War God Asura

Chapter: 50

Soul Devouring Secret Art
“Young master, Uncle Zhang said, she just in lethargic sleep, there is nothing wrong with her body.” Saw Xing Jue sadness, Miss Liang stated in a comforting way. Although saw Xing Jue called the old grandma Xiao Qian, she was also very puzzled, but looked at Xing Jue appearances, she also knew that this Xiao Qian, must be very important for him.
“But, I would like to be alone with Xiao Qian, is that all right?” After heard Miss Liang comfort, Xing Jue turned around and said to Miss Liang.
After heard Xing Jue words, the sympathetic Miss Liang also smiled and walked out of the room, and helped Xing Jue to close the door and walked toward the outer courtyard.
“Miss, this young master is so strange, why did he call that grandma Xiao Qian?” After went out of the door, that maidservant named Xiao Qing, puzzle asked.
“Presumably she must be that young master very important person.” Miss Liang answered to Xiaoqing, in fact, in her heart she also very puzzled.
After Miss Liang and all left, Xing Jue bit his finger, and blood slowly flowed out, dripped into Xiao Qian mouth, before when Xiao Qian afraid of bright light, Xing Jue used his blood to helped Xiao Qian to break the cursed seal.
And now Xiao Qian turns into this look. Xing Jue would try to use his blood. As expected, after Xing Jue blood entered Xiao Qian mouth, Xiao Qian’s Old face change, started to full of vitality, in response, Xing Jue quickly cut his wrist and poured a large amount of blood into Xiao Qian mouth.
And under feeding this large amount of blood, Xiao Qian body also incredibly fast recovered, and finally restored her initially beautiful face, her snow white hair, become black again.
However although her body restored to her previous appearance, Xiao Qian didn’t regain her consciousness, and after losing a lot of blood, Xing Jue head began dizzy, finally fainted.
“Young Master, did you awake?” Xing Jue opened his eyes, saw that Miss Liang sat on the bedside, slightly worried and said.
“E… What happened with me?” Xing Jue rubbed his head, puzzled and asked.
“What happened? You trifled with your life inside that room if it not because our young lady discovered you in time, you have long been dead.” That maidservant called Xiaoqing suddenly interrupted said.
“Xiaoqing” But later Miss Liang coldly stared toward Xiaoqing, hinted her to be quiet. After Xiaoqing muttered in a low voice, she furiously went out.
“Miss Liang, Xiao Qian did she awake?” Because of Xiaoqing said, Xing Jue remembered what happened, then quickly asked.
“She did not awake, but… Young Master… Why the previously aged her, actually change into this way.” When mentioned Xiao Qian, Miss Liang puzzled and asked, because when she found out Xing Jue fainted, she also saw that Xiao Qian already restored into a stunning beauty, suddenly a grandma, turned into a stunning young woman, this made people feels inconceivable, even weird.
“Oh, Xiao Qian she is my friend, because of a strange disease, so every time she fell ill, her whole body rapidly aging, but after taking medicine, she can restore her previous appearance.” Naturally, Xing Jue saw doubts in Miss Liang heart. Therefore he quickly explained.
“Unexpectedly in this world, there is a strange disease.” Miss Liang said with a smile, but the doubts inside her heart did not solve, just at the surface, she pretends to believe.
“Yeah yeah, I still don’t know what is young lady name?” Saw that his lied not successful, Xing Jue quickly change the topic and asked.
And after some understanding, Xing Jue also aware his current situation, he is not at Imperial Wind Empire, rather at Imperial Wind Empire neighboring country, Netherworld Empire, and at Netherworld Empire border small city, he and Xiao Qian saved by this Miss Liang of Liang Clan.
At first, Xing Jue decided to bring Xiao Qian and leave, but Miss Liang insisted for them to stay for a while, and then Xing Jue helplessly stayed behind.
In the dead of night, when all Liang Clan people fall asleep, Xing Jue didn’t sleep and took out that Soul Devouring Secret Art on his arm. He gently caressed that Soul Devouring Secret Art, right now in Xing Jue heart there was another feeling, finally after a long time he obtains it, but as a result, Xiao Qian fell into a coma, does not know when Xiao Qian will wake up.
“Yeah..” After a sigh, Xing Jue injected his soul to that Soul Devouring Secret Art, and read it. In the past, Xiao Qian already told him about this method.
And after he injected his soul into Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xing Jue also shocked to find that this Soul Devouring Secret Art was simply too powerful, not only it was write down a lot, Xing Jue never heard this soul cultivation method.
Besides said about this Cultivation Technique, unexpectedly Soul Devouring Secret Art is Heaven Rank High-Level Cultivation Technique, Heaven Rank High Level, what was that means? That was Sky Martial Continent top Cultivation Technique, no wonder that Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple fled after took this Soul Devouring Secret Art, and didn’t want to exchange it with other people. This Soul Devouring Secret Art simply priceless in price.
At this moment, first didn’t need to say about Soul Devouring Secret Art Cultivation Technique difficult level, there are many kinds of practice for the soul. After reading the entire Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xing Jue found out that soul can be used this much, from the auxiliary point of view, it can be healing, can increase the speed, attack power, and defense, refine other people soul, and change it for his strength.
The best is, as long as he can completely master the use of Soul Power method, it’s possible for him to execute Soul Eruption, this so-called Soul Eruption make Xing Jue excited, because this Soul Eruption use Soul Power in a short time, to promote his strength.
In other words, if Xing Jue learned that Soul Eruption, his strength from Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, can instantly promote to Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign level. This skip a grade strength promotion, simply never been heard before, but the strength that being obtain by Soul Eruption also has a time limit, after executing Soul Eruption, the body will have a great injury.
In fact, it is the same as combustion soul of spirit body, but strength promotion level stronger, and the injury to the body also lower.
This Soul Devouring Secret Art rather than said as Cultivation Technique, might as well said to be Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique joint version, after all, as long as properly practice Soul Power, in the future if Xing Jue battle with people, he will have a strong advantage.
In short, with this Soul Devouring Secret Art, from now Xing Jue practice speed will have qualitative leap, but this rapid speed could not be said exaggerated. Because beside practice soul in the same place this Soul Devouring Secret Art indeed Heaven Rank High-Level Cultivation Technique, practicing this Cultivation Technique, the speed of absorption Martial Qi naturally increased several folds.
After arranging his excitement, Xing Jue quickly start to practicing this Soul Devouring Secret Art, because of his unusual soul, Soul Devouring Secret Art that other people unable to practice, but Xing Jue able to practice it.
But after practice, Xing Jue discovered maybe because his strength is too low, or for other reason, this Soul Devouring Secret Art didn’t feel good to practice as he imagines, especially in control of soul, the requirement is too high, Xing Jue simply unable to control.
Fortunately, the speed to absorb Martial Qi, indeed better than Black Rank Beginner level Cultivation Technique “Defending Qi Burst” ten times faster, according to this speed, Xing Jue felt within one year, he can reach Martial Sovereign level. This practice speed simply called monstrous.
Among Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples, besides his beloved Li Xiaohan, surely no one can be like him, although Imperial Wind Pavilion didn’t lack Martial Sovereign powerhouse. However, their ages are outrageously older. It is said that only Li Xiaohan could achieve Martial Sovereign less than 18 years old, because of this, Li Xiaohan acclaim to be the most talented in Imperial Wind Pavilion, and considered to be miraculous existence, and Xing Jue soon will become the second miracle.
In the next day, Xing Jue practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art every day, and he also see Xiao Qian every day, although Xiao Qian body fine, however, she still cannot regain her consciousness, regarding this even doctor, cannot explain, however, Xing Jue didn’t want to admit it.
The only thing can think of that Xiao Qian consumption was too huge, and cause this condition. And after thinking about this consumption thing, Xing Jue suddenly remembered a method to save Xiao Qian, that is to pour soul into Xiao Qian body.
However, the result after pouring the soul didn’t have any slightest improvement. But Xing Jue every day never tire to pouring the soul, every day he always thought that one day Xiao Qian consumption soul would be full, at that time Xiao Qian will wake up but don’t know when, and then one month quietly pass.
In this month, Miss Liang seems touched by how Xing Jue take care of Xiao Qian, unexpectedly gradually raised a thought of admiring toward Xing Jue. Every day look for Xing Jue to chat, naturally Xing Jue aware of this, but because of Miss Liang kindness, Xing Jue feel bad to refused, every day only make a little bit time accompany her to relieve boredom.
This day, Xing Jue and Miss Liang are playing chess in the backyard, suddenly maidservant Xiaoqing run in a hurry.
“This is bad miss, this is bad miss, that Young Master Zhu came to proposed, master asked you go there.” in Xiao Qian rushed to the backyard, gasp for breath, anxiously said.
“What? He comes? You go back and report to my father, said that I went out.” After Miss Liang heard that Young Master Zhu came, her complexion change, nervously said.
Young Master Zhu, is eldest young master of this city Martial Path aristocratic family, a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, depend on his Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength, his Zhu Clan can be described as the true overlord in this city. Liang Clan, this small Martial Path aristocratic family, regarding Zhu Clan it could be told that they are afraid of them.
And that Young Master Zhu, already interested to Miss Liang for a long time, and two months ago, to set aside the conversation, and to come back two months later. At first Liang Clan only talked without thinking to withstand him, and didn’t take it seriously, but what they never thought was, unexpectedly this Young Master Zhu such a trustworthy man.
“But, but…” After heard Miss Liang words, Qing’er also feel awkward. As a little maidservant, naturally afraid of that Young Master Zhu, if Young Master Zhu know that she is lying, then she will not have an easy time.
“Miss Liang, who is Young Master Zhu?” At this time Xing Jue at the side clearly heard, although only a short conversation, but Xing Jue guessed that Young Master Zhu like Miss Liang, but Miss Liang didn’t like him, as a result, happened this dramatic scene in front of him.
Saw Xing Jue to asked, Miss Liang also once again explained about this matter for Xing Jue. After he had known about this matter, Xing Jue showed a faint smiled and said: “Qing’er, you don’t need to go back, just wait here. Naturally, that young master look for Miss Liang, I will help Miss Liang to refuse the Marriage.”
“You don’t need to brag, just you?” After hearing the Xing Jue words, Qing’er fiercely stared toward Xing Jue, sarcastically said. From the beginning Qing’er felt discontented toward Xing Jue, especially when she saw how good he is toward Xiao Qian, but also fool around with her family young ladies, Qing’er think that Xing Jue has a foot in both camps, a toad wants to eat swan meat without any sense of shame.
“Xiaoqing, shut your mouth!” Saw Xiaoqing unexpectedly speak like that toward her sweetheart. Naturally, Miss Liang didn’t want, therefore angrily rebuke.
Then Immediately said to Xing Jue: “Young Master Xing, that Young Master Zhu strength is very strong, his behavior also cruel and merciless. You better not provoke him, wait for him to come, just leave it to me directly clearly talk with him.”
Xing Jue faintly smiled, he naturally aware this Miss Liang for his good, speak like that, because they didn’t know Xing Jue strength.
Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, in their eyes that is a powerhouse, but in Xing Jue eyes it’s not worth a d*mn thing. Especially in practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art, after he understands the beginner step to use Soul Power, let alone Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, even if he encounter Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue also has confidence to fight, even unable to defeat them, but can get through in one piece without any problem.

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