War God Asura

Chapter: 41

“Second Elder please said it.” Xing Jue respectfully said. He knew that this Second Elder come here, not just to test him.
“Kid, did you know what position that Xiaohan’s had inside the Main Court?” Second Elder stroked his beard, and slowly said to Xing Jue.
Xin Jue shook his head, expressed that he doesn’t know.
“Among hundred disciples Inside the Main Court Xiaohan was the youngest, and also the most potential one.”
“However talked about her present strength, among those hundred disciples Xiaohan strength was around the lowest.” Second Elder slowly said.
When Xing Jue heard this, can’t help to get many understanding about this Main Court disciples strength
“The most important was, even among Main Court, Xiaohan equivalent for many man inside their heart to choose as spouse, therefore your name inside the Main Court was extremely loud and clear” Said until here, Second Elder looked at Xing Jue meaningfully.
Xing Jue also secretly complaining, the what so-called femme fatale precisely like that, so what if they liked Xiaohan, even if he was in dangerous again, Xing Jue also willing to face it.
And no matter who, they can’t stop him and Xiaohan to be together, if someone really want them to break up, even if that person is emperor, then Xing Jue will also want try to eradicate him.
“I think that you must be confused, if they knew your relationship with Xiaohan, but why the Main Court disciples haven’t come to seek for trouble?” Second Elder once again asked toward Xing Jue.
But after heard the Second Elder words, Xing Jue also fiercely nod, agreed.
Saw Xing Jue’s consent expression, Second Elder showed a faint smile, and continue to said: “In fact, they want to come, even Xiaohan is can’t stop them, and the reason why they have not come because it didn’t worth it to reduced their status, to come and attacked you an Inner Court Disciple. They were waiting the day you entered the Main Court.”
“What if I can’t get into the Main Court?” At this time Xing Jue finally understand why his life was so easy and comfortable, it turns out they were despised him, he immediately asked.
“If you even can’t get into the Main Court, then how could you be Xiaohan match? Let alone Xiaohan grandfather was had an eccentric character, and even this old man will not allow you together again.” Second Elder slowly said.
“Therefore I want to remind you, before join the Main Court you must have enough strength, if you not reach Martial God level, don’t join the Main Court, otherwise that several boys, will make you not feel better.”
“And the Main Court disciples identity somewhat unusual, some matter, even include I as an elder also can’t too many interference, if you join the Main Court, even Xiaohan unable to protect you. You need to rely on your own strength to survive.” Second Elder was slowly said.
“Thank you for Second Elder reminded, disciple know what to do.” Xing Jue politely replied. After Second Elder said it, Xing Jue also had the general understanding regarding this Main Court disciples were very powerful, and at the peak, had to reached Martial God level, the most important was most of them also admire Xiaohan, therefore in their eyes Xing Jue like a thorn in their flesh.
At this moment Xing Jue felt very grateful toward Second Elder, if not for his warned, when Xing Jue reach Martial Sovereign level, and ready to join the Main Court, at that powerful place, Martial Sovereign only the bottom existence, therefore at this moment Xing Jue had his own decision.
“En” After said it, Second Elder gave meaningful looks toward Xing Jue and smiled. Immediately his sleeve waved, there was a blue symbol float and come out.
“This symbol was called Heavenly Thunder Symbol, and this was a powerful spell. If one day there was really a Main Disciple who didn’t regard his identity and want to deal with you, you can use this to deal with him.” Second Elder’s finger immediately move, that spell floated toward Xing Jue.
“Thank you Second Elder” Xing Jue also bluntly quickly received Heavenly Thunder Symbol, and gratefully said. After all had this kind of self-defense thing, his own safety also guaranteed.
“All right, not need to be overly courteous, since Xiaohan liked you so much, later you can’t call me Second Elder again, call Second Elder, seems odd, later you call me Old Shui.” Second Elder with smiled said.
“Old Shui?” After heard this name, Xing Jue suddenly felt a little familiar, Old Shui? Why was this name close with his mysterious teacher Old Feng name? But think about it, Xing Jue naturally didn’t ask, but respectfully respond.
“Em, kid work hard, if you can’t reached Martial God level, even I will not allow you marry Xiaohan” Old Shui smiled with satisfaction toward Xing Jue, immediately the surrounding space spell moved, and disappeared.
Looked at the place where the Old Shui stand, Xing Jue’s face filled with grateful expression, this Old Shui, he didn’t care about his own status to remind him so much, therefor it can be seen, this Old Shui could be said really loved Xiaohan.
At the back of Xing Mansion’s garden, a pair of teenage boy and girl are sat above the green lawn are laughed and talked, they were Xing Jue and Li Xiaohan.
“Brother Xing Jue, you said you want to leave for awhile?” Li Xiaohan’s eyebrows wrinkle, nervously asked.
“En, I already fed up with this Imperial Wind Pavilion cultivation method, I want to go out to learn through experience for a while.” Xing Jue smiled and said. Since his conversation with Old Shui, Xing Jue has made a decision, that he must find that clan Cultivation Technique as soon as possible “Soul Devouring”.
Because based on his current condition, if he want to reach Martial God level is too far away, with his talent and hard practice, he could reach that level, but that was many years later, and at that time, Li Xiaohan will reach what level? Then what level will this Main Court powerhouse be?
Therefore Xing Jue now, doesn’t have a patience to slowly practice in this Imperial Wind Pavilion. He need to improve his own strength quickly, and fast improve only can through practice Soul Devouring, although Bai Yunfei said that the secret room was extremely dangerous, but that was the only hope to get Soul Devouring, therefore even it dangerous, Xing Jue also ready to go and try.
“How long you want to go out?” Li Xiaohan saw Xing Jue determination, therefore she does not try to stop him, rather question him in detail.
“Still don’t know, at least after reached Martial Sovereign” Xing Jue looked at Li Xiaohan that nervous, said with a smile.
After heard Xing Jue words, Li Xiaohan suddenly silent, she knew that Xing Jue want to improve his strength as soon as possible, and most of his reasons naturally because of her.
After a moment of silence, suddenly Li Xiaohan white hands turn around, a Heavenly Thunder Symbol appear, she hand it over toward Xing Jue, and slowly said: “You go out and learn from experience, not better than in Imperial Wind Pavilion, this symbol is called Heavenly Thunder Symbol, It had a powerful attack power, you place it around your body to protect your life.”
Looked at Heavenly Thunder Symbol on Li Xiaohan hand, Xing Jue heart instantly become warm, naturally he recognize this Thunder Symbol, because that Old Shui gift it as a present to him.
Presumably Li Xiaohan’s Heavenly Thunder Symbol also that Old Shui presents as a gift, and Li Xiaohan willing to gift this protection seal for him, how Xing Jue not touched.
“You must accept this Heavenly Thunder Symbol” Saw Xing Jue only smiled at her, and didn’t speak for a long time, Li Xiaohan strictly said.
At first Xing Jue want to told Li Xiaohan that he already had that Heavenly Thunder Symbol, but since Old Shui didn’t told Li Xiaohan that he came to see him, perhaps Old Shui doesn’t want Li Xiaohan to knew, therefore Xing Jue didn’t said it.
And he knew Li Xiaohan temper, so he didn’t had any choice but to take this Heavenly Thunder Symbol with a force smiled.
After received Heavenly Thunder Fu Symbol, Xing Jue suddenly waved his both arms, then hug this slender and stunning girl into his arm.
But faced Xing Jue sudden move, Li Xiaohan white and tiny face instantly became red, but didn’t made any resistance, but rather look like cute and helpless, she buried her head in Xing Jue arms.
To hug this beautiful girl in his arm, at this moment Xing Jue mind more determined, because start from today, he must become stronger, not only for himself but also because he want to protect his beloved woman.
Next day, Xing Jue said goodbye toward his brothers, then walked out of from the place that he stayed for one year Imperial Wind Pavilion.
Stand under floating cloud mountain, Xing Jue wear a black robe, appeared very energetic, the reason why he didn’t wear Imperial Wind Pavilion pavilion robe, that was because Xing Jue does not want to appear show off. This time he must go to the secret room, after all, that place is very likely the ruins that Soul Devouring Religion leave behind. Soul Devouring Religion was Imperial Wind Empire unable to tolerate devil teach, therefore naturally Xing Jue didn’t want to bring other people’s attention.
After sort out his emotion, Xing Jue walked toward north of Imperial Wind Empire, this time Xing Jue leave Imperial Wind Pavilion, the first place he must go was not death mountain, and not that mysterious secret room, but a city about hundred li (0.5km) from death mountain, in that city there was Martial Path aristocratic clan named Bai, and it was there exactly where Xing jue will go.
That was Bai Yunfei clan once was, and because of Bai Yunfei younger sister, Xing Jue must make a trip to that Martial Path aristocratic family, after all Xing Jue going to keep his promise with Bai Yunfei.

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