War God Asura

Chapter: 31

Inner Court Examination
After Xing Jue killed Yang Xuhu old man, the entire Xia mansion suddenly sounded with thunderous cheers, this time not only Xing Jue killed Yang Xuhu old man who threatened their master safety, and in addition he also killed their Xia Mansion enemy for many years Wang Clan master “Wang Buren”, how could they not excited because of this.
However when the crowd of people prepared to expressed their gratitude toward Xing Jue, Xing Jue suddenly fainted.
When saw this scene everyone surprised, they quickly carry Xing Jue inside the room, and invited the doctor for his diagnosis and treatment, after the doctor announced his condition, everyone finally relaxed. So, it actually because Xing Jue was too exhausted, so long as he rest for two days, he will completely recover, it seems the battle with Yang Xuhu, it clearly consume Xing Jue enormously.
Inside Xia mansion backyard, there was hidden room, the room surface casted by earth stone, very hard, this treasure room was used by Xia clan to store important goods, but now was used by Xing Jue to sleep.
At this moment outside the door of the hidden room, Four Eyes anxiously moved back and forth, from time to time only speak one sentence: “How could he not come out.”
“Go, call my father to come and opened the stone door.” Four Eyes suddenly said to the slave at outside the hidden room.
“But young master, Master Xing Jue are practicing, if we do this it will disturb him” Said that slave with concern. Although he was only Martial Path master, but he understand a little about the practice, when a person concentrated practice and then suddenly disturbed, it will create backlash.
“You know what, I told you to go then you must go, how come you talked a lot of nonsense!” Four Eyes shouted with rage.
After meet with Four Eyes angry rebuke, that slave does not dare to say anything, without any option he depressingly ran toward his master house.
“zhi zhi zhi zhi” not long after that slave ran, that closed stone door suddenly slowly opened.
After the stone door opened, a young man wearing a blue robe come out from the door, naturally this is Xing Jue who practice closed door.
“Did the practiced success?” After Four Eyes saw Xing Jue out, on his anxious face finally showed a relieved smiled, came at Xing Jue side grinning said.
“En, probably I already master it.” Xing Jue replied with smile.
“That’s good, let’s go, otherwise we will late.” Four Eyes look toward Imperial Wind Pavilion direction and point his finger said.
“En, let’s go” Xing Jue naturally understands where Four Eyes finger pointed at and immediately replied.
At the outer court of Imperial Wind Pavilion, there was super large scale outdoor plaza, at this time at the center of plaza there are several hundred small arenas, and outside the plaza there are over ten thousand disciples, the reason why today so lively was, because today is the day for inner court examination that held once a year.
There were more than a hundred arenas, all arenas were well-built, there also empty eyes humanoid puppets, one by one stand still just like soldier guarding the arenas.
They are the first test in this inner court examination, this inner court examination does not have any qualifications restriction, as long as you are outer court disciple, and if you want to participate then you can participate in, but if your strength weak, don’t think to take advantage for your personal gain, because this number one humanoid puppet, combat effectiveness equal to Advanced Rank Martial Master.
Besides because this humanoid puppet manufactured material quite special, their body very powerful, therefore even if you already achieve Advanced Rank Martial Master strength, but does not have powerful card in hand, it’s very difficult to win from them.
“Inner Court Examination, now started.” Along with outer court great elder announcement, the disciples from surrounding plaza, similar to crazy group wolf, began to rushed toward the center arenas, although they know that this humanoid puppet was extremely powerful, but many disciples still wanted to try it, after all if only they pass this one test, they will have the opportunity to enter the inner court. If only they become inner court disciple, both cultivation method and living condition, will greatly change.
Inner court disciples compared with outer court disciples, even if their sentence not pleasant to hear, their relationship just like slave and patriarch. Even if outer court elder meet inner court disciples, will also have smiled face to entertain them, does not dare to treat them badly.
Inner court disciples look down to this outer court disciples, therefore inner court disciples never come to outer court to stroll, and if outer court disciples go into inner court, don’t say if they can’t go inside, even if they considered to go, will be beaten to death.
Therefore for outer court disciples, inner court is the most desirable place, although it only a trace of hope, but they must try it.
When the outer disciples ran into the arena, on the arena that humanoid puppet empty eyes instantly change into blood red, just like bloodthirsty beast, advancing toward the outer disciples who step their foot on the arena.
The slight strong disciples not bad, however the weak disciples were directly beaten and seriously injured, even some of them were crippled, but even so, those disciples who haven’t get into the arena, still want to go up and give it a try.
Since the start inner court examination, already passed half of day, from this ten thousand outer court disciples, only dozen of people who successfully passed the humanoid puppet, and all of them already reached Advanced Rank Martial Master.
Furthermore there were people who already reached Martial Ancestor level, it can be seen, at this outer court not only four legendary kings who already reached Martial Ancestor level, there are a lot of people who hid their own strength.
“Ha Ha, congratulations Xiao San, unexpectedly you can pass this inner court examination.”
“Yes, yes, starting today you are half Inner Court Disciple, if you really join the inner court, don’t forget us.” at the outskirt of the plaza, several disciples slowly came and said with a smiled.
“Hey hey, I can’t think that I can pass, in fact, it just nothing more than luck.” After that disciple approaches, embarrassedly said, and this exactly who appeared in front of Xing Jue, the one who exaggeration said that Four Eyes was injured “Xiao San”.
“Right, big brother Xing Jue and big brother Si Yan still not came back?” Xiao San suddenly remembered Xing Jue and all, then anxiously asked.
“No, I didn’t see them. They won’t have any accident, right?” And after that several disciples heard about Xiao San words, their face anxiously said, obviously they also felt a little worried about Xing Jue and Four Eyes.
“Ha ha, brothers, elder brother came back.” at this moment from behind them, suddenly sounded a refreshing laughter, and they looked toward the direction that voice came, everyone shown joy expression, shouted in unison: “Big brother Xing Jue”.
“F**k, did all of you forget about me?” Suddenly Four Eyes run over and said, he and Xing Jue were back together, but these guys only spoke to Xing Jue, and ignore him.
“All right, Four Eyes, it’s getting late, let’s us pass this test first, after that let’s go back together with our brothers.” Xing Jue gently pat Four Eyes shoulder and said with a smile.
Four Eyes smiled and nod his head, on his face there was confident look.
After half of the day examination, now other than the disciples who watch and bustling with noise and excitement, there were only a few person who crazily rushed into the arena, after all they appear too much overestimate their capabilities, naturally inside their heart they also realize about the puppet frightening strength, therefore at this moment outside the arena, only small number of people was waiting to come up for the test, compared with the morning sea of people it appear somewhat empty.
Therefore now at the plaza appeared somewhat quiet, completely not noisy like previously.
But at this quietness, there were two figures appeared at the plaza. Looked at that two figure at the plaza, the entire plaza once again filled with excitement.
The person who caused this great commotion, naturally at the outer court has a extremely high reputation “Xing Jue”
Regarding the sensation at the outskirt plaza, Xing Jue only faintly smiled, and then went up toward the empty arena, and when he enter the arena, ten of thousands eyes are looked into the arena, after all people are curious, who is the strongest at the outer court, in the end whether or not he have legendary powerful strength.
After Xing Jue step into the arena, that humanoid puppet, like a mad beast, with an extremely fast speed away toward Xing Jue.
However facing that violent humanoid puppet, there was no slightest fear on Xing Jue’s mind, his right arm waved, a tyrannical force of martial Qi, spread out from his right fist.
“Bang” With a loud sound, that violent humanoid puppet, instantly turned into pile of scrap iron, he didn’t used any magnificent Martial Skill, just a random punched, this humanoid puppet which was label as frightening by countless outer court disciples, made into severely injured humanoid puppet, and turned into scrap iron.
And when Xing Jue defeated humanoid puppet, after silence a moment, the whole plaza, turned into thunderous applause and cheers.
“Is this Xing Jue? He’s really strong.”
“Deserve to be legendary figure”
Worship discussion sounded, it continuously sounded from the crowd.
“He released his Martial Qi, this kid have unlimited potential.” At the center of the elder’s seat, there was the great elder who already acquaintance with Xing Jue, he stroked his white beard, and said with a smile.
Shortly after Xing Jue successfully defeated the humanoid puppet, Four Eyes also come down from the other arena, although compares with Xing Jue he appear somewhat in difficult situation, but finally pass the test.
After successfully pass the test, Xing Jue didn’t stayed at the plaza, but returned to Xing Mansion, from Xing Jue group beside Xing Jue and Four Eyes, a total of thirteen people have passed the examination, so there were fifteen people who have qualification to join the inner court, such result also quite good.
But they have to participate in the elimination, because the quota for this inner court examination, only limited to 20 people. And this mean that less than a hundred people who will pass the first examination, as the result this examination really are competitive.
Tonight outside the outer court, very different than usual, usually everybody went to sleep early, but tonight there a lot of discussion about today’s examination, and there is also some people who celebrate for their friend successful first pass.
While outside the Xing mansion is the liveliest one, at this moment at the plaza in front of Xing Jue gate, gathered several hundred people, they are all Xing Jue followers, at this moment everyone holding wine cup, and enjoy the drink.

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