War God Asura

Chapter: 60

There is Enemy Come to Attack
“Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign? How can it be?” Saw Xing Jue strength in an instant enhance into Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign level, that black hair elder extremely shocked said.
“Old fool, accept your death” After his strength enhanced to Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, he loudly shouted, his right-hand grip that Cut Soul Sword instantly condensed. His figures immediately moved, and change into a black line, moved toward that black hair elder.
According to what Zhao Liang said, this Change into Dragon Pill have a time limit, and after he reach that limit time, the great power that already obtained will instantly dissipate. Therefore Xing Jue must quickly get the fight done.
“Humph! You used a dishonest method, so what your strength enhanced to Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign? Do you think that you can compete with this old man! This old man will let you knew the gap between rank.” Saw Xing Jue moved toward him that black hair elder didn’t feel afraid. He loudly shouted, two black flywheels condensed in his both palm, then immediately throw it toward Xing Jue.
Facing that extremely fast flywheel, Xing Jue slightly trembled, and then quickly dodge. And just now, Xing Jue came in front of that black hair elder body, then raised the Cut Soul Sword in his hand, and then ruthlessly cut that black hair elder.
“Humph!” Facing that incredibly fast Cut Soul Sword, the black hair elder coldly shouted, his figure moved, and then fly backward. He already saw Xing Jue’s Cut Soul Sword might, even his Netherworld Palace “Death Glove” not its opponent. Besides he didn’t learn Death Glove, after all, that kind of Martial Skill, only the most prominent disciple had the qualification to practice it. Therefore he wasn’t able to withstand Cut Soul Sword.
So when Xing Jue used Cut Soul Sword, the only thing he can do is dodge, actually he already saw that Xing Jue use medicine pill to enhanced his strength, he also knew that there is a time limit for this kind of instant power.
Therefore at this time, he wanted to stall for a time, as long as the strength that Xing Jue got dissipated, then he can quickly kill Xing Jue, after all, the gap between their rank is huge, at that time his powerful Martial Skill is useless.
Saw that black hair elder dodge, Xing Jue sneer, how could Xing Jue unable to guess what that black hair elder thinking. Therefore earlier Xing Jue already prepared the countermove, and he will not give him any chance.
Xing Jue right hand tightly grip Cut Soul Sword, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi continuously pour into that Cut Soul Sword. With a lot of Martial Qi pour, Cut Soul Sword send out dazzling black rays of light. Black rays of light sparkle as if it swallowed the surrounding air, look incredibly terrifying.
“Cut Soul Sword second level, Sword Qi” After black rays of light appeared, Xing Jue loudly shouted, he waved Cut Soul Sword in his hand, then from that Cut Soul Sword a three-foot black sword Qi rush out. That black sword Qi appears like a bloodthirsty devil, and it sent out a burst frightened roar sound, finally moved toward that fall back black hair elder.
“How can it be?” Saw that incredibly fast moved black sword Qi, the black hair elder shouted not right. Because right now he felt a terrifying strength from that Cut Soul Sword main body. But at this time faced with extremely fast sword Qi, he didn’t have any chance, from that distance, he merely in a dead end.
“Boy, tomorrow you won’t be alive” Facing this life and dead situation, that black hair elder crazily shouted, then a Communication Talisman in his hand appeared and crushed it, before that black sword Qi moved toward him.
“Puchi” Without hindrance, that black sword Qi moved across that black hair elder body, it didn’t send out an explosion sound, but a muffled sound, just like sword gently touch the lake water.
But this is the sound the sword Qi touch the blood, after the sword Qi hit, that black hair elder body cut into two, and finally fell into the jungle.
“Did I finally made it?” Xing Jue weakly falls on the tree trunk, somewhat difficultly said, at this moment Xing Jue mouth breath heavily, the big sweat on his forehead slowly flowed on his handsome face. And Xing Jue aura also restored to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor level.
Just now when he use that “Sword Qi” really exhausted, if Xing Jue didn’t quickly consume that Change into Dragon Pill, it was impossible for him to use that move.
“Ah… Sure enough, the side effects so great.” Xing Jue exhausted sat down on the ground. This was his first time use Cut Soul Sword the Sword Qi, previously because his rank was insufficient, he didn’t dare to use it.
But today he finally memorized how to use sword Qi, but Xing Jue finally understood, why Cut Soul Sword practice method warn that he wasn’t allowed to use it, if his strength didn’t reach Martial Sovereign, because it creates a backlash.
After resting for a while, Xing Jue’s body get much better, after his body recovered a little bit, Xing Jue didn’t stay here any longer and searched for a secret cave in this mountain.
After entering the cave, then Xing Jue quickly summoned Xiao Qian from Storage Bracelet. However, after he summons Xiao Qian, Xing Jue face instantly become tense up, because at this time Xiao Qian looked pale, her body is in weak condition.
“Master, give that two Netherworld Palace elder to Xiao Qian!” After Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue, she forced her smile, said to Xing Jue, and try to get up.
“Xiao Qian, don’t move, I already clean up that two old b*stard.” Xing Jue quickly supports Xiao Qian arm and said with a smiled.
“Really?” However after Xiao Qian heard Xing Jue words, apparently somewhat surprised, then she immediately observed the surrounding and found out that she didn’t discover that two elders, then felt relieved.
“Xiao Qian, what happened with your body?” Xing Jue asked the question with some worried. Logically speaking Xiao Qian already took the Gathering Soul Pill, even if it haven’t completely absorbed, her body should get better, how could she become so weak.
“Master, this is because Master’s Storage Bracelet rank is too low, not only there is no trace of Martial Qi in your Storage Bracelet, even the air also does not exist, although I took Gathering Soul Pill, but I unable to refined it, so it caused a backlash.” Xiao Qian bitterly smiles and said.
“What? Unexpectedly there is this kind of matter.” Xing Jue opens his mouth, didn’t know what to said. Because he didn’t know all of this issue when he listens to Xiao Qian request to take her into his Storage Bracelet. Xing Jue thinks that his bangle can put a living person, therefore according to what Xiao Qian said, but he never thought, because of this low-quality Storage Bracelet, he almost killed Xiao Qian.
“Hehe, master, your Storage Bracelet level is too low, just use mine.” Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue blank expression, charmingly smiled, then give Xing Jue Storage Bracelet on her hand.
“How can I accept this?” Xing Jue embarrassingly said.
“Master, this my Storage Bracelet is given by Soul Devouring Clan, now I should give it back to master, moreover, Xiao Qian didn’t have any precious things to keep, now master can use it.” Saw that Xing Jue does not want to receive her good intention, then quickly said.
“E.., all right. Oh, can this Storage Bracelet keep living person?” After Xing Jue had accepted the Storage Bracelet, he said with a smile. Now he is quite sensitive about this question.
“Yes, my Storage Bracelet can absorb Martial Qi, it has enough Martial Qi and air, it formed a different space, and can live inside it.” Xiao Qian replied with a smile.
Xiao Qian’s Storage Bracelet, considered as a high-grade item, compared with Xing Jue’s worn thing, don’t know how many times better.
“HaHa, this is a treasure.” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue felt excited saw that brilliant shining Storage Bracelet, after study it properly, he excitedly wear it on his hand. Xiao Qian is smiling, she takes Xing Jue useless thing and wears it above her white hands.
Afterward, Xing Jue takes out some food from his Storage Bracelet and eat the food with Xiao Qian. This food was prepared for the time he practices Soul Devouring Secret Art after eating the food, Xiao Qian then started to refine the Gathering Soul Pill in her body. And this requires some time.
In order not to disturb Xiao Qian refine Gathering Soul Pill, Xing Jue comes out the cave, when he came out, Xing Jue found out that at this moment the sky already dark, looking at the starry sky. Xing Jue climbs a tall tree, leaning against that thick trunk, enjoying the beautiful night.
“Xiaohan, What are you doing right now?” Looking at the night sky, that big bright moon, Xing Jue muttered. Unaware, it already several months Xing Jue leave Imperial Wind Pavilion, Xing Jue misses his lovely Xiaohan.
Looked at the starry sky, with a deep yearning, Xing Jue’s eyelids start to get heavy and finally fall asleep on that tree.
However, Xing Jue didn’t know that at this moment an extremely dangerous man, is tracking his residual aura to search for him. And that was because before the black hair elder dies, he called people to came.
Actually, at this time to deal with Xing Jue, Netherworld Palace deliberately sent a powerful inner court elder that already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.
However the black hair elder thought that to deal with Xing Jue, he and white hair elder already enough. Therefore that powerful Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign elder didn’t follow them.
Rather rest in a nearby Netherworld Palace base, but this afternoon, the Communication Talisman that he left for black hair elder suddenly broken. Therefore he realizes that there is something wrong, and then he quickly follows their trail.
Although the aura that Xing Jue left behind is tough to find, but after carefully tracing for a night, he finally found out Xing Jue location, and extremely fast moved toward the cave location.
At this time, in the Mountain the night already replaced by the morning light, the small animal in the mountain start to search for food, even at the deep place Demon Beasts start to howling.
“Ah, that’s amazing.” Xing Jue lies down on the tree trunk, he lazily stretched his body, and then looked at not far away cave where Xiao Qian was, muttered: “In a few more hours, Xiao Qian should be successful.”
When he think Xiao Qian injury completely recover, Xing Jue heart feels happy. After all, because of him Xiao Qian heavily injured, and only after Xiao Qian heals, Xing Jue will feel positive to start practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.
“Someone is here.” Certainly, at this moment, Xing Jue was surprised, because he felt an intimidating aura, continuously move toward this location.
“Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign?” After released his Soul Power, Xing Jue probe what level the powerhouse who extremely fast move toward his location.
However, at this moment Xing Jue not too nervous because right now there are two guesses in Xing Jue mind. One this is the powerhouse who Hidden Medicine Mountain Village sent, and another one is Netherworld Palace sent, if he/she is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village person, naturally it’s okay, but if he/she is Netherworld Palace person, that would be bad.
Now Xiao Qian is refining that Gathering Soul Pill, absolutely cannot be disturb, if, at this time she is disturbed, she probably will have a backlash. Therefore Xing Jue decided, that no matter who is coming, he must go to stop him/she, even if Netherworld Palace person, he cannot let him disturb Xiao Qian.
Think about it. Xing Jue figure moved toward that extremely fast move aura.

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