War God Asura

Chapter: 48

Spirit Body
At the deepest secret passage, there is a hall, and at the center of it, there is a stone gate. That stone gate color is dark blue, and emit an ancient aura, behind that stone gate, there is the last secret room.
At this moment Xing Jue stand in front of this stone gate, and closed both of his eyes, seems calm, however inside his body in the middle accumulated a powerful Soul Power.
Suddenly, Xing Jue eyes open, at the same time a powerful Soul Power spread out. However, when that Soul Power hit the stone gate, it bounced back, the rebound of soul caused Xing Jue body trembled and went backward.
When Xiao Qian saw that she quickly moved to his side, and supported Xing Jue, nervously asked: “Master, can you sense it?”
“It is not working. This stone gate is very strange, my Soul Power unable to penetrate it.” Xing Jue helplessly shook his head and said.
Heard from these Soul Devouring Religion people that this last secret room was dangerous, but Xing Jue and Xiao Qian didn’t know what the danger they are referring was? Therefore Xing Jue wanted to use his Soul Power to check, but he unable to penetrated this secret room.
“Master, let’s force it open.” Xiao Qian said with a smile to Xing Jue.
Xing Jue slightly nodded and immediately retreated backward. After Xing Jue and Xiao Qian came to the secret room, they carefully searched the switch at this secret room but didn’t discover the switch to open the gate. Earlier Xiao Qian already asked to open the gate forcefully, but Xing Jue afraid the danger inside that room, and didn’t let Xiao Qian do so. However now if they want to enter this secret room, they can only force the gate open.
After saw Xing Jue start to move back. Xiao Qian came in front of the stone gate, her palm grip, a tyrannical Martial Qi began to condense inside her white fist.
Felt the tyrannical Martial Qi in Xiao Qian hand, Xing Jue sighed.
Because Xing Jue can felt the Martial Qi that Xiao Qian condensed, contained a terrifying strength, it was stronger than Xing Jue Flame Dragon Bomb, yet this only Xiao Qian Martial power that she casually used at will.
“Destroy!” Under Xing Jue gaze, Xiao Qian swing her arm up, along with cruel shadow, smashed toward that stone gate.
“Bang” Powerful strength bombardment that stone gate, even this hall trembled twice, what made Xiao Qian and Xing Jue surprised was, under that powerful attack, that stone gate unscathed.
“Hateful, I don’t believe it!” Saw that stone gate unexpectedly didn’t destroy, Xiao Qian somewhat angry. Her white fist once again tightly grip, but this time a large red ray of light began continuously condense in Xiao Qian fist, a circle, two circles, three circles, ten circles, red rays of light continuously condense. The strength in Xiao Qian hand became more and more terrifying.
“Powerful Martial Skill.” Felt that terrifying Martial Skill, Xing Jue can’t help but move back several steps, to prevent being affected.
“Destroy for me!” Xiao Qian loudly shouted, then once again that stone gate was violently struck down.
“Bang” When it hit that stone gate, the entire hall start to shake violently, but after the shake, that stone gate still intact, the only result was, above that stone gate appeared a shallow the crater.
“Hateful” Looked at that stone gate that still intact, even she already used her strongest Martial Skill, Xiao Qian, completely in rage, her right fist tightly gripped, once again red rays of light condensed, but when Xiao Qian prepare to launch the attack again. Suddenly there was a sound from that stone door “Humm”. Afterward, Xiao Qian and Xing Jue shocking gaze slowly rise.
“It opened by itself?” Saw the stone gate that slowly raise, Xing Jue confused said. Xiao Qian retreated to Xing Jue side, afraid of any unforeseen events, actually she was fearless, the most she afraid was that Xing Jue would be in danger.
Maybe because Soul Devouring Clan system, Xiao Qian to Xing Jue possess a kind of self-fear inside her heart, and care. In other words, she didn’t hate Xing Jue, but the opposite she felt happy because of Xing Jue existence, not only she always obeys Xing Jue command, extremely deferential, and extremely care toward Xing Jue, in her at heart Xing Jue life more important than her life.
After the gate had raised, both of them were shocked to find that there is no monster in that secret room like they imagined, it was the opposite unexpectedly there is a young man sat in that secret room.
That man closed his eyes, his appearance is very young, what made Xing Jue feel strange was that man unexpectedly sat while floated, and his body somewhat unusual, it seems a bit illusory.
“Spirit body?” Looked at that man, Xiao Qian also surprised and said.
“You said that he is spirit body?” Saw that illusory man, Xing Jue also speculated that he was spirit body, but not sure, heard Xiao Qian said that, he suddenly realized, and felt shocked because of that man strength.
Spirit body, it was one kind of rebirth after death, but this rebirth requirement is very high. First, their strength must be at Martial God level, and also need a formidable Soul Power, in other words, even they already reached Martial God level, if they didn’t have formidable Soul Power, then after death, they unable to transform into spirit body.
“Finally there is someone came?” At this moment that spirit body suddenly spoke. And his closed eyes slowly open.
Saw that spirit body speak to them, Xiao Qian quickly went to the front, and a large of Martial Qi started to condense in her hand.
“No need to be afraid, I will not hurt you.” Saw Xiao Qian took precautions, that spirit body smiled and said.
“Didn’t know who senior is, why did you stay here for a long time?” Saw that spirit body not hostile, Xing Jue respectfully said.
“I was this Soul Devouring Religion founder. I was here to survive.” That spirit body slightly smiled toward Xing Jue and slowly said.
“What? Soul Devouring Religion founder? You… wasn’t that In the past you were killed by Imperial Wind Pavilion people?” After heard that spirit body words, Xing Jue could not help to be surprised, according to Outer Court Great Elder, they had killed Soul Devouring religion founder.
“Hehe, it seems you knew about my past?” After heard Xing Jue words, that spirit body say to Xing Jue with a smile.
That spirit body always keep his smile, giving a very good feeling, but Xiao Qian always on guard.
“I will not hide it from senior, I am also Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, that was the reason why I heard about senior past.” Xing Jue also nodded said.
“Yes, in the past I was indeed killed, but also thanks to them, I was able to reverse this Soul Devouring became clear-headed, and forcefully suppresses that evil thought.”
“Then I ran away here, but for some reasons, I can’t leave this secret room. Because as long as I leave this secret room that evil thought will once again come out, and in this spirit body state, if once again being devoured, then I will be forever unable to regain my conscious.” That man slowly said.
“Don’t talk nonsense, Soul Devouring Secret Art is on you right?” At this time, Xiao Qian impatiently said.
After heard Xiao Qian words, that man surprised, then smiled and looked at Xiao Qian, said: “You know Soul Devouring Secret Art?”
“Nonsense, that Soul Devouring Secret Art originally belong to this old lady.” Xiao Qian cast a glance toward that man and loudly said.
“Oh? Then you are that Soul Eater Succubus?” That man still smiled and said toward Xiao Qian. However, his face was surprised.
When Xiao Qian about to speak again, but actually stopped by Xing Jue, Xing Jue politely said: “I will not hide it from senior, this younger generation goals are Soul Devouring Secret Art, may I ask senior was that Soul Devouring Secret Art still on your hand?”
“Yes, it’s still on my hand.” After heard Xing Jue words, that middle-aged man was surprised, and immediately looked at Xing Jue with suspicious.
“Senior, that Soul Devouring Secret Art was my clan possession, since Soul Devouring Secret Art on senior hand, doesn’t know whether senior will give it back to younger generation.” Heard that man confess that Soul Devouring Secret Art is on his hand, Xing Jue immediately became happy, and respectfully said.
“Cannot” Unexpected, that middle-aged man actually didn’t think and immediately reject Xing Jue.
“Why? What does Soul Devouring Secret Art used for senior?” Xing Jue confusedly asked. Reasonably speaking, the man became like this was because Soul Devouring Secret Art, he should hate Soul Devouring Secret Art, but why he didn’t agree to hand over Soul Devouring Secret Art.
“Yes, now I can maintain my consciousness, depended on Soul Devouring Secret Art strength, no matter who you are, I absolutely won’t give this Soul Devouring Secret Art to you, because I do not want to turn into that blood-thirsty monster once again.” That man shook his head and said.
“Master, don’t talk too much with him, just directly kill him.” Xiao Qian impatiently said.
“Hahaha… Merely Preliminary Rank Martial God, you can’t even open this stone gate, but want to hurt me?” That man suddenly laughed, saying harsh words.
“Humph! Preliminary Rank Martial God, it’s more than enough to deal with your spirit body” Xiao Qian cold snort, then her figure immediately moved toward that soul body.
But faced this extremely fast Xiao Qian, that soul body only slightly smile, he immediately make a fist attack, together a formidable Soul Power burst out.
But Xiao Qian refused to be inferior. Her sleeve waved, a powerful Martial Qi and that Soul Power explode together. “Bang” with a loud sound, it can clearly be seen unexpectedly that Soul Power and Xiao Qian Martial Qi counteract each other.
“So spirit body, can used Soul Power to fight.” Saw that spirit body used Soul Power to attack, Xing Jue said with a sigh.
In Sky Martial Continent, everybody has Soul Power, but ordinary people can only use Soul Power to found out other people strength and search for thing only, can use Soul Power to fight, that is almost impossible. However there is an exception for everything, that is when some powerhouse mortal body is shattered, after transform into spirit body, can use the spirit body to fight. Spirit body also has the strength that ordinary people does not have, that was self-detonation, spirit body that self-detonation is not a joke, that powerful attack, can flatten a small city.
“Bang” a violent confrontation, unexpectedly Xiao Qian was sent fly back by that spirit body attack, and after fall to Xing Jue side, she wiped the blood that slowly flowed out from her mouth.
“Humph! To be able to have such strength, it because depend on my clan Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Xiao Qian cleaned the bloodstain at her corner mouth, unwillingly said.
“Master, when I fought with that spirit body, I discovered that Soul Devouring Secret Art conceal within that spirit body, after me and he died together, at the critical moment, you use Soul Power in your hand, then thrust into his chest, and take Soul Devouring Secret Art out.” Just when Xing Jue wanted to use heavenly thunder symbol to that spirit body, Xiao Qian’s voice suddenly transmit to Xing Jue mind. This is soul transmit sound, only Martial Sovereign powerhouse able to do it.
But didn’t wait for Xing Jue answered, Xiao Qian once again move toward that spirit body.
“Overconfident!” Faced Xiao Qian that once again moved toward him, spirit body mouth sneer, disdain said.
But when Xiao Qian about to arrived in front of his body, her body suddenly change, her body began to emit a faint soul, and that soul appeared to be burned, continuously emit hot Qi.
“Combustion soul? How can it be?” Looking at Xiao Qian changes, that spirit body face change, shocked said.
Combustion soul, is a way to increased fighting strength, but this way of fighting only spirit body can use it, and Xiao Qian herself was created by Soul Power, so naturally, she can also use this power.

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