War God Asura

Chapter: 37

Practice Pavilion Murder Case
Certainly Xing Jue had succeed condensed this “Cut Soul Sword”,and he felt pleased with himself. Suddenly his effort for half of day to condensed Cut Soul Sword disappeared.
“Ah, it still hard to control.” Saw his empty right hand, Xing Jue helplessly said, but he once again grasp his right fist, and then the Martial Qi start to condensed.
Time passed, It already one month, Xing Jue and friends entered this practice pavilion.
At this moment inside the enchantment spaced, Xing Jue was stand in front of the golden puppet, he gently touched the strong golden puppet solid body, smiled and said: “Puppet, ah puppet, thank you for accompanied me in one month, you give me the power, because defeated you was my goal.”
Between the talked, Xing Jue’s right hand suddenly clench, soon afterwards a large area of black gas extremely fast condensed into his hand, and instantly condensed into a black sword.
Although the sword was condensed by gas, but it didn’t lose the essence of real sword, and at that long sword body hovered the black gas that constantly rise up, a destructive terrifying energy, send out from his sword body, this was Earth Rank Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”.
After a month of bitter practiced, Xing Jue already completely control this First realm of Cut Soul Sword “Congealing Sword”, he can instantly condense this Cut Soul Sword.
“Destroy for me!” suddenly Xing Jue yell, his right arm fierce waved the Cut Soul Sword in his hand, afterwards it was like the black arc that streak across this empty space, cut down toward the golden puppet.
Without any harsh bang, just like sharp blade that cut through tofu, Cut Soul Sword easily cut that golden puppet into two.
Saw that roaring flame unable to make a least bit of scar to the golden puppet, unexpectedly at this time Cut Soul Sword can easily cut the golden puppet into two. Now Xing Jue realized how formidable that Cut Soul Sword strength.
However after this golden puppet was cut into two, the Cut Soul Sword in Xing Jue hand once again instantaneously disappeared, and Xing Jue face also became paled.
“This Cut Soul Sword consumption indeed too big.” Xing Jue sat cross-legged on the ground, after a short break, he finally felt better, he helplessly said.
Even with his strength now, he can successfully condensed Cut Soul Sword, but it can’t last long, at this moment he finally know why the Martial Skill method warned, before he reached Martial Sovereign he can’t use the Sword Qi, otherwise it will create backlash.
When he felt his body already restored his Martial Qi, Xing Jue satisfied smiled, then he touched the withdraw word, he went out the enchantment space.
When Xing Jue just took off from the profound iron gate, then he heard a sound of voice shouted: “Big brother Xing Jue.”
“Wow, why did you come out so early?” At this time Xing Jue was looked at nine familiar faces and said with a smiled.
Naturally these people were Xing Jue brothers, on the other hand, some of them were twenty years old, and Xing Jue in several months will be 17 years old, but all of them called Xing Jue big brother.
At first Xing Jue didn’t accustomed to, but over time he naturally accustomed to, beside in this Sky Martial Continent, the strong were respected, no matter how old, as long as you had enough strength, even if several hundred years of old monster, will be politely treated.
“Xing Jue, it was you that late, right?” Four Eyes came over, grinning and said.
Indeed, at first they made an appointment that one month later they will came out together, but Xing Jue because he used Cut Soul Sword, and the consumption was too big, and carried out recuperate, naturally delay a lot of time.
“Yeah, it was me who late, I will treated everybody a big meal.” Xing Jue showed a faint smile, and immediately said. Completely revealed a leader style.
They cheered in unison, when everybody were excited and prepared to leave, suddenly a cold voice sounded: “You finally come out.”
Looked around, he only saw a tall man, the man eyes look fierce, he slowly walked toward Xing Jue, and he was followed by that wretched Inner Court disciple, he was the eight shaped eyebrow disciple who were injured by Xing Jue that day.
“Luo Cheng” after saw this man, these three disciples quickly make a way, and each of their face revealed a frightened look.
“What do you want?” After Xing Jue heard the surrounding disciple’s discussion, naturally he knew this guy identity, but he still calmly said.
“Ha Ha, kid, you actually had a little courage, but this was Inner Court, you didn’t had the strength, but dare to make a bold words, it will be very miserable.” Luo Cheng arrived in front of Xing Jue body and coldly said.
“If you come to speak about this nonsense, I won’t accompanied you.” Xing Jue showed a faint smiled, he immediately walked passed Luo Cheng side, his nine brothers also quickly followed.
However when Xing Jue about to go out of the third floor, Luo Cheng right hand suddenly stretched out, a palm contained a powerful Martial Qi, severely shot toward the last disciple “Xiao San” body.
After suffered a palm attacked, Xiao San immediately spouted a mouthful blood, after flew more than twenty meters, and fell to the ground, his face instantly became pale and fainted.
“If you thought that was nothing, then you can go.” Luo Cheng slowly retracted his palm, looked at Xing Jue with contempt, sneered and said.
“D*mn! You want to die!” Saw Xiao San that severely wounded , Xing Jue into a rage. His right fist waved, a tyrannical of Martial Qi rumbled toward Luo Cheng.
“His Martial Qi came out, he indeed had real skill.” Faced Xing Jue released Martial Qi, Luo Cheng felt somewhat amazed, but actually didn’t felt a little bit feared, a fist attacked stormed out, it wasn’t any weaker than Xing Jue Martial Qi, the two Martial Qi of collided, immediately make an earthshaking sound, and energy ripples spread out.
Saw his attacked was blocked, Xing Jue figure moved, just like lightning advance toward Luo Cheng.
“This kid speed so fast.” Looked at Xing Jue that extremely fast move, Luo Cheng was surprised and said, he immediately tip toe slightly and advance toward Xing Jue.
“Bang” Xing Jue and Luo Cheng simultaneously punched, two fists that contained terrifying energy hit into one, his attacked blocked, Xing Jue figure flashed, a beautiful kicked, then violently swept toward Luo Cheng, but his attacked was blocked again by Luo Cheng.
“Bang..bang..bang..bang..” When the two people battle, energy ripples constantly spreads, their speed so fast, some people with weak strength, can’t clearly saw their movement.
“This kid was amazing.” Saw the battles with Luo Cheng, unexpectedly Xing Jue fall over, some of the surrounding disciples were also praising, it could be said that Luo Cheng also one of the elite list, but this kid can battle with him to this point, it show that he was not simple.
“Bang” a fierce strike showdown, Xing Jue and Luo Cheng made a large energy ripples, the shock made continuously backward.
“Kid, your speed was good, but for me, it’s not enough.” Saw not far away Xing Jue, Luo Cheng sneer and said.
“Want to die, in that case I will help you.” Xing Jue coldly said, immediately his figure tremble, a gust of strong wind from inside Xing Jue body spread, and began to revolved around Xing Jue body, the revolve speed extremely fast.
“Movement Martial Skill?” Looked at the strong wind wrapped around Xing Jue, Luo Cheng shockingly said. Immediately became cautious.
“Bang” with a loud sound Xing Jue disappeared, saw that Xing Jue that instantly disappeared, Luo Cheng face change, he absolutely didn’t think that Xing Jue movement Martial Skill, can promote his speed to the terrifying degree, therefore he intensely observed his surroundings, to guard from Xing Jue sneak attack.
At this moment, suddenly from behind he felt wind sound, when Luo Cheng turned around, a bright light palm came down.
Faced with this strong attacked, Luo Cheng clenched his teeth, stretch forward his right fist, he covered his right fist with Martial Qi, together with Xing Jue Biting Wind Palm explode.
“Bang” fist and palm collide, terrifying ripples extremely fast spread, and Luo Cheng was struck to fly by Xing Jue’s palm, blood sprayed, fly upside down, he fly more than ten meters, only then fall to the ground, at this moment Luo Cheng face become paled and weak, his right arm broken, his eyes fiercely looked at Xing Jue.
Although Luo Cheng already seriously injured, but Xing Jue didn’t stop, his figure moved, and then arrived in front of Luo Cheng body, he punched Luo Cheng chest, “Puchi” blood spouts, finally Luo Cheng unable to brace and fainted.
After Luo Cheng beaten half dead, the wind around Xing Jue body dispersed, he slowly stand up.
Saw Xing Jue slowly stand up, everybody eyes completely filled with feared, they cannot think that this common kid, can defeated elite list “Luo Cheng”.
Xing Jue turned around slightly, with bright eyes he sweeps the people on the scene, but every person who was swept by his eyes, can’t help take a step back, the fear inside their heart, goes without saying.
Finally Xing Jue eyes fixed to that eight shaped eyebrow disciple, that disciple who was seen, tremble because of Xing Jue, he can’t hold back and let his urine out.
“From today, anybody who attacked my brother, his condition considered to be light.” Xing Jue pointed at Luo Cheng crotch and coldly said.
Along with everybody frightened eyes, he slowly went out of the practice pavilion.
But since today, Xin Jue name in the Inner Court, will suddenly raise.

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