War God Asura

Chapter: 61

Critical Moment
Deep in the jungle of Ancient Mountain, a middle-aged man run at extremely fast speed. His speed comparable with Xing Jue Storm Wind Technique, he is a man with a long black hair with a square shape face, a pair of thick eyebrows and big eyes. However, his eyes send out a thick murderous aura, and this is Netherworld Palace elder who tracks down Xing Jue trail last night.
Xing Jue killed his two Netherworld Palace elders, actually for him it’s nothing. However, he is the head of this mission, when he returns to Netherworld Palace, unavoidably he will receive reprimanding. Therefore, at this moment he is furious. After a night searching, he finally found out Xing Jue location. Therefore at this time, his speed rises to the peak.
“Weng wengweng”
But just then, two rays of light suddenly appear in front of him, after closer look unexpectedly it were two powerful shining palm prints coming toward his direction.
“Humph!” However facing this two shining palm print, Netherworld Palace elder coldly snorts. He didn’t dodge, his right palm tightly grips, and rays of light charge into his fist, there was a loud bang, that two shining palm print were smashed to pieces.
“Get out!” After smashed that shining palm print, that man no longer moving forward but stands face toward that location where the powerful light was shot.
“Ai.., indeed Netherworld Palace stray dog nose is useful.” After the man yell, suddenly a young figure came out from the thick grass and jumped into a tall tree trunk. Naturally, it is Xing Jue.
In the end, Xing Jue wanted to take a look who is come to look for them, but after approaching this person, Xing Jue felt a strong murderous aura that he sent out. Therefore Xing Jue sure that this guy must be Netherworld Palace person, to prevent him approached the cave. Xing Jue chooses to attack him.
“Boy, did you killed my two Netherworld Palace elders?” After that man sizing up Xing Jue, he coldly said.
“So what?” Xing June faintly smiled, and say it without fear. Xing Jue knows that even he said “no” that man will not believe him because he is tracking his aura and came. Therefore he directly lay his cards on the table, in a confident manner.
“Good good good, you are a brave boy, you know that I was tracking you, so why you didn’t escape, instead dare to show up, are you seriously not afraid of death?” But this man didn’t quickly attack Xing Jue but asked with a smile.
“Afraid of death? There are no that two words In my dictionary” Xing Jue take a glance at him and sneer.
“Oh, in that case, I’d like to see, In the end, are you afraid of death or not, or pretending not to fear death.” After heard Xing Jue words, that man instantly retrieved his smile and coldly said.
His right fist immediately grips, and punches it against Xing Jue. However, this seems like an ordinary fist, sent out a powerful Martial Qi, and it is not weaker than Xing Jue’s Biting Wind Palm.
“Biting Wind Palm” Naturally Xing Jue felt this fierce Martial Qi, so he does not dare to be careless.
“Bang” That shining palm print collided with Martial Qi, and sent out energy ripples. Saw the energy ripple that incredibly fast spread out, Xing Jue felt admire toward Martial Sovereign strength. Unexpectedly an ordinary hit can defeat his Biting Wind Palm. This is the gap between ranks.
But at this time, Xing Jue found out that man suddenly disappears, and at the same time, a formidable strength approaching from behind him. Does not need to say, it must be that man.
“Humph!” Xing Jue coldly snorts, his figure jump, and leaving his previous position, at the same time, his body turn, and once again released that two shining palm print. At this moment, Xing Jue found out, that man standing at the place where he just stood, and he mockingly smiles.
“Bang” With a loud sound, unexpectedly Xing Jue successfully hit that man body, saw that thick smoke in front of him, Xing Jue feels happy. Just when the thick smoke dispersed, that man jumps out from that thick smoke, and punch Xing Jue.
But facing that incredibly fast man, Xing Jue expression change, because, in this distance, Xing Jue unable to dodge that man attack, even continuously avoid are impossible.
“Bang” A muffled sound, that man fist hit Xing Jue’s chest, and Xing Jue felt suffocated, a fresh blood from inside his body, finally sprayed from his mouth.
One strike hit. Xing Jue like a broken kite, after flying in the air for a few meters, then fall on the ground.
“D*mn is this the strength of Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.” After Xing Jue falls to the ground, he once again sprouts a mouthful blood and felt somewhat hard to believe said.
No matter what, Xing Jue felt hard to believe that man is so strong, unexpectedly he uses his body to dodge Xing Jue’s two Biting Wind Palm attack. And just now from his punch Xing Jue able to sense how powerful it’s strength if at that time he didn’t use Martial Qi to protect his chest, perhaps Xing Jue unable to stand up again.
“What’s wrong? Didn’t you just now felt very awesome? Where did that go?” That man slowly walked toward Xing Jue, while mockingly laugh.
Saw that man who slowly walked toward him, Xing Jue didn’t answer, he quickly use the soul in his body, and use soul healing, with the Soul power that continuously nourishing, the pain in Xing Jue chest start to slow down, and after a while, his body gradually get better. Xing Jue slightly grips his right palm, and ready to use Cut Soul Sword anytime, to launch surprise attack toward him.
“Quiver quiver quiver, can’t even say the words? To be able killed my two intermediary Martial Sovereign elders, I thought that you are powerful, but actually, you are trash.” That middle-aged man mockingly said. But at this time when he is approaching Xing Jue, he slowly lifts his right fist, and ready to kill Xing Jue.
But when the man approach, Xing Jue sneer, and think to moved, he use Storm Wind Technique, at the same time, the Cut Soul Sword incredibly fast condense and formed in his right hand, and after completed this move, he flashes.
When that man found out, he knew that there is something wrong. The Cut Soul Sword in Xing Jue’s hand, brought waves of strong winds and cut toward him, look at the incredibly fast Cut Soul Sword, the man became nervous.
His previous arrogant manner dissipated, however, that man’s response also extremely quick, after he found out there is something wrong, he quickly dodges to the back, and his body started to fill with black smoke, after the black smoke diffuse, his speed extremely fast grow.
“Humph! As expected you are also using movement Martial Skill.” Xing Jue saw that man body covered with black smoke, coldly said. Previously when that man sneak attacked Xing Jue, his speed fast, at that time Xing Jue already suspected that this man must be use movement Martial Skill, and it is indeed as Xing Jue suspected.
However, when he saw that man unexpectedly dodge Cut Soul Sword, Xing Jue face became ruthless. Xing Jue right hand tightly grip Cut Soul Sword, then Martial Qi incredibly fast pours into Cut Soul Sword, and along with Martial Qi that continuously flowing, that Cut Soul Sword send out black rays of light.
“Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi” with a loud shouted, Xing Jue make an effort to wield that black sword Qi, and then extremely fast move toward that man.
Facing that fast Sword Qi, that man almost unable to dodge, he also felt that Sword Qi is terrifying. He immediately stretches out both of his hand, and after both of his palm stretch out, from the center of his palm a layer of transparent crystal appeared, finally wrapped his whole body, formed a crystal shield. Previously when that black hair Netherworld Palace elder rescued that stuttering disciple, he used that defense Martial Skill.
“Weng weng weng…”
After the Black Sword Qi had hit that transparent shield, it makes a loud roar, at the same time a tyrannical energy ripples incredibly fast spread out, this energy ripples blow outXing Jue very far away, then fall on the ground.
Although he successfully blocks that black sword Qi. However, the black sword Qi light didn’t dissipate and consistently crushed that crystal shield. Then that shield starts to send out a loud friction sound, and continuously send out a dazzling spark.
That black sword Qi gradually starts to shrink, however, that crystal shield finally dissipated, and that Black Sword Qi ruthlessly strikes that man body.
Only this time, that black sword Qi didn’t directly kill that man like it killed that black hair elder, but only cut that man body, and sent out a muffled sound, and then that man spout a mouthful blood, and flew backward, finally fell into the jungle.
“Succeed?” Xing Jue saw that man extremely fast fly, and finally, fall in the jungle uncertainly said. He didn’t know if his attacked successfully killed that man or not.
“Puchi” Xing Jue once again spout a mouthful of blood, and weakly slumped on the ground. Right now Xing Jue face pale like a white paper, his inner part body is in a mess, he only felt that his entire body will explode, the piercing pain spread to Xing Jue whole body, and this is the consequence of using Sword Qi forcefully.
In this state, Xing Jue unable to use his soul, the only thing he can do is waited for this painful feeling gradually dissipated.
“Boy, what a good method.” But just then, the voice that Xing Jue didn’t want to hear the most suddenly sounded. Xing Jue turn his head with a great effort, and not far from his vision, that middle-aged Netherworld Palace elder slowly walked toward him.
At this time that middle-aged man also appears in embarrassing state, more than half cloth on his body broke to pieces, and there is a deep scar on his chest and blood continuously flow out. Naturally, it was because of Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi.
At this moment, that man limply walked toward Xing Jue, his murderous aura extremely thick. As an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, unexpectedly ended in this embarrassing situation, and almost lost his life to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, how can he not be angry.
However, when he looked that man who slowly comes toward him, Xing Jue unable to resist, because at this time his body unable to move, he can only helplessly looks that man step by step came toward him.
One step, two steps, three steps, every step make a heavy sound, just like the god of death, at this moment that man hand is cover with a silver-white glove, that is Netherworld Palace Earth Rank Martial Skill “Death Glove”.
He must give the cruelest strike toward Xing Jue. He won’t give Xing Jue any chance to turn it over. His goal is very clear that he must kill Xing Jue.
“Pfft” with a sound of heavy footsteps that man finally came at the front of Xing Jue body, Xing Jue see that inside that man hand is sparkle with dazzling rays of light silver-white glove, Xing Jue mockingly smiled.
“Boy, go to hell!” Saw that at this time Xing Jue unexpectedly smile, that man angrily shouted, he immediately raise the death glove in his hand, then ruthlessly hit toward Xing Jue head, he wanted to smash Xing Jue like watermelon, it is the only way to eliminated his hatred toward Xing Jue.
“Court death” But just then at this moment, a powerful female voice resound, at the same time, the tyrannical Martial Qi move toward that man, that glove in his hand to fall and finally struck to fly by that brutal strength.
At once, that man falls on the ground and helplessly tries to get up. While he surprisingly found out, at this moment an enchanting outstanding beautiful woman wear a black skirt, slowly falling from the sky, and finally land at Xing Jue side.
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