War God Asura

Chapter: 51

Life-saving Kindness?
“Miss Liang, I found you. You hide at here.”At this time a dreadful laughter suddenly resounds, then from the backyard door, wear a long white robe, his hand holds a folding fan, although his face is good, a middle-aged man with a vulgar face, slowly walked in.
Following behind his body, an old man wears a gorgeous silk fabric, and Xing Jue already saw that old man before, this old man is Miss Liang father, Patriarch of Liang Clan.Obviously, this Patriarch felt extremely discontented toward Xing Jue if it’s not because of Miss Liang, perhaps this Liang Patriarch already drive Xing Jue away.
“Father” When Young Master Zhu appears, Miss Liang didn’t pay any attention toward him and greeted her father first.
“Miss Liang, Why didn’t you greeted me?” But that Young Master Zhu also a thick-skinned man, not only he didn’t angry, instead happily laughed.
But at this time, Xing Jue at Miss Liang side, cause him to pay any attention, he immediately pointed at Xing Jue, turned around and toward Liang Clan Patriarch and said: “Liang Patriarch, who is this?”
“E..this..” For a moment Liang Clan Patriarchunexpectedly didn’t know what to say, if he told the truth, his Liang Clan would provoke him, although he didn’t want to marry his daughter to this playboy, however with his strength as Advanced Rank Martial Master, he simply didn’t dare to reject him. After all, thisYoung Master Zhurenown as a merciless and vicious person.
“My name is Xing Jue, MissLiang’s friend.” XingJuedidn’t avoid the topic and said with a smiled.
Xing Jue unimportantly starts to talk, and frightened Liang Clan Patriarch, immediately a large amount of sweat started to flow out.
“Friend? F*ck you, you were friend with my wife?” As expected, after heard Xing Jue words, Young Master Zhu was furious, started to curse Xing Jue.
When he get angry, let alone that Liang Clan Patriarch, even the maidservant Xiaoqing, and numerous slaves, also scared and stay out very far away.
Saw that Young Master Zhuisangry, Miss Liang quickly came forward, but when she about to speak, actually stopped and pulled by Xing Jue, and dragged behind.
After hepullsMiss Liang, Xing Jue came in front of Young Master Zhu body, smiles and said toward Young Master Zhu: “How shameless, I never have seen such a shameless person, when did Miss Liang become your wife?”
When everyone saw Xing Jue action, they were shocked, though, is there something wrong with this kid head? Could it be he doesn’t want to be alive?
“You courted death” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly pulled Miss Liang hand, Young Master Zhu immediately angry to the extreme, he raised his fist and ruthlessly smashed toward Xing Jue.
But when everybody thought that Xing Jue died, Xing Jue palm stretched forward, and then easily grasped Young Master Zhu fist.
“Bang” fist and palm crash together, and make energy ripples. And when the energy ripples leave by those two people disperse, Miss Liang shocked and fell back several steps, and then stabilize her figure.
Saw this scene let alone everyone, even Young Master Zhu also surprised, because he did not expect that this kid who look ordinary, unexpectedly actually able to received his fist, must know that his fist can make Advanced Rank Martial Master severely injured.
“Young fellow, you indeed have skill.” Young Master Zhu coldly said, then his figure immediately turned, a fierce kick severely moved toward Xing Jue head, ruthlessly whip. Saw that extremely fast kick, Xing Jue can feel that kick contain strong Martial Qi. It seems like this Young Master Zhu wants to kill Xing Jue.
However, regarding this attack, Xing Jue didn’t feel afraid. Then bang he easily blocked Young Master Zhu attacked.
When his attack once again blocked by Xing Jue, Young Master Zhu finally angry, a tyrannical attack, like a stormy wind, constantly hit toward Xing Jue.
However each time it was easily stopped by Xing Jue, and Xing Jue look was relaxed and calm. Miss Liang, maidservant Xiaoqing, Liang Patriarch, and slaves were dumbfounded.
They never thought that this attractive young man actually had such strength. Young Master Zhu indeed a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor. The strongest person at their Liang Clan is their Patriarch, an Advanced Rank Martial Master.
And this Xing Jue unexpectedly can easily receive Young Master Zhu attacked. Obviously, his strength not weaker than Young Master Zhu, however when he think the time he despises Xing, and later he unexpectedly a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, that Liang Clan Patriarch, as well as slaves, feel ashamed.
However compared to them, that Liang Clan Miss feel excited. Her beloved so powerful, her heart simply pleased.
“D*mn! You court death!” His constant attacks, not only being blocked, but during this time, Xing Jue didn’t even move a half step, and always keep that calm smile. Makes this extremely angry Young Master Zhu, finally thoroughly explode.
That Young Master Zhu figure flash, at the same time massive of Martial Qi extremely fast start to condensed in his palm, and send out dazzling red rays of light.
“Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill?” Saw that Young Master Zhu continuously send out red rays of light from his palm, Xing Jue immediately felt the rank of that Martial Skill, and this is because he practiced Soul Devouring Secret Art, and made his Soul Power more sensitive.
Saw Young Master Zhu Martial Skill about to make a shape, Xing Jue figure suddenly moved, and then like a ghost appear in front of Young Master Zhu body.
When Young Master Zhu about to react, he saw Xing Jue hand already grab his wrist that condensed Martial Skill skill. And he discovered that Xing Jue body unexpectedly wrapped with strong winds. He simply never seen that unusual Martial Skill before.
“You are not allowed to use Martial Skill at here, otherwise if you break thing, you unable to compensate.” Xing Jue smiled to that Young Master Zhu and said.
“F*ck you!” Saw Xing Jue confident smile, Young Master Zhu burn with anger. As a result, he lifted his left fist and prepared to smash Xing Jue.
However at this time, Xing Jue didn’t give him the opportunity and then Xing Jue wrist turn, and then there is “Kacha” sound, Young Master Zhu arm was twisted to break by Xing Jue.
“Ah…my hand” Felt the pain from his arm, Young Master Zhu pitifully yelled.
After easily break that Young Master Zhu arm, Xing Jue didn’t stop. He tiny grip his palm, a lot of Martial Qi incredibly fast start to condense in his fist and aimed at Young Master Zhu chest, three inches (2.5cm) on his chest, ruthlessly struck.
“Bang” With a muffled sound, Xing Jue mighty fist hit at Young Master Zhu body, and Young Master Zhu immediately sprayed a mouthful blood, pale and weak slumped on the ground.
The place where Xing Jue just hit, wasn’t elsewhere, it is where Young Master Zhu Qi Sea location. Originally everybody condensed Qi Sea location was different, but Xing Jue is relying on his formidable Soul Power able to feel Young Master Zhu Qi Sea accurately position.
But now Young Master Zhu suffered heavy losses. It can say that later it will be difficult for him to go forward, even his Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength will incredibly fast decline.
And the reason why Xing Jue acted this way, exactly afraid if someday he leaves Liang Clan, this Young Master Zhu will come and take revenge. Therefore, he simply broke his escape route.
“You…you…” Seem to feel the shattered Qi within his body, and constantly declining strength, Young Master Zhu glared at Xing Jue and slowly said.
“You what you? Weakling if you don’t want to die, then quickly leave!” Suddenly Xing Jue put away his smiling face and said to that Young Master Zhu with imposing manner.
At this moment, Young Master Zhu finally realized how terrifying is Xing Jue. Therefore that angry look immediately changed into fear, did not dare to say any words again, rather trying frantically to escape from Liang Clan.
“Miss Liang rest assured, in the future, he will not come and bother you again.” After that Young Master Zhu walks, Xing Jue slowly turned around, smiled and said toward Miss Liang.
“Why?” And yet didn’t need to wait for Miss Liang replied, that maidservant Xiaoqing curiously asked. Although she was shocked by the strength that Xing Jue revealed. However, she was afraid that someday in the future after Xing Jue leaves, this Young Master Zhu will come back to take revenge.
“Because that Young Master Zhu will be no threat to my Liang Clan, Young Master Xing strength very strong, Liang Mou admire.” At this moment Liang Clan Patriarch suddenly said to Xiaoqing, and immediately came in front of Xing Jue and respectfully said.
He as an Advanced Rank Martial Master can feel just now, that Young Master Zhu strength drop incredibly fast, even reached a level weaker than him. Therefore he suspected that Xing Jue used some method to sealed Young Master Zhu strength.
Although in the end, he didn’t know what Xing Jue method is, the strength that Xing Jue display already enough to made him respected. Therefore at this moment Xing Jue position in his heart already turned 180 degrees, from the previously despised, transforms into respect, this is a strength issue, no matter where, as long as you have the strength then you will be recognized by people.
“Thank you, Young Master Xing.” After heard Liang Clan Patriarch words, Miss Liang immediately responded, she came in front of Xing Jue body, and said with a smile.
“No need to be polite Miss Liang, if you didn’t rescue us, perhaps Xiao Qian and I already buried in that river.” Xing Jue smiled and said. He felt very grateful to Miss Liang’s life-saving kindness, and today it just a small repayment.
“Young Master Xing, Young Master Xing.” At this moment that doctor who previously Xing Jue and Xiao Qian doctor, old man Uncle Zhang, hurriedly run over.
“Uncle Zhang, what happened?” Saw Uncle Zhang panic, Xing Jue also tense up, because today is Uncle Zhang day to diagnose and treat Xiao Qian, he was so nervous, could it be that Xiao Qian in trouble? Thinks about it, how could it be for Xing Jue not tensed up.
Uncle Zhang is panting and running to Xing Jue. He relieved his rapid breath, then slowly raised his head, and excited said to Xing Jue: “Young Master Xing, Miss Xiao Qian wake up.”

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