War God Asura

Chapter: 32

Battle With Bai Yunfei
Next day inside the outer court plaza, compared to yesterday, it appears more bustling with noise and excitement.
If there were over ten thousand disciples inside this plaza yesterday, then today has more than 20,000 disciples, this number represents that the outer court disciples all here.
And this time most of them are not participate in examination, but came as the audience to watch, because compared with yesterday, today is the highlight of this inner court examination.
Because today among hundreds of disciples who pass the first test will be selected, only the last remaining 20 disciples will join the inner court, and among the hundreds of disciples only one will win this inner court examination championship, and then can obtain that mysterious prize, although all the disciples didn’t know what is this year’s championship prize, but at least the previous year championship prizes were priceless good things, so presumably this year’s prize will also not let them disappointed.
“All disciples who already passed first test, please walked into your corresponding arena according to your own number.” The Great Elder who stand on the elder seat, hold his head high and said.
And after that, hundreds disciples stepped into their corresponding arena, in accordance with the number that yesterday they received.
The Great Elder said in high voice “examination starts” Above the arena hundreds of disciples started the fierce duel.
Xing Jue opponent is Advanced Rank Martial Master, although the opposite party mastered magnificent Martial Skill, however facing Xing Jue, only lasted one round, and then defeated by Xing Jue with KO.
Soon afterward while holding the snivel and tears he walked down from the arena, actually it can be understand how he feel, with some difficulty he finally pass the first test, and hope to join inner court, but in this second test he actually easily defeated, this feeling indeed miserable enough, when he meet Xing Jue, it can be said that he has bad luck.
Compared with Xing Jue, Four Eyes battle was tough, but rely on his excellent strength, finally he succeeded defeated his opponent.
Several hours later, above the arena there were twenty people stand, their face brimming with the bright smiled face, because no matter happened with the next battle outcome, they already join the inner court.
Among this twenty people, Xing Jue quite relaxed, because no matter what kind opponent, in his hand they only maintain ten rounds, these also include two Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.
Although Xing Jue also Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, but his battle efficiency actually far above them, in fact if talked about his real strength, the current Xing Jue, even if he meet Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, he might not lose.
However other than Xing Jue, there was another disciple who extremely eye-catching, he was “Bai Yunfei”, don’t look that Bai Yunfei so delicate and pretty, but when he attacked, actually extremely fierce, and when he exchange blow with other people, almost all of them handicapped, even if the lightest condition was seriously injured, finally nobody dare to compete with him, because nobody would like to destroy their entire life.
Unfortunately, Four Eyes also among these person, however the clever Four Eyes naturally chose to admit defeat, he didn’t want to fight hand and hand with this demon, although inside his heart he felt depressed, but Four Eyes actually know that Xing Jue will certainly help him to sort this kid out.
Finally on the arena only remain two people, they were “Bai Yunfei” and “Xing Jue”, this pair fated opponent, finally stood above the same arena.
At this time, all disciples spirit at plaza were at the peak, because this is today’s most excited battle, in fact it does not matter for them no matter who is the winner, they only want to take a look, who is the strongest at outer court.
“Hey! Why are you so ruthless? We are on the same side, unexpectedly you went so far, it’s so cruel.” Xing Jue have a heartache look, sarcastically said to Bai Yunfei.
“A group of trash, anyway what use to preserve them.” Bai Yunfei sneer, and replied with disdain.
“Oh? then what kind of talent that you’re not regard as trash?” Xing Jue have a curious expression, and puzzled asked.
“At this outer court, only have one King, the other people all trash.” Bai Yunfei straightforwardly said, it seems on his eyes, the winner is the king, and the loser are enemy, it actually very realistic.
“Oh? It seems, you will enter that trash list too.” Xing Jue show a faint smiled, and confidently said, as if this Bai Yunfei will be defeated by him.
“That depends, do you have this strength.” Bai Yunfei coldly said to Xing Jue, and then immediately shouted loudly, inside his body a large amount of Martial Qi suddenly rushed out, instantly wraps his body, then his body become blur, his figure start to move, and then change into a white line, extremely fast swept toward Xing Jue.
“Very fast” Seeing that Bai Yunfei like lightning across the arena, everyone gasp in surprised said.
“Movement Martial Skill?” Facing Bai Yunfei that extremely fast swept toward him, Xing Jue also surprised, Xing Jue didn’t thought that this guy also used movement Martial Skill, however after gasp of surprised, on Xing Jue mouth there was touch of sneer, and secretly said: “My movement faster than you, you still fall behind.”
In a blink, Bai Yunfei swept in front of Xing Jue body, when he almost reach Xing Jue, Bai Yunfei body moved, with a golden light he make a roundhouse kick, with a sharp wind, fiercely swept toward Xing Jue head.
Certainly when Bai Yunfei’s roundhouse kick about to hit Xing Jue head, Xing Jue’s left arm suddenly stretch forward, and then directly block Bai Yunfei’s kicked, at the same time his right fist covered with rich Martial Qi, aimed at Bai Yunfei chest, then severely smashed.
“How terrible” Bai Yunfei didn’t thought that Xing Jue speed so fast, not only blocked his attack, but also launched a counterattack, however looked at the attacked that almost hit him, Bai Yunfei unable to dodge, desperately use his arms out across his chest, to withstand this attack.
“Bang” A hit, although he protected the important position, however with a strong strength Bai Yunfei still flying backward.
Looked at Bai Yunfei that flying backward, in a flash Xing Jue’s figure disappear like a ghosts, and the next moment he’s already behind Bai Yunfei body.
But when Bai Yunfei want to react, it’s already too late, only to see Xing Jue’s magnificent heavy blows, aimed at Bai Yunfei handsome face, and then severely smashed down.
“Puchi” A punched, Bai Yunfei blood sprayed out, and magnificently rotated in the air two times, then severely fall to the ground.
From Bai Yunfei attacked and then fall to the ground, it’s only in blink of time. Even a lot of people didn’t seen clearly, they only found out that Bai Yunfei sprayed blood and then fall to the ground.
“Oh my God, so powerful.” Looked at Bai Yunfei that fall to the ground, all outer court disciples was dumfounded, the powerful Bai Yunfei, in Xing Jue’s hand actually so quickly defeated, at this moment they finally knew how powerful Xing Jue strength.
“Young fellow, can’t think that you learned Storm Wind Technique.” Looked at the wind that wrapped around Xing Jue body, the Great Elder smiled and said, if other didn’t clearly seen the fight between Bai Yunfei and Xing Jue, but the Great Elder clearly see how it was, at first Bai Yunfei want to depend to his movement Martial Skill, want to suppressed Xing Jue with his speed, but he never thought that Xing Jue movement Martial Skill far above him, not only was being suppressed in returned, but also lost greatly.
“Ga… ga… ga… ga… ga…, well, well, really a good skill.” When everyone thought that this competition already ended, Bai Yunfei suddenly laughed and said. However that kind of laughter actually make one tremble with fear.
After laughed, Bai Yunfei slowly stand, at the same time an extremely fierce murderous aura, spreads from inside his body, that murderous aura revolve around Bai Yunfei surrounding, at this moment on Bai Yunfei body didn’t felt any anger, only can feel one word “terrifying”.
“Finally used an unique skill?” He remembered Bai Yunfei’s condition at practice pavilion, Xing Jue also become cautious, because at this moment he can felt a dangerous aura that Bai Yunfei send out.
“Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation?” Looked at Bai Yunfei at the arena that had an enormous changed, the Great Elder shocked and loudly said.
“Great Elder, you said that Bai Yunfei practice Heavenly Demon Magic Merit? What Cultivation Technique is that?” One of the elder somewhat puzzled asked.
“Yes, this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation was one of strange cultivation, after practice, can make human body martial Qi qualitative change, thus it make attacked power and defensive power extremely fast enhanced, actually this is very mysterious Cultivation Technique”
“However Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation swallowed the user’s mental energy, if it used for long-term practice, the user will become ruthless, finally will completely lose his mind and will turned into murder tool.” Great Elder slowly said.
After heard the Great Elder words, all elders surprised, all of them looked at Bai Yunfei in the arena.
“Great Elder, since this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, so strange, why not destroyed him?” An elder continue to ask.
“This day Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, originally was Imperial Wind Empire devil religion Cultivation Technique method, however later this devil religion was destroyed by Imperial Wind Pavilion, and this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation naturally also destroyed, but it can’t be thought that after so many years, this Cultivation Technique appeared among our Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Great Elder also very puzzled said.
“Since this Cultivation Technique was so horrible, wasn’t Xing Jue in dangerous situation?” That elder somewhat nervous said.
“Rest assured, if necessary I will acted.” The Great Elder comforted said, and then his old vision went to Xing Jue and in the heart said: “Xing Jue, what will you do now?”
“Xing Jue, accept your death!” suddenly shouted loudly, Bai Yunfei right fist grasps, a purple martial Qi covered his right fist, when almost reached Xing Jue it suddenly blasted, along with it an extremely frightening Martial Qi ruthlessly advancing toward Xing Jue.
“Rumbled” with thunderous sound, from where Xing Jue stand a moment ago, rise a giant dust, after the dust dispersed, everyone astonished to find that at this moment, on the arena there was several meters deep foot giant pit, and outside those huge pit there was deep crack.
And several meters from that huge pit, Xing Jue mouth panted, his face seriously looked at Bai Yunfei, and above Xing Jue right arm, a large area of blood continuously flowed out, although he dodge this attacked, but Xing Jue received big wound.
“Under absolute strength, your speed didn’t have any effect.” Bai Yunfei looked at Xing Jue and coldly said, immediately both of his palm to grasped, once more an extremely fast purple martial Qi flowed out, collected into both of his palm, along with unceasing pouring martial Qi, from inside his palm condensed into purple Qi halo, and his terrifying aura became tyrannical several fold compare than before, it was because that halo that spreads out.
“Great Elder” felt the frightening aura inside Bai Yunfei hand, one of the elders quickly said.
Saw this, Great Elder quickly stood up, but when he prepare to act, the scene once again change.

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