War God Asura

Chapter: 23

Powerful Soul Force
Seeing the situation is getting bad, Xing Jue suddenly lift his right palm, a massive military Qi quickly gather together, instantly Xing Jue right hand sent out radiant rays of light, along with his advance from Preliminary Rank Martial Master level until now, Xing Jue control for Biting Wind Palm is getting more and more skilled.
But when Xing Jue prepare to launch the attack to Snow Wind Monkey, it suddenly disappear, without any sound, without warning, without any movement, disappear from it’s original place.
“Damn!” seeing the Snow Wind Monkey disappear, he quickly change his move, but when Xing Jue about to flee, he see a white light flash through, Xing Jue just feel his right hand numb, fresh blood sprayed on Xing Jue face, because of the pain, Xing Jue right hand that condensed Biting Wind Palm, instantly disappear.
“Shua” didn’t wait for Xing Jue reaction, a white light flash through, on Xing Jue chest appeared a bloodstain.
“Shua… Shua… Shua” With the sound of flesh being torn, Xing Jue unable to make any counterattack, only feeling numb from his body, and he can clearly feel massive of blood constantly flowing out from his body.
With his blood constantly flow, Xing Jue began to feel dizzy, his consciousness beginning to become more blurred.
“Am I going to die?” Xing Jue looking at the white light that constantly flash, both of his eyes are unable to support, muttering said.
“No, I can’t die!”
“I still have a lot of thing must do.”
At this time in Xing Jue mind started to reappears some pictures.
He saw a child on the street side begging, he was so lonely and pitiful.
He saw when he become a new blood at Xing Clan, and bitterly cultivate also his own effort to forge ahead.
He saw when he was abandoned by Xing Clan and unwilling to degrade.
He saw because of Old Feng help he can have his own self-confidence fully rebirth.
“I can’t die, I can’t die, I can’t die like this!” With the memory passage, Xing Jue suddenly shouted, and a powerful soul Qi also come out from his body like a storm, finally wrapped Xing Jue body.
“Creak creak creak creak” after discovered a change from Xing Jue, Snow Wind Monkey quickly withdraw, looking at that dark colored soul Qi, in that cruel eyes, unexpectedly revealed a frightened expression.
After a moment a black colored soul Qi, starts to integrate within Xing Jue body, and with constantly influx of Qi, Xing Jue scar that just being made by Snow Wind Monkey, started to heal, his already pale face unexpectedly start to show some vigor.
“So strong, is this my Devouring Soul Clan soul force?” Xing Jue feeling that his body has been restored to the best condition, Xing Jue could not help feeling excitement in his heart, excitedly said.
Not only can heal his wounds, it also can increase his strength, such a powerful strength.
“Creak creak creak creak” after seeing the dark colored soul Qi disappear, this panicked Snow Wind Monkey, once again appear a cruel expression.
“Oh? It seems like you can’t last long in that state.” looking at the normal state Snow Wind Monkey, Xing Jue said with a smile.
“Bang” with explosion sound, Snow Wind Monkey once more berserk toward Xing Jue, however Xing Jue not dodge, his right hand clench, rays of light extremely fast condensed.
“Swish” It is not accident, once more there was deep bloodstain on Xing Jue chest by Snow Wind Monkey, but when Snow Wind Monkey successfully attack and prepare to retreat, it’s right arm suddenly grab by Xing Jue .
“Go to hell!” his left hand grab Snow Wind Monkey right arm, on his right hand successfully condensed Biting Wind Palm, Xing Jue without slight hesitation and did not care about Snow Wind Monkey panicked look, aimed at that monkey chest and then mercilessly shot out.
“Bang” With a dull thumping sound, blood sprays from Snow Wind Monkey chest, this extremely violent Snow Wind Monkey, at this time already turned into a corpse, only leaving behind it’s chest penetrated by the palm mark.
At this time outside Xing Jue room, already gathered several hundred people, this are some meddlesome disciples. Every one of them right in the middle of intense discussion about Xing Jue life and death, and even some people are imitate monks, start to perform religious ceremonies for Xing Jue, as if Xing Jue already dead.
“Get out of the way, get out of the way” At this time from outside the crowd there is a voice shouted loudly, all the people quickly out of the way, from the crowd come out three elders dressed in long robe.
Among the three elders, one is the elder who bring the notice, and at his side, there is a white haired elder with a purple medal on his chest. He is outer court Imperial Wind Pavilion the steward in pavilion, outer court Great Elder, he is an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.
“Great Elder, this is the room.” The one who was taking is the elder who bring the notice, he was pointing at the profound iron gate and respectfully said toward Great Elder.
Because of this profound iron gate, as long as the red light turn on, it is unable to open from outside, either open it from inside or to force it open, therefore after the elder found out there is something wrong, he quickly asked the Great Elder to come.
“Yes.” Great Elder lightly snort, then he arrived at the profound iron gate, his right fist slightly raised, by naked eye alone it can clearly be see a golden yellow martial Qi, just like big winds, extremely fast move to his right fist, and an extremely terrifying strength also come out from his right fist.
“Wow! Is this Martial Sovereign strength?”
“So strong.” the surrounding disciple looked at the Great Elder that constantly condense the martial force to his fist. Every one of them open their eyes wide, excitedly said.
“Everybody move back, everybody move back.” At this time, from behind the Great Elder there is an elder that appear in front of the disciples, and all the people quickly move back, afraid of being wounded by the waves.
“Bang” Just when the Grand Elder prepare to attack this profound iron gate and break it to pieces, the closed profound iron door suddenly opened.
Looking at the profound iron gate that continually rising up, all the people is looked shocked.
“Is that kid still alive?” Suddenly some people quietly said.
“Impossible, that Demon beast was equal to an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.” Immediately some people retorted. And everybody also made the sound of approval.
At this time the profound iron gate completely opened, leaving only a light blue enchantment, looking at the wiggle enchantment, everybody heart almost raise to the throat, even a peaceful heartbeat can clearly be heard.
“Wow! My, it so lively here.” However under everybody shocking eyes, a youth come out from the enchantment, his whole body covered with blood, bared with white tooth, a face with bright smiling face looking at the people said.
However at this time the most attractive thing to the crowd is not his ridiculous condition, but unexpectedly at his right hand actually dragging out a Snow Wind Monkey corpse.
“Snow Wind Monkey!” The elder who bring the notice seeing the Demon Beast corpse that Xing Jue hand drags out, loudly shouted.
“No… No… It can’t be? He killed Snow Wind Monkey?”
“Oh my God, this is incredible!” When the elder voice drop, a large unbelievable voice began to sound out among the crowd.
“Young man, did you killed this Snow White Monkey?” The Great Elder who is standing near the gate, said to Xing Jue with a smile, and give all the people pleasant feeling.
“Yes, did it call Snow Wind Monkey? Oh, who is responsible for this room? For a long time I looked for that so-called certificate, and finally had to drag it out, waste a long time, the collect division can make clear about the killed right?” Xing Jue shouted at the Great Elder.
“Don’t be impolite, this is outer court Great Elder.” At this time an elder came forward and shouted out loud.
“Great Elder, What happened? Then he can also make clear about the kill right?” Xing Jue clearly said to that elder, he twitch his mouth and said.
“Oh that’s right Great Elder, how many points this Demon Beast can be exchange?” And then with a smiled on his face, respectfully say to the Great Elder. This attitude extremely contrast between both the elders, nearly make that elder annoyed.
“Ha Ha Ha Ha, Good kid, a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength, unexpectedly can killed a beast that equal to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor Demon Beast, I like this kid.” Suddenly the Great Elder laugh and said. Obviously he is very satisfied toward this unfamiliar disciple.
“Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor?” After hearing the Great Elder praised, all the disciples mouth simultaneously turned into big o, they looked surprised at Xing Jue, so young but already Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, from this outer court, he should be the only one, right?
“It turns out a Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, so that’s why it is so strong.” Xing Jue while walked on the road, playing with point cards that written 10.000 points in his hand, he excitedly said.
Because that Snow Wind Monkey just stored here, therefore it have not set how much is the reward, but the Great Elder actually orders the elder in point place to directly brush 10.000 points to Xing Jue point card, right now Xing Jue can be said a wealthy young man.
“Hey, what are they doing?” Xing Jue excitedly went to the house where he lived, unexpectedly at this time outside the loft he found out there are his two roommates anxious standing out of the door. He secretly thought that these two boys what are they doing today beside chat idly all day?
“Xing Jue, Xing Jue is came back!” At this moment one of the keen-eyed disciple, saw Xing Jue, therefore he directly shouted to Xing Jue.
“What’s wrong?” Xing Jue arrived at the loft and asked.
“Xing Jue, you certainly come back, you must quickly look at Four Eyes!” Another disciple quickly said to Xing Jue. During the talked he held Xing Jue hand, Pulling Xing Jue to walk out.
“Release me, I don’t want to see him!” Xing Jue heard about Four Eyes, the anger in his heart then once again erupted, he shake his right arm and then directly released that disciple hand, he didn’t care about that disciple emotion and then directly walked toward his own room.
“Xing Jue, you have to look at him, Four Eyes, he might be almost can’t walk.” That disciple said to Xing Jue with a pleading voice.
“What did you say?” After hearing those words, Xing Jue immediately startled, he quickly asked.
“At the afternoon, there are group of people looking for you, we said that you are not here, they didn’t believe it, and wanted us to bring you back.”
“We refused, but they started to attack, we want to resist but there are a lot of them, we are simply not their match.”
“Afterward Four Eyes is back, seeing we are under attacked, he soon start to attacked them, of course Four Eyes is very awesome.”
“However unexpectedly one of them is Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, that guy is too fierce, he broke Four Eyes leg in one moved.”
“Before leaving, they leave some words, he wanted you to go to the life and death stage at noon tomorrow, or they will break all of our legs.” That disciple talked with tears flow out.
They are just become new disciple, beside previously all of them was young masters of big clan, although their cultivation is good, but actually they never experienced a real battle, today they seeing a situation that hard to avoid, they become afraid.
“Where is Four Eyes now?” Heard about it, Xing Jue know what exactly happened, thought that he must help them to take a revenge, so he quickly asked.
“At medical pavilion” That disciple replied.
“Damn!” After Xing Jue hear medical pavilion words, he turned around and rush away, in the heart continuously grieved “Four Eyes, don’t let anything happen to you.”

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