War God Asura

Chapter: 30

Speed And Defense
“Black leader, killed him” After heard Xing Jue words, the Wang Buren’s smiled face instantaneously become fierce, the old man said toward Yang Xuhu.
After hearing Wang Buren words, that old man clenched his teeth, looked like have a psychology struggled, prepares to attack Xing Jue.
“Bang” But when the old man prepares to launch an attack, suddenly he heard Bang sound, Xing Jue unexpectedly disappeared.
“Black leader please save me” When Xing Jue visible, everybody was shocked, Xing Jue actually stood in front of Wang Buren body, with one hand grab Wang Buren neck, and at this moment Wang Buren painfully shouted. While Xing Jue body surrounded by bursts of winds.
“Asked for help? Didn’t you want to kill me?” Xing Jue looked at Wang Buren panicked look, with a faint smiled said, but such smile, actually make Wang Buren scared and cold sweat flow out repeatedly.
“Little friend, let’s discuss about that.” That Black leader also felt murderous aura from Xing Jue body, then quickly said.
“Creak” However didn’t wait for the black leader finished his words, a crisp sound of broken bone can be heard, that sound came from Wang Buren’s neck. Wang Buren head come down, in this moment everybody know, Wang Buren was dead.
“Now it’s your turn.” Xing Jue throw Wang Buren corpse to the side, turned around and to the stunned old man said.
“You… you court death, kill all the Xia people, don’t let one live.” Saw Xing Jue really killed Wang Buren, that old man suddenly yell, it goes without saying about the anger inside his heart, there was a reason why he helped Wang Buren, and now Wang Buren were dead, it means that he didn’t get anything, how could he not be angry.
“Yes, leader.” After heard the old man’s order, twenty Martial Master quickly said with one voice. They immediately looked toward Xia Clan slaves with their brutal eyes.
And after cast that fierce looked, the Xia clan slaves start to panic, and even worse they start went outside and start to run away.
“Ha ha… That depends if you have the opportunity.” Facing Martial Master killing intent that rises from all directions, Xing Jue suddenly laughed and said. Immediately his figure flashed, then turned into a fuzzy white line and plunder toward that twenty Martial Master, his speed very fast, just liked a meteor, when the people realize, he already disappeared, didn’t left a slightest bit trace.
“Ah…” When Xing Jue penetrated into the crowd, suddenly a scream sounded, a Preliminary Rank Martial Master sprayed a mouthful blood and fall down.
But after that man, a continuous pitiful yell sounded, uniform sound raise, less than a minute, previously living twenty Martial Master, all turned into lifeless corpse. And Xing Jue stepped on that corpse, with a ridiculed face looked toward that old man.
Look at that lifeless 20 Martial Master, let alone Xia clan people, Four Eyes as well as that old man face was unbelievable, that was not 20 chickens, or 20 average people, that was 20 Martial Master, actually in a moment instantly killed 20 Martial Master, such powerful strength, how could people not shocked.
“Ok, this time you can’t killed all the people.” Xing Jue foot on top a Martial Master corpse, and then he lightly pat his palm, smiled toward that old man and said.
“You… Court death!” Looked at all the disciples who fell to the ground, and killed by Xing Jue, the anger in old man heart finally ignited, he didn’t care how strong Xing Jue was, along with sudden shouted, he send out a massive martial Qi from inside his body, and finally changed into a layer substantial gas, wrap above his body, infinite murderous aura also come out from his body.
“Defense Martial Skill?” Looked at martial Qi around the old man body, Xing Jue eyes become bright, smiled and said. Although this Martial Skill can improve the body defense in short time, but it also use an enormous of martial Qi. It seems like this old man desperately go all out.
“Kid, even if you have a fast speed, but you can’t break my defense, you can’t do anything to me, you can suffer to death.” Black leader suddenly shout, his right fist grasps, a martial Qi extremely fast condense in his right fist, and finally change into a long spear, and then the old man right hand start to swing, that long spear, with a sound of sharp wind, explode and shot away toward Xing Jue.
But facing this extremely fast long spear, Xing Jue actually not anxious, when it was about to hit him, there is a touch of sneer on his mouth, immediately his body flashed, instantly a pale white gas lingered above his body, at the same time his body also like a ghost disappear, when appearing, it was three meters away from the long spear.
This is a result of Xing Jue practice for half a month, after half a month practice Xing Jue finally master this Storm Wind Technique, and already reach a perfection, although unable to do supernatural movement, but the different is not far.
“Bang” The long spear failed to hit Xing Jue, but on the ground there is a huge pit, it is clear that the old man’s Martial Skill is very powerful.
“Hey, your Martial Skill is ruthless, can’t hit people, can do what to me?” Xing Jue stand next to the pit, his shoulders rise, both of his hands spread, with annoyed looked toward the old man and mockingly said.
“I want to see can you dodge this move” Saw Xing Jue evade his Martial Skill with ease, black elder complexion became ruthless. Once again gripped tightly both of his fist, innumerable fierce throwing knife instantaneously condensed inside his hand.
The old man waved both of his hands, countless golden throwing knife, just like a big net without a gap, scattered toward Xing Jue like flower under the sky. At this moment all the route where Xing Jue can avoid, completely blocked.
Looked at a lot of throwing knives that extremely fast shoot toward him, Xing Jue calmly smiled. Immediately his right fist grasp, massive martial Qi extremely fast condense, faced all throwing knife that soon hit him, extremely formidable martial Qi explode toward that dense and numerous throwing knife.
“Bang.. bang.. bang.. bang.. bang..” along with countless deafening rumble sound, countless energy ripples spread out. It’s like firework at whole sky, scattered in front of Xing Jue body.
“He released his martial Qi?” After Saw Xing Jue punch, that old man could not help to be surprised, speechless said.
As if the old man said, that move shown by Xing Jue a moment ago, was not Martial Skill, it was a method to control his martial Qi, regarding Martial Master, martial Qi covers entire body surface, then can increase defensive power and attacked power but the requirement degree to control of the martial Qi extremely high, ordinary people can only use martial Qi to covered the fist, only few people can use martial Qi to covered whole body, it only can be achieve through Martial Skill, but it consume a lot of Martial Qi.
And what Xing Jue just showed, It also one of the method to manipulated his Martial Qi, on his fist Martial Qi instantly condensed, and when released it made a strong long range attack. This method of manipulation is called Martial Qi released, however this indeed extremely difficult method, among martial ancestor, only Xing Jue can achieve it.
“Hey, do you have any other tricks?” Xing Jue looked at that old man with mocked and said. As if he didn’t put him in the eye.
“Young fellow, you really has real skill, it seems like I really can’t attack you, but with your ability what can you do to me?” Finally now, the old man already acknowledge a small glimpse of Xing Jue strength, but he also has confidence with his martial skill defense, it let him knew that Xing Jue can’t hurt him. As long as Xing Jue can’t hurt him, then he can looked for the opportunity to attack and kill Xing Jue.
“Oh? I think I can injured you, do you want to know if I can or can’t injured you?” Xing Jue said clearly toward the old man, on his face there is always maintain a calm smile, make the black elder felt uneasy.
The old man focused his looked toward Xing Jue, he slowly raised his right hand, and a lot of Martial Qi instantly condensed in his palm, along with unceasing condensation martial Qi, radiant rays of light was also emitted. When that rays of light reach the peak, a frightening strength also sends out.
“Biting Wind Palm” Along with sudden shouted, Xing Jue right palm stretch forward, radiant ray of light swept toward the old man.
“Clang” After a burst of deafening sound finished, above the old man body there was a gorgeous spark, and that palm ray of light disappeared.
“Ha Ha, didn’t I already said it, how about it? This time you aware that my Martial Skill difficult to deal with, right?” Saw that Xing Jue attack successfully to dissolved, the old man proudly laughed and said.
However regarding the old man’s ridiculed, Xin Jue actually didn’t care, he lifted his right palm once more, and radiant ray of light once more flashed.
“Kid, how many times you rely on this Martial Skill, don’t think you can injured me even a half thousand time” When the old man saw Xing Jue tried to used Biting Wind Palm once more, he said with disdain.
“Bang” With a muffled sound, Xing Jue once again made a white line, a radiant ray of light advanced toward the old man.
“Clang” once again there deafening sound, saw Xing Jue right palm tightly attached to the old man’s upper body, the old man actually didn’t injured, but he took a half step back.
Saw that Xing Jue near his body, the old man swing his right arm, a fist full of intense Martial Qi ferociously smashed toward Xing Jue body. Certainly when the heavy fist almost arrived, Xing Jue figure suddenly disappeared.
When Xing Jue appeared again, he was only several meters from the old man, in addition his right palm similarly sparkled with radiant ray of light.
“Clang” Sparkle radiant ray of white line, like a meteor across the sky, advanced toward the old man once more, but it was the same, the old man figure only took a half step back, and his body did not suffered any injuries.
“Clang clang clang clang clang” Can’t escape from continually deafening sound, during less than a minute, Xing Jue launched numerous attacked toward the old man.
However under this continuous attack, the old man upper body Martial Qi, unexpectedly started to fade.
“Bang” Another thumped sound, at this time Xing Jue speed actually much faster than the previous one, if it was describe with words, it’s very much like “The speed of light.”
“Bang” Xing Jue attacked was the same like before, it was Biting Wind Palm when it contacted the old man body, sparked a gorgeous light.
The only different was Xing Jue palm was actually stick above the old man body, at the old man back appeared a black palm print. Although Defend Martial Skill mostly consume Biting Wind Palm strength, but that hit enough to cause the old man severely injured. Because at this time that strong Defense Martial Qi was completely dissipated.
“Puchi” a blood sprayed, the old man body fall down on the ground, with incredible look, he shivered and said toward Xing Jue : “How…could……”
However Xing Jue only faintly smiled. His right fist clenched, and then severely smashed toward the black leader chest.
“Puchi” The old man that already not have any defense, punched by Xing Jue through his chest.
Xing Jue slowly pulled his right fist from the old man’s chest, and cleaned the bloodstain with the old man clothes, said with mocked beside the old man ear “It seems like I win this battle of speed and defense.”

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