War God Asura

Chapter: 53

Useless Old Man
Saw the figure in front of him, an incredibly useless old man, in Xing Jue heart emerge a strange idea, that this old man”Not simple.” Although no matter how Xing Jue searched, this old man is an ordinary person, his body didn’t have a slightest Martial Qi. However, Xing Jue heart had this strong feeling.
“D*mn, you court death” The big man stood up, after patting the dust on his lower part body, angrily cursed, then once again raise his fist, wanted to hit the old man, saw that the old man quickly block his head with both of his hands, and look afraid.
“Bang” With muffled sound, that big man fist, firmly held by not large palm, and this person is Xing Jue.
“Attacked an old man, don’t you feel ashamed?” After Xing Jue gets rid that man fist, he coldly stared the big man and said.
“This..this.. He left without paying. I want to punish him and does not want to hit him for real.” Although Xing Jue just gently shook, that man similar to a bear has a significant strength, after turned around several times, finally stabilize his figure. As an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, naturally feel how powerful Xing Jue are. Then respectfully said.
“I will pay this old man Bill, you withdraw.” Xing Jue looked at the big man and said. And respectfully said toward the old man “Old man, are you all right?”
“Hehe, all right, all right.” The useless old man saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly rescue him, then smile and said, this smile look alright, but also expose a big yellow tooth.
Saw that old man yellow teeth, Xiao Qian ruthlessly glances, thought that this old fellow, incredibly useless.
This old man didn’t care about everyone look, rather smiling heartily, his eyes went to Xing Jue dinner table, after saw the table full of good food, then shouted loudly: “Wow, Did you two people eat this all food? Are you finish eating it?”
“Hehe, old man, it is better to sit down and eat together.” However, Xing Jue is smart. Naturally, he understood the old man mean, immediately said with a smile.
“Haha, in that case, I will be obedience, you are a really good young man.” The old man also impolite, he casually drags a chair and sits down, gorge himself with food.
“This old b*stard” Coldly glance the old man, that waiter can not bear to see, muttering in his heart.
“Waiter, bring a lot more good dishes.” Saw the useless old man eats energetically, Xing Jue turned around and said to that big man.
“Yes.” After Xing Jue had spoken, that big man laughing and said, then prepared to go downstairs.
“Bring me Liang jar wine.” At this time, that useless old man suddenly shouted to that big man.
Saw that, the big man about to speak, Xing Jue stopped him and said: “Do as he said, go.”
But that big man concerned about Xing Jue strength, does not dare to say anything, turned around and leave, muttering said: “Is this kid sick? Without reason treat an old beggar to have a meal, f*ck.”
“Old man, is this dish suit your appetite?” After Xing Jue sent that big man away, Xing Jue also sat, smile and asked.
“Although this is not delicious food, but not bad.” The old man smacked his mouth, said with a smiled. Obviously, he is very satisfied with this meal. It can be look from his distressed table manners.
“Master, why did you invite this old man to eat?” At this time Xiao Qian arrived at Xing Jue side and whispered, because in her view this useless old man, is an ordinary person, he is not a famous Martial Artist. She really could not understand, why Xing Jue so polite to such old man.
But Xing Jue only shows a faint smile, indicating Xiao Qian to sit down, and not say anything anymore. In fact, Xing Jue use his Soul Power and unable to feel anything special from this old man, but he still had this kind of special feeling in his heart, it’s like something deep, suggesting him.
“En? Miss, is there something wrong with your body?” This old man seems to hear Xiao Qian words, immediately after lift his head and size up Xiao Qian, curled his lip and said.
After listened to the old man words, let alone Xing Jue, even Xiao Qian also surprised, this seemed like ordinary old man unexpectedly can see that there is a problem in her body?
By contrast, Xing Jue felt excited. It seems like his feeling was right, this old man is not simple.
“My body is healthy, what is the problem? You old man do not talk any nonsense.” But Xiao Qian didn’t want to acknowledged and angrily said. Actually, she wanted to know this old man will do, because she didn’t want to believe that this old man, can see her condition.
“Obviously your soul is damaged, how could it be no problem, if you are not weak, please don’t make any attention to the treatment words, perhaps later cultivation is, I am afraid that afterward don’t think to cultivate half step forward.” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man helplessly shook his head, tilted his mouth and said.
“Senior, since senior knew that there is a problem with Xiao Qian body, please senior help Xiao Qian to treat her illness, this younger generation ready to repay it with all my strength.” Finally, at this moment Xing Jue could not help to say. Since this old man can see Xiao Qian problem, probably he also has a method to treat it.
“Who is senior, I am not senior, I only a homeless old man, this Miss’s injury not light, how can I have the ability to treat her.” That useless old man shook his head and said with a smile.
After heard the old man words, Xing Jue incredibly fast disappointed, could it be that Xiao Qian injury unable to be cured?
“Master, no need to listen his babbling nonsense, I know my body the best, it’s not that dangerous.” Xiao Qian also saw Xing Jue disappointment, so she quickly step forward to comfort.
“Hehe, kid, did you want to cure her?” At this time, that useless old man said with a smile toward Xing Jue again.
“Of course, I wanted to.” Xing Jue crazily nods, confirmed said.
“Although I can’t cure her. However, I know where she can be cure.” The useless old man, wipe his corner mouth grease with his sleeve and said with a smile.
“Senior please indicate it clearly.” After heard the old man words, Xing Jue really happy, respectfully said.
“Did you ever heard “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village”?” The old man asked with a smile.
“Not to conceal from senior, younger generation wasn’t this Netherworld Empire person. Therefore didn’t know about this Netherworld Empire thing.” Xing Jue honestly said. He indeed never heard “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village”.
“Oh? Unexpectedly you are not Netherworld Empire person, then where are you from?” The old man quite interested asked.
“Senior, younger generation is from Imperial Wind Empire.” Xing Jue respectfully replied.
“Em, no wonder, okay, today this old man will explain to you about Netherworld Empire matter, this also helpful for you.” After heard Xing Jue words, the old man said with a smile.
“Younger generation would like to hear the detail.” Xing Jue excitedly said, no matter how at least there is hope for Xiao Qian injury now.
“This East Sky Martial Continent has three big empires, Imperial Wind Empire where you are, here Netherworld Empire, and Nangong Empire.”
“Imperial Wind Empire ruler called Imperial Wind Pavilion, probably you already knew. And Nangong Empire ruler called Nangong Aristocratic Family, this Nangong Aristocratic Family strength is tyrannical, can be regarded as the strongest forces in this East Sky Martial Continent.” The old man slowly said. Obviously, he extremely understands about this eastern Sky Martial Continent matter.
And heard the old man words, Xing Jue also feel a bit shocked, Xing Jue also knows that this Eastern Sky Martial Continent has three empires. But the caused that made Xing Jue shocked is this Eastern Sky Martial Continent, there is more powerful influence compared with Imperial Wind Pavilion. He also understood that his teacher “Old Feng” words, that inside this Sky Martial Continent, there is someone outside someone, there is mountain outside the mountain.
“However compare with this Imperial Wind Empire and Nangong Empire, Netherworld Empire is a bit special, there is no real ruler in Netherworld Empire, because there are two very powerful forces in Netherworld Empire, one called Netherworld Palace, and another one is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.”
“There are not much different between Netherworld Palace, Imperial Wind Pavilion, and Nangong Aristocratic Family, but this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village is somewhat special. If talked about fighting strength, it can’t compare with Netherworld Palace. However it can contend with Netherworld Palace, do you know why?” Speak until here the old man looked at Xing Jue, asked with a smile.
“Younger generation does not know, please senior to indicate clearly.” Xing Jue honestly replied. In fact, he also feels very strange, this Sky Martial Continent, always respected strength, whose strength better, whose is the Boss. Why that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village become an exception?
“Hahaha, you are an inexperienced young boy, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, the reason why it is called Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, that is because this mountain village collected precious Treasure Pill, these Treasure Pill can treats all condition of the injury, high-quality goods to assist practice.”
“Therefore depend on an excellent refining medicine method, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village had a lot of person with tyrannical strength. Even Imperial Wind Pavilion and Nangong Aristocratic Family has a deep relationship with Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, on this relationship, how Netherworld Palace dare to make a move to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village?” The old men said with a smile.
“I see, unexpectedly there is some power like that in this world.” After heard the useless old man’s words, Xing Jue understand. Subsequently, he can’t help to feel admire toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.
“Mention about it, you kid still had some luck, today that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village is holding a rookie conference, and the reward of this rookie conference is called “Congeal Soul Pill” the Treasure Pill. this Treasure Pill is Low-Rank Earth Treasure Pill, and this Treasure Pill can cure this Miss injury.” The old man said with a smile.
“Congeal Soul Pill? Among this world also has this type of medicine pill?” Hearing this, Xing Jue also startled. Thus he also admired that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village refine the immortality technique pill, then immediately asked the old man: “Senior, how to participate this rookie conference?”
“This, I am not very clear, I only know that rookie conference will be held in three days later, the location is at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, and this time it attracted a lot of Netherworld Empire young generation powerhouses after all this treasure congeal soul pill can supplement Soul Power.”
“Soul Power influential for fighting strength, although there is no impact, but as long as there is strong soul, will give a significant advantage in battle. Besides Soul Power and Martial Qi different and unable to practice, only after the strength is increased, the Soul Power will upgrade, therefore this able to increased Soul Power “Congeal Soul Pill” naturally great in demand.” The old man said with a smiled while warning Xing Jue that this rookie conference not simple.
“Thank you for senior reminder, since the rookie conference were so urgent, younger generation will not remain stay here, does not know what this senior honored name, later, younger generation will visit to pay respect and to thank.” After Xing Jue heard this news, only burst with joy, and toward that old man respectfully said.
“Hey, I am just a mountain countryman, there is no fix residence. You do not need to be polite, if not considering that you are a pretty good man, I was too lazy to tell you these, okay, time is late, you take your girlfriend to go to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.” The old man eats the dish, chewed and said.
“What are you talking about? He is my master.” After heard the old man’s words, Xiao Qian cheek slightly red, and quickly answered.
“Oh? Called master, and not a girlfriend?” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man teasingly said, then immediately looked toward Xing Jue meaningfully.
“Xiao Qian, don’t be rude toward senior.” Xing Jue quickly told Xiao Qian, and respectfully said to the old man: “Senior, in that case, younger generation will no longer disturb, hope that someday in the future will see each other again, younger generation asked senior to eat the meal.”
After said that Xing Jue went out from the restaurant, Xiao Qian also followed closely after that.
The old man came to the window, watching Xing Jue that quickly departed, said with a smile: “Master? It seems that this kid is not simple.”

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