War God Asura

Chapter: 24

Xing Jue anxiously went into the medical pavilion, and he found out that there are injured disciples everywhere. Xing Jue casually swept his eyes, there are a lot of injured disciples, in the heart mused “It looks like this Imperial Wind Pavilion really not a peaceful place.” Because Xing Jue saw from their scars that most of the people here were injured by Martial Skill.
However because of too many injured disciple, Xing Jue simply could not find Four Eyes, until that two roommates coming, he finally found the place where Four Eyes being treated, but at this time Four Eyes is comfortable lying down asleep inside the room.
“Elder, is he all right?” Xing Jue anxiously asked the medical elder at the room.
“There is nothing serious, only flesh wound, now you can take him away.” The elder said to Xing Jue with a smile, and then turned around and walked out from the room.
“This is all you said, is it possible that you can’t see it?” Xing glance coldly, previously Xing Jue want to talk about the disciples who injured Four Eyes, Four Eyes injuries is very serious, just liked a person who already die.
“Hey Hey, I am afraid you didn’t want to come.” However this disciple scratch his head, he is a little embarrassed and then said hey with a smile.
“Xing Jue, you came?” At this moment Four Eyes suddenly awake because of Xing Jue voices, after waking up, he quickly held up his body, want to get out of bed.
“Four Eyes don’t move.” Seeing Four Eyes want to get up, Xing Jue quickly arrive at Four Eyes bedside to support Four Eyes,said with concern.
“I’m fine, it just flesh wound, the doctor said in several days I will be fine.” Four Eyes said with a smile to Xing Jue.
Xing Jue looking at Four Eyes broken leg, he did not speak, but smiled, actually Xing Jue blame himself, if only four eyes not put Xing Jue words in his heart, Four Eyes would not heavily injured.
“Four Eyes, I will carry you on my back.” After silent a moment, Xing Jue slowly carry Four Eyes, they walked toward the loft where they lived.
They actually live in the worst place at outer court, naturally there are plenty people at here, but at this moment at the loft where Xing Jue lived, has stood dense and numerous crowd.
“Why so many people there?” Xing Jue looked at the crowd in front of him, he asked.
“Did they come again?” A disciple said with fears.
“Humph! That would be the best.” Xing Jue does not have any slightest sense of fear, and speed up his footsteps toward the crowd.
“Get out, get out, get out”
“What are you doing?” Xing Jue can’t get in, after approaching the crowd he actually find out that in front of their loft, unexpectedly there are several hundreds of disciples, and these guys occupied the entire small venue.
“Xing Jue is back.” when he rushed through the crowd, there is a disciple who live at the same place as him with a loud voice yell.
However after hearing two words Xing Jue, all this people envy, even some of them had worship eyes toward Xing Jue, and start talking.
But Xin Jue can’t understand, even more after look every one of them, in his mind, he upset, he thought what the hell all of you doing?
“Xing Jue, you are too powerful, I extremely worshipped you.” Without waiting for Xing Jue reaction, there are two girls who rushed over from the crowd, they grab Xing Jue’s arms and keep shake left and right, and from time to time give a meaningful look to Xing Jue, did not care about Four Eye safety on Xing Jue’s back.
However Xing Jue is still in daze, didn’t know what is going on, for a moment unexpectedly he don’t know what good thing had happened.
“Impudent!” Suddenly there is a voice sounded at the door, he decided to look, it turns out an outer court elder.
Seeing there is an elder standing in front of his door, Xing Jue feels there is something’s wrong, how could there be an outer elder at this common place? Is this because he take other disciples points to be reported? That’s not right, if this really about he take other points were reported, then why all these people also worship him like this?
“Xing Jue little friend, wait you for a long time.” Suddenly that elder face become gentle and said with a smile toward Xing Jue, he looks very polite.
“Elder, is there something did you want?” Asked Xing Jue.
“There are some people looking for you, we entered the room first and then talked about it.” The Elder said with a smile, and then entered the room.
Without choice Xing Jue forced to put down Four Eyes at his back, after tidy up his robe, he followed the elder and go inside.
However if not go in it doesn’t matter, but going inside indeed frightening, at this moment inside the hall at Xing Jue small loft, there are dozens elders sitting, and two of them are familiar faces.
What makes Xing Jue feel confused was that every one of them bring various gifts on their hands, and after seeing Xing Jue, unexpectedly they all come up and eager attentively surround him, this time Xing Jue stunned.
“Okay, all elders, don’t frightened Xing Jue little friend.” at this time suddenly one of the elder spoke. He is the elder who bring the notice at practice pavilion.
“Xing Jue little friend please sit down first.” That elder suddenly said with a smile.
“Doesn’t know what all of the elders want from me?” Xing Jue also not courteous, also take a sit at one of the chairs and asked.
Although everybody here are elders, but speaking about their strength they mostly at Martial Ancestor level, therefore Xing Jue doesn’t afraid of them.
“Actually, all of us come and have common goals, that is to try take Xing Jue little friend as a disciple.” That elder at practice pavilion giving a face to Xing Jue said.
Actually at this Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court, there are more than 20,000 disciples, and there are also more than 1000 elders, and most of these elders are also disciples of this outer court, because of they can’t enter the inner court, and their age also gradually increases, then after their strength reached Martial Ancestor they applied to become an elder.
And practice at Imperial Wind Pavilion relatively free, and it doesn’t have any rule who is master or who is disciples, everybody practices respectively, while elders only need to protect order at outer court.
However if disciple and elder have a fate, they can do a ceremony as master and disciple, just like Feng Jizi and Lu Zhan. However these elders are naturally also want to take an outstanding disciple.
Today Xing Jue at practice pavilion killed that Late Stage Ancestor Demon Beast, already make all outer court boil with praise, therefore all outer court elders who have not accepted disciples, then try to touched Xing Jue heart, and even personally came here to take Xing Jue as disciple, after all can take an outstanding disciple, is a matter that everyone hope.
“Oh? This is really embarrassing, I already have a master.” Xing Jue firmly refused.
“I don’t care even if you already have a master.” At this moment, an elder suddenly loudly said.
“I don’t care either.” An elder also quickly said, followed by more nods from the other elders, to show approval, these people as if join in competition to get the treasure, compete to get Xing Jue.
“But I care.” Xing Jue helplessly shaking his head simply replied. In his heart thought this group of old fogies, your highest strength is Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, unexpectedly want to receive me to as disciple? What will you all give to me? Really shameless.
“Er…” As expected, after Xing Jue directly said these words all the people choked could not speak.
“Humph! Ungrateful!” Finally some people unable to bear Xing Jue arrogance, turned around to leave, and after him all the people also leave, even from some of the people mouths were whispering a bad language, completely doesn’t have capacity as an elder, make Xing Jue not to know whether to laugh or cry.
After the elders go out, there is still one person has not departed, this person age not very old, a middle-aged man.
“Elder, why are you not leaving?” Xing Jue sized him up, and then asked with a smiled.
He thought, why does this man become an elder, according to his age, if he properly try hard, at this Imperial Wind Pavilion should still very promising, why he want to be outer court elder?
“Ha Ha, I know what Xing Jue little friend think about, they are only group of ordinary people, at Martial Ancestor levels, want to take Xing Jue little friend as disciple, looking at Xing Jue little friend potential, in the future when Xing Jue little friend will enter inner court, they as the master can received a lot of benefit. Therefore Xing Jue little friend refused them, it is still reasonable.”
“But I am different, because I don’t want to take Xing Jue little friend as disciple, but represents a person to take Xing Jue little friend as disciple.” this middle-aged elder slowly said, and on his face always fill with an arrogant aura.
“Who is this person that elder said?” Xing Jue is somewhat curious asked.
“Imperial Wind Pavilion inner court Second Elder.” middle-aged man eyebrow raised, confidently said to Xing Jue. As if after Xing Jue heard this name, he will certainly agree.
“It is not I Xing Jue is arrogant, but I already have a master.” Xin Jue decisively refused said.
“But Second Elder is a Martial God.” after hearing Xing Jue rejection, that middle-aged elder quickly compliment said.
“Oh? It seems like elder did not understand what I mean, I don’t care about strong or weak, but I really can’t take another master.” Xing Jue decisively said.
Actually, because of that Second Elder status, Xing Jue also quite excited, after all sooner or later Xing Jue must enter inner court, and take inner court second elder as master, then it goes without saying he can enjoy special treatment.
However Xing Jue gratitude toward Old Feng too serious, although Old Feng can’t teach Xing Jue, but without Old Feng words, there will be not exist the present Xing Jue, therefore Xing Jue since that day take Old Feng as a master, and then secretly decided that from now on will only have Old Feng as a master.
“Ha Ha, actually I also admire Xing Jue little friend respect toward your master, however this is indeed a rare opportunity for you, what if Xing Jue little friend consider about it?” That elder still with a smile said.
“Does not need to consider, this matter is really won’t do.” Xing Jue is slightly helpless said.
“Oh? In that case, I only hope that Xing Jue little friend, don’t regret it.” Hearing that Xing Jue rejected him once more, that elder face finally tense, then coldly said. Then he walked away elegantly.
“Escort the elder” Xing Jue stand up and loudly say, on his immature face does not have a slightest scared look.
After the elder walked away, Four Eyes and all quickly come in, even a disciple who Xing Jue did not know want to come to join, but the door was forcefully closed by Four Eyes.
“Xing Jue, how is it? Which elder did you pick?” Four Eyes is very excited even without people help to carry him on the back, unexpectedly he jump with one leg, he jumped to Xing Jue side, smiling and asked.
Because outside the door he already knew about Xing Jue matter. Inside his heart he secretly admired Xing Jue strength, he is also very curious can or cannot Xing Jue request them to be his master.
“I am not taking any one of them.” Xing Jue pick up the tea on the table, after finish a drink, he said with a smile.
“It can’t be? Xing Jue, how many people want to be an elder disciple, but the elder doesn’t want to accept, but you actually easy to get it, and all of them come but you ignore it?” A Preliminary Rank Martial Master disciple, somewhat unbelievable said.
“What do you know? With Xing Jue Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength, sooner or later he can enter the inner court, not to take this group of old fogies is correct.” Four eyes actually on behalf of Xing Jue said.
“Er.., but also ah… he he.” After that disciple hearing Four Eyes words, instantly react, as a result he can only he he smiled.
“Okay, all of you get a rest, tomorrow I will take all of to watch a good show.” Xing Jue put down the tea cup on the table, and then walked toward his own room.
Return to the room he open the window, he found out that the sky gradually getting dark, Xing Jue is looking at not too far away grand palace, muttering said “she certainly at that place.”

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