War God Asura

Chapter: 56

Late Night Gift Pill
Between the talked, Xing Jue both palms spreads out, instantaneous two flames similar to a massive dragon, raise from Xing Jue palm, and then extremely fast condensations into two concentrated flame, then under everyone surprised look, it fused into an incredibly fast revolving fireball.
“What a strong Martial Skill.”
“Unexpectedly this kid have this ferocious Martial Skill?”
The spectacular competition already finished. Therefore Xing Jue stage is the only competition stage that hasn’t end and naturally becomes everyone attention. After saw Xing Jue use a very powerful Martial Skill, the audience made a shocking sound.
“Flame Dragon Bomb? It seems like this kid finally became serious.” Saw the fireball that incredibly fast revolving in Xing Jue hand, that useless old man recognized that is Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill, then smiled and said.
“Could this kid disguise himself as the pig to eat the tiger?” Saw that tyrannical Martial Skill in Xing Jue hand, that Netherworld Palace “Wu Jun” somewhat uneasy said. At first, they want to occupy this final two, so that this Netherworld Palace looks formidable, but unexpectedly that in the halfway fight Xing Jue come out, it seems that their plan soon will be destroyed.
“Humph!” After saw Xing Jue use Martial Skill, that stuttering Netherworld Palace disciple coldly snorts, immediately his both palm stretched out, then ready to use a powerful Martial Skill.
After saw that stuttering disciple act, Xing Jue sneering, because Xing Jue simply didn’t want to give him any chance, he immediately moved, round after round of intense winds revolved on his body, his figure flashed and disappeared.
“This is bad” Saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly disappeared, that stuttering disciple felt that there is something wrong, but when he want to react, it’s already too late.
At this moment Xing Jue like a ghost appeared behind him and saw that Xing Jue both palm fiercely stretch forward, that fireball instantly changes into a fierce flame of a huge dragon, use it toward that stuttering disciple. And sweep away toward that stuttering disciple.
Saw that, the stuttering disciple quickly protect his face with both of his arms, and Martial Qi in his body condensed at his chest, and his arms, to get the best defensive power. Because in this situation he didn’t have enough time to dodge, he also didn’t have sufficient time to use any Martial Skill.
He can only make this defense, however his defense unable to stop that fire dragon strength, as long as he a little bit hit, he would get seriously hurt, even killed.
When everyone thought that Netherworld Palace disciple soon would be killed, a black robe figure suddenly appeared in front of him, his palm stretch forward and an astonishing light cover emerge, tightly wrapped the two people inside.
“Bang” Fire Dragon hit that cover, instantly make an explosion sound, the powerful flame filled most of the competition stage. Appearing that spacious competition stage on fire, it appear very gorgeous. Saw that scene, the audience couldn’t help to cheer.
When that flame disperses, Xing Jue found out that stuttering disciple unexpectedly safe and sound, and it was because that black hair old man blocked his attacked in front of that disciple body.
“Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign?” Xing Jue saw this black hair old man strength, immediately calculated what he just showed some unique defense skill, otherwise, with his strength it impossible for him to easily withstand Xing Jue attacked.
“Elder” After the flame dispersed, that stuttering disciple respond and immediately respectful said to that black hair old man, the weird thing is, at this time he did not stutter, it seems that he is terrified of that black hair old man.
“Kid, what ruthless method.” That black hair old man didn’t pay any attention toward that stuttering disciple, but laughing toward Xing Jue, but that smile fills with sinister and cruel meaning.
“Fortunately, compared with your two Netherworld Palace disciples, still inferior.” Xing Jue faintly laugh. Just now Xing Jue attacked indeed hard. However, there are two reasons why his attack so severe.
First, these two Netherworld Palace disciples, attacked very ruthless, every person who they fight, received severe injured, some people even get paralysis for a long time. Therefore Xing Jue naturally felt, that they are not very pleasing to his eyes.
Moreover it because of Zhao Liang, Zhao Liang as Hidden Medicine Mountain Village person toward Netherworld Palace people could be said hate them to the bone, besides Xing Jue and Zhao Liang relationship is good. Naturally, he wants to help him to take revenge.
“Good, good, good, in this Netherworld Empire, dare to say this words toward my Netherworld Palace, you kid very courageously.” After heard Xing Jue words, that man suddenly laughed, unexpectedly between the talked he suddenly want to attack Xing Jue.
“Netherworld Palace elder, you violating the rule, please quickly retreated, otherwise don’t blame my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village to be impolite” At this time, a Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder who in charge for the convention spoke.
After heard that old man words, Netherworld Palace elder coldly snort, after profoundly looked toward Xing Jue, he steps down the stage with that stuttering disciple.
Xing Jue sneered and didn’t pay any attention toward him, earlier if Hidden Medicine Mountain Village didn’t dare speak for him, when the big competition ended, as long as Xing Jue obtained that “Gathering Soul Pill”, then Xiao Qian’s strength will be restored. At that time let alone him, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, even several Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign arrived, will only find death.
Finally, Xing Jue under that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder announcement, enter this rookie convention finale. And to let both sides have a better condition, the final will be held tomorrow morning.
Therefore after today’s competition ended, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian returned to the garret and practicing for a while. The sky is dark, but when Xing Jue prepared to go to sleep, Zhao Liang rushed to come.
Brother Xing Jue, how much assurance you have to win tomorrow’s competition?” After Zhao Liang takes a seat, he quickly asked.
“Maybe sixty percent.” Xing Jue smiled and said, that kid named Wu Jun boy indeed somewhat strange, therefore Xing Jue didn’t dare to say hundred percentage can defeat him.
“Younger Brother Xing, with this one, you should entirely certain.” After heard Xing Jue words, Zhao Liang faintly smile, mysteriously take out an elegant small box and place it in front of Xing Jue.
“What is this?” Xing Jue curiously asked.
“Open it and take a look” Zhao Liang mysteriously said.
Xing Jue faintly smiled, then took that elegant small box. However, after opened it, Xing Jue instantly surprised, because at this moment that Treasure Pill inside the box unexpectedly sent out a faint light and sent out a fragrance, this is the fist time Xing Jue smell since birth.
“Very fragrant, Brother Zhao what rank is this Treasure Pill?” After Xing Jue deeply smelled the fragrance, he felt that his whole body is more comfortable and curiously asked. Although now Xing Jue Soul Power increased a lot, regarding this Treasure Pill rank, he unable to tell, but Xing Jue felt that this Treasure Pill rank, absolutely not low.
“Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, Transform into Dragon Pill” After saw Xing Jue surprised expression, Zhao Liang also very satisfied, then said with a smile.
“It turns out a Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, no wonder it so fragrant, then Brother Zhao why this Treasure Pill called Transform into Dragon Pill?” Xing Jue also shocked because of this Treasure Pill rank, Black Rank high-grade product, this the first time for Xing Jue to see such valuable Treasure Pill, then curiously asked.
“Transform into Dragon Pill, as the name implies, the person who eats this pill will be reborn, reincarnation to dragon effect. In fact, this Transform into Dragon Pill belongs to one of a kind temporary cultivation promotion medicine pill, according to Brother Xing strength, if you eat this Transform into Dragon, without any problem your strength will promote to Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign for a short time.” Zhao Liang smiled and explained it to Xing Jue. Apparently, he understand this “Transform into Dragon Pill”.
“What is Brother Zhao mean?” Xing Jue hesitantly said. Zhao Liang will not bring this Treasure Pill for no reason, so he must have his intention.
“Tomorrow, before Younger Brother Xing battle with Wu Jun, you shall take this pill, if this happens then, Brother Xing Jue will win from that Wu Jun.” Zhao Liang said with a smile, his face fill with an excited expression, obviously think if that Wu Jun defeated in Xing Jue hand, he will feel very excited.
“Brother Zhao, this unacceptable, this Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, so precious how can I accept it.” After heard his words, Xing Jue quickly decline said.
Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, naturally somewhat precious, even if Zhao Liang have the ability to refine this Treasure Pill, but the chance of success is very small, therefore obviously Xing Jue cannot accept this generous gift.
“Brother Xing Jue, between you and me, do you still need to be polite? Moreover, if you can win from that Wu Jun, it was a great help to me. As Hidden Medicine Mountain Village people, the most that we don’t want to see is Netherworld Palace disciple have championship position.” Zhao Liang slowly said, there is even pleading in his words.
“This..” After heard Zhao Liang words, Xing Jue become awkward. Naturally he realizes Zhao Liang intention, however this Treasure Pill too precious, even if Xing Jue accept this Treasure Pill unless it is essential, he will not use it. However at that time of he not use it and want to gave it back to Zhao Liang, he will not accept it.
“Younger Brother Xing, please accept it, is it possible that you not willing to give me any face?” Saw that Xing Jue somewhat hesitates, Zhao Liang quickly said again.
“All right” Saw that Zhao Liang so persistent, Xing Jue without any option said. Immediately put that Treasure Pill inside the Storage Bracelet.
After saw Xing Jue accepted it, Zhao Liang feel relieved, afraid delay Xing Jue rest, therefore after several words, then quickly leave, and he also asked Xing Jue to sleep early to raise his spirit. Regarding Zhao Liang care, Xing Jue’s chest feel warm, have such a good brother, Xing Jue felt very happy.
Next day, at inner city it was equally lively like the last day, the only different was, today’s people appear more excited, not because of anything else because today is very exciting competition.
That Netherworld Palace disciple “Wu Jun” strength was known as the strongest inner palace disciple in Netherworld Palace, and yesterday Xing Jue also showed good strength, enough to win everyone admiration look, therefore today’s finals highly anticipated.
Under everyone heat look, Xing Jue slowly gets into final competition stage, but at this time that Netherworld Palace disciple named “Wu Jun” already standing there.
“In fact, I admire you, today you dare to get into this stage.” After Xing Jue gets into the competition stage, Wu Jun looks at Xing Jue, said with a cold smiled.
“Why?” Xing Jue asked something that he already knew the answer.
“Because today you will die tragically.” Wu Jun coldly smile, then said.
“Ha Ha Ha” After heard Wu Jun words, Xing Jue suddenly laugh, his face immediately turns cold, fiercely said: “Indeed today you will die tragically.”

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