War God Asura

Chapter: 46

Strange Secret Room
At the west of Imperial Wind Empire, there is a mountain, inside this mountain there was continuously range of hills, the peaks unusually sticking out. It should be the best place for Demon Beast to live, but in this mountain, let alone Demon Beast, even an insect, could not be seen. In other words, this mountain only can be said as, does not have any slight vitality, incredibly strange, yet dozens of years ago here was Soul Devouring Religion base.
“Strange, why it could not be found, according to Bai Yunfei said, it should be around here.” Xing Jue stands on the mountain, rather at a cliff, looking at the current turbulent river, murmured said.
Xing Jue searched according to the route Bai Yunfei said, but after searched for half a day, didn’t discover even the shadow of that secret room.
“Master, if that Bai Yunfei said was true, there must be a life form in that secret room, master might use soul power to feel it, as long as you can seek the life form position, then we can seek found the secret room position.” After a long time fruitless searched, Xiao Qian came to Xing Jue side and slowly said.
“That secret room built in the underground, it difficult to use Soul Power to penetrate.” Xing Jue bitterly smiled and said.
But after heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian charmingly smiled, and immediately said: “It seems that master had not discovered your extraordinary soul. Indeed an ordinary people’s Soul Power was tough to penetrate the underground, but master you actually can.”
“Oh? Then what should I do?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue quickly asked. He also tried to use the Soul Power to search for that secret room position but in fact his Soul Power unable to penetrate the surface within.
“Master, do not directly spread out your soul power, first accumulate it inside your body, wait until you accumulate it to a certain extent, then instantly spread out your Soul Power.”
“The impact of the soul power will increase a lot, and you can also search to the deepest underground.” Xiao Qian careful explain to Xing Jue, naturally as Soul Devouring Clan maidservant, regarding the use of soul of Soul Devouring Clan person, she extremely understood.
After heard Xiao Qian explanation, Xing Jue started to followed according to Xiao Qian said. Honestly as Xiao Qian said, Xing Jue accumulated his Soul Power within his body, along with accumulated Soul Power which becomes more and more stronger, and finally burst out from inside his body, at this time Xing Jue formidable Soul Power spread out. Together with Xing Jue as the center the tremendous Soul Power extremely fast spread out.
After Xing Jue had withdrawn his formidable Soul Power, he opened his closed eyes, smiled and said: “Found it, over there.”
After going through the searched, Xing Jue figured out that miles away, there is a life form, therefore Xing Jue and Xiao Qian, quickly looked toward that direction.
“Master, here” After search for a moment, Xiao Qian finally found a dark hole toward the secret room, excitedly said.
Actually, after a long time, the entrance toward that secret room, had been covered by a large number of fallen leaves, if not because Xing Jue determined of this position, it was hard to find.
Xiao Qian sleeve gently waved, that leaves that completely covered the secret room, instantly blown away clean.
“Indeed this secret room somewhat strange.” Looked at the secret room entrance, Xing Jue somewhat uneasy said.
The secret room entrance not large, it’s just that on that particular rock, engraved with a lot of strange bloody patterns that make people feel creepy. Besides above that large pattern covered with black trace, although after years of erosion, this trace already becomes dull with time, Xing Jue relying upon his formidable Soul Power, can feel these black marks were bloodstain.
“Master, just now you used Soul Power to investigated, did you discover the quantity and the strength of that life form?” Xiao Qian also feels the danger of this secret room. Therefore Xing Jue asked.
“No, I don’t know why, I can only vaguely feel that life form existence, but I can’t focus it with my Soul Power.” Xing Jue helplessly replied.
Indeed a moment ago he used his Soul Power to spread it toward the underground, he also really feel the existence of life form, but it seems that life form affected his exploration, and can’t accurately focus the position of that life form.
“Master, you follow me behind, and don’t leave me, no matter what that life form is, can live for a long time in this secret room and not dead, fully explained that it is not simple.” After heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian also feel this secret room strange, and cautiously said. Then she waved her right hand, an amulet fully engraved with white symbol floated, slowly drifting toward the secret room.
“Open” With Xiao Qian lightly shouted, that white magical amulet sent out dazzling rays of light, this dark secret room shine like daytime.
“Wow! Xiao Qian what a good trick, to have this kind of treasure.” At first, to face this dark secret room, Xing Jue wanted to make two torches but didn’t think that Xiao Qian had this grade talisman. This talisman bright level simply more formidable than the torch many times.
“Master, this magical amulet is called “Light Talisman”, it gathered sunlight, however because of limited sunlight to be stored. Therefore the light in this in this light talisman will slowly consume, and can’t be used for a long time.” Xiao Qian smiled and said.
During the talked her right hand moved, and ten “Light Talisman” appeared in her hand, immediately pass it to Xing Jue said: “When use, as long as you pour your Soul Power into this light talisman, it will float according to your thought.”
“Good stuff.” Xing Jue quickly put this ten “Light Talisman” in Storage Bracelet, besides this treasure in the future, are necessary to explore the secret room treasure.
After received the light talisman, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian two people then carefully walked toward inside following the passage.
After half an hour walked inside this complicated passage, a spacious main hall appeared in this two people sight, looked at the main hall in front of him, even the blood-thirsty Xiao Qian, was surprised.
Saw thousand square meters main hall, that entirely covered with a large area of bloodstain, although dozens of years already pass, but the stench still strong. But the most bizarre thing was, obviously there fierce battle at this main hall, but there were no least bit dead body remains.
After walked into the main hall, Xing Jue discovered that this main hall unexpectedly dead end, except the passage they just entered, unexpectedly no other road.
“Certainly there was life form beneath the secret passage.” After looked up and down a few times, Xing Jue definite said.
Although it was very vague, but with a powerful soul force, Xing Jue really can feel there was an existence of life form outside this main hall. Therefore he and Xiao Qian started to carefully search.
Suddenly, a yellow book appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes, Xing Jue quickly walked and picked up the book. After wiped the dust on it surface, “Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation” four large words appeared.
It turned out this book was Cultivation Technique that Bai Yunfei picked in the past “Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation”.
“Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, Earth Rank Beginner Level Cultivation Technique, if it was successfully cultivates not only can save a strong power within the body, it also can increase their own attack power, almost invincible if battle with the same level person.” Opened the first page Heaven Evil Cultivation Technique, Xing Jue slowly read.
“Master, this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation was based on Soul Devouring Secret Art practice method, it seems Soul Devouring Secret Art indeed was taken away by that Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Xiao Qian came at Xing Jue side, after roughly looked at the Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation practice method, said in soft voice.
“Indeed.” After hearing Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also said with a smile, his face more glimmers with hope.
Actually Xing Jue already guessing that Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation evolved base on Soul Devouring Secret Art, because Xing Jue heard Xiao Qian saying that although Soul Devouring Secret Art is very difficult to deal with, but only the people of Soul Devouring Clan can practice, therefore if ordinary people want to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, only if some of this methods were modified. Besides obviously Soul Devouring Religion name also plagiarism from Soul Devouring Secret Art.
“That Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple can be considered talented, unexpectedly, he can modify my Soul Devouring Clan Cultivation Technique to this degree, but it was a pity according to his method of practice sooner or later the soul will be swallowed, and finally become devil.” After carefully read this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation Technique, Xiao Qian praised and said.
Xing Jue lightly smiled, once again he carefully looked for switch to the secret passage, no matter how, this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation also reflected from that “Soul Devouring Secret Art” great strength, therefore Xing Jue must quickly found that Soul Devouring Secret Art, although only a trace of hope, but Xing Jue must try his luck.
After searched of this majority main hall, suddenly a palm-shaped bloodstain, brought into Xing Jue attention.
Xing Jue approached and observed it, he discovered that this palm mark rock was independent, this is indeed a switch, immediately excited said to Xiao Qian “Xiao Qian, here.”
After heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian quickly walks toward Xing Jue. But didn’t wait for Xiao Qian to come over, Xing Jue eagerly press the hand down.
“No!” Xiao Qian quickly put a stop, but it was too late.
Listened to crash loud sound, the main hall surfaced unexpectedly fell into Xing Jue and Xiao Qian.
“Xiao Qian? Xiao Qian?” Xing Jue rubbed his faint head and loudly shouted toward darkness in front of him, but after a long time, he still didn’t receive any response from Xiao Qian.
“Open” Xing Jue lightly shouted, turn on the “Light Talisman”, under the Light Talisman shine, Xing Jue discovered that he was in a secret passage, it turns out there were innumerable secret passages under that main hall, while Xing Jue and Xiao Qian were fallen into different secret passages.
“Yeah… This is miserable” Looked at that deep secret passage, Xing Jue said with a sigh.
However now he can’t get in touch with Xiao Qian, this secret passage unable to climb up, Xing Jue only can walk deeper toward this secret passage.
“Rumble, rumble, rumble.” Suddenly a strange sound that came from the depth of the secret passage getting closer and caused Xing Jue trembles with fear.
And at this moment Xing Jue heart jump faster, it seems that he run into that mysterious life form.
Xing Jue gaze fixed into that secret passage, and gradually two blood red eyes flash in that dark deeper secret passage.
Looked at that pair of blood eyes, Xing Jue suddenly surprised, because Xing Jue can determine, that is not human eyes.

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