War God Asura

Chapter: 49

Frightening Self-Detonation
Faced Xiao Qian combustion soul, that spirit body began to panic, immediately a more powerful Soul Power incredibly fast went toward Xiao Qian, but faced that brutal soul attack, Xiao Qian sneers, in an instant the speed of combustion soul enhanced, twice faster than before.
When that Soul Power is about to hit her, Xiao Qian suddenly dodged, and disappeared, when she appears again, she already behind that spirit body, Xiao Qian stretched out her arms, fierce hold that spirit body, but facing Xiao Qian combustion soul, that spirit body unable to break free.
“Master, now” After successfully hold that spirit body, Xiao Qian suddenly loudly shouted, and at this time the Xiao Qian body start to blur.
Saw Xiao Qian change, Xing Jue didn’t have any slightest hesitation, thought to moved, strong thread winds incredibly fast twisting, and immediately move toward that soul body, at the same time a powerful Soul Power start to condense in his hand.
Saw Xing Jue that incredibly fast move, that spirit body aware that this is bad. Therefore he began crazily struggling once more, faced with the spirit body that wildly struggled, once again Xiao Qian enhance her combustion soul. Her body also became more and more blur.
At this time Xing Jue already arrived in front of that spirit body, saw Xiao Qian that became more illusory, Xing Jue heart felt very painful, however at this moment he unable to care about it too much, his hand assumes claw shape, violently grasp that spirit body chest.
When his hand touched that spirit body, Xing Jue only felt his palm start to spread searing pain, but Xing Jue didn’t care about it too much, and forced his hand inside, along with Xing Jue hand slowly thrust, that spirit body also started fiercely roared.
Finally, Xing Jue felt that his hand touch a thing, thus exert his shoulder, and grasped that thing, after grasped that object, Xing Jue found out it is black books. But what made Xing Jue gasp in surprised, unexpectedly this thick black books, actually made by special soul amulet.
“Yes, it is Soul Devouring Secret Art” Looked at the black book in Xing Jue hand, Xiao Qian excitedly said.
“Roar” At this moment that spirit body mutated, his pupil started to emit blood red light and extremely fast spread, and finally fill his entire both eyes.
“Roar” A loud roar, from that spirit body a tyrannical Soul Power violently came out, this Soul Power attacked throw Xing Jue hundred meters, and slowly fall on the ground, even Xiao Qian who closely hold that spirit body also blasted.
“Master, run” Saw this spirit body mutation, Xiao Qian loudly shouted to Xing Jue.
“Xiao Qian, come over” How could Xing Jue abandon Xiao Qian to run away, although at this moment already seriously injured, but Xing Jue also still had a hidden trump, that is Heavenly Thunder Symbol.
At this moment that spirit body appear to go into some particular condition, merely crazily roared, and didn’t attack Xiao Qian and Xing Jue. Saw that Xiao Qian quickly rushed toward Xing Jue.
After Xiao Qian returned to his side, Xing Jue quickly took out Heavenly Thunder Symbol from Storage Bracelet, then without hesitation launched it toward that soul body.
“Bang” Heavenly Thunder Symbol surprisingly hit that spirit body. First, it makes a muffled sound, then a thread of lightning spread out from that spirit body, loud lightning sound constantly ringing, finally formed a massive lightning net, firmly wrapped that spirit body within.
“Master, what a ferocious curse symbol.” Looked at that terrifying lightning constantly flickering, Xiao Qian also feels frightened.
“He he, finally settled?” Xing Jue mischievously laughed, his tight heart finally relaxed.
Certainly at this time, unexpectedly inside that lightning send out weak rays of light, Xing Jue didn’t see anything. However, Xiao Qian discovered that this bad, because that spirit body unexpectedly explode.
“Master be careful!” When saw there was something wrong, Xiao Qian quickly turned to Xing Jue and blocked his body, and after she had accomplished this moved, a frightening Soul Power, with speed of light extremely fast spread, and under this destructive power, the entire secret room destroyed. All the objects that encounter this power will collide with it, simply an irresistible force.
There was an explosion in that secret room, even this mountain trembled. At this moment above the surface that secret room, a large rock extremely fast fall, instantly collapse into that ten thousand meters deep ground, at the same time a tightly holding male and female figure also shot out from that cliff, and finally fell into the turbulent river, under the cliff.
At this moment Xing Jue and Xiao Qian already lost their consciousness, into the state of fainting, and under this condition, Xiao Qian tightly grasp both of Xing Jue arms didn’t lose it even a bit, however rapid that river water washes away, she didn’t let go Xing Jue arms.
One week after an explosion in that secret room, at Imperial Wind Empire neighboring country, at the edge of Netherworld Empire city, there is a small Martial Path aristocratic family called Liang Clan. At this moment inside Liang Clan back garden, an appearance although not especially attractive, but emit unusual manners a young lady, watering the flower in the backyard.
“Miss, miss” At this time, a maidservant hurriedly ran over.
“Xiao Qing, you must not always look this hasty, a girl must have girl manners” That young lady called that girl, smiled and said to that maidservant.
“Miss… miss, that youth woke up.” That Qing maidservant, after gasping for breath fiercely, she quickly said.
After heard Qing maidservant words, that young lady face can’t help to be happy, quickly put down watering can on her hand, and hurriedly ran toward pass by that backyard.
This young lady was the eldest daughter of Liang Clan, an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, kindhearted and charitable. Three days ago, she and maidservant took a walk at Riverside outside the city, at that time at the riverbank she, fortunately, met male and female that lose-conscious, but she saw that male and female still breathing, then brought them home, to treat them.
“Xiao Qian, Xiao Qian” Inside the room at Liang Clan backyard, a pale teenager, sitting on the bed hoarsely shouted. This youth is Xing Jue.
“He awake, quickly called the young lady” Saw Xing Jue awake, the old man who is sitting at the bedside, immediately said to maidservant behind him, and that maid quickly ran toward the outside room.
“E… Soul Devouring Secret Art, what about Soul Devouring Secret Art?” After he awake, Xing Jue found out that he lay down in a strange room, and a strange old person sitting next to bed, but didn’t see Xiao Qian, Xing Jue immediately remembered Soul Devouring Secret Art, so he anxious shouting.
“Soul Devouring Secret Art? What is Soul Devouring Secret Art? Oh, it is this book” Saw Xing Jue this sudden appearance, that old man also somewhat stunned, but immediately think of something. Therefore he quickly took out that strange book from a nearby drawer and handed it to Xing Jue.
“Soul Devouring Secret Art” Saw the black book at old person hand, Xing Jue quickly took it, found out that it is indeed Soul Devouring Secret Art, only then his mood became free from anxiety.
“Uncle, where is this? Is it you who saved me?” After Xing Jue receives Soul Devouring Secret Art, his rational also became clear, and he realized that he had indeed rescued. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to comfortable lying here.
Saw Xing Jue return to normal, that old man also relieved smiled, then said with a smile: “Young man, apparently, you are not locals? It wasn’t me who saved you. It was my clan…”
“Uncle Zhang, did he wake up?” At this time a young girl voice rang out from outside the room.
And after heard this young lady voice, the old man smile, said: “The person who saved you arrived.”
Naturally, Xing Jue also heard that young lady voice. Therefore he quickly looked at the door, at this time the eldest daughter of Liang Clan immediately rushed in, after saw Xing Jue, she smiled and said: “You finally wake up.”
“Thank you for saving me.” Xing Jue also smiled and said.
“Excuse me, when you rescue me, did you saw a black dress woman?” After Xing Jue showed his gratitude, he quickly said.
“Oh? Is she your mother?” After heard Xing Jue words, Miss Liang surprised for a moment and immediately said.
“Mother? Where is she? Take me to see her.” After heard the young girl words, Xing Jue also feel bewildered. Obviously, Xiao Qian is an outstandingly beautiful woman, why she called that she was his mother?
“En, she is also in my house, I will take you there.” After saw that Xing Jue didn’t deter much, Miss Liang smiled and said, then walked toward outside the room, Xing Jue also quickly followed.
Under that young lady guide, Xing Jue soon came into a room, but when the door opened, Xing Jue saw the person who is lying on the bed, Xing Jue eyes instantaneous became moist.
Because at this moment the person who is lying on the bed, wasn’t that outstandingly beautiful Xiao Qian, but a wrinkled face and pale old grandmother, even her long hair, now became snow white colors, but her body wear a black dress that Xing Jue said, this is Xiao Qian.
“Xiao Qian” Xing Jue came at Xiao Qian side, grab Xiao Qian old hand, whispered.
“Xiao Qian, wake up, wake up” Xing Jue constantly called, but Xiao Qian didn’t have any reaction, gradually tears on Xing Jue eye slowly flow out, constantly fall on Xiao Qian body.
At this time Xing Jue heart felt very painful, he knew that Xiao Qian turns into like this was because of him to get Soul Devouring Secret Art. Xiao Qian didn’t hesitate to burn her soul, although, in the end, he didn’t understand combustion soul mean what, at that time when he saw Xiao Qian constantly became illusory, Xing Jue also know that it must be consumption of life method. But under such condition, Xiao Qian still tried to protect him. She completely blocked him from that soul exploding.

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