War God Asura

Chapter: 38

The Pavilion Law Enforcement
At the deepest Inner Court, there was a magnificent and extremely luxurious main hall, at the main hall everywhere were engraved by gold dragon jade phoenix design, giving a majestic momentum, and it also reveal the hall’s owner ambition.
At this moment inside the main hall, a majestic black hair old man, sit above above the dragon chair. And at the main hall a disciple kneel, full with grievance and whine.
“Master, that Xing Jue was too wild, also asked master to act for me.” The disciple of that black hair old man humble said, this was whom Xing Jue hit until severely wounded “Luo Cheng”.
“Useless, an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor unexpectedly defeated by Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, and you’ve called me master? Get lost!” And after the black hair old man listened to his complained, his eyebrow raised, loudly anger shouted.
Saw the old man get angry, Luo Cheng’s body start to tremble, and immediately didn’t dare to said any words again, clenched his teeth, then withdrew from the main hall.
“Come out” After Luo Cheng walks, the black hair old man with a commanding voice, loudly said.
After the old man voice fall, at the corner of main hall, went out an old man wear a black pavilion robe, this elder was this Imperial Wind Pavilion, Law Enforcement Pavilion elder, Elder Zhu.
“Second Elder” Elder Zhu, went to the main halls, this Elder humbly said toward the black hair old man. Actually this majestic black hair old man, was Second Elder of this Inner Court, an Intermediate Rank Martial God super powerhouse, he once wanted to take Xing Jue to be his disciple.
“Did you hear what Luo Cheng spoke a moment ago?”
“The disciple who just join the Inner Court unexpectedly so impudent, what did your Law Enforcement Pavilion do?” Second Elder take a glance toward Elder Zhu the law enforcement pavilion, annoyed and said.
“Second Elder, it was my negligence, I will check this small matter.” That elder quickly and humbly said. It can be said how afraid he was.
“Good, I’ll give you a chance, go back” Second Elder waved his hand, mention him to leave, and that elder quickly withdrew from the main hall.
After the elder left, Second Elder of this Inner Court lay down above his dragon chair, his finger moved, a cup of tea on tea table, floated and come over, after he drink the tea, Second Elder thoughtfully whispered “Xing Jue? Xing Jue? Where I heard that name?”
“Don’t tell me he was the mischievous child from Outer Court that refused to join me?” Thought about that, Second Elder eyes suddenly opened, the teacup that float in the air, instantaneously shaken and broken into dust, gracefully came down…
At this moment naturally Xing Jue didn’t know what happened at Second Elder main hall. He sit at the restaurant, drinking with his brothers.
Suddenly there was commotion, attracted Xing Jue and the others attention. Surprisingly, it was Law Enforcement Pavilion people, this Law Enforcement Pavilion people clothes with the other people at Inner Court somewhat differently, besides their clothes, they hold a black law enforcement blade, therefore they were easy to identify.
This Law Enforcement Pavilion in Imperial Wind Pavilion, has very big privilege, their member somewhat special, most of the members were former Inner Court disciples, in short member of the Law Enforcement Pavilion strength were extremely tyrannical, ordinary member were at Martial Ancestor rank, but the weakest elders were at Martial Sovereign level.
“This Law Enforcement Pavilion, looked at their attitude it look like they come to arrest a person.” Four Eyes looked toward the Law Enforcement Pavilion people, somewhat uneasy said. After all, regarding such special existence, even a famous disciple will feel frightened.
“Doesn’t matter, it’s not like they want to arrest us, let’s eat our food.” Xing Jue took a quick look toward that group unemotionally and disdainfully said. Moreover the Law Enforcement Pavilion member were considered everybody were beneath them.
However what make Xing Jue never guess was this group of Law Enforcement Pavilion directly walked toward them.
“Hold Xing Jue, take him for me!” A guy who look like the leader, pointed at Xing Jue and loudly said. Under this guy command, several Law Enforcement Pavilion members, quickly rushed over toward Xing Jue, stretch forward their hands want to capture Xing Jue.
“Go away!” Xing Jue sleeves waved, released a powerful Martial Qi, suddenly attacked, that several Law Enforcement Pavilion members who didn’t have any defense were blown upside down. When Xing Jue promoted to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level, his mastery Martial Qi released get more and more skillful.
“How dare you resist arrest?” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly revolt, the leader who already reached Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, suddenly got angry and loudly shouted, he immediately pull out the law enforcement blade at his waist, and fiercely cut down toward Xing Jue.
Faced the law enforcement blade cut toward him, Xing Jue didn’t anxious, he lift his left hand, then directly grasped that law enforcement blade, along with Martial Qi infusion, he turned his wrist. That leader law enforcement blade broke into two in front of everybody eyes.
Saw this scene, that leader became scared, this law enforcement blade was casted by thousand years profound iron, after went through a special refinement, it can be said it was very firm.
But he never imagine, this extremely sharp law enforcement blade was easily broke by Xing Jue, from this it can be seen that Xing Jue strength absolutely far above him, therefore he can’t help take a step back and nervously said: “You you… you.”
“I am what? I don’t understand what did you said, did you the leader of this law enforcement group? I pooh.” Xing Jue saw that frightened leader face, disdainfully said.
“Good kid, you are really stubborn disciple, watched this old man punished you!” suddenly an old man voice spread from the crowd, Looked only saw an old man slowly come out from the crowd, he was the elder that talked with Second Elder at the main hall. An Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.
“Elder Zhu” After saw this old man appeared, members of the law enforcement group respectfully said.
“Oh? You said that I was stubborn, you making an arrest with no reason at all, but also didn’t allow me to resist?” Although he can felt this elder strength, but Xing Jue actually did not afraid, because he can’t think what mistake that he made.
“What a clever and eloquent youngster, if I am not give you a lesson, you won’t know my Law Enforcement Pavilion method.” This elder didn’t talked nonsense with Xing Jue, his right arm waved, a tyrannical Martial Qi advance toward Xing Jue and the others.
Faced with this tyrannical Martial Qi, Xing Jue could dodge, but considered his brothers that behind his body, Xing Jue force to prepared fight that strike.
Xing Jue right fist grasp, golden Martial Qi covered his right fist, immediately came in contact with that violent Martial Qi. The heavy fist and Martial Qi clashed, and then terrifying energy ripples instantaneously erupts.
However he simply wasn’t that elder opponent. Although he could blocked that attacked, but still the aftermath vibration gave him internal injury, then from his mouth blood, slowly started to flow out.
“D*mn!” Force to wipe the blood from his mouth, Xing Jue said.
“Kid, you have skill, unexpectedly you can blocked my strike” Saw Xing Jue under his strike, only received a slight internal injury, this elder can’t help to admire him.
“Bah, cut the crap, you have guts to kill me, otherwise I will return this” Regarding Elder Zhu praised, Xing Jue actually didn’t accept it, and said with disdain.
“Good, today this old man will beat you until half dead, I will see how you reluctant to admit mistake” faced with Xing Jue manner, Elder Zhu face also unhappy, immediately waved his big sleeves, then once again attacked Xing Jue.
However this time Xing Jue did not sit still, along with violent shouted, his body wrapped by an extremely fast revolved strong wind, in a flash his figure disappeared.
“Storm Wind Technique” After saw strong wind on Xing Jue body, Elder Zhu also can identify it, this was his Imperial Wind Pavilion movement Martial Skill, but he cannot think this High Level Martial Skill, Xing Jue learned it from where, at least inside this Inner Court, there was no such Martial Skill.
However after saw Xing Jue disappeared, this elder not nervous, his right hand start to spread out, a tyrannical Martial Qi began to gathered.
Immediately a figure turned, went over behind his body and slap, and this palm slap at Xing Jue chest. Xing Jue just like a kite of broken line, after hit ten meters far, only heavily fell to the ground.
“Cough cough cough” With mouthful blood sprayed, Xing Jue’s face filled with disbelief looked at Elder Zhu that slowly came to him, he can’t think how his Storm Wind Technique easily seen through.
“Kid, don’t think that only you able to use this Storm Wind Technique” Seems to saw what Xing Jue think, Elder Zhu laugh and said.
Leisurely went in front of Xing Jue body, after saw Xing Jue pale face, with mock said: “How is it? Are you willing to follow me, or you want to be beaten until half dead here by me?”
“I pooh, I dare you to kill me!” Xing Jue without fear spit at Elder Zhu pavilion cloth.
“Little rascal you court death” Saw Xing Jue that unexpectedly so stubborn, Elder Zhu finally in rage, his right hand immediately waved, a more powerful strength than before almost hit Xing Jue.
“Bang” After a harsh sound, everyone was shocked to find that Xing Jue actually wasn’t hit.
Everyone were confused, suddenly a pleasant voice like wind chimes sounded, it actually resounded at this restaurant.
“Elder Zhu, believe it or not if you killed him, then I will kill you!”

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