War God Asura

Chapter: 28

Practicing Storm Wind Technique
Imperial Wind Pavilion practice pavilion, is divided into three floors, first and second floor are used to temper their fight skill, to hunt and kill Demon Beast in exchange for points, but the third floor are specifically used for practicing Martial Skill, Xing Jue seclusion practice place is here.
Walked among vast crowd in practice pavilion, Xing Jue feeling numerous warm gaze swept to his body, and one by one discussion sound about him extremely fast spreads.
Nowadays Xing Jue is already a big person inside outer court, no matter where he go he will cause quite stir. Xing Jue also smile lightly toward them, didn’t care too much and immediately arrived at third floor.
Regarding practice pavilion first floor and second floor, these third floor is relatively less people, therefore majority of rooms on the third floor are showing green light.
This is a first time Xing Jue come to the third floor, therefore he has an anticipation regarding these practice rooms.
After Xing Jue casually pick one room, the profound iron gate opened, when Xing Jue ready to enter the gate, there is a sound of profound iron gate opened from one of the practice room, and when the profound iron gate opened, a strong murderous aura come through. Xing Jue surprised with this strong murderous aura.
Xing Jue look sideways, seeing a person wearing an outer court robe, a handsome beautiful youth slowly walked out from the profound iron gate. The youth white skin similar to a woman, but that delicate face, actually give people a sinister feeling, because from surrounding his body there is powerful murderous aura, looks like a fire that revolve around surrounding his body, it cause people tremble with fear.
Although haven’t meet, but Xing Jue already guessed this person identity, he is known as the most powerful of outer court legendary kings “Bai Yunfei” . The most powerful opponent for Xing Jue at inner court examination.
When Bai Yunfei leave the practice room, as if sensing Xing Jue gaze, as a result, those pair eyes like tender woman but full of murderous aura, gaze toward Xing Jue, after sizing up Xing Jue, the corner of his mouth began to sneer, and immediately walked toward the stair.
“This guy should be practicing some strange Cultivation Technique.” Looked at murderous aura that revolve around Bai Yunfei body, Xing Jue secretly said in his heart.
What a terrifying murderous aura, unexpectedly so powerful until unable to conceal, besides looking at Bai Yunfei eyes, Xing Jue able to feel that Bai Yunfei is absolutely a super dangerous person, because Xing Jue didn’t feeling a slightest amount of passion inside his eyes, completely cold blooded.
After this meeting, Xing Jue treat Bai Yunfei more serious as his fate opponent.
After entering practice room Xing Jue eyes can’t help to be shine, because there is a big difference between the third floor practice room with first and second floor. The wall in this practice room is not build with profound iron but with enchantment. In other words, here should be a sealed off empty space.
And at the gate is floating three semitransparent spell, on top of the spells are write “Power” “Technique” “Body” three words, after looking at this three spells, Xing jue understand, that this are selection switch how he want to practice martial skills, first of all Xing Jue touch “body” word spell.
Soon after he touched it, the spell instantly change into a green light color Qi, and slowly blend into the all side enchantment, along with integration of green light Qi, the enchantment began to quickly rotate, and the speed of rotating is more and more quicker, until finally, Xing Jue looked the enchantment in front of him continously rotate and make a vortex, soon make him dizzy, therefore he quickly closed both of his eyes, and does not dare to look again.
After the dizzy feeling completely dissipate, Xing Jue slowly opened both of his eyes, after opening his both eyes, Xing Jue shocked.
Because at this moment in front of him is not enchantment space,but an endless desert. If not because of the two spells that floating in front of him, Xing Jue believe that he already penetrate to the desert.
At the same time Xing Jue found out that the two spells in front of him also change, it’s no longer the “Power” and “Technique” words, but “Rest” and “Retreated”.
Looking at the sight of this endless and constantly blast wild hurricane desert, Xing Jue feeling admire toward this Imperial Wind Pavilion, however admire turned into respect, Xing Jue quickly restraint his shock mood.
He started walking toward the deepest desert, practicing movement Martial Skill to improve his own speed. The requirement to increase the movement speed practice was to put his speed into a limit, and this desert is the best practice location.
Along with Xing Jue constantly penetrate deeply, the desert start to change, not only the hurricanes become more violent even his both feet from time to time also constantly sink into the desert. Even it was extremely difficult for Xing Jue to gradually go ahead.
Facing a desperate situation, Xing Jue only faintly smiled and said in low voice : “Good enough”
Immediately closed his eyes, inside his body a cyclone of martial Qi rapidly spread out, according to “Storm Wind Technique” practice method, and then quickly flow into Xing Jue various meridians. Along with continuously flow of martial Qi, Xing Jue body started to send out a white rays of light and finally turned into strong winds that extremely fast revolved around Xing Jue body.
When Xing Jue open his both eyes once more at the same time his body like an arrow that leave the string, advancing towards endless desert, without feeling any resistance, freely running in this desert.
At the most deep desert, strong wind spring up everywhere, under such strong wind even a strong camel, was swept away by the hurricane. However under that kind of environment, Xing Jue actually safe and sitting cross-legged above the desert, is drinking and eating delicious food.
However if it was carefully watch, it can be found that around Xing Jue body there is a layer of faint white Qi, this seems like weak Qi, completely blocked the outside desert sand.
“That’s amazing” Xing Jue stuffed the last piece of food into his mouth, didn’t wipe clean the grease stain at the edge of his mouth, and directly lay down above the desert, shouting loudly said.
Xing Jue were already inside this practice pavilion for half a month, the food that brought by Xing Jue already run out. Xing Jue almost master Storm Wind Technique, although he hasn’t used it at ease, but at least in this wild desert, Xing Jue can run freely, and this kind of speed, when used outside, that is simply unable to imagine.
After properly rest, Xing Jue stand up, smiling and looking at the floating spells, he gently point out “Retreat” spell word, this endless desert in front of him start to spin, when Xing Jue opens both eyes, he already return to enchantment empty space.
Xing Jue actually standing at the place where he was sat half a month ago, didn’t move a bit, at this moment Xing Jue realize, actually this half a month he was moved at the same place, and that strong resistance was entirely caused by this enchantment. After solving this enchantment theory, Xing Jue smile lightly, and then turned around to open the profound iron gate.
After the profound iron gate raise, Xing Jue also leave this half a month time enchantment empty space.
After delighted stretch his waist, he saw sea of people at the main hall, there is unspeakable feeling inside his heart, for half a month has not seen a single person’s shadow, now after seeing these people, he found out that he still liked a lively place.
However at this moment a familiar figure appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes, this person was one of the Xing Jue once roommates “Xiao San”, it’s just that at this moment he anxiously stand at third floor main halls, seemed looking for someone.
“Xiao San” Xing Jue loudly shouted. Smiled and walked over.
When hearing Xing Jue voice, that disciple quickly turn around, after seeing Xing Jue, his anxious face instantly change into excited expression, shouted “Xing Jue, you come out, Four Eyes have an accident!”
When heard that Four Eyes have an accident, Xing Jue instantly shocked.
“What’s going on, speak clearly.” Xing Jue quickly arrived at Xiao San side, anxiously asked.
When he entered outer court, the first person that he knew is Four Eyes, after half year together, Four Eyes already became Xing Jue most important friend, so when he heard that Four Eyes have an accident, Xing Jue calm mood instantly become restless.
When you practice in seclusion here, the next day Four Eyes received a letter from his clan, after that Four Eyes said that he must go home, in seven days he will come back. But now it’s already half a month, Four Eyes still not come back, I think Four Eyes definitely have an accident, therefore I quickly come here looking for you.” Xiao San anxiously said.
“You, Four Eyes not returning home, don’t make a fuss about it.” Xing Jue gently patted Xiao San head, said with a smile. However although on the mouth he said that, but in his heart he also began to worry.
“Alright, don’t worry! I will take a trip to Four Eyes home.” Seeing Xiao San not feeling relieved, Xing Jue also said with a smile.
At the south outside Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, there is an extremely lively large city, called “Jinhua city”. This Jinhua city is a top existence in entire Imperial Wind Empire.
If Xing Jue place Yunzhong City and this Jinhua City being compare, the gap between them simply just like village and city, and Four Eyes home is in this Jinhua city.
“Is this where Four Eyes clan? Good style ah..” After searching all the way, Xing Jue finally arrived at Jinhua city. Looking at this quite stylish loft, inside his heart could not help to admire four eyes clan strength, at least when compared to Xing clan, Four Eyes clan could even be said flourishing not to know how many times.
Four Eyes clan called Xia Clan, one of Jinhua city most powerful clans, don’t looked at this Jinhua City so flourishing, every clan financial resources supposed to be strong, however if talking about fighting strength they even more not equal to Yunzhong City three big clans.
Because Jinhua City clans are rely mainly on doing business, regarding cultivation they didn’t stubbornly pursue, what they pursue is only one word, that is money, and Xia clan is no exception, Four Eyes can be said as the only one Martial Master at Xia Clan.
“Excuse me, is your young master at home?” Xing Jue arrived in front of Xia mansion gate, towards both Intermediate Rank Martial Artists gatekeeper slave said.
Embarrassed said, although in half year Xing Jue was constantly together with Four Eyes, but he really didn’t know what is Four Eyes real name, he only knew Four Eyes clan is called Xia, lived at Jinhua city. This was when Four Eyes asked Xing Jue to went to his house as a guest, it was his own initiative said to Xing Jue.
“Excuse me, are you our family young master friend?” After seeing that Xing Jue came to asked, that two house slaves instantly reveal joy expression, and then quickly approach Xing Jue and politely said.
Because Xing Jue come out in hurried, so he didn’t even had time to change clothes and directly wear outer court robe and ran out, so when they see two large characters Imperial Wind behind the blue robe, people know that Xing Jue is Imperial Wind Pavilion person.
Therefore this gatekeeper guessed that Xing Jue may be his family young master’s friend.
“Yes, I am his friend.” Xing Jue nod and said.
“Young master, please wait a minute here.” After confirming Xing Jue Identity, one of the slave politely said, and then rushed toward the inner courtyard.
However looking at their tense expression, Xing Jue gloomily said not good, is it true that Four Eyes really in trouble?

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