War God Asura

Chapter: 33

Won The Championship
“Bai Yunfei, was this your final trump card?” Looked at that terrifying purple halo, Xing Jue also felt his terrifying strength, however Xing Jue didn’t afraid. Because he haven’t use his final trump card.
Everyone eyes only saw Xing Jue with warm eyes, slowly he spread out both of his arms, his palm turned upward, the formidable martial Qi, start rapidly circulated into his body, and finally collects into both his arms.
“Puff” With the sound like a fiery stone friction, unexpectedly inside Xing Jue both palm rise two tiny flame.
After that Xing Jue suddenly shouted loudly, that tiny flame instantly rose up, just like two columns of flame, on Xing Jue palm burned and gradually the retracted, and finally turned into two extremely fast rotated fireballs.
Xing Jue both palm faced each other, that two fireballs collided into one, along with the fireballs interweave, a burst of fire fraction sound also constantly spread, later in front of people astonished vision it slowly fused, and melt into one feet diameter fireball, that fireball so small, however it contained terrifying power that make people trembled.
“Ha Ha, Xing Jue, you really didn’t let me down, does not know whether your small fireball is my halo opponent” Looked at the fireball in Xing Jue’s hand that extremely fast revolved, there was excitement on Bai Yunfei face immediately laughed and said.
“What? You want to try it?” Xing Jue smiled and said.
“This is what I mean.” Suddenly Bai Yunfei shout loudly, that purple halo that containing terrifying power, change into a thick purple light beam, extremely fast rumbling toward Xing Jue.
“Flame Dragon Bomb” Facing the terrifying light beam that extremely fast rumbles toward him, Xing Jue shout loudly, immediately both of his palms stretch forward, the fireball extremely fast revolved, instantly change into a thick fire dragon, and then plundered toward that purple light beam.
The purple light beam and red fire dragon collided, immediately make a deafening explosion sound, it even trembled until outside this outer court plaza, thus it can be seen how terrifying this purple light beam, and red fire dragon.
Purple light beam and the red fire dragon entwined together, just liked two flood dragons in battle, eventually changed into one foot high energy light ball, the purple light and red flame continuously flashed, it’s like competing control power of fireball.
“Bang” An explosive sound, the giant fireball actually explode, the terrifying energy ripples extremely fast spread out, finally Xing Jue and Bai Yunfei drawn into it.
After the energy ripples dispersed, all of the people shocked to find that at this time the arena was already razed to the ground, and among that debris, Bai Yunfei was lay down and his whole body full of scar, but Xing Jue was safe and sound stand above the stone pile, there also an old man who stand on his side, this old man was the outer court Great Elder.
At first at a crucial moment, the Great Elder will act to protect Xing Jue.
“Cough cough cough” with continuously cough sound, Bai Yunfei body tremble, and slowly stood from that debris. Unexpectedly Bai Yunfei didn’t die.
At this moment suddenly there were two forms, just like ghosts appear at Bai Yunfei side, and they brought thousand years profound iron chains, to tie Bai Yunfei.
Seeing this scene, everybody are surprised, even Xing Jue somewhat confused about the situation. However Bai Yunfei actually sneering, obviously he didn’t surprised why the elders tied him up.
After Bai Yunfei was seized by the two elders, the Great Elder formally announced that Xing Jue is the champion of this inner court examination, and obtain the mysterious prize that the main pavilion has provided.
After the Great Elder said the prize, everybody was envied, because this prize was one of Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth Rank Martial Skill, Beginner Level Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”.
Earth Rank Martial Skill, inside this outer court, nobody saw what kind this Earth Rank Martial Skill was, but everyone know that Earth Rank Martial Skill have terrifying power to cut the mountain.
Finally this two days inner court examination ended, everyone made deafening applause, then the curtain dropped with cheers from the audiences.
Inside outer court elder hall, Great Elder hold his hands behind his back and stand, and Xing Jue respectful stand at his side.
“Xing Jue, this Cut Soul Sword is my Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth Rank Martial Skill, therefore after you learned it, you can’t pass it to others, otherwise, nobody can protect your life, do you understand?” Great Elder stand in front of Xing Jue, solemnly said, and Xing Jue nodded promised.
After saw that Xing Jue promised, Great Elder sleeve robe waved, transparent spell from his sleeve robe flashed out, the spell transparent like crystal, however in the middle of that spell, there were dense and numerous ancient texts carved.
“Is this Earth Rank Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”?” Xing Jue was shocked looked at the spell in front him, this Martial Skill and his previously Martial Skill that he practiced completely different, unexpectedly it’s not book, but a small spell.
“Earth Rank Martial Skill is incredible precious, so we used this spell record for practice method, also to prevent this method to spread.” Great Elder explains, immediately his right arm waved, then that spell pasted toward Xing Jue forehead.
Along with the spell that pasted above his forehead, Xing Jue felt his head hot, and then countless strange words start to emerge into his head, at this moment Xing Jue shocked to find that this seemingly small spell, actually record so many fonts, this method really make people feel amaze.
After half an hour, the inheritance of this Earth Rank Martial Skill finally finished, after rubbed some numbness on his head, Xing Jue brightly smiled, because he can clearly feel that all Cut Soul Sword practice method, already completely recorded inside his head.
After received the spell, Great Elder turned around and sit the main seat, and instructed Xing Jue to sit at the side.
“Xing Jue, this time you get into inner court, there is a person who you need to be careful not to offend.” Great Elder gently drink tea, and slowly said to Xing Jue.
“Don’t know who great elder referred to, please told me.” Xing Jue a bit puzzled asked.
“Inner Court Second Elder.” Great Elder put the teacup above the tea table, said every single word to Xing Jue.
“Inner Court Second Elder?” When heard the name, Xing Jue suddenly remember, at that time there was an Outer Court Elder who represent Inner Court Second Elder, want to take him as his disciple. However Xing Jue reject it, at first Xing Jue didn’t cared, but listened the Great Elder mention it, he suddenly thought.
“Inner Court Second Elder, this person quite ambitious, he wanted to completely control the Inner Court, in order to strengthen his own forces, he has his own disciples to stayed at Outer Court, looked for a qualified newcomer, and introduce to him.”
“You already rejected the Second Elder that day, so now you join the Inner Court, Second Elder will make things difficult for you, but regarding that person, you better be patient, otherwise you will hardly survive in the Inner Court.” Great Elder seriously said to Xing Jue.
“Many thanks for Great Elder reminder.” Heard the Great Elder words, Xing Jue already had some understanding that Second Elder was not a good person.
“Eh, you kid has great potential, as long as properly practice, I believe that in the future, inside this huge Imperial Wind Pavilion, you will have position.” Great Elder appreciated Xing Jue and said, obviously he is very optimistic about Xing Jue, and smiled brightly Xing Jue, he also have a good impression about this Great Elder.
“Good, go back and rest, tomorrow you will enter the inner court.” Great Elder smiled and said, waved his sleeved, to see the visitor away.
“Great Elder, there is something that this disciple did not understand.” Xing Jue silent a moment, and nervously asked.
“He he… Kid…”
“You want to asked, why did I catch Bai Yunfei?” Great Elder already guessed correctly what Xing Jue thought, he smiled and said.
“En, please explain about it Great Elder” Xing Jue showed a faint smile, and politely said.
“It’s a long story” Great Elder slowly stood up, looked out of the window, and meaningfully said.
“More than hundred years ago, at Imperial Wind Pavilion north from Demon Beast mountain, there was a succubus that already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, this succubus was quite strange, she took human soul as food, the people surrounding Demon Beast mountain naturally was not her opponent, so they sent our Imperial Wind Pavilion a letter for help.”
“As Imperial Wind Empire ruler, Imperial Wind Pavilion naturally can’t ignore Imperial Wind Empire people safety, therefore we dispatched two elder that already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, went to catch the succubus.”
“However unexpectedly that two elders were not the succubus match, and sent a signal for help to Imperial Wind Pavilion, later our Imperial Wind Pavilion sent out an extremely outstanding Inner Court Disciple for helped.”
“However we didn’t hear any news about that disciple. In desperation, Imperial Wind Pavilion had to send large number of powerhouses once more, but after they went there, they only find the two elders corpses.”
“Finally learned that at the final moment, the two elders together used their final strength to sealed that succubus.” Great Elder slowly said.
“That… that disciple? Did you found him?” Xing Jue naturally knew regarding Demon Beast mountain matter, moreover now Soul Devouring Succubus is his own servant “Xiao Qian”.
“We didn’t found that disciple, he disappeared without any news.”
“However 20 years later, at this Imperial Wind Empire suddenly appeared an evil sect called “Soul Devouring Religion”.”
“Soul Devouring Religion?” When heard this name, Xing Jue calm face suddenly became excited.

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