War God Asura

Chapter: 27

Couple Meet
“Wife” Xing Jue suddenly jump down from the bed, arrived at Li Xiaohan side, excitedly said. If it is not because of Li Xiaohan extremely powerful strength, Xing Jue really wished he could hug her, and properly give her several mouthful kiss.
“Wife, why did you come to see me? I thought that you already forgot me.” Xing Jue constantly looking at Li Xiaohan, while excited said. The joyous feeling on his face is self-evident.
Although this only one side his predestined affinity, but the girl that Xing Jue yearn for six months, finally appeared in the Xing Jue front again, how can Xing Jue not excited.
“Believe it not if you call me wife again, I will sew your mouth?” Li Xiaohan stare coldly toward Xing Jue. However her face is always filled with Xing Jue intoxicated smile.
“Then what can I call you? I don’t even know your name.” Xing Jue imitate a complaint looked, answered.
“Remembered, my name is Li Xiaohan.” Li Xiaohan seeing Xing Jue like this, she feeling funny, then said. Then sat on Xing Jue bed, but after sweep the rags on the bed, Li Xiaohan said “You are pig, does not know how to clean the bed.”
“Xiaohan wife, this is because you not around me ah…” Xing Jue smiled and said. And easily pulled a chair behind him, and then sat in front of Li Xiaohan body.
She slightly narrowed her eyes, he nonstop sweep sweep Li Xiaohan body, similar to a wolf run into a pure and innocent smiling sheep.
“Okay, don’t give me a poor act, I have something to tell you.” Li Xiaohan looking at Xing Jue who smiling mischievously, is quite helpless, immediately stop her smile and said.
“Huh? What is it?” Xing Jue also know there is something wrong, he quickly put away his cynical smile, and seriously asked.
“Do you know why there are so many outer court disciples fought for this inner court examination championship?” Li Xiaohan did not answer the question instead asked.
“Of course I know about this, because of the champion reward.” Xing Jue confidently replied.
“Did you know what is this year’s champion rewards?” Li Xiaohan asked again
“This, I don’t know, this is a secret right?” Xing Jue scratched his head, he forced a smile and said. He was really confused by Li Xiaohan question.
“I told you, the inner court examination reward could even be said very precious, so you have to obtain this examination Champion” Li Xiaohan slowly said.
“What is the reward?” Xing Jue quickly asked.
“Imperial Wind Pavilion True Pavilion Martial Skill, however what is specific, I still not clear about it.” Li Xiaohan deliberately pretending to be very mysterious and said with a smile.
“True Pavilion Martial Skill? What is that rank?” Xing Jue excitedly asked. Imperial Wind Pavilion true pavilion Martial Skill, when Xing Jue think about this he become so excited.
“Earth Rank Beginner Level” Li Xiaohan said every single word.
“Oh my God” After hearing the Martial Skill rank, Xing Jue throat moved, couldn’t help swallowed big mouthful saliva. Earth Rank Martial Skill! Martial Skill of that level, it is said that it can break down even a mountain it has a terrible destruction power. Yet now this kind of legendary Martial Skill, unexpectedly being put in front of him, in the heart Xing Jue is very excited.
“So you must firmly grab this opportunity.” Looking at Xing Jue shocking expression, Li Xiaohan also sweetly smiled and said, as if her calculation succeeded.
“Oh right! Take this, regard this for your help.” Li Xiaohan suddenly remembered something, her right hand flashed, then immediately take out two books from her sleeve, and then put on the Xing Jue bed.
“Er… what is this?” Xing Jue saw this two Martial Skill, somewhat puzzled asked.
“What are you doing, to help you, if you can’t get inner court examination champion, don’t act as my boyfriend.” Li Xiaohan seems to see that Xing Jue will refused, therefore she said harsh words toward Xing Jue.
“Er..” Xing Jue is shocked by Li Xiaohan sudden change mood, at first Xing Jue want to refused it, after all Xing Jue doesn’t want to accept any favor from her, but after he looking at Li Xiaohan angry look, the words that he want to said, he had to swallow it back. Not to know why, Xing Jue very afraid to anger this little grandmother in front of him.
“Ok! It’s already late, I go first.” Li Xiaohan seeing that Xing Jue not reject it, she satisfied and said with a smile, then get up and walk toward the door.
“That, when I can see you again?” Seeing Li Xiaohan going to leave, Xing Jue quickly asked.
“As long as you can be inner court champion, we will meet again.” Li Xiaohan replied with a smile, and then continue to walk toward the door.
“Hey!” Just when Xing Jue in a daze, Li Xiaohan suddenly stopped her footsteps, turned her head toward Xing Jue said.
“What?” Because Li Xiaohan want to leave, therefore Xing Jue mood somewhat gloomy.
“Do your best!” Li Xiaohan beautiful pair almond big eyes, suddenly narrowed into two curved crescent, and said with a smile.
And after seeing Li Xiaohan rare gentle side, Xing Jue also give Li Xiaohan a confident and bright smiling face.
Seeing Xing Jue confident look, Li Xiaohan come out from the loft with smile on her face.
Seeing Li Xiaohan went out of the loft, Xing Jue quickly run to the window, looking at the black robe figure that gradually going far away, his heart filled with the feeling of not willing to part.
“Whether or not I can get into Inner court, can you be with me?” Looking at Li Xiaohan back, Xing Jue said in a low voice.
Xing Jue lying on the window, until Li Xiaodong shadow completely disappeared, then he recovered.
Back to inside the room, Xing Jue easily take that both martial skill and stand up, he lying on the bed and looked up, there is shocked on his face.
“Black Rank Advance Martial Skill, Storm Wind Technique : one type of martial skill that increase speed, if it successfully practiced, you can teleport in short distances.”
“Black Rank Advance Martial Skill, Flame Dragon Bomb : a long distance high attack Martial Skill, if it successfully practiced, even millennium black iron can be burned.”
“Oh my God, Black Rank Advance movement skill, Black Rank Advance Martial Skill, this girl is too ruthless, she came up with a good thing.” Xing Jue looking at these two Martial Skill, even his saliva flow out, this kind of Martial Skill, Xing Jue never saw it at outer court.
“Fortunately I’m not refused it.” And just a moment ago he almost refused Li Xiaohan, gladly said.
After that Xing Jue carefully read this two Martial Skill practice method, then he put the two Martial Skill flat above the bed, and then he raised his right arm sleeve, a light green faint bracelet emerge, Xing Jue softly take his left hand and check this green bracelet above his wrist.
Afterwards a strand of martial Qi pour into bracelet, a fantastic scene happened, a green light spread above two Martial Skill, and then two Martial Skill instantaneously vanished.
As for where the Martial Skill go, obviously it went into Xing Jue peculiar bracelet, this bracelet is called Storage Bracelet, it was the best storage tool in Sky Martial Continent, however according to different rank of Storage Bracelet, the space of goods that can be store up also different,
According to legend, the most advanced storage bracelet can store even a hundred square miles of mountains, but that kind of bracelet can only exists in legend, nobody really see it, and even if it is real, it’s not an average person can use because storage bracelet absorb items, it require martial Qi, to absorb a hundred square miles of mountains, it can be said that in this continent only a few people can do that. Xing Jue Storage Bracelet is one of the most low grade, only have ten square meters space, although this Storage Bracelet is the lowest grade, this is valuable treasure, even in the clan only a Patriarch have it.
Four Eyes gave that storage bracelet that belong to Xing Jue, Obviously Four Eyes clan is not ordinary.
After received both of martial skill, Xing Jue can’t calm down, what is generous? This is generous? Apparently this time he meet a young wealthy woman, although he lost his inner court recommendation letter, however it was clearly he already get a huge treasure.
At this time Xing Jue is no longer think why Li Xiaohan want him to be his boyfriend! Why she want to help him! What is her status! What is her background! All of this, totally not think anymore.
At this moment Xing Jue only know one thing, that Li Xiaohan will not harm him, and this judgment haven’t any foundation, it only came from his intuition completely.
“Thump thump thump”
“Xing Jue are you in there?”
“Just then suddenly there is gentle voice from the door.”
“Don’t speak any nonsense, come in.” From Xing Jue ear he listen this is Four Eyes voice, therefore said.
“Hey Xing Jue, who is looking for you just now?” Four Eyes grinning and asked.
“Only a friend” Xing Jue replied, because Li Xiaohan wearing that kind of dress to see him, Xing Jue already know that Li Xiaohan didn’t want any people know about her.
“Four Eyes there is something I want to say to you. ” Xing Jue said.
“What is it?” Four Eyes also know that Xing Jue doesn’t want to talk about that person identity, therefore he also no longer asked.
“I want to practice in seclusion at Practice pavilion for some time.” Xing Jue keep the storage bracelet at his right hand wrist, said with a smile to Four Eyes.
“Is it in order to attack Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor?” Four Eyes seemed to see what Xing Jue think about and then immediately asked.
“Yes, it’s only a month until inner court examination, and I have to get this examination champion.” Xing Jue said with a smile.
“Oh right, Xing Jue, I heard that guy who called Bai Yunfei, already achieved Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, and…” When Four Eyes heard about that inner court examination, he immediately remembered something, and somewhat worried said.
“And what?” Xing Jue looking at Four Eyes hesitation, and knew there is something happened, therefore he quickly asked.
“And… a while ago he brutally beat Tian Clan brothers, this is what I heard from the elders, and only a few people know.” Four Eyes slowly said.
Tian Clan brothers are different from Zhao Wang, both of them are Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, besides to rely on mutual understanding between brothers, as well as special Martial Skill, if they work together, they certainly are not afraid to face Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor.
However they are actually easily defeated by Bai Yunfei, and now this Bai Yunfei is exactly Xing Jue most powerful only rival, the stronger his strength the greater the danger that Xing Jue faced, therefore Four Eyes feeling uneasy.
“He he, Four Eyes don’t worried, no matter who, so long as I can get champion position, I will make him kneel.” Xing Jue confidently said. Immediately looking toward Imperial Wind Pavilion inner court direction, in the heart secretly said “Because I promised her to get this championship.”
And when thinking about her, unconsciously on Xing Jue face there is a touch of happiness.

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