War God Asura

Chapter: 40

It’s already six month, since Li Xiaohan publicized her relationship with Xing Jue, these days Li Xiaohan often come to visit Xing Jue, but each time she only stayed for a moment, then quickly leave.
Regarding this situation Xing Jue also understand, outsider only saw Li Xiaohan extraordinary talent, and her powerful strength. However nobody saw that under her powerful strength, she paid it with hard work.
Although each time meeting were not long, however after half a year, this two people feelings also get better and better, even look like a young lovers.
Once Xing Jue take advantage of Li Xiaohan when she wasn’t looking, he secretly kissed her face, however Li Xiaohan only warned Xing Jue that he wasn’t allowed to do that again next time, but inside his heat Xing Jue actually know, this was Li Xiaohan acquiescence, otherwise because of Li Xiaohan strength, how could Xing Jue steal that kiss?
In the past six months, probably due to Li Xiaohan protection, inside this Inner Court nobody looked Xing Jue for trouble, naturally these include that Inner Court Second Elder, rely on Xing Jue relationship, nobody dare to provoke Xing Jue group of brothers, however Xing Jue actually didn’t satisfied with this easy and comfortable day.
Because he knew that this easy and comfortable life, was completely obtain under Li Xiaohan power, and this wasn’t what he wanted, therefore these days Xing Jue painstakingly practice in seclusion.
Xing Jue goal was very clear, that was as soon as possible reached Martial Sovereign, because only at that level, he can compete with the elite list first position of this Inner Court, and only if can reached that position, it could be considered that he pass and can join the Main Court.
And as long as he could join the Main Pavilion, he can completely get rid Li Xiaohan shadow, and can turn into a man with a high respect. However, let alone Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue actually can’t break through to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.
This day practices finished, Xing Jue helplessly sat on top Xing Mansion roof, foolishly looked at the center place of Imperial Wind Pavilion, and that was Li Xiaohan palace.
“Ah, Xiaohan, why was it so difficult wanted to overtake your footsteps?” Xing Jue helplessly sighed, he felt worried because of his weak strength.
At this moment suddenly appeared a figure, silently appeared behind Xing Jue body, but Xing Jue who had a formidable Soul Power had better response toward this person appearance.
“Who are you?” Xing Jue suddenly stood up, at this time he found out that behind him stood a young man looked like about twenty years old, and this man wear golden color pavilion robe, it made Xing Jue even more surprised, because the man in front of him was same like Li Xiaohan a disciple at Main Court.
“Do not be anxious, I won’t kill you.” After this man saw Xing Jue, he said with a smile.
“Oh? Then why did you try to find me?” Regarding this man appearance, Xing Jue wasn’t surprised, because since Li Xiaohan publicizes that he was her boyfriend, Xing Jue knew that sooner or later, the Main Court people will come to looked for him, but he didn’t think that this day seems a bit late. Therefore Xing Jue extremely calm said.
“En, what did you said was right, I hoped that started from today, you can leave Xiaohan.” After that man size up Xing Jue, he quite praise and said.
“About this matter, that was no need to said again, I will not leave Xiaohan.” Xing Jue clearly said toward that man, coldly said. He didn’t care about that man that from Main Court disciple made what expression, he just turned around and then leave.
But when Xing Jue ready to leave, suddenly he found out that his own body unable to moved, moreover he also could feel that the opposite party didn’t fully display his power to suppress, his own body was firmly locked to stay, after silent for a moment, Xing Jue suddenly realize and said: “Martial God?”
In this case, Xing Jue can only thought that the opposite party strength already reached Martial God. Because with Xing Jue current condition, that man able to used his space power to firmly locked him, and only Martial God that above Martial Sovereign can utilize the space power, at this moment inside Xing Jue’s heart somewhat nervous, he couldn’t believed that in Main Court there was such powerful disciple, Martial God that simply was peak of the existence.
“Kid, you are not very obedient, but this time you can quietly listen to me, right? Hehe…” That man smiled and walked in front of Xing Jue body, mockingly said.
Looked at the smiling man in front of him, suddenly Xing Jue’s heart had a strange feeling, clearly this man was against him, but Xing Jue didn’t feel any dangerous intent toward him.
“If you had courage, killed me.” Xing Jue looked at the man in front of him and stubbornly said, this was not because Xing Jue didn’t afraid of death, but Xing Jue feel, that this man will not harm him.
“Did you think that I didn’t dare?” That man show a faint smile, immediately his palm turn over, a black immortal pill appeared in his hand.
“This poison pill was from one thousand type poisonous insects, after a person eat this poisonous pill, will bear the pain of ten thousand insects bites on his body, finally had a nervous breakdown and died.” That man throw that poisonous pill in his hand up and down while he explained it to Xing Jue with a smiled.
“I’ll give you another chance, as long as you promised to leave Xiaohan, I will let you go, and gave you Earth Rank Cultivation Technique, what do you think?” That man looked at Xing Jue, make a promise and threat.
“No need to talk nonsense, if you want to kill just kill” Xing Jue actually coldly snort, disdain said. At the same time his heart also felt nervous, he doesn’t really want to kill me, right?
“All right, since you insist want to die, I will helped you, anyway after you die, the result was the same.” Saw Xing Jue actually didn’t afraid, that man smiled, and despicable said. Immediately His left hand pinched Xing Jue mouth, with his right hand directly put the poisonous pill into Xing Jue mouth.
After the poisonous pill entered Xing Jue mouth, Xing Jue felt that Martial Qi inside his body, extremely fast began to flare up, just like explode, that piercing pain, spread to every part of his body, finally Xing Jue unable to bear the pain, and loudly shouted.
“Shouted, shouted” The space around here already blocked by me, even if you once again loudly shouted, no one will heard it, that man saw Xing Jue’s painful look, didn’t had any slight sympathy, similar to watch a good showed, said with a smile.
But after heard his words, Xing Jue actually forcefully bear this extreme pain, he no longer scream in pained.
However on his body, a large sweat constantly flow out, but it made the man knew, how painful Xing Jue.
Under this extreme pain, Xing Jue consciousness actually became vague, at this time he felt his vision gradually became darkness.
“Is it possible that I really going to die?” Felt his consciousness became more and more vague, Xing Jue even forgot his pain, at this moment Xing Jue actually faintly heard that man voice once more.
“Good kid, you really had unyielding character, in that case, this old man will helped you.” Saw Xing Jue that constantly to persist, that man palm immediately stretched forward, and then hit Xing Jue’s chest. Round after round contains an incomparable powerful energy, dark red Qi continuously pour into Xing Jue body, but after this formidable gas poured, the Martial Qi within Xing Jue body that seethed with excitement actually began to become gentle, gradually Xing Jue consciousness also become clear-headed.
However when Xing Jue once more opened both of his eyes, at this moment he found out that in front of him actually wasn’t the man before, rather an old man that wear grey robe and had an unusual manner, at this moment the old man eyes narrowed, he was smiling to Xing Jue with satisfactory smile.
“Do not know who this senior is?” Saw the old man gentle appearance, Xing Jue knew that this old man certainly was Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, therefore he respectful asked.
“Ha Ha, kid, I am Li Xiaohan’s master, you say who I am?” The old man stroking his own beard, smiled back.
“Main Court Second Elder” After heard the old man words, Xing Jue quickly knell down, and respectfully said. Li Xiaohan’s master, Xing Jue naturally knew that he was this Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court Second Elder.
“All right, does not need to be overly courteous.” old man sleeve waved, and help Xing Jue up.
“Could it be it was you that attacked me just a moment ago?” When he felt the old man aura once again, Xing Jue somehow uncertain asked.
“Yes, it was me who attacked you a moment ago.” Second Elder seems to understand what Xing Jue mean, replied with a smile.
“Kid, you are qualified as my Xiaohan boyfriend!” After the old man sized up Xing Jue with a smile, once again he said.
At this time Xing Jue also realized, it turn out that it just a test from this Second Elder for Xing Jue, he somehow felt unwilling and said: “Second Elder, if you want to test this disciple words not need to be so ruthless, the pain that the poison bring, is not a joke.”
“Oh, kid, still not satisfied, now you feel your strength at what level.” And the old man stared coldly at Xing Jue, and said the words.
After heard the Second Elder words, Xing Jue quickly felt the Martial Qi inside his body, and excitedly said: “Many thanks Second Elder.”
Because at this moment Xing Jue found out that the Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor that he unable to break through, unexpectedly now he had successfully broke through, it didn’t need to think too much, this certainly was Second Elder masterpiece.
“You didn’t need to thank me, you already reached the peak of Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level, I only help you to break through more quicker, however Xing Jue, if you really want to be together with Xiaohan, there something I want to remind you.” The Second Elder smiled face suddenly vanished, seriously said to Xing Jue.

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