War God Asura

Chapter: 34

Joining Inner Court
“Soul Devouring Religion, the reason why it called demon religion, that was because in order to practice demon cultivation, they refining people flesh. During that time inside Soul Devouring Religion authority area, can persuade people into terrible situation, furthermore in order to prevent us to interfere, they even blocked any information, but there were not airtight wall, finally the information spread into Imperial Wind Pavilion.”
“So to resist demon religion that appear inside Imperial Wind Empire, we Imperial Wind Pavilion naturally cannot sit by and do nothing, therefore we sent out large number of disciples to eradicate Soul Devouring Religion. But after arrived at Soul Devouring Religion, we actually shocked to find, that Soul Devouring Religion founder unexpectedly was Inner Court disciples that missing at Demon Beast mountain.” Spoke until here, the Great Elder become sad.
Xing Jue already guessed correctly who was Soul Devouring Religion founder, he was that missing Inner Court Disciple, and when he saw Great Elder sad face, Xing Jue also guessed correctly that Great Elder with that Soul Devouring Religion founder definitely friends.
“When I went to eradicate Soul Devouring Religion, that Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple and also Soul Devouring Religion founder, was my good friend, unconsciously he had changed, and didn’t recognize us anymore, finally we have to personally killed him.”
“And finally understand clearly, what make him become this ruthless leader, that is Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, the original Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, had been destroyed by me, however unexpectedly that now it appear again on Bai Yunfei body” Great Elder slowly said, obviously he still felt sad regarding that year matter.
“Then Great Elder intend to do what towards Bai Yunfei?” After know the truth, Xing Jue already concluded, that the lost Soul Devouring was not inside Imperial Wind Pavilion, but at that disciple’s hand, and now Bai Yunfei actually able to practice Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation, perhaps he also know the Soul Devouring whereabouts, therefore he can only continue asked.
“The person who practice Heavenly Evil Magic Merit, soon or later will swallow by that evil strength, therefore we cannot preserve him.” Great Elder sighed, and helplessly said.
“Great Elder, I would like to meet Bai Yunfei.” After silence a moment, Xing Jue suddenly asked.
“Oh? Why?” After the Great Elder heard Xing Jue words, he suddenly turned to look, and puzzled asked.
“That Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation had been destroyed in the past, but now once again appeared in Bai Yunfei body, it explained that this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation still exists in this world.”
“This Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation is so strange, as long as it still exists, it will create trouble, therefore this disciple willing to ask Bai Yunfei, I would like to ask from where he learned Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation.” Xing Jue make a righteous look and seriously said. In fact Xing Jue only wanted to find Soul Devouring, as for who was practiced Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, that wasn’t his godda*n business.
“He he, actually we already asked, but Bai Yunfei kept silent, since you had this intention, just try it.” After silent a moment, Great Elder smiled and said.
After had the Great Elder permit, although Xing Jue face didn’t change, but inside his heart he actually happy.
Above the surface Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer Court, there was huge building, however below the surface, actually there were large group of cells, from time to time inside the cells could be heard pitiful yell sound, in addition murderous aura from those punishment elders body, this place give a gloomy feeling, and this place is Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer Court to imprison a criminal “Jail”.
At this moment at the most deep place of this prison, there was an extremely cold and humid room, inside this room sit a teenager, his whole body full of scar, this is Bai Yunfei.
With the sound of the door opening, there is a figure walked in, Bai Yunfei slowly raised both of his eyes, and accidentally said: “Xing Jue?”
When he saw Bai Yunfei whole face full of scar, Xing Jue surprised and immediately said “Did they torture you?”
“Ha Ha, to come here and did not suffer is not normal, you came not in order to look at my sorry figure, right? What did you want, say it.” Bai Yunfei suddenly laughed said, obviously didn’t felt surprised by this prison style.
“He he, you said is true, I came to ask you one thing.” Xing Jue show a faint smile, can’t deny and said, then he went to Bai Yunfei side and sat down.
“You unlikely come to ask me about Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation, right?”
“If this about that, I want to avoid that talk, because I am not going to tell you.” Bai Yunfei clearly said it toward Xing Jue, laugh grimly and said.
Regarding Bai Yunfei attitude, Xing Jue already prepared, so he wasn’t surprised. He moved closer to Bai Yunfei side, and said with a low voice: “If you didn’t want something happen with your sister, better be obedient and told me”.
“How dare you” Heard Xing Jue words, Bai Yunfei suddenly become tense up, furiously stared at Xing Jue and said.
Before come to the prison, Xing Jue already run an investigation about Bai Yunfei, and finally found out that Bai Yunfei have a younger sister, although Imperial Wind Pavilion used punishment to interrogate the prisoner, but they would not be so despicable to used family member to threaten the prisoner, however Xing Jue can do that.
“You think your younger sister important, still you desire to harm her, or Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation important?” Without feared Xing Jue said.
“Okay! As long as you accept my condition, then I will tell you.” After silent a moment, Bai Yunfei compromised.
“What condition, said it” Xing Jue was satisfied and smiled, then quickly replied.
“Help me take care of my younger sister.” Bai Yunfei looked at Xing Jue and slowly said, those eyes that full of murderous aura, actually brimming with expectation.
“Don’t worry, I will make your younger sister well fed and clothed for the rest of my life.” Saw Bai Yunfei expectation look, Xing Jue able to feel that in Bai Yunfei heart his sister’s much more important, so he immediately promised.
“I believe you” after Xing Jue promised, Bai Yunfei make a rare relieved smiled. He Immediately said: “What did you want to know, asked it.”
“Told me the process you find Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation.” Saw that Bai Yunfei finally compromise, Xing Jue said with a smiled.
The reason why Xing Jue asked, it was because Xing Jue already guessed that this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, was Bai Yunfei found it out somewhere, and not inherits from someone, otherwise, he could not possibly not know Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation harmful effect.
After reorganizing his emotion, Bai Yunfei slowly started said: “Ten years ago, me and my father went to the back side of the mountain to chop firewood, in the end we accidentally find a secret room.”
“Out of curiosity, me and my father walked in, but after we entered the room, we find out that inside the secret room actually very dark and very big, so big that make people felt frightened.”
“At that time my father afraid that there is danger inside, so he told me to wait at the entrance, but soon after he walked, there was pitiful yell, and..” When he said these, there was fear on Bai Yunfei face. Obviously this childhood memories, left a big shadow inside his heart.
“And what?” Xing Jue quickly asked.
“And there was an extremely terrifying sound roared, although it was like human, but I am sure that is not human.” Bai Yunfei determined said.
“And then?” Xing Jue continued to ask.
“After my father died, just me and younger sister were left, desperately both of us had to left our hometown, and beg for food to live, afterward I was chosen by Martial Path aristocratic family, became the fresh blood of that Martial Path aristocratic family, and thanks to our relationship, my younger sister became a maidservant of that Martial Path aristocratic family.”
“Afterward, I was sent here. After a year practiced, I thought that my strength was good, then once again returned to that mountain, and walked into the secret room.”
“But that secret room was really strange, not only it was really big, there were also numerous mechanism, eventually I can’t found my father’s remain, instead I had found Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation.”
“When I discovered that Heavenly Demon Magic Cultivation an extremely profound Cultivation, I started to practiced it.” Bai Yunfei slowly said, obviously he felt some regrets practicing Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation.
“Can you told me where was the secret room located?” After Xing Jue heard about this, his heart fill with expectation, he immediately said.
Bai Yunfei told Xing Jue the exact location of that secret room in detail, regarding what Bai Yunfei said, Xing Jue extremely believe him, because of his young sister, Bai Yunfei definitely won’t deceived him.
“Xing Jue, I think there were treasure at the deep place of the secret room, but without reaching certain strength, I advised you not go and force it opened” After he told Xing Jue the secret room location, Bai Yunfei warned him.
“Don’t worry, I will take care of your younger sister.” Xing Jue show a faint smile, he promised Bai Yunfei once more.
Xing Jue understand what Bai Yunfei want, actually he didn’t care about Xing Jue, he actually worried that nobody will take care his younger sister.
After he once again promised, Xing Jue left the prison.
Next day early morning, Xing Jue and all entered the long-awaited inner court under the Great Elder leadership.
Looked at the magnificent palace, even Xing Jue also hard-to-control his excitement, for a long time he already hope for this inner court, now he finally arrived here.
This time the disciples that join the inner court totally twenty person, because Bai Yunfei was disqualified, therefore Xiao San being honored to get into Inner Court, so now around this twenty people, ten people are Xing Jue brothers.
This time they no longer crowded into one loft, each one of them have respective mansion, and in every mansion, there were group of ordinary slave, this type of superior living condition, no wonder it make outer court disciples so yearning.
However Xing Jue was the champion, so his mansion is more luxurious compared them.
Standing on the top of high loft Xing Mansion, Xing Jue who wearing purple robe, enjoying the beautiful scene of this Inner Court, looked at the Inner Court Disciples that passing through unceasingly, Xing Jue can feel, there were no ordinary person at this Inner Court.
Even beside the 20 people that came with him, each Inner Court Disciple was at Martial Ancestor level, several of them were really strong, Xing Jue unable to detect their strengths, those people probably already reached Martial Sovereign level.
Xing Jue turned around, looked at that ten feet giant palace between layers of clouds, he said in a low voice: “Xiao Han, with your strength, I think… You should be at Main Court.”

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