War God Asura

Chapter: 59

Heavenly ThunderSymbol
At the center of Netherworld Empire, there is an extremely ancient mountain. It is already over ten thousand years. Everywhere in the mountain were big ancient trees, different strange flowers, and grasses, as well as some aggressive Demon Beast.
At this moment inside the mountain, a white figure running in extremely fast speed, and behind him, two black figures are following him.
“D*mn! This boy run really fast, this kind of method can’t go on.” That Netherworld Place black hair elder anxiously said.
At first, he thought that with their speeds, they could quickly catch up with Xing Jue. But after entering the mountain, they found out that they made a mistake, not only Xing Jue speed is unusually fast, and also very cunning, they are unable to determine the direction where he escapes, they can only pursue Xing Jue aura.
“Humph! Two stupid old man.” Xing Jue coldly snorts and mockingly said. With a keen Soul Power, Xing Jue can accurately feel that two Netherworld Palace elders location and Xing Jue can also hear the words that they said.
Therefore, Xing Jue relying upon “Soul Devouring Secret Art” strong Cultivation Technique, plus with this, he can sense their Soul Power position, it can be say that Xing Jue plays with this two elder to running around in circles.
However, this kind of method can’t work. Although Xing Jue have Soul Devouring Secret Art, and his Martial Qi ten times deeper than ordinary people, but if he frequently used Storm Wind Technique, his Martial Qi spending rate also extremely fast. If he kept go on like this, his Martial Qi can’t hold for one day. Xing Jue can’t even withstand for half a day.
“Brother, let’s use that move” after pondering for a moment, that white hair elder said. And after heard that white hair elder words, the black hair elder nods in agreement. Immediately this two people both palms are face to face, a white gas then envelope their body. Meanwhile, their aura also disappears.
“En? Too bad” Naturally Xing Jue heard that white hair elder spoke, but what made Xing Jue shock was, after that white hair elder voice fall, he could not feel that two people aura.
Previously Xing Jue can keep distance with them for a long time, because of Storm Wind Technique speed and his sharp Soul Power. But when he can’t feel this two people positions, Xing Jue starts to tense up, however at this moment he unable to do anything, Xing Jue can only use all of his energy to run away toward the mountain.
Deep in the mountain, a figure rapidly passing by, a large group of birds startled and flying to the sky. This figure is Xing Jue.
Xing Jue already ran away in this mountain for half a day. After a half-day run in high speed, Xing Jue’s Martial strength unable to endure, as the result Xing Jue speed became slower than before.
Therefore at this moment, Xing Jue panicked, because he can’t feel that two elder aura, Xing Jue didn’t know when this two guys, will suddenly appear in front of his body, to give him a sneak attack.
„Buzz humming sound”
Indeed what he afraid of came, at this time, two black flywheels appeared in front of Xing Jue, with a strong wind, and a loud sound, incredibly fast flying toward Xing Jue.
“D*mn!” Saw that extremely fast flywheel, Xing Jue loudly cursed. However at this time, he didn’t have enough time think, the only thing he can do is dodge. But when Xing Jue just got away from that two flywheels, behind it there were two extremely fast flywheels.
This time Xing Jue already raise high in the air, and it just impossible for him to dodge, in desperation, Xing Jue stretch out both of his palms, two bright light then rapidly condensation in both of his palm.
“Biting Wind Palm” Along with violent shout, Xing Jue palm prints attack toward that two flywheels.
“Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang”
With four explosion sounds, Xing Jue’s sorry figure fall on to thick tree trunk, and two figure flashed around Xing Jue side, surrounded Xing Jue all escape route. These figures are that Netherworld Palace black hair elder, and white hair elder.
“Boy, didn’t you excellent at run away? Why not run? Why didn’t you f*cking run now?” Finally, he catch Xing Jue, that black hair elder breathes heavily, angrily cursed.
In fact, he and that white hair elder used a unique Martial Skill, can completely hide their aura, so others didn’t become aware of them. However this Martial Skill, it’s fine to walk normally, but if in extremely fast running, it will consume a lot of Martial strength. Therefore at this moment, this two people are in too much consumption conditions.
“You make me run away, if I am not stubbornly run away, you two Netherworld Palace elders, team up to bully an Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, if this matter spread out are you not afraid to be laughed.”Xing Jue curled his lip, said it without fear. During the talked Xing Jue deliberately told them about his status as Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, for a little bit hope.
“Imperial Wind Pavilion? So it turns out, you are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, no wonder, but we didn’t afraid your Imperial Wind Pavilion.” But after heard Xing Jue words, that black hair elder unexpectedly disdainly laughed.
He already guessed that Xing Jue have a formidable influence behind him, but since today he wants to kill Xing Jue, so he already prepare for this, as long as he kills Xing Jue, no one will know that they are the murderer.
“Attack!” After laughing, that black hair elder suddenly shouted, between the talked his figure quickly move toward Xing Jue, that white hair elder also incredibly fast move toward Xing Jue.
Facing two extremely fast Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign move toward him, Xing Jue knew, that no matter how he wants to run away, he still can’t escape, if he can’t run away, without a doubt he will die. Think about this, Xing Jue makes an effort to tiptoe, then once again run away.
“Humph! Did you think that you can run away?” Sees Xing Jue want to run away once again, that two people figure turn, and extremely fast chase after Xing Jue, in this distance, they can catch Xing Jue.
However when he saw that two people getting more and closer, Xing Jue suddenly sneer, according to Xing Jue current strength, must continue to escape, but fortunately, Xing Jue had a trump card in his hand, which was the Heavenly Thunder Symbol.
Previously Xing Jue didn’t use Heavenly Thunder Symbol, that is because he waits until the right time, although Heavenly Thunder Symbol power is powerful, but if it didn’t hit, it would be a waste. Therefore, Xing Jue waiting for an opportunity, and now, is the best chance.
At this moment the two people who spend a lot of time chasing Xing Jue, already angry to the extreme and irrational. Therefore this is also the best time for Xing Jue to act. Saw that two people quickly approach him, Xing Jue sleeve suddenly wave, a sparkling thunder and lightning of Heavenly Thunder Symbol incredibly fast move toward that two elders.
“Terrible” Saw that Heavenly Thunder Symbol that incredibly fast flies toward them, that black hair elder anxiously shouted, because he can feel the terrifying energy that Heavenly Thunder Symbol contained, but in this situation, they are unable to dodge, finally that black hair elder made a ruthless decision.
Suddenly the black hair elder grabs that white hair elder at his side, and drag him to the front of his body, and hit that white hair elder back, with the aid of this formidable hit, it cause his body fall back at high speed.
Naturally, that white hair elder didn’t expect that black hair elder makes him as a shield, but when he want to react, it’s already too late, that black hair elder heavy palm, in extremely fast speed directly hit him, finally, bump into that extremely fast Heavenly Thunder Symbol.
“Rumble” Accompanied with a loud roar, the Heavenly Thunder Symbol hit that white hair elder. in a flash, it sends out a great dazzling lightning, the lightning similar to a silver snake that fills the sky, extremely fast spreads, finally changes into a huge thunder net, wrapped that white hair elder in it, and under the continuous bombardment of that thunder, that white hair elder instantly annihilated.
“What a terrifying spell” Saw that scary thunder net, that black hair elder who luckily escaped, feel a bit scared, if he does not catch and use his brother to act as the scapegoat, perhaps he already dies in that thunder net.
“Old b*stard, you are so cruel” Xing Jue didn’t think that black hair elder will use his same side as the scapegoat. He immediately feels more despise toward that black hair elder character.
“Boy, you kills my brother, watch this old man tear you” After that thunder net gradually dissipated, that black hair elder fiercely said toward Xing Jue.
“Oh oh oh, now you want to shift the blame to me? That spell, I only use it for fun. Obviously, you are the one who pushed your brother toward that spell, did you still have the nerve to talk about it?” After Xing Jue heard that black hair elder words, he curled his lip and mockingly said.
“Young brother, I let you assume whatever you want, this old man will seal your foul-mouth first.” In the war of words, naturally that black hair elder not Xing Jue opponent, his both eyes stared, coldly said toward Xing Jue. Immediately both of his palm stretch out, then prepares to attack Xing Jue.
“If you didn’t feel afraid my Heavenly Thunder Symbol, you can come and try” Xing Jue slightly smile, didn’t care said.
After heard Xing Jue words, that black hair elder suddenly stopped his body, he just experienced the might of Xing Jue’s Heavenly Thunder Symbol. Let alone him, even Martial God powerhouse hit by that Heavenly Thunder Symbol, will be a disaster. Therefore right now he was afraid to that Heavenly Thunder Symbol.
“Boy, if you have it, you better take it out, this old man didn’t afraid of you.” After pondering for a moment, that black hair elder suddenly laughs and said. Because he guessed that Xing Jue, absolutely did not have that Heavenly Thunder Symbol, if Xing Jue still has that powerful Heavenly Thunder Symbol, naturally he can’t escape, he already crazily lost to him. Therefore he predicted that Xing Jue did not have Heavenly Thunder Symbol.
“All right, correct, it already guessed by you, but even if I didn’t have Heavenly Thunder Symbol, I still could kill you.” Xing Jue suddenly smiled and slowly said. During the conversation Xing Jue sleeve waved, a strong fragrant pill the “Change into Dragon Pill” throw into Xing Jue mouth.
And after “Change into Dragon Pill” get into his mouth, Xing Jue strength instantly start to rise, finally broke through Martial Ancestor, and reach Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign level.

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