngster confused, it doesn’t make any sense.
“What happened, you take a look that light, I want you to guard here, don’t let people in, you want me to die?” The elder pointing the gate red lamp angrily shouted.
“I… I… Let me take a look clearly.” The youth looked tightly close, and the red light that shines at the gate, make him immediately stunned, at this moment even his voice trembling.
“Humph! Wait a moment I will take care of you!” The elder take a quick glance toward the youth, he throw the notice on his hand toward the youth face, then turned to leave.
At this moment the youth slumped on the ground, his eyes dull, and his face white, just like terminally ill patient.
However at this moment there are a large crowd stand in circle and watch, some busybodies picked up the notice at the youth’s side, read it : All disciples pay attention, what is kept in here, called Strong Wind Monkey a Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, this Demon Beast is extremely dangerous, please all disciples do not enter, this is for the elder to deal with.
“Oh my God! Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, isn’t it equal to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor strength.” After reading content on the notice, that disciple suddenly raised his head and surprised said.
“Is there someone inside? He is going to die right?”
“Who is it? What a bad luck.”
“Oh my God, Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, if anyone inside it, no more than a minute can be ripped into pieces.” after knowing the content on the notice, everyone start to talk about it.
However, what kind of turmoil outside, Xing Jue naturally does not know, at the moment he step into the boundary, Xing Jue only feel a formidable suction wrap him, and when he open his eyes again, he is already inside the room, the room is not very big, only about hundred square meters or so, all four sides of the wall is cast by profound iron, however at this moment at the corner of room, there is a dark green monkey Demon Beast is curled up.
“No wonder no one here, this Demon Beast is too thin, the bonus must be low and poor.” Xing Jue looking that thin Demon Beast at the corner, his brow slightly wrinkle, somewhat disheartened said.
“Ah! Never mind, better quickly settle it.” helplessly scratched his head, Xing Jue then prepares to walk toward that Demon Beast.
When Xing Jue just lifted his right foot, Demon Beast suddenly lifted his head, and two scarlet red blood eyes, bringing rich murderous aura looking at Xing Jue, after seeing that pair scarlet red blood eyes, Xing Jue feeling cold on his back, in his heart shouted this is not good.
“Bang” with explosion sound, with numerous illusory images, Strong Wind Monkey instantly then appear in front of Xing Jue body, using that sharp knife-like steel claw, scratch toward Xing Jue chest, because the speed is too fast, Xing Jue can’t see clearly Strong Wind Monkey movement, he only see white flash, Xing Jue secretly shouted not good, subconsciously dodged to the left.
Afterwards Xing Jue fall to the ground, only to find at this moment his chest left behind three shallow bloodstains.
“So fast!” Looking to the front that Strong Wind Monkey constantly licked the blood on it nail, at this moment Xing Jue is not longer dare to be careless.
“Bang” once again there is a sound of explosion, Strong Wind Monkey with lightning speed rushed toward Xing Jue, but this time Xing Jue already prepared.
“Hit it!” Xing Jue angrily shouted, a fist covered with martial Qi swept toward Strong Wind Monkey direction, suddenly shot out.
“It miss?” First strike come out, Xing Jue know this is not good, because he felt that his fist did not hit Strong Wind Monkey, he quickly tip toe, his figure jump upwards, and then fly backward.
“Shua la la” Sure enough, at Xing Jue just stand actually appeared three incredibly deep claw marks, and next to the claw marks there is Strong Wind Monkey, at this moment that bloody eyes staring at Xing Jue.
“Damn! Did this fellow just escape my attack?” Xing Jue just landing, then quickly backward, in the heart secretly said, just now he is obviously hit near it’s body, so this fellow can dodge it? It’s speed is too terrifying.
“Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss”
Just when Xing Jue admire Strong Wind Monkey speed, unexpectedly Strong Wind Monkey make the unusual cry, at the same time it’s body also start tremble fiercely, and the tremble speed getting more and more fast, finally it entire body become a vague shadow of monkey.
“Awful, this fellow displaying it’s skill” Xing Jue seeing Strong Wind Monkey that tremble fiercely, in his heart know this is bad, this beast have extraordinary skill, because Xing Jue already hear, although Demon Beast unable change into human form before practice Martial Skill, but Demon Beast has innate skill.

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