War God Asura

Chapter: 52

Xiao Qian Regains Her Consciousness
“Uncle Zhang, you said Xiao Qian wake up?” After hearing Uncle Zhang’s words, Xing Jue was excitedly yelling, and after saw Uncle Zhang nods, Xing Jue wildly laughed, his figure immediately moved, flashed and then disappeared from this backyard.
Saw Xing Jue impatient figure, Miss Liang’s heart welling up an indescribable grievance.
Seems to see Miss Liang concern, Liang Clan Patriarch, arrived at Miss Liang side, after patted her shoulder two times, softly said: “Daughter, father know that you interested to Young Master Xing, but you and him not suitable.”
At first Liang Clan Patriarch, very dissatisfied toward Xing Jue, felt that Xing Jue only an attractive young man simply did not worthy of his daughter, however now his way of thinking changed.
After Xing Jue had shown his extraordinary strength, he thought that Xing Jue is a very promising youth, after all, to reached that high power in his age, this talent simply staggering, but because of this, now he thought that his daughter not worthy of Xing Jue.
“Thank you, father. Daughter knew what to do.” Miss Liang said with a smile to Liang Clan Patriarch. She also understood what Liang Clan Patriarch intent. Xing Jue so outstanding, and she only a merely Martial Artist, how dare to be carried away by her’s wishful thinking.
“Xiao Qian” Xing Jue anxiously open the door and excitedly shouted.
“Master” At this time Xiao Qian sit in front of the desk, comb her hair and freshen up, saw Xing Jue came in, charmingly smiled and softly said.
“Xiao Qian, are you all right? Thank God.” Saw Xiao Qian all right, Xing Jue excitedly went to Xiao Qian side, and hug her, happily said.
But Xiao Qian felt embarrassed and at a complete lost by Xing Jue sudden move. In fact, Xing Jue just felt too happy and didn’t have that feeling among men and women, in his heart Xiao Qian just like an elder sister, but also very important, now Xiao Qian finally recovered, how can he not happy.
When saw Xiao Qian embarrassed expression, Xing Jue discovered that his action a little too far, then quickly let go, Xiao Qian, he felt embarrassed too.
“Master, is Soul Devouring Secret Art safe?” Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue body healthier than her, her heart also free from anxiety, then asked.
“Yes, Soul Devouring Secret Art at here, but…practicing this Soul Devouring Secret Art difficult, this month, I constantly practiced, only can do slowly.” Xing Jue a bit depressed speak, he thought he has a good talent, no matter what Martial Skill, after read it, then he can practice the method quickly, but this Soul Devouring Secret Art baffled him.
“Hehe, master, this Soul Devouring Secret Art does not simple as you think, even in the past at Soul Devouring Clan, not everybody can practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, only people who had great strong talent, and potential can practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.”
“However, because practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art difficulty too high, every person who practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, there will be a clan elder that directing.” Heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian charmingly said with a smile. Regarding Soul Devouring Secret Art, naturally, she understands it more than Xing Jue.
“No way?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue even more depressed. How could he think that this Soul Devouring Secret Art also so precious in Soul Devouring Clan, and want to practice it require special elder to give direction, now he didn’t have any people to give him direction, then isn’t it tough to practice it?
“Master, during that time after Soul Devouring Clan annihilated, we take few young master to flee, the elder gave direction to few young master practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xiao Qian also learned some. Therefore I actually can assist master to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Xiao Qian seems to saw Xing Jue worried, immediately said with a smile.
“That’s excellent. There’s no time to lose, and teach me now, that Soul Eruption, how can able successfully practice?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue sad face, instantly excited, then excitedly said.
“Master, to practice this Soul Devouring Secret Art, require step by step, it needs to properly practice, then can carry on to the next practice.”
“The simplest is soul healing, soul defense, soul attack, soul movement, and the last is Soul Eruption, and after successfully practice every level, will cause not little soul shock. Therefore if master wants to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art at ease, we have to find a place that nobody will disturb.” Xiao Qian slowly explained to Xing Jue.
After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also a little more understand this Soul Devouring Secret Art, it turns out to practice soul need to step by step, previously every time he practiced, he didn’t understand thoroughly, now he finally knew the reason.
At this moment Liang Clan living room filled with people, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian also sat at the seat of honor.
“Young Master Xing, Xiao Qian Miss, just recovered, it might be better to rest in my house a few days, why must quickly leave?” Liang Clan Patriarch sat at head seat smiles and said.
“Many thanks for Liang Clan Patriarch’s good intention, but Xiao Qian and I had mattered to do. then we will no longer disturb, thank you for your hospitality these days.” Xing Jue also smiled and said. No matter how Liang Clan Patriarch manner toward him, but he stayed at another people mansion, in fact, he lived in one month. Therefore he must say his gratitude.
“Young Master Xing why said this words. You are not Inferior if not because of you Young Master Zhu probably already take my treasure daughter away.” Liang Clan Patriarch said with shame and smile.
“Miss Liang already helped Xiao Qian and me. It’s natural for me to help.” Xing Jue laughed, regarding Miss Liang kindness, always been his concerned.
After several polite words, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian left Liang Clan. In this process, Miss Liang didn’t speak and didn’t even dare to look toward Xing Jue, because she didn’t want Xing Jue to see the tears in her eyes. Until Xing Jue left, then she looked up, watching at Xing Jue back that gradually went away, and the tears in her eyes slowly shed.
From Liang Clan Patriarch, Xing Jue found out that there is an ancient mountain in the middle Netherworld Empire. The mountain is vast, and there are fierce Demon Beasts in the mountain, ordinary people didn’t dare to approach that mountain, even some Martial Master, Martial Ancestor, didn’t dare to go into it.
From Liang Clan Patriarch tone, Xing Jue can feel the danger in that mountain, but for Xing Jue, that mountain range is the best place for him to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.
After decided their destination, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian started to rushed toward that ancient mountain, because he feels impatient, so Xing Jue walked speed promote rapidly.
Just when Xing Jue in hurried. Without warning Xiao Qian fall, he turned his head to look and shocked to find out, at this moment Xiao Qian’s face unexpectedly so pale and lying on the ground. Saw this Xing Jue quickly arrived at Xiao Qian side and started to pour soul into her body, after the soul poured, Xiao Qian face finally starts to change.
“Xiao Qian, what happened with you? Didn’t your body completely recovered?” After saw Xiao Qian improved, Xing Jue nervously asked.
“Master, actually Xiao Qian’s body, not affected much, but..” Xiao Qian hesitantly said.
“But what? Say it” Upon seeing this, Xing Jue quickly urge her to said it.
“Maybe because the previous injury is too serious, therefore caused Xiao Qian strength blocked at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor level.” Under Xing Jue question, Xiao Qian slowly said. In fact, after she woke up, she found out that there is something wrong with her body, but afraid that Xing Jue to be worried, so didn’t say anything.
“Xiao Qian, why didn’t you tell me? So how you able to restore your strength?” Heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue became tenser, because he was afraid that Xiao Qian unable to restore her former strength, after all, the wound that Xiao Qian received too heavy.
“Master, I am not entirely clear, but I think that after a long time my strength should slowly restore.” Xiao Qian said with a smile. She looks like not worry about her injury.
“Ah, Xiao Qian, in that case, we better not walked, let’s go to the nearby city and look for a relay station.” Xing Jue knew that Xiao Qian didn’t want him worried, so after silent a moment he slowly said.
“Yes, master” Xiao Qian also know that now with her strength, she unable to walked fast for a long time, so she no longer tries to be brave and agree.
And then not far away Xing Jue and Xiao Qian arrived in the city, Xing Jue didn’t immediately go to the relay station, rather went to the big restaurant first, he wanted to treat Xiao Qian a good food.
After arrived at the restaurant, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian came into the second-floor luxurious private room, Xing Jue ordered a big table of good food, but Xiao Qian didn’t eat much, Xing Jue devours the food greedily.
“Xiao Qian, why you didn’t eat?” Xing Jue is chewing the pork fat in his mouth, while looked at Xiao Qian gentle eat phase, said.
He didn’t think that Xiao Qian so shy while eat, looked at that well-behaved look, there is a feeling of a lady from a wealthy family.
“Master, you eat more, Xiao Qian already full.” Xiao Qian with a smile replied, looked at Xing Jue’s distressed table manners, Xiao Qian felt extremely happy.
“Big brother, I forgot to bring the money, how about next time I double it?” At this moment, at the next door private room, suddenly came an old man’s voice.
“F*ck you, who did you called big brother, your mother older than my grandfather.”
“At this age, unexpectedly leave without paying, I thought that you are court death.” Meanwhile, a man’s voice also spread in.
“Look, believed it or not. My family is very wealthy.” That old man jokingly said.
“You old b*stard, still play with me, I think you want to be hit.” Obviously, that big man angered by the old man, and then loudly roared.
“Bang” A loud noise, saw that private room is shaking, a form of big man flown into Xing Jue private room. looked at that big man lie on the ground and struggling to stand up, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian also appear somewhat curious.
“You see big brother, why you are not careful, eh?” At this moment that old man voice once again sounded, appeared somewhat sloppy face but nice to look, wearing an extremely sorry clothes, just like a beggar old man, slowly walked from that hole in a wall that the big man just hit.

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