War God Asura

Chapter: 55

Rookie Convention
The next morning, “Rookie convention” the focus of public attention held as scheduled
There are more than three thousand people who participate the rookie convention, however, after five days screening, only more than hundred people remain, and these people went into to the last final, there is only one winner, and that person will obtain low-rank Treasure Pill “Gathering Soul Pill”.
In these five days, Xing Jue didn’t go to watch the fun, rather hide in the room and concentration practice, after five days practice, Xing Jue already master the basic of soul healing.
To ensure the soul healing result, Xing Jue even intentionally harm himself. However, this experiment indeed obtains a good result. If this happened then when Xing Jue is battling with a person and get injured, then he can self-healing in the battle, this method can not be said not strong.
At these days, every day Zhao Liang come and see Xing Jue, and every day he talked about rookie convention matter to Xing Jue. Therefore after these days interact, the relationship between Xing Jue and Zhao Liang are getting better and better.
Today, naturally without exception Zhao Liang came into Xing Jue garret, to talked about rookie convention with Xing Jue.
“Younger Brother Xing, tomorrow is the final of convention, you can go to participate.”After entering the room, Zhao Liang drunk a tea first, then smiled and said to Xing Jue.
“Yes, naturally I know about this, to be able to have these many days leisurely time, thanks to Brother Zhao.” Xing Jue said with a smile because when other people fight with all their might at the rookie convention, he leisurely hiding in the room practicing. If all the contestant who fights with their might know this treatment definitely will get furious.
“Why talked like this, we are brothers, why use this words?” Zhao Liang look immediately change.
Saw that look, Xing Jue helplessly smiled, this Zhao Liang temperament, too straightforward, and very generously man.
“Right, Younger Brother Xing, at tomorrow’s finals, there are three people, you must pay attention” Suddenly Zhao Liang remember something, and seriously said toward Xing Jue.
“Oh? Which three people?” Xing Jue doubtful said.
“A disciple of Nangong Aristocratic Family, two disciples of Netherworld Palace, these three people strengths are tyrannical. Especially the one who called “Wu Jun” Netherworld Palace disciple, he is known as Netherworld Palace strongest disciple in inner palace, and this person extremely ruthlessly, you must be careful if you met him. Zhao Liang slowly said, especially when he mentioning “Wu Jun” disciple, he extremely serious.
“Many thanks for Brother Zhao reminded, but unexpectedly, a person from Nangong Aristocratic Family also came.” Xing Jue smiled and said, in fact for Xing Jue, as long as the opponent did not reach Martial Sovereign and a master level above that level, Xing Jue did not pay any attention, now Xing Jue is invisible in the same rank.
After all, Xing Jue understood that this time to participate the rookie convention, the highest rank only Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, therefore Xing Jue naturally not too nervous.
“Yes, at first that Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple on behalf of Nangong Aristocratic Family came to purchase pill medicine, happen to catches up with this grand convention, then wants to try his skill.” Zhao Liang is explaining and said.
“So that how it is.” After heard Zhao Liang words, Xing Jue understand the situation. Otherwise, Xing Jue also thinks that Nangong Aristocratic Family for this convention will especially send a disciple to participate.
Importantly that Nangong Aristocratic Family was known as Eastern Sky Martial Continent strongest forces, with this forces, they do not lack any outstanding disciple, among the Imperial Wind Pavilion, have “Li Xiaohan” the new rookie, Nangong Aristocratic Family, definitely also has an extremely tyrannical new rookie.
“Okay, Younger Brother Xing, today I came here to tell you about this matter, it’s getting late, you should rest earlier, I wished you all the best in the final” Zhao Liang said to Xing Jue.
“I accept Brother Zhao blessing words” Xing Jue respectfully hold his fist in the other hand said.
After sent Zhao Liang away, then Xing Jue practice soul healing again, and then sleeping.
The next day at “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village” inner city, bustling with noise and excitement, densely packed audience, has tens thousands of people. While at the top of the auditorium, sits five majestic old men, the old man robe engraved with three-star symbol. Obviously, these three-star old men are this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village leader.
Because that three-star meaning, is very important, after these days chatting with Zhao Liang, Xing Jue also a little more understand regarding medicine refinement, that medicine refinement master divided into four ranks, the amount of their star explain their rank.
The two-star medicine refinement like Zhao Liang can refine Black Rank high, middle, low, three grade Treasure Pill, no more than high-grade Treasure Pill. Refining still very difficult, and as for that there stars medicine refining master, naturally can refine Treasure Pill, that treasure pill has more powerful medicine pill, each Treasure Pill rank, are a priceless treasure.
For this one pill, a low rank “Mix Pill” can attract so many powerful forces, it explained its precious.
As for four-star rank medicine refining master, naturally can refine Heavenly Rank Treasure Pill, Heavenly Rank Treasure Pill, it has a terrifying medicine power, even if to make Xing Jue promote from Martial Ancestor to Martial God instantaneously is an easy thing, but that kind of Treasure Pill only exists in the legend.
At least there is no one in this profound Eastern mainland can refine that Heavenly Rank Treasure Pill. Therefore that five old man on the stage represented the highest level of medicine refining.
At the top square, compared with that five Hidden Medicine Mountain Village leaders, in the audience banquet there is a useless old man wolfs down the fruit, by a lot of people despicable looks, watched the old man embarrassing table manners, all the people guessed how this old man sneak in. However, that useless old man simply didn’t care what they talked about, rather enjoying eating by himself.
Finally, under Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder announcement, under everyone cheers, the final of rookie convention started.
Xing Jue confidently stepped into the stage, in order not to let the people on guard, Xing Jue intentionally restrains his strength, although his strength is extremely weak at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, after a while entanglement Xing Jue knock down the opposite party.
If encounter with Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue must bitterly fight and finally won. Therefore all the way, Xing Jue didn’t show his true strength. Only after Xing Jue used Biting Wind Palm, that useless old man’s eyes shine, and then smiled and stroking his long beard, then once again eating.
Compared with Xing Jue who low profile, that Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, as well as that Netherworld Palace two disciples, it could be said that they fight over for limelight, the people repeatedly applauded again and again. Obviously, they are immersed in everyone crazy sound.
After half a day of competition, the hundred people finals finally ended, only two competition stage remained, also has stood finally only the human. Naturally, these four people are Nangong Aristocratic Family as well as Netherworld Palace this three disciples, and the lowest-key Xing Jue.
Nangong Aristocratic Family proud disciple faced with that strongest Netherworld Palace inner disciple “Wu Jun”, and Xing Jue faced with another Netherworld Palace disciple.
Obviously, between these two competition stages, Nangong Aristocratic Family and Netherworld Palace disciple “Wu Jun” competition stage attracts more attention. It could be said that 95% people eyes went to that competition stage because in the end all the people want to take a look very much is the strongest forces in eastern Sky Martial Continent strongest forces. Which is the strongest, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, or Netherworld Palace the strongest inner palace disciple “Wu Jun”.
Compared with Xing Jue competition stages seemed lonely.
“Ai…” Xing Jue helplessly sighed, secretly said: “Why this people liked to watched the main focus.”
“You.. You.. You.. Ah who hey! Very… Very… Quickly I … I… I… You better not to come out.” At this time that Netherworld Palace disciple suddenly talked to Xing Jue, but after this disciple opened his mouth, Xing Jue found out, unexpectedly this disciple is stuttering.
“I ah.. I, what did you care? You look at your bad luck appearance, your words are not clear, but also want to control this elder brother? You such trash, even today, if this elder brother does not kill you, you might be killed by other people.” Xing Jue coldly stares, mockingly said.
“You… You… You… Court death!” This disciple who didn’t have a clever talked, because of what Xing Jue said naturally angry to the extreme, apart from anything else, a palm stretch forward, round and round tyrannical Martial Qi extremely fast condensed in his palm, and finally, change into a meter extremely fast revolving flywheel. Aimed and throw toward Xing Jue.
When that flywheel revolving, it starts to make energy wave, and an ear piercing sound, constantly resound.
“Black Rank intermediate Martial Skill, this kid fierce enough.” Saw that extremely fast fly flywheel, then Xing Jue felt that Martial Skill rank, thought that this kid attacked to kill, it seems that he want to kill him.
Obviously, because that disciple is out of his mind, thinking about this Xing Jue feels funny, immediately pretend, properly dodge that flywheel.
After that flywheel rumble to the ground has started not small fluctuation of energy, above the surface that smashed out, there is a big deep hole.
“Not hit the mark, not hit the mark” After dodge that stuttering disciple attack, Xing Jue deliberately stretched out his tongue, mischievously said.
“..You..You..You..You..” Originally after Xing Jue dodge his attacked, that stuttering disciple heart extremely bad, when Xing Jue acted that way, he became angrier, finally continuously said that four you words, and didn’t say anything else. Then he no longer speaks, rather tightly his teeth, and constantly launched a fierce attack toward Xing Jue.
However all of his attacks were avoid by Xing Jue, for other people it seems very dangerous, but Xing Jue enjoys it.
“This kid, he is my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Looked at Xing Jue body that wrapped by strong winds, that useless old man who is sitting in the corner of the auditorium said with a smiled.
At this course event, Xing Jue from time to time still takes a glance toward the other stage. He wants to know that very much known as Eastern Sky Martial Continent strongest strength, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, will show what kind of Martial Skill.
And the cause that Xing Jue somewhat surprised is that Nangong Aristocratic Family Martial Skill very magnificent, and it might very great, it could be said that this is a top Martial Skill. At the beginning of competition it has the upper hand, but when the time pass, maybe it was because his consumption was too large, gradually fell into disadvantaged position.
“Bang” Finally a strong clashed, that Wu Jun the Netherworld Palace disciple, beat that attacked.
Saw that fall off the stage Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, Xing Jue became more cautious toward Wu Jun. That Wu Jun Cultivation Technique somewhat special, unexpectedly had numerous high-rank Martial Skill, meet up with coalition but can still keep his Martial Qi for a long time, which explains that he indeed has some cards in hand.
After the fight of that competition stage ended, Xing Jue suddenly stands firmly, on his grinning face, raised a serious expression, and immediately said toward that stuttering disciple: “It’s over.”

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