War God Asura

Chapter: 54

Hidden Medicine Mountain Village
Netherworld Empire eastern part has a very rich enormous city. The city located at mountains on the side and water on the other, splendid and magnificent, besides the building in this city somewhat extraordinary, unusual palace, revealing an ancient aura. And this is the entire eastern empire extremely high reputation “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village”, one of the two rulers in Netherworld Empire.
Hidden Medicine Mountain Village divided into the outer city, inner city, and main city. The outer city used to entertain distinguished guest, the inner city to conduct activities, and the main city is the base operation of the mountain village, and outsider cannot enter.
At this moment at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village outer city had gathered around ten thousand people. Naturally, all these people came for this rookie conversion, but only a few of them were attend the rookie conversion, and a majority of them came to watch the fun.
After two days in a hurry, Xing Jue finally arrived at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village outer city, and tomorrow is the day that rookie conversion held.
Outside Hidden Medicine Mountain Village city gate, there is an endless stream of pedestrian, steadily walking toward the city, and these people came here for this rookie conversion.
This moment outside the door of the mountain village, standing neatly ten men wearing a long white robe, and their white robe engraved with beautiful Treasure Pill, there is also a beautiful bottle gourd beside the Treasure Pill. They are Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples.
This several disciples hand are holding an unusual spell, this is an examination spell, as long as the spell touch a person body, then the strength of that person will appear in this spell. Anyone who wants to enter this mountain village must being inspected and verify by this spell. To enter mountain village at least their strength must reach Martial Master level.
Naturally Xing Jue and Xiao Qian very easy to pass the test, but when they discovered that Xing Jue at this age already reached Martial Ancestor, that several disciples also cast surprise eyes toward Xing Jue.
This way practice talent, inside this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, only very few people and Xing Jue unexpectedly had such strength, besides with Xiao Qian, a similar Martial Ancestor, these several disciples guess that Xing Jue indeed Netherworld Palace person.
The Hidden Medicine Mountain Village feel disgusted toward Netherworld Palace, because of Netherworld Palace fight over Netherworld Empire ruler, they used a few sinister work toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, but because they didn’t have enough evidence, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village can’t do anything to them. Naturally, this Netherworld Palace views Hidden Medicine Mountain Village as an enemy, so when Xing Jue and Xiao Qian suspected as Netherworld Palace disciples, then they wrote “low” word invitation and gave it to both Xing Jue and Xiao Qian.
“Why “low” written invitation? Previously that similar Martial Ancestor friend, got “middle” written invitation.” After saw their written invitation, Xing Jue somewhat displeasure said.
This written invitation to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village divided into, upper, middle, and low, three ranks, and according to the different class, the treatment that they can enjoy in the mountain village not the same, need not much talking, this “low” word written invitation the worst.
“I give you what then you take that, why there is so much nonsense?” Saw Xing Jue not willing, that disciples face fall, somewhat angry said.
“Oh? It turns out, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village person doing unclear affair?” Saw him unexpectedly get angry, Xing Jue also furious, somewhat didn’t worth the words said.
“You” Heard Xing Jue speak like that, that disciple act out violently.
“What’s going on?” At this time, from mountain village went out a man, the man not old, around 20, he is wearing the same clothes a white robe, however on that youngster robe chest hanging two golden stars. This stars that several disciples didn’t have it. Obviously, this man status is better than a few of them, and this man unexpectedly also an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.
“Senior Brother Zhao” After saw this man went out, that disciple who speak with Xing Jue, quickly give a courtesy, immediately walked toward that man side, and whispered a few words.
And after heard that disciple words, there is a touch of anger at this called Senior Brother Zhao disciple. He immediately came at Xing Jue side and coldly said: “You came to my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village as a guest, you shall obey my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village arrangement, the guest shall follow the host pleases, don’t tell me you haven’t heard the words? If you think that give you “low” word written invitation to you are not fair, then you can not enter my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.”
“Hehe, these brothers have misunderstood, I am not Netherworld Palace disciple.” Although that man before didn’t nicely speak toward Xing Jue, he still said with a smile.
Because just a moment ago they were whispering, and depend on his extraordinary soul, it was heard by Xing Jue, therefore Xing Jue naturally also knew the reason why they bother him.
“E..? Don’t know which school you arrived?” After heard Xing Jue words, that disciple also surprised, immediately put away his anger, and politely said.
Because he never imagines that Xing Jue can hear he and that disciple whispered conversation. Importantly that disciple deliberately uses his Martial Qi to lowered his voice, such a way to chat, other people whose cultivation is high, still tough to hear that, but Xing Jue unexpectedly able to heard, naturally it makes him admire.
“Truthfully, we are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples, recently we had something to do and arrived at Netherworld Empire. Then we heard that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, holding a rookie conversion. We heard that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village medicine technique is the best in the world, so with this opportunity, we came to experience it.” Xing Jue extremely polite replied. Unexpectedly his words toward this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, praised, after all, everyone like listens to praise words.
“It turns out you are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, earlier why didn’t you said it, my name is Zhao Liang, don’t know what this brother name, if you don’t mind, you can call me brother.” Sure enough, unexpectedly after heard Xing Jue is Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, this Zhao Kong disciple, manner had changed 180 degrees, politely said with a smile.
“Brother Zhao, you are older than me. Naturally, I must call you elder brother, this little brother named Xing Jue, Brother Zhao, please look after me.” Saw that he already succeeded, Xing Jue also smiled back.
“Haha, Younger Brother Xing, it was pure misunderstood, come come come. Let me be Younger Brother Xing guide.” Between the talked Zhao Liang smiling and bring Xing Jue, and Xiao Qian walked toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.
Saw that Xing Jue and Xiao Qian unexpectedly enjoyed such treatment, the nearby pedestrian simply envies to die.
Inside the Hidden Medicine Mountain Village outer city, there is a quite luxurious garret. Such garret only the person with “upper” written invitation can live, and the lowest person who can obtain that written invitation must be Martial Sovereign master.
However, because of his relationship with Zhao Liang, Xing Jue can enjoy this treatment. At this moment in the living room inside that garret, Xing Jue and Zhao Liang sits, they were talking and laughing merrily, and Xiao Qian, went to her room to rest.
“Younger Brother Xing, this time did you want to participate my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village rookie conversion?” Zhao Liang smiled and said toward Xing Jue.
“Yes, Senior Brother Zhao, I don’t know how to participate this rookie conversion?” Xing Jue politely replied. In fact, he still worried how to participate this rookie conversion, but now he had Zhao Liang relationship. Naturally, it’s not a problem to compete.
After some understanding, Xing Jue knew that Zhao Liang is two-star refining medicine masters. Two-star medicine master inside this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, are equivalent to Imperial Wind Pavilion main court disciple, then in Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, has a very serious right to speak.
“In fact, this rookie conference didn’t have any rule, as long as you have the courage to participate. However it also has a restriction, that is the age must be within 18 years old. Otherwise, it’s not a rookie, but Younger Brother Xing age should not be a problem” Zhao Liang said with a smile.
“However if Younger Brother Xing wanted to participate, I might be able to help you walk through the back door, anyway the preliminary competition for screen-out some group of people who take advantages, so Brother Xing Jue did not need to participate, wait until the finals, brother Xing Jue can directly participate.” Zhao Liang suddenly remembers that he still has this privilege, and immediately said with a smile.
“In that case, then only put Brother Zhao to trouble.” Xing Jue politely replied. The people who participate this rookie convention a lot and the competition also require a lot of time, since it’s not necessary for him to participate, Xing Jue naturally very happy. After all, at this time it would be better for Xing Jue to do a lot more practice.
And after exchanged conventional greetings with Xing Jue, Zhao Liang left, and he also sent people to give Xing Jue some light refreshment and fruits, although only short conversation, but Xing Jue can feel, that Zhao Liang is a warm heart person. And a decent man. Don’t know why, after practiced Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xing Jue’s soul awareness become much deeper, and even able to feel other people personality.
This ability, still not dominant, in the future if Xing Jue can control this ability, then whoever wants to play a dirty trick to Xing Jue is impossible.
After together with Xiao Qian finished the light refreshment, Xing Jue returned to his room and started to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, according to Xiao Qian said. First, he focused on primary soul method, the soul healing.
This soul healing, although it was the first step soul utilization method, it’s also difficult to practices, but Xing Jue understanding also not weak, soon he understand roughly it’s method. The soul itself has a function to raise people health, but many people didn’t know.
When people break through from Martial Artist to Martial Master, the Soul Power inside the body began to increase, at this time body healing appeared, but many people think that this is because of Martial Qi effect, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.
After practice, the function of soul body healing will promote, after promoting to a certain level, the healing effect will show up, and this kind of result is what Xing Jue want to practice.
Inside the quiet room, Xing Jue sits on the bed, invisible Soul Power slowly flowing out from his body, revolved around Xing Jue body, didn’t stop move, but under this small movement, Xing Jue skin becomes more and more healthy.
After feeling that comfortable feeling, Xing Jue smiling, although right now he wasn’t injured, Xing Jue can also feel, that he already grasp the initial of soul healing.

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