War God Asura

Chapter: 39

Everybody were shocked by that sudden voice, saw someone that wear golden pavilion robe, like an angel descends to earth an outstanding beautiful young girl, slowly walked toward Xing Jue and Elder Zhu direction, and when everybody take a look this girl, their face suddenly became nervous.
Because inside this Inner Court, nobody doesn’t know golden pavilion robe, it symbolize this Imperial Wind Pavilion, main pavilion disciple who only had hundred disciples.
Nobody who didn’t knew this young girl, this girl was number one beauty at Imperial Wind Pavilion, she like saint inside all disciples heart “Li Xiaohan”.
When Li Xiaohan appeared, all male disciples start to nosebleed, it can be seen how many people that had unrequited loved to her.
What make most of the people didn’t understand was, why Imperial Wind Pavilion holy woman like Li Xiaohan lend a hand to help Xing Jue. Li Xiaohan who lived for a long time in Main Court, what was her relationship with this poor kid who came from Outer Court.
But when everybody were guessing, Xing Jue few words actually hit them to the lowest.
Xing Jue’s paled face, after saw Li Xiaohan appeared, instantaneously became red again, narrowed his both eyes and toward Li Xiohan loudly said: “Xiaohan wife, you come to see me!”
“Puchi” these words, everyone almost sprayed a mouthful blood, they thought was this kid tired of life? Unexpectedly he dare to called Li Xiaohan wife? Inside this Imperial Wind Pavilion, he was the first who dare to call this.
“I can guarantee that this kid will be dead.” furthermore, unexpectedly a disciple make a guarantee words toward surrounding disciples.
But what more surprising was, faced with Xing Jue extremely presumptuous call, Li Xiaohan not only didn’t angry, instead gently smiled and politely said: “Brother Xing Jue, I didn’t came late right?”
If Xing Jue few words actually hit them to the lowest, then Li Xiaohan words simply made them went into hell.
Don’t said them, even Xing Jue who suddenly meet with Li Xiaohan became excited. Actually because he saw Li Xiaohan and extremely excited, then blurt out and called her, after called, he regretted it.
Because he unable to imagine, when he called Li Xiaohan under such large crowd of people, Li Xiaohan’s rage reached what level. However he never imagined not only Li Xiaohan didn’t rage, instead she lovingly called him Brother Xing Jue, since they knew each other, this was indeed the most close and dear call from Li Xiaohan to him, for a time Xing Jue actually silly stunned.
“Miss Xiaohan” Saw Li Xiaohan came, that formerly arrogant Elder Zhu, instantaneously became humble, he arrived in front of Li Xiaohan and politely said
However faced this flattery old codger, Li Xiaohan expression changed, her white hand stretched forward. The white hand that contained strong Martial Qi, without warning and in extremely fast speed appeared in front of Elder Zhu body, when Elder Zhu realize, that white hand already hit his chest.
With a dull thumped sound, Elder Zhu was sent fly upside down by a formidable strength, like a shocked wave, after hit into restaurant table and chair large area, then heavily hit into a very large pillar and finally stopped. When everybody react, Elder Zhu sprayed a mouthful blood, his face paled, and seriously injured.
“Elder Zhu, this palm strike was for Brother Xing Jue.” After Li Xiaohan palm made Elder Zhu severely Injured. Saw Elder Zhu paled face she slowly said.
But what this Elder Zhu unable to understand was, how could Xing Jue with Li Xiaohan had a close relationship. If he knew about it, even if he die, he does not dare to offended this great-aunt.
Compared with Inner Court Second Elder, this Li Xiaohan even more fearful. Therefore after suffered under Li Xiaohan palm, he didn’t dare to said a d*mn thing, rather under Law Enforcement Pavilion members support, he turned around and then leave.
“Moreover, you go back and told Inner Court Second Elder, if he still wanted to play a dirty trick to my Brother Xing Jue, he can directly find me.” Just when Elder Zhu and the others prepared to leave, Li Xiaohan once again with a very sharp tone said to Elder Zhu.
After heard this, Elder Zhu body tremble, he did not expect how Li Xiaohan unexpectedly knew his relationship with Second Elder. He immediately speed up his footsteps, and quickly disappeared from restaurant.
After Saw Elder Zhu gloomily walked, Li Xiaohan arrived at in front of Xing Jue body, every disciples eyes filled with enviously hated, she helped Xing Jue up, and took an immortality pill and stuffed it into Xing Jue mouth, her small an exquisite appearance acted like a different person, made the crowd into frenzy.
“Xiaohan, you are so strong.” Xing Jue swallowed the immortal pill into his stomach, with a smile toward Li Xiaohan said.
Since a moment ago he fought with Elder Zhu, he knew how fierce that Elder Zhu was, but that tyrannical Elder Zhu, unexpectedly under Li Xiaohan hand unable to walked, it can be saw that Li Xiaohan strength wasn’t so simple on the surface.
Li Xiaohan gently smiled, and didn’t answered Xing Jue, at this moment she looked at the disciples who has not awaked from the shock, and loudly said: “Xing Jue, is my boyfriend, from now on in front of Imperial Wind Pavilion audiences, if there any person who dares to harm him, I want him dead without burial place.”
After the words out, everybody become crazy, they can’t guess unexpectedly Li Xiaohan and Xing Jue were lover, each one of them in daze, petrified in a moment.
However Li Xiaohan didn’t pay any attention to them, she helped Xing Jue by and leave this restaurant.
At Inner Court Xing Mansion, Xing Jue and Li Xiaohan sat in the hall.
“Brother Xing Jue, what happened? Is it because my attitude toward you change, and you unable to accept eh?” Li Xiaohan looked at Xing Jue with blank expression, grinning said.
„He he” Xing Jue only one laughs foolishly and didn’t replied.
Xing Jue actually felt uncomfortable because of Li Xiaohan’s announcement at the restaurant earlier. He can feel that Li Xiaohan at this Imperial Wind Pavilion has an influential position, even she injured that Law Enforcement Pavilion elder, and that elder actually didn’t dare to complaint .
He also knew that start from today, inside this Imperial Wind Pavilion, a person like Luo Cheng will not appear again, because start from today, the Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples will know, that behind Xing Jue there was Li Xiaohan. And because of this, Xing Jue felt uncomfortable, because he didn’t like to survive under Li Xiaohan protection.
“Xiaohan, can you tell me, what is your true identity?” Silence for a moment, Xing Jue slowly raised his head, looked at Li Xiaohan that he missed for a long time, and now she was close to him, he softly asked.
“This, is it very important?” Li Xiaohan was a little skeptical and asked.
“En, It’s important.” Xing Jue decided to say.
“Okay” Saw Xing Jue attitude, Li Xiaohan high nose, after take a quick look toward Xing Jue, she slowly said: “The my first identity was Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court disciple, I think you can seen it from my pavilion robe.
“However this wasn’t the reason why that elder afraid of me, because I had another two identity, one my master was Second Elder of this Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court.”
Said until here, Li Xiaohan can’t help gazed at Xing Jue.
However Xing Jue actually didn’t shocked and showed a faint smile, he immediately said: “Then another one identity?”
“Imperial Wind Pavilion Taishang1 Elder was my grandfather” Saw that Xing Jue didn’t shocked, Li Xiaohan gently smiled, and continue to say.
“Er..” If previously Li Xiaohan mentioned Main Court Second Elder, Xing Jue still able to accept, then when she mentioned Imperial Wind Pavilion Remote Taishang Elder, it actually a little too much for him.
Taishang Elder, what does that mean? He was the most respected master at Imperial Wind Pavilion, it means that Li Xiaohan grandfather was Imperial Wind Pavilion’s real master.
“Okay, I finished said.” Li Xiaohan saw that Xing Jue still process it, inside her heart she also had some anxiety, after all it was too much, she also afraid that Xing Jue can not accept it, immediately once again she attractively moved closer toward Xing Jue’s ear and whispered: “Actually, what did you want to know was why I want you to be my boyfriend?”
“Pfff” Asked such question by Li Xiaohan, the fruit that Xing Jue just put inside his mouth immediately sprayed out, he quickly wiped his mouth, a little uncomfortable looked toward Li Xiaohan, because Li Xiaohan question really asked to the point.
From the beginning Xing Jue already guessed that Li Xiaohan identity definitely extraordinary, so despite the fact that Li Xiaohan was Imperial Wind Pavilion Remote Taishang Elder granddaughter, it was somewhat unexpected, but also could be accepted.
But what make Xing Jue unable to understand, depend on Li Xiaohan identity, why him? Could it be because of his potential? Come on, when we first met, Xing Jue was Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, with these main pavilion disciples around Li Xiaohan side, compared with these Imperial Wind Empire peerless talents, he was nothing.
“Heng! I know it” After saw Xing Jue that has silently approved, Li Xiaohan small mouth pouted, doesn’t like it, then get up and walk toward outside the main hall.
“E..” Faced with Li Xiaohan who turned around and walked away, Xing Jue really doesn’t know what to do, he wanted to explain something, but he didn’t know how to explain it.
Clearly Xing Jue was under impression that Li Xiaohan must be angry at him, so she walked away..
When Li Xiaohan arrived at main hall entrance, she suddenly stopped, and turned her head toward Xing Jue and seriously said: “Whether you believed it or not, when I first saw you, I already fallen in loved with you.”
After said that words, Li Xiaohan didn’t looked Xing Jue expression, and immediately walked out of the Xing mansion.
Looked at Li Xiaohan back that gradually went far away, after a long time, on Xing Jue face appeared a happy smiled, and quietly said: “I believe.”
1. Tai Shang = title of respect for Taoists.

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