War God Asura

Chapter: 57

Fierce Cultivate Competition
Suddenly, Xing Jue moved a step, his entire body turned into a black line, in extremely fast speed moved toward Wu Jun.
But when Xing Jue about to approach him, Wu Jun sneering, then his body trembling, his upper body started to hover a black smoke and finally wrapped his whole body, afterward figure flashed, then disappeared.
“Not good” Saw Wu Jun disappeared, Xing Jue feels something wrong, because Wu Jun also displays movement Martial Skill, and that Martial Skill rank not weaker than Xing Jue’s “Storm Wind Technique”.
Therefore Xing Jue quickly on guard, and immediately use Storm Wind Technique. And just in time, Wu Jun like a ghost appeared behind Xing Jue.
Saw Wu Jun right arm moved, a blow contained a tyrannical Martial Qi, moved toward Xing Jue. At this time Xing Jue also used Storm Wind Technique, Xing Jue right arm stretch forward, then easily blocked Wu Jun iron fist, then his figure turn, and make a nice maneuver kick, with a sharp wind, then fiercely moved toward Wu Jun.
Facing Xing Jue counter-attack, Wu Jun didn’t care at all. His left arm unconsciously blocks, wanted to block Xing Jue’s maneuver kick. And he underestimates Xing Jue.
“Bang” With a muffled sound, Xing Jue round kick fiercely hit Wu Jun arm, that powerful strength makes Wu Jun shocked, he fall back twenty meters and then his figure stop and steady stand.
“How?” Saw Wu Jun’s distressed look, Xing Jue said with a smile. Don’t look that Xing Jue is so weak and thin, but if he fights in close combat, and if the opponent strength level is the same rank with Xing Jue, he will not lose to anyone.
And after heard Xing Jue words, Wu Jun’s face trembled, at first he wants to rely on movement Martial Skill, wanted to make Xing Jue suffered unspoken grievances, but he didn’t think that Xing Jue close combat ability so strong, he was unexpectedly defeated in one round.
However, Wu Jun didn’t feel afraid of Xing Jue, because his expertise is not close combat, but long-distance fight. Then Wu Jun didn’t immediately burst into violence, both of his palms slowly opened, and after both of his palm spreads out, round and round tyrannical Martial Qi pour into both of his palms, and quickly condensed into incredibly fast revolving two flywheels.
Saw that two incredibly fast revolving flywheels in Wu Jun hands, Xing Jue surprised, because Xing Jue once saw this Martial Skill. This Martial Skill was used by that stuttering disciple before.
However that disciple only can display one flywheel, but this Wu Jun unexpectedly can show two in one breath, this explained that his strength far above that stuttering disciple.
However, this also proofed Xing Jue’s guess, that Wu Jun practiced incredibly powerful Cultivation Technique because inside his body had sufficient Martial Qi as the foundation. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to display this Martial Skill because to operate this pair Martial Skill method need very high requirement.
And the consumption of Martial Qi also increased become two-fold, but unexpectedly Wu Jun dare to use this method, it explained that he didn’t care about Martial Qi consumption.
“Flying Wheel” He suddenly yells, that two flywheels in Wu Jun hands, appear like two black compact discs, that flywheels continuously send out round and round of ripples, and with a loud sound, incredibly fast fly toward Xing Jue.
However, when he saw that extremely fast two flywheels flying toward him, Xing Jue sneers, then his figure moved, his body wrapped with strong winds, and then disappeared. And then that two flywheels in unison are attacked where Xing Jue just stood.
After Xing Jue had dodged Wu Jun attack, he discovered that Wu Jun unexpectedly disappeared. And behind his body that flywheel once again makes a loud sound, when Xing Jue turned his head to see, he found out that two flywheels already bringing round and round energy ripples, flying toward Xing Jue, and behind that flywheels, Wu Jun sneered.
At this time, Xing Jue admire Wu Jun, in short time he once again condensed two Martial Skill, an ordinary person can’t achieve this, but this type of attacks for Xing Jue are useless. Xing Jue figure flashed, then once again he dodged that attack.
However what most made Xing Jue didn’t expect was after Xing Jue flashed. Wu Jun, actually once again threw two flywheels toward Xing Jue.
“Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang”
The explosion sound continually resounds, above that spacious competition stage, Wu Jun make a mess, the blue smoke rises everywhere, but during this period Xing Jue always dodge, and Wu Jun continuously throw flywheels toward Xing Jue.
“D*mn! Did you think you can do as you will?” Finally Xing Jue unable to endure Wu Jun’s attacked. Thought, since you want that particular consumption, then I will accompany you to consume enough, although his Heavenly Rank High-Level Cultivation Technique still not at master level, but at least he already reached advanced level, he does not believe that his Martial force absorption faster than him.
After thought about it, Xing Jue stands still, facing that flying flywheel once again, Xing Jue no longer dodge. Both of his palms spread out, then two bright palm light appeared in Xing Jue hand, and then extremely fast shoot toward that flywheels.
“Bang” “Bang”
With two loud sounds, two rays of light bump into that two flywheels, both of them collided, and make two tyrannical energy ripples. Just like two beautiful fireworks on competition stage.
Just after both of his palms strike out, in Xing Jue both palm once again condensed two bright palm light, then ruthlessly moved toward Wu Jun.
Saw that extremely fast two bright palm light, moved toward him, Wu Jun also a little stunned. At first, he wanted to rely on his own Earth Rank Preliminary level Cultivation Technique to suppressed Xing Jue, until when Xing Jue’s physical strength unable to endure, and then he can kill him.
However after went through a fierce battle, Wu Jun himself had some difficulties, but Xing Jue appeared to be alright and started to counter-attack him, this time Wu Jun feel stupid. Thought, “Could it be this guy’s Cultivation Technique is above me? Impossible, impossible” Wu Jun simply can not dare to imagine that someone can practice Cultivation Technique above him.
Facing extremely fast bright palm light that moves toward him, Wu Jun does not have any idea to deal with it. The only thing he can do is run away, always running away, this makes Wu Jun lose his face, but at this time if he still wants to be alive, this is his only way out.
Therefore after Wu Jun have an intense struggle in his heart, he clenched his teeth, then extremely fast run away. Therefore the fascinating scene appeared, Wu Jun who previously pursued Xing Jue with his flywheel, now being chased everywhere by Xing Jue.
“This Imperial Wind Pavilion’s little rascal is fascinating.”At this moment, sitting at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder podium, the three stars refining medicine master, said with praise.
“Yes, really worthily as Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, he is powerful.”
“He is indeed a character within the younger generation.” And under his praise, another four elders are also starting to praise Xing Jue. Apparently, Xing Jue can suppress Wu Jun to that degree. It’s extremely comfortable for their heart.
“D*mn! Who is this kid? The Cultivation Technique that he practiced fiercely than Wu Jun.” Compared with Hidden Medicine Mountain Village lead character, that Netherworld Palace black hair elder, extremely unhappy said.
“Bang” “Bang”
And two explosion sounds resound, a distressed figure surge out from the thick smoke, Wu Jun came out from the smoke. Under Xing Jue attacked, Wu Jun consumption is growing. Therefore his speed becomes slower, apparently he unable to keep up with Xing Jue speed. At this moment he is in an awkward situation, even his clothes also distinguished under that explosion, he appears somewhat worn-out.
“What’s wrong? Can’t do this? Doesn’t have any strength?” Xing Jue calmly smiled, he slowly walked toward Wu Jun who breathe heavily.
“D*mn! You courts death!” Saw Xing Jue calm smiled, Wu Jun is angry, he found out that when he and Xing Jue fought, he just toyed with him, and he never gets the upper hand, from the beginning he already toyed by Xing Jue.
Initially, although he chases after Xing Jue to hit him, Xing Jue easily dodges. However, after they switch and he became chase, he in a difficult situation, with his arrogant temperament, how can he bear it, moreover, at this time ten thousand people are watching.
Suddenly, Wu Jun right fist tightly grips, round after round tyrannical silver-white Qi encircled his hand. Finally, his right fist turns into a silver-white glove, and that glove continuously sends out dazzling rays of light, Xing Jue can feel a terrifying aura from that glove.
“Earth Rank Preliminary level Martial Skill” Saw Wu Jun’s hand sparkling with bright silver-white glove light, Xing Jue shockingly said. At the same time, he started to admire Wu Jun status in Netherworld Palace, this guy not only learned Earth Rank Cultivation Technique but also learned Earth Rank Preliminary Martial Skill, obviously, he is the focus of trained.
“Under this state, this boy dare to use this move.” When saw Wu Jun use this move, that Netherworld Palace elder worriedly said. However, his face praisely smiled, Because he felt that it was right for Wu Jun to displayed this move now, it is also his only opportunity.
At this time, round and round of black smoke once again wrapped Wu Jun body, this is Wu Jun movement Martial Skill.
Saw that Wu Jun once again use movement Martial Skill, Xing Jue knew that this kid is dangerous.
He immediately thought to move. Then he uses Storm Wind Technique, his right fist grip. Then tyrannical black Qi from his fist surge out, and under everyone shocking eyes it condensed into a long black sword. That long sword appearance just like black Qi flame, constantly burnt. And it’s terrifying aura not weaker than that glove.

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