War God Asura

Chapter: 35

The Strongest New Star
The next day, at this magnificent Inner Court, compared with inner disciples who painstakingly cultivate alone, appeared an odd scene, that were group of ten people travel together, sightseeing inside this inner court.
Majority of their strength were Advanced Rank Martial Master, all inner court disciples who met with them, look at them with disdain.
“Big brother Xing Jue, this Inner Court really different, even the flagstones on the ground were shiny” Xiao San grinning while followed Xing Jue from behind, just like country bumpkin who just entered the city, looked around and said.
“Xiao San, did you satisfied with this Inner Court?” Later Xing Jue turned around and asked toward Xiao San.
“He he, can get into the Inner court I already satisfied.” Xiao San said with a smile and satisfied expression.
Xing Jue after saw Xiao San satisfied look, can only helplessly shake his head.
After a day sight-seeing, Xing Jue and all already familiarized with this Inner Court environment, finally Xing Jue led them to Inner Court practice pavilion.
After all their strengths were extremely weak, although inside the outer Court they are top existences, but inside Inner Court they were at the bottom existence, therefore Xing Jue must provide their strengths.
After joining the Inner Court, Xing Jue find out that this Inner Court Practice Pavilion compared with Outer Court was smaller, and the palace also beautiful, there wasn’t too much different, it also had three floors, first floor and second floor for battle with Demon Beast, and the third floor was for practicing Martial Skill.
But the Demon Beast rank of cabinet compared with high many of outside pavilion, the most lowest Rank was third rank late stage Demon Beast, equal with Advanced Rank Martial Master level.
Xing Jue and all directly went to third floor, after joining the Inner Court, first Xing Jue and all went to Inner Court Martial Skill pavilion to look around, Xing Jue also bought some Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill with his own saving for them, and the books that Old Feng gave to him Biting Wind Palm as well as Defending Qi Burst, he also teach it to them.
After all, these ten people were take his orders, therefore Xing Jue must make an effort to train them. Only if they become stronger, in this Inner Court, the greater Xing Jue forces strength.
Xing Jue came here also wanted to make a breakthrough to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level, and Xing Jue also wants to practiced that “Cut Soul Sword” Martial Skill, after all such a powerful Martial Skill, if manage to master it, even inside this Inner Court, Xing Jue will be not bully.
When Xing Jue just walked into third floor, at this moment he found out that at third floor main hall, a violent event is taking place.
Saw there was Preliminary Rank Martial Master Inner Court Disciple, who laying on the ground, and an Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, a disciple with eight shaped eyebrow (eight in Chinese 八), sitting on his body, constantly slap his face, and behind him also stand two Inner Pavilion Disciples, they were at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor level.
“Big brother Xing Jue, was not that the Outer Court disciple that come along with us?” Four Eyes was the first who recognized the disciple that laying on the ground, he was one of the twenty disciples who join the Inner Court.
“Stop” heard Four Eyes words, Xing Jue also recognized that disciple, therefore he loudly shouted.
Originally Xing Jue didn’t care for this kind of matter, besides he just join Inner Court, so he doesn’t want to cause any trouble, but since he was the new person who come in together with Xing Jue, Xing Jue unavoidably had to help, because no matter what, this person and Xing Jue also had a relations as the same period of time disciple.
“D*mn, who did you shouted at? You want to die?” The disciple with eight shaped eyebrow who constantly slap, scared to death by Xing Jue voice. He thought that there was a great person who came, but when he turned around to look, unexpectedly it was a group of weak disciples, therefore he immediately angrily cursed toward Xing Jue.
“What’s wrong? Is this your home? Even I can’t speak?” Xing Jue didn’t afraid replied, that Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, in others eyes might be good, but in Xing Jue eye, he was not a d*mn thing.
“Kid did you want to die? Did you know who you are talking to?” Saw that Xing Jue dare to talk back, that several people who already reached Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor Inner Court Disciple, arrived in front of Xing Jue body, and poked Xing Jue chest, glared at him, and shouted toward Xing Jue.
Regarding this kid presumptuous behavior, Xing Jue naturally can’t tolerated it, his right hand directly grip that disciple finger, his wrist slightly turned, there was only “ka” sound, that disciple’s finger was broken.
“Ah! My finger” because Xing Jue speed was too fast, when that disciple react, his own finger already change into v-shaped, then he held his finger with his other hand, at the same time he pitifully yell.
However regarding his look, Xing Jue only show a faint smile, and said to him: “Did you know who I am?”
Saw Xing Jue easily break that disciple finger, that several disciples also surprised, they also felt that Xing Jue can’t be provoke, and that eight shaped eyebrow disciple also put away his stubborn temperament, his tone change and slightly polite said: “Who are you?”
“My big brother is the strongest new star of this Inner Court.” Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to speak, Xiao San suddenly stood out and pointed at Xing Jue, proudly said.
“Puchi” because of Xiao San words, Xing Jue didn’t hold back his laugh, then toward Xiao San said: “Xiao San, when I have this nickname?”
“Big brother Xing Jue, we are the new person of this Inner Court, and you are the champion who won Inner Court Examination, naturally you are the strongest new star.” Xiao San seriously explain.
“D*mn! A group of newcomer, but dare to fight against me, are you tired of living?” At first he worried about Xing Jue status, besides there are a lot of disciples at Inner Court and they also had supporter behind their back, and he does not want to offend some great people easily, after heard Xiao San words, he suddenly realize that they were this year newly join to the Inner Court. Therefore he immediately gain his strength.
“Ah! Apparently there is nothing great about this Inner Court atmosphere, no matter who you are, immediately admit your mistakes about today’s matter, otherwise you will look like him.” Xing Jue pretended to be helpless said, and he pointed toward that man whose finger broke.
“Ha ha, what a joke” After heard Xing Jue words, that several disciples suddenly laughed.
Not only them, the surrounding disciples who watched the fun also laughed. Xing Jue didn’t have both powerful backer and strength, but he dare to say that nonsense words, so don’t blame them if they think it was funny.
“Allow me to cripple him, I will let him know, what kind of place this Inner Court was.” suddenly that eight shaped eyebrow disciple make a cold face and shouted loudly.
And with his command, several disciples are also swarmed around Xing Jue to fight, trails of vicious attacks streaked with wind advancing toward Xing Jue.

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