War God Asura

Chapter: 44

Blame yourself
Three days after Xing Jue killed Bai Yin, at Bai Clan guest hall, sat four people, one was Bai Clan Patriarch, another one was Bai Clan new appointed manager, a young man wear a blue robe, who just hurried back from Outer Court Imperial Wind Pavilion, the second young master of Bai Clan “Bai Zhen” a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, and the other one was Bai Zhen teacher, Outer Court Elder, Elder Xu, an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.
Because of Bai Clan last message that mentioned Xing Jue formidable strength, therefore Bai Zhen specially invited his teacher, to prepare against the unexpected.
“Father, have you ever thought, was there a traitor at our Bai Clan?” After Bai Zhen listened the whole thing in detailed, he pondered a moment, and slowly said.
“Traitor? You said that there was someone who betrayed us?” Bai Clan Patriarch quickly asked.
“Yes, otherwise who else knew about our Bai Clan’s matter?” Bai Zhen confidently said.
“But our Bai Clan had a lot of slaves, how should I investigate it?” Bai Clan Patriarch awkwardly said.
“This rather complicated, as long as we investigated who close with Bai Xiuxiu, then we can found him/her.” Bai Zhen show a faint smiled, and decisively said.
After heard Bai Zhen words, Bai Clan Patriarch suddenly clear-headed, indeed, the person who willing to help Bai Xiuxiu, must be the person who she close with, immediately he commanded his trusted aide to check about it.
And during this time, that Outer Court Elder only peacefully tasted his aromatic tea, didn’t speak a words.
At Bai Clan, two days after that meeting, Xing Jue once again appeared outside Baicheng city, but at his side there is also delicate and pretty, slim and graceful young girl, this girl is Bai Xiuxiu.
Actually after massacred that Bai Clan scum, Xing Jue carried Bai Xiuxiu to look for famous doctor, and with the help of high-gradeTreasure Pill, Bai Xiuxiu’s body was already fully recovered, even her broken legs also returned to normal, can run freely like normal people.
“Younger sister, are you also interested to that young kid eh? Otherwise elder brother will help you make the decision, directly marry you to him.” Xing Jue laughed toward Bai Xiuxiu and said, after a few days in touch, Xing Jue found out that Bai Xiuxiu is very thoughtful, and charming, and in addition his regret toward Bai Yunfei, Xing Jue also thought Bai Xiuxiu as his younger sister, this way also convenient to take care of her.
“Elder brother, don’t tease me, I just feel grateful to him.” Bai Xiuxiu explain clearly and take a quick look toward Xing Jue, sweet and charmingly said. Since Bai Xiuxiu sickness was cured, Xing Jue prepares to take Bai Xiuxiu to leave here.
However Bai Xiuxiu actually want to save that man and carry him together, but it wasn’t because Bai Xiuxiu like that man, but because of gratitude inside her heart.
Because at this time inside her heart, she already had a person who she like and that person is “Xing Jue”. But she can feel that Xing Jue didn’t had any feeling toward her, therefore she only hide her feeling in her heart, and only take part in Xing Jue as brother and sister.
Two people while talking finally arrived at thatched hut, but Bai Xiuxiu actually found out that man wasn’t inside the thatched hut, her face began to show an anxious expression, and murmur said: “Today wasn’t his work shift, he should be at home.”
“Younger sister don’t worry, maybe he was in the city, it would be better if you go with me to the city and look for him.” Xing Jue saw Bai Xiuxiu worried, said with a smile.
However after Xing Jue mentioned about get into the city, Bai Xiuxiu actually became tense, more precisely fear, because inside that Baicheng, there was a household that remind inside her heart, extremely frightful shadow, that was Bai Clan.
“Younger sister at ease, there elder brother here no need to be afraid. If they dare to be rude toward younger sister again, elder brother will exterminate the whole Bai Clan.” Xing Jue also seen Bai Xiuxiu feared inside her heart, he immediately guaranteed said.
After heard Xing Jue words, Bai Xiuxiu at ease, before when Bai Yunfei still alive, Bai Clan treated her as distinguished guest, and now Xing Jue strength seems to be stronger than her Brother Bai Yunfei, think about it, she naturally no longer afraid.
The brother and sister are laughed and talked then arrived at outside Baicheng, but when they just got to Baicheng entrance, they were shocked by what they see.
At this moment they saw above that several feet high Baicheng city gate, a man corpse is hanging there, and on that man body hang a wooden sign, write “Bai Clan’s betrayer, will have this end.” several large words, and this man was the one who rescued Bai Xiuxiu.
After saw that man corpse, Bai Xiuxiu delicate face, instantaneously became pale, shed countless tears.
Xing Jue angrily clenched his jaws, because from appearance of the man’s corpse, long bloody scar can be seen, this man certainly must be suffer while he still alive, extremely cruel injured. The most painful for Xing Jue was that man died because of him, which made Xing Jue simply angry to the extreme.
“Younger sister, first return to the thatched hut and wait for me, elder brother will go at once.” After made farewell with Bai Xiuxiu , Xing Jue quickly went toward the city.
Looked at the figure that instantaneously disappear, Bai Xiuxiu knew that Xing Jue went to revenge for that man.
“Child, you said that young kid will come back?” At this moment inside Bai Clan main hall, Bai Clan Patriarch smiled toward Bai Zhen and said, at this time his mood became extremely better, because of according to Bai Zhen method, he quickly found out the person who betrayed Bai Clan, and under his cruel method, that slave were suffered deadly injured while he still alive.
“Father rest assured, I already take a walk, and several nearby city already have information about this matter, if he is a righteousness man, he will be back” Bai Zhen confidently said.
Suddenly a row of attacked sound came up, the entire Bai Mansion shake a few times.
“He came” After heard this sound, Bai Zhen slowly stand up, he slowly said toward that sound direction.
“Patriarch, such huge sound, it seems that child very strong.” That new manager somewhat uneasy said.
“Trash” After heard his words, Bai Clan Patriarch turn around and slap that new manager face, then said: “We had Zhen child, what to fear, besides we also had Imperial Wind Pavilion Elder Xu, even if that kid skill is great, could he be Elder Xu opponent?”
After finish his words, Bai Clan Patriarch deliberately turned around, and respectfully smiled to Elder Xu.
“Relax I will act at necessary time.” Elder Xu once again taste the tea on his hand, smiled and said.
“Master, then this disciple will see that kid first.” Saw Elder Xu guarantee, Bai Zhen respectful said, and walked toward the outer courtyard. And Bai Clan Patriarch also quickly followed.
At this moment Xing Jue under frantic ravage, that Bai Mansion big outer courtyard already became a pile of waste area, this time Xing Jue goal is very simple, he must completely destroy this Bai Mansion, and completely exterminate this Bai Clan.
“Kid, you’re looking for death, Zhen son, kill him for me!” When Bai Clan Patriarch arrived at the outer courtyard and looked at that big waste area in front of him, the anger in his heart burned to the extreme, that was his Bai Clan several hundred years clan property, as Patriarch of Bai Clan, how can he not feel grudge. Therefore he quickly to Bai Zhen side and loudly said.
“Father relax, he will not leave here alive.” Bai Zhen as second young master of Bai Clan, naturally also extremely angry, therefore he must go and fight with Xing Jue.
After heard Bai Clan Patriarch cursed in rage, Xing Jue also stopped move and slowly looked toward them.
And after Bai Zhen saw Xing Jue’s face, his angry face, instantly became tense up, because he never imagine that Bai Clan’s strong enemy unexpectedly was Xing Jue .
As Outer Court disciple, how could he not know Xing Jue, that famous star of his Bai Clan who act as an outstanding new blood “Bai Yunfei” defeated by him, known to everybody inside the Outer Court, as number one expert.
“Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple?” After saw Bai Zhen’s blue robe, Xing Jue also a little surprised said.
“Quick, quick, quickly, ask my teacher to come!” Bai Zhen instantly reacted, then quickly said toward slave at his side.
However at this moment Bai Clan Patriarch actually extremely puzzled, he didn’t know why Bai Zhen didn’t attacked Xing Jue, and his face also look tense, so with doubt and confused mind he said to Bai Zhen: “Zhen child, why you didn’t attacked him?”
“Father, Don’t speak!” Bai Zhen didn’t give too much explanation, and quickly indicate Bai Clan Patriarch not to speak with him.
“Humph! You are actually fathers and sons, die!” When heard Bai Patriarch affectionate call toward Bai Zhen, Xing Jue already understood this two people relationship, immediately shouted loudly, didn’t care about Bai Zhen status as Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer Court disciple, attacked toward Bai Clan Patriarch.
Faced that extremely fast attack, and contains terrifying power of Martial Qi, Bai Clan Patriarch unable to dodge, suddenly at this time Bai Zhen’s body moved in front of his father body, used his whole body powerful strength, and together with his Martial Qi attacked together.
“Puchi” Although he successfully blocked Xing Jue attacked, but Bai Zhen seriously injured, after spray a mouthful blood, he powerless fell on the ground.
Bai Clan Patriarch rushed to run, and helped up extremely weak Bai Zhen, his face full of pain, and instantly tears flowed out. Bai Zhen can be said as his Bai Clan most outstanding clansman for many years, compared with his disappointed eldest son Bai Yin, Bai Zhen simply outstanding to the extreme, therefore he also deeply loved him.
“Stop!” At this moment suddenly an old voice sounded, saw Bai Zhen master, Elder Xu.
“Elder Xu, quickly come, please helped me killed this kid.” After he saw Elder Xu appeared, the already teary Bai Clan Patriarch, begging said.
“Shut up!” But Elder Xu actually ruthlessly glanced toward Bai Clan Patriarch, angrily shouted.
After Elder Xu angrily shouted, Bai Clan Patriarch as well as that house slaves feel puzzled, rather foolishly looked at Elder Xu, didn’t know what to do.

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