War God Asura

Chapter: 36

Practicing Cut Soul Sword
Faced everybody powerful attacked, Xing Jue only showed a faint smile. He slowly lift his right fist, faced toward everybody and attacked, a powerful Martial Qi surge out from his right fist.
With great amount of Martial Qi released and come out, it intertwined with everybody attacked, “Bang” there was an explosion sound, everybody joint attacked were easily blocked by Xing Jue.
After the attacked were blocked, in a flash Xing Jue figure instantly disappeared, when he appears again, he already in front of that eight shaped eyebrow disciple body, faced the eight shaped eyebrow disciple who has no defense, Xing Jue mouth curls upwards, a beautiful leg swing, ruthlessly whip toward that disciple face.
“Puchi” a muffled sound, that eight shaped eyebrow disciple spout blood, then hit the wall, it happened in a blink, when everybody respond, they only saw that eight shaped eyebrow disciple already spout a mouthful blood at the corner, his face full of fright when he looked at Xing Jue.
And when everybody saw this scene, for a moment they were surprised. That several disciples who previously got rid by Xing Jue, just stood there, and didn’t dare to move.
Actually, that eight shaped eyebrow underestimates Xing Jue, he never imagine that Xing Jue can resist everybody join attack easily, and also launches an attacked toward him, otherwise it was impossible for Xing Jue to easily defeat him, although Xing Jue has formidable Martial Skill, but he and that disciple a rank difference with that disciple.
“What? Did you want to try again?” Xing Jue turned his head to look at that several disciples, and said with a smiled.
That several disciples quickly grasped the meaning behind Xing Jue look, they didn’t dare to say any word, and just stood there, in the heart constantly cursed: “D*mn, this simply like pig that eat the tiger, although we were the same rank, but his battle efficiency comparable to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.”
“Hey! I don’t want to make thing difficult for you, apologized to that disciple, and quickly leave!” Saw that several people didn’t dare to attacked, Xing Jue once again talked toward that eight shaped eyebrow disciple.
“You… You don’t go too far, do you know who my brother is?”
“My brother is one of the elite list that place at tenth place “Luo Cheng”.” Saw that Xing Jue not willing to give up, his face showed a fear expression, and he suddenly shouted.
After that disciple mentioned the elite list “Luo Cheng”, the surroundings disciples who watched the fun, started talking.
Elite list, it was Inner Court strongest line up list, who can occupy a place in that list, he was not an ordinary people.
From 3000 disciples at this Inner Court, they manage to stood up. 10 disciples in elite list, all of them were this Inner Pavilion Disciple frightened target. After the eight shaped eyebrow spoke that his elder brother was inside the elite list “Luo Cheng”, everybody so alarmed.
“I don’t care who your brother is? Today if you don’t apologize, you can’t go.” Xing Jue said without any feared, he angrily shouted. About this elite list, Xing Jue naturally also heard about it.
However according to what Xing Jue know, inside this Inner Court there were only six people at Martial Sovereign level, these six people certainly occupied the first six of the elite list, as for that other four disciples, neither of them were Martial Sovereign, at most they were Advanced Rank Martial Master.
If Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue also afraid of them, but Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue didn’t afraid of them, because by his strength now, even if he faced Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue also has the strength to fight them.
“Xing Jue, forget it, just a moment ago it was me that didn’t careful and accidentally bump into them, and didn’t apologized, so this fellow apprentice hit me, actually it was my fault.” At this time, that disciple who being hit spoke.
When Xing Jue helped him, he was already grateful, but when heard that eight shaped eyebrow disciple elder brother was at Inner Court elite list, he was afraid, beside he just entered the Inner Court and offended such character, then later he can gave up any idea of better life.
“In that case, I Xing Jue will not meddle with other people business, brothers, let’s us practice.” Saw that disciple coward appearance, Xing Jue somewhat angry.
However think again carefully, if it really happened, Xing Jue naturally does not afraid of “Luo Cheng”, but the other disciple may not be the same, therefore Xing Jue also no longer make it difficult to that eight shaped eyebrow disciple, he waved his sleeve, then lead his brothers walked toward that enchantment space.
“Xing Jue, right? I’ll be back for you.” When Xing Jue prepared to enter enchantment space, that eight shaped eyebrow disciple suddenly angry and shouted, when Xing Jue look at him, he quickly run away.
After looked at that eight shaped eyebrow disciple run away, Xing Jue only helplessly shake his head, about that kind person Xing Jue also didn’t surprised, didn’t had any strength but actually liked to bully, a complete villain, he immediately said toward Four Eyes: “Four Eyes, told the brothers, one month later we came out together, this month let me experienced real practiced inside.”
Four Eyes also understood what Xing Jue mean, then quickly pass the message.
After all his brothers walked into the enchanted space, Xing Jue also walked toward his own enchanted space.
After entering the space, Xing Jue first choose power word spell, because Xing Jue able to feel that he can break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor now, therefore before practicing that Earth Rank Martial Skill, Xing Jue decided to break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor first, if he had a better foundation, then he can be more relaxed when he practices strong Martial Skill.
Xing Jue shut his eyes and sit, his both hands make an unusual seals, and a lot of stream martial Qi, are continuously stream into Xing Jue body. Along with Xing Jue rank promoted, the speed to absorbed Martial Qi also quicker than before.
Along with the Martial Qi that continuously flowed, Xing Jue’s body start to send out rich golden rays of light, and rays of light is getting more and more flourishing, just like Golden Buddha that floated inside this empty space.
Suddenly a burst of “Buzz sound” sounded, that golden light Martial Qi spread out, hovering around Xing Jue and constantly revolved, then suddenly drilled into Xing Jue body, and with this light of Martial Qi get into Xing Jue body, his aura started to increase instantaneously, and finally broke through the boundary, and reached Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level.
Xing Jue stand, he felt that his body fill with a lot of power, on his face appeared a confident smiled, with Xing Jue strength now, even if fight Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue one hundred percent sure win.
Successfully get into Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue started to practiced Earth Rank Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”.
At the huge square, in front of Xing Jue there were copper, silver, and golden puppets. Xing Jue can destroyed the copper color puppet with Biting Wind Palm, the silver puppet can also be destroyed with Flame Dragon Bomb, as for that golden puppet, let alone destroyed, Xing Jue unable to make even a little scratch.
“It seems if I want to destroy this puppet, it can only with “Cuts Soul Sword”.” Xing Jue saw the golden puppet that unable to defeated, helplessly said. Beside his Flame Dragon Bomb already showed it, that was Black Rank High Level Martial Skill, but didn’t had any slightest effect.
Xing Jue slowly closed both of his eyes, he reorganized that Cut Soul Sword practice method.
After carefully read this Cut Soul Sword practice method inside his mind, Xin Jue found out that this Cut Soul Sword divided into two realms. First was Congealing sword, second was Sword Qi.
However Xing Jue also aware that this Cut Soul Sword Military Qi consumption was enormous. Before he reached Martial Sovereign, if he wants to use this Cut Soul Sword the Sword Qi, it will create a backlash, but if he reach Martial Sovereign level, this Cut Soul Sword could be use repeatedly.
No matter what, Xing Jue already decided that first he will master the first realm Congealing sword.
Xing Jue right fist make a small grasp (there is gap in the fist), then started to practiced according to Congealing Sword of Cut Soul Sword practice method, Martial Qi start to moved up, along with the Martial Qi moved, inside Xing Jue right fist, starts to send out black gas.
However this black gas distribution really slow, after an hour later, the black gas gradually take a shape, while the black gas take a shape, an extremely frightening strength start to send out.
However after the black gas just take a shape, both of Xing Jue legs became soft, he weakly sat down and felt exhausted, and that black gas that condenses with great difficulty, naturally disappear.
Wiped the sweat on his forehead, at this moment Xing Jue discovered how big this Cut Soul Sword consumption of Martial Qi, and how difficult it practice level.
However after rest for a moment, after his Martial Qi of restored, Xing Jue once again started to practice the congealing sword.
Besides eating meal also sleeps, all times Xing Jue always practicing, although very tired, but looked at his hand that get more and more black gas, Xing Jue quickly become full.
And after half a month, after difficult practiced, Xing Jue finally successfully condense that Cut Soul Sword in his hand, looked at the black Cut Soul Sword in his hand, as well as the flame that revolved around the sword body, Xing Jue can feel how destructive this sword power.

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