War God Asura

Chapter: 43

The consequence of doing something wrong
Didn’t needed to wait for that two big man to approach Xing Jue, Xing Jue sleeve waved, a tyrannical Martial Qi storm out, finally under everyone shocked eyes, that two big man sent fly, at last they sprayed blood and fainted…
“Ah” Looked at that formerly alive two big man, unexpectedly executed by Xing Jue into two corpses, the female prostitutes were screamed, even some of them were incredibly scared and directly fainted.
“Get out!” Xing Jue’s shouted loudly toward that second floor room, a fist attacked came out, followed with explosion sound, that closed door crushed.
Accompanied by the shrill cries of women, several female prostitutes that not fully clothed rushed out the room, followed by a man that his upper body didn’t wear any clothes, walked out, after leave the room, the man yawn and scolded “D*mn, that live was impatient, dare to smashed this young master’s door.”
Looked at that man who yawn and cursed, Xing Jue unemotionally said: “Are you Bai Yin?”
“Exactly this young master, why?” After heard Xing Jue words, that man also looked at Xing Jue, found out that Xing Jue thin and weak kid, didn’t had any slightest fear and loudly said.
After confirm that man identity, Xing Jue figure moved just like ghost and appeared in front of that man body, his palm clenched, punched toward that man chest “Puchi”, that man was killed by Xing Jue in front of everybody shocked eyes.
At this moment inside Bai Mansion there were two figures sat at the back garden, leisurely played game of Go (Chinese chess). One of them was the one who received Xing Jue today, Bai Clan manager.
“Master, today that youngster certainly not simple, if he find out that Bai Xiuxiu was forced to death by young master, it’s not easy to handle.” that manager somewhat worried and said to the old man.
“Relax, I already informed Bai Zhen, in order to quickly hurry back from Imperial Wind Pavilion.” The old man smiled, calmly said. He was Patriarch of Bai Clan, Bai Yin’s father.
This Bai Zhen is his second son, Bai Clan second young master, Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, but compared with Bai Yunfei, actually obscure and unknown.
“Master really thoughtful, if second young came back, even if that kid came back then we need not worry.” That manager heard Bai Clan Patriarch words, the anxious feeling inside his heart immediately gone, and immediately flattering say.
Obviously that Bai Clan Patriarch felt very good about it, his old complexion full of smiled.
“Puff” When both of them felt energetically, suddenly there was the sound of heavy item fall, frightened that two people.
But when both of people look, they were surprised, because what just fell into the garden wasn’t a thing, but Bai Clan eldest son, Bai Yin corpse.
“Yin’er” Saw Bai Yin’s pale face, obviously he already died, Bai Clan Patriarch loudly shouts. The sadness In his heart goes without saying.
“Bai Clan Patriarch, you owe a sin, you should pay it back.” Didn’t wait for them to awake from their shocked, a youth relaxed voice resounded inside the garden, immediately a teenager figure, appeared inside the garden like a ghosts.
Looked at the youth, the manager immediately startled, frightened said, it’s you..
Naturally this youth was the one who just killed Bai Yin, Xing Jue.
Xing Jue face without expression, his eyes completely fierce. Saw him, manager body tremble.
At this moment, Bai Clan’s slave heard the sound, and quickly rushed over, but when they saw Xing Jue, they only surrounded Xing Jue from afar, didn’t dare to go forward.
“Who are you? Why did you do this to my son?” Bai Patriarch look fierce toward Xing Jue said, the sadness and anger inside his heart, make him forget that the youth in front of him, had strength at least at Martial Master.
“Bai Xiuxiu is my younger sister, you say it who am I?” Xing Jue coldly stared at this Bai Clan Patriarch, and coldly said.
After heard Xing Jue words, all people on the scene understood the reason why Xing Jue must do that, but they also didn’t understand how Xing Jue so quickly found out that Bai Xiuxiu death was Bai Clan doing.
“Bai Clan Patriarch, I do not want to make thing difficult for you today, as long as you hand over the manager and the house slave who participated in the catch of my younger sister that day, then I will let off your Bai Clan, otherwise…” Xing Jue said to Bai Clan Patriarch with threat tone.
After heard Xing Jue words, that manager as well as some house slaves were scared even their leg became soft.
“What about if I am not hand them over?” Contrary to what one might expect Bai Patriarch actually asked.
“If so, in that case start from today Bai Clan will be remove from Imperial Wind Empire.” Xing Jue cast a contempt look toward everyone, and said with a smiled, but that smile full of killing intent.
“What a joke, you think how many years my Bai Clan for nothing? Give me numerous new blood to capture him.” Bai Clan Patriarch suddenly laugh, and then immediately issues an order.
Suddenly dozens figure appeared in the garden, and unexpectedly these people were at Martial Master levels, furthermore they already reached Advanced Rank Martial Master.
When these new blood appeared, that manager who frightened and his whole body weak, instantaneously became relax, he didn’t think that the Patriarch actually move the new bloods from the training camp to come over, these new bloods were carefully selected, each one of them were Advanced Rank Martial Master, therefore at this moment he no longer afraid.
After these new bloods land in the garden, without slightest hesitation, they brand their fists with Martial Qi, and attacked toward Xing Jue.
However faced this very fast people, Xing Jue actually sneer, immediately his palm grip, then came in contact with numerous new bloods fist attacked, together with frightening powerful Martial Qi, violently plunder toward this group, finally collide with that numerous new bloods.
“Thump” With a muffled sound, the numerous new bloods spout bloods, powerless fell on the ground.
One punch, just one punch, these dozens Martial Master were knocked down to the ground, saw that severe wounded Martial Master were fall to the ground, at this moment not to mention that house slaves, even that formerly arrogant Bai Clan Patriarch, on his cunning face, finally emerge fear expression.
“Once again I ask? Are you hand them over or not?” Xing Jue looked with contempt toward Bai Clan Patriarch, then coldly said.
“Bring me all the house slaves that participates in the catch Bai Xiuxiu at that day.” Bai Clan Patriarch suddenly shouted, without any hesitation announced, and after heard his words, the manager’s legs became soft and spread on the ground.
A few minutes later, sure enough at this back garden appeared ten big man, at this time they were kneeled, non-stop begging for mercy from Xing Jue.
“Wu wu sir, please spare me, my wife and child at home need me to be feed and clothe.”
“Wu wu wu sir, please let me go, my family has 80-year- old mother.”
But no matter what kind of reason, what kind of pleading, all failed to stir Xing Jue’s emotion.
“Since you doing something wrong, you must dare to take the consequences, dare to do anything, is the real man. If all of you remain in this world, will only bring harm, you can only blame your own misdeed, didn’t consider other people’s feeling.” Xing Jue does not pay attention to everybody pleading, only mind his own business said, his sleeve robe waved, at the same time these ten house slaves spout a lot of blood, powerless fell on the ground, fainted.
Xing Jue didn’t killed them, besides Xing Jue not cold blooded, that treated other people life as trifling matter, but Xing Jue also gave them ferociously lesson, at least they were injured, and will be difficult to do anything evil in the future.
Saw that ten slaves lie down on the ground, the manager also think that they already died, at this moment his fear finally reached to the extreme, didn’t know where he get the strength, crawl and try to get up, stagger along this garden tried to run away, but he run only ten steps and then “Thump” a muffled sound, blood spouted, and then lie above the grass in the garden.
After hit the manager, Xing Jue didn’t stay, he turned around and talked to Bai Clan Patriarch “Patriarch, I advised you to discipline your younger generation and slaves, do not spoil their behavior, otherwise you will have a bad luck in return.”
After talked these words, Xing Jue didn’t care about Patriarch expression, his figure disappeared, leaving only a group frightened slaves, the new blood, and as well as that Patriarch.
“Plop” that Patriarch suddenly fall to the ground, and then immediately said to house slave at his side: “Quickly send a message to second young master, said that if he didn’t come back, Bai Clan will be exterminate.”

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