War God Asura

Chapter: 47

Mysterious Creature
“Open” Xing Jue gently shout, once again the Light Talisman was lit by Xing Jue and extremely fast float toward that mysterious life form direction.
At the same time, Xing Jue right hand stretched forward, a bright ray of light extremely fast condensed above his palm, and ready to attack anytime.
“Gulu gulu gulu” Along with Light Talisman steadily approach, that mysterious life form finally appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes. When he looked at that monstrous life form appearance, Xing Jue could not help to be surprised.
That monster body was similar to a human, but the fact is that monster four limbs are on the ground, but it’s body twice bigger than the human body.
The reason it was called monster because it’s appearance too disgusting, bloody muscles are wrapped around the thick blood vessels, just like a person without skin.
It’s sharp teeth exposed, that huge Adam’s apple roll and made strange sound “Gulu gulu”, that pair of blood red eyes that oddly big are emitting a strong murderous aura, and in that eyes, Xing Jue can’t feel a trace of intellectual wisdom, just like killing tool.
Suddenly, Xing Jue pupil incredibly fast enlarges, because that mysterious creature focused on him, but without a sign to rush toward him, besides Xing Jue can feel the fatal power of those sharp four fingernails.
“Biting Wind Palm” Loudly shouted, round after round rays of palm print with a burst of wind, violently swept toward that mysterious creature.
But when about to hit, that mysterious creature instantly disappear, and once again showed up after dodge Xing Jue’s Biting Wind Palm.
“So fast” Xing Jue never imagined that this thing has a fast speed, such flash move only can be achieved by Xing Jue by using Storm Wind Technique.
An empty palm attack, Xing Jue thought to run, round and round of strong winds tightly wrapped Xing Jue, but at this time the mysterious creature that several meters away from Xing Jue, suddenly waved its giant claw, a tyrannical energy incredibly fast swept toward Xing Jue.
“Martial Qi?” Saw that incredibly fast brutal attack, Xing Jue can apparently feel that it was Martial Qi, and unexpectedly that Martial Qi power compared with Xing Jue more powerful.
An explosive sound, that tyrannical Martial Qi heavily hit the place where Xing Jue previously stood, immediately in this not big space, thick smoke rose from all directions.
But Xing Jue unceasingly retreated backward, and in both of his hands, two flames slowly raised. Immediately both of palms face each other, then Xing Jue press down those two flames, rapidly condensation, and quickly changed into an extremely fast revolving fireball.
“Flame Dragon Bomb” A loud sound, the fireball in Xing Jue hand, turned into a thick fire dragon, swept away toward that thick smoke.
Faced with this strange, mysterious creature, Xing Jue didn’t dare to slack off, because he can feel how dangerous it was. After Biting Wind Palm hit an empty air, Xing Jue immediately used a stronger attack and with a maximum attack ranged Flame Dragon Bomb.
“Bang” With a loud sound, that Fire Dragon Bomb exploded. Strong flame fills the entire secret passage. Strong energy ripples incredibly fast spread. Saw that thick fire reversed back, Xing Jue steadily backward to avoid being drawn in.
After the fire dissipated, once again the darkness restore in the secret passage, but when Xing Jue thought that he is successful, that pair of red blood eye, once again shine in the darkness.
“How could it’s be? I’m sure I just hit it. Otherwise, Flame Dragon Bomb won’t explode.” Xing Jue look at that pair of blood eye, somewhat unbelievable said.
“Go” Gently shout, once again the Light Talisman float toward that mysterious creature. When the mysterious creature appears in front of Xing Jue sight again, Xing Jue face shocked.
Because at this moment not only that mysterious creature unharmed, besides a large purple Qi in its body continuously spill out. And because of that purple Qi Xing Jue was so shocked, because that strange purple Qi wasn’t unfamiliar, it was Bai Yunfei’s displayed strongest attacked, amass stored purple Qi.
“How could it be? Was this creature practiced Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation?” Looking at the purple Qi that slowly ascended, even Xing Jue felt that was a problem.
At that time Xing Jue already experienced Bai Yunfei’s purple halo might, and that was Bai Yunfei condenses with all of his murderous aura, and at this moment this mysterious creature whole body was covered with that purple Qi, what does this mean? It explained that its strength was far above Bai Yunfei.
“Roar” Suddenly that mysterious Creature roared, loud sound continuously to spread, and that purple Qi that wrapped its body start to pour into its body, and along with the purple Qi pour in, its body also start to change, its blood red body gradually turned into dark purple.
Suddenly, that mysterious creature moved, and once again advancing toward Xing Jue, besides its speed rate was two times faster than before.
But faced this extremely fast mysterious creature, Xing Jue didn’t dodge, rather calmly stand still.
Before that strange creature swept toward his body, Xing Jue suddenly sneer, his palm immediately slightly grasp, Black Qi fill with terrifying power violently rush out, instantly condensed into a black sword.
“Cut Soul Sword” Facing that mysterious creature that almost near him, Xing Jue frantically shouted, he waved the soul sword in his hand, with soaring shadow, cut that mysterious creature body.
“Puchi” With muffled sound, that huge mysterious creature, actually cut into two by Xing Jue, gradually enormous amount of blood spray toward Xing Jue body.
“Damn, how does this thing had these many blood?” Xing Jue quickly cleaned the bloodstain on his face, angrily said. Because the smell of stench is too pungent, make Xing Jue feel disgusting.
“Dida, dida, dida, dida” When Xing Jue busy cleaning the bloodstain, suddenly there was strange sound from behind Xing Jue. After heard this sound, Xing Jue’s heart extremely fast to pulsed, because behind him was where the mysterious creature just cut into two.
With nervous mood, Xing Jue turned around to look, and indeed that sound was sent out by that mysterious creature.
“It still not dead?” Saw that mysterious creature flesh continually sent out sound, Xing Jue felt surprised and said.
When Xing Jue prepared to attack again, that mysterious creature’s surface body start to melt, an enormous amount of blood continued to flow down from its body.
After that blood scattered, suddenly inside that fuzzy flesh and blood appeared a figure. Looked at that figure’s entire body cover with red, Xing Jue can confirm that it is human, although it already cut into two by Xing Jue, but it’s still alive.
“Thank… thank…you…” That person suddenly started to talk.
“Excuse me, you’re?” Xin Jue can felt that there is no dangerous aura from this person, so he quickly walked and asked.
“Thank you for letting me free, do not… do not enter that last secret room.” That person difficulty said, then slowly closed both of his eyes.
“Are you Soul Devouring Religion person? What was that secret room possess?” Saw that this person didn’t have any breath, Xing Jue quickly sealed his acupuncture point, so his blood no longer flow out. And then Xing Jue took out Treasure Pill and put it into his mouth, although he knew he could not save his life, at least it can make him alive a little longer, even only for awhile, Xing Jue can found out about this secret room.
“…Hu..Hu..Hu..Hu..” After taking the Treasure Pill that man condition became slightly relaxed after gasped for breath, he slowly opened both of his eyes and looked at Xing Jue.
“What do you want to know, just ask.” That man said to Xing Jue with a smile.
“What do you know about Soul Devouring Secret Art?” Xing Jue nervously asked, for him the most important information is about Soul Devouring Secret Art.
“Soul Devouring Secret Art? You mean the sacred book?” After that man ponder for a moment, he seems to think of something, and then said.
“Sacred book? What is that? Did you know where that sacred book was? Are you Soul Devouring Religion person?” Xing Jue once again asked while thought this sacred book might be Soul Devouring Secret Art that he searched.
“Yes, I am Soul Devouring Religion person, I also not quite clear about the sacred book, I just know that the founder treated that sacred book precious.” That man slowly said.
“Puchi” After spoke, that man suddenly sprout a lot of blood, and his body also started to shiver.
“Do not… enter that last secret room, do not… enter.” That man difficultly said, then his body stiff, and died.
“Hey! Hey! Hey! Where is that sacred book? Is it inside the secret room? Hey? Is there any mystery Inside that secret room? Hey? Hey? Hey?” Xing Jue kept shouted but did not have any replied, that man already dead.
“Hey, it’s not the time to die, what is there in the secret room?” Xing Jue helplessly said. At the same time, that man speaks about the secret room with more cautious.
“Master are you there? Master” At this period, at the dark place of secret passage, there was female voice shouted. And that voice was Xiao Qian.
“I am here!” Xing Jue quickly replied. After heard Xing Jue respond, from that deeper secret passage came through a bright light, inside that light, an enchanting woman incredibly fast came, this was Xiao Qian.
“Master are you all right?” Xiao Qian came to Xing Jue side when she saw there is bloodstain on Xing Jue entire body, she anxiously asked.
“I am all right, Xiao Qian, where did you come from?” Xing Jue slightly smiled.
“Master, after you open the mechanism, Xiao Qian fall into the underground secret passage. In order to quickly find master, Xiao Qian walked toward deeper secret passage, on the way here Xiao Qian also met with this same monster” Xiao Qian said, looked at the man that cut into two by Xing Jue.
“Oh? That… what did that person say?” Xing Jue quickly asked.
“No, because I attacked too heavy when I found out that he is human, he already died.” Xiao Qian shook her head and said.
After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue bitterly smiled, Xing Jue almost forgot Xiao Qian another status, that she was Soul Eater Succubus killing without batting an eye. Regarding enemy, Xiao Qian will not show mercy.
“However after going through the secret passage and get into the hall, in that hall, there were ten secret passages. In order to find master, Xiao Qian continuously explored the secret passage, as the result, Xiao Qian discovered that inside each secret passage there was a mysterious creature in it, after the first lesson, Xiao Qian didn’t immediately kill the next one, but after asked a few question, they died.” Xiao Qian slowly said.
“You… Have you searched all ten secret passages?” After heard about it, Xing Jue felt that Xiao Qian strength was shocking, he just killed this mysterious creature, but in this period of time Xiao Qian broke into nine secret passages and killed nine mysterious creatures. This made him a little disappointed.
“However Xiao Qian also got a clue, that was, in the hall where the secret was tightly closed, there was a sacred book in that secret room, it was likely Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Saw Xing Jue helpless expression, Xiao Qian suddenly said with a smile.
“Soul Devouring Secret Art!” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue expression instantaneously changes into excited.

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