War God Asura

Chapter: 62

Vice Palace Hall Master
The one who comes exactly was the person who refining Gathering Soul Pill “Xiao Qian”.
“Martial God?” Saw Xiao Qian landing on Xing Jue side, that middle-aged man surprisely said, because he can feel powerful pressure from Xiao Qian. The person who can give him an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign this powerful pressure, only Martial God who above him can do that.
“I am Netherworld Palace Inner Court elder, didn’t know who your excellency is, why did you attack without reason.” That man reaction not slow, he was aware that he couldn’t afford to provoke Xiao Qian, he quickly received his shocked expression, and respectfully said.
“Master, are you okay?” However, Xiao Qian didn’t look at him but quickly bend down. She lifted Xing Jue who was lying on the ground, concern said.
“Did your strength recovered?” Xing Jue sat next to the tree, looked at Xiao Qian and said with a smile. Although at this moment he is severely injured, but after watched Xiao Qian rosy face, Xing Jue guessed that Xiao Qian should be successful.
“Yes, master rest assured, I will take care of his life.” Naturally, Xiao Qing knew, to prevent this man disturbed her refined Gathering Soul Pill, Xing Jue received this multiple injured.
As a servant, her master treats her so good, Xiao Qian incredibly touches, after helped Xing Jue to sit up, she smiled toward Xing Jue and said. But she gives a murderous look, toward that man.
“Er… My uncle is Netherworld Palace vice-palace master, if you dare to kill me, he will not let you go.” That man saw that Xiao Qian unexpectedly so affection toward Xing Jue, and she also called Xing Jue master. Naturally, he also felt that their relationships are unusual, especially when he felt that Xiao Qian looked at him with murderous aura, he became anxious and quickly said.
“Netherworld Palace? Compared with the identity of my master, simply worst than s*it.” After heard that man words, Xiao Qian sneer. She slowly walked toward that man.
“You..” At first, he wanted to use his special status to scare Xiao Qian, but unexpectedly the other party didn’t pay any attention to his status, saw that Xiao Qian steadily walked toward him, that man getting more and more scared, he turn around and run away toward that deep jungle.
“Humph! Want to go” Saw that man run away, Xiao Qian coldly snorts, immediately she raise her right hand, her palm grip, a red light cover her palm, at the same time powerful strengths suck in, and under this formidable suction, that man figure incredibly fast moved backward.
Saw his figure start to move back, that man incredibly panic, he clenched his teeth, his right fist grip, the death glove condensed in his hand, want the fight to the death with Xiao Qian, but he didn’t want to get closer to Xiao Qian.
Xiao Qian sleeve wave, then a tyrannical Martial Qi surge out from her sleeve and severely hit his chest.
“Puchi” After hit by Xiao Qian Martial Qi, that man sprayed a mouthful blood, and death glove in his hand instantly dissipated, at this time, that man body sucked by red rays of light in Xiao Qian hand. Xiao Qian palm stretch forward, an invisible wave, starts to proliferate in her palm, and then lightly touch that man’s chest.
“Ah ah ah ah” However that light touch, instantly make that man painfully yell, it’s like he can’t withstand that extreme pain, actually Xiao Qian’s palm is Earth Rank Martial Skill, it’s might is terrifying.
If that attack hit a person, that person appearance won’t have a significant change, but inside his body will suffer a serious injury, at this moment, that man internal organ suffered from this deathly blow, it starts to split up his internal organs, even his muscle begins to break apart.
“Puff” That man weakly fall on the ground, his body twitch. At this moment he looked at Xiao Qian with hatred because he knew, that right now he is in half dead situation. However, he didn’t have the ability to counterattack Xiao Qian attack.
Look at that man hatred eyes, Xiao Qian charmingly smiled, her right palm once again wave, and then powerful strength spread out from her palm again. Saw Xiao Qian palm once again stretch forward, the sweat on that man forehead, instantly flow out, then loudly shouted: “If you dare, kill me.”
However, regarding his shouted, Xiao Qian ignore him, and show a faint smile, then once again lightly pat that man body.
“Xiao Qian, kill him!” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly open his mouth, from what he saw, Xiao Qian used an extremely cruel method to make that man suffer, he knew that Xiao Qian was venting her anger, but Xing Jue didn’t like Xiao Qian act this way.
“Yes” However, after heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian figure stopped, then said. During the talked her right palm grip, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast condense and make a terrifying strength enough to kill that man.
“Ha ha ha, kill me, you will be buried with me.” Sense the terrifying strength from Xiao Qian first, that man crazily yells, his palm immediately stretches forward, a sparkling spell appeared.
After saw the spell in his hand, Xiao Qian also surprised, without hesitation her right fist wave and ruthlessly smashed toward that man chest. However, it was too late, when that man hit by Xiao Qian, that man already broke that spell.
“Bang” A strike hit that man chest, his inward immediately hollow, finally make a deep pit, his face of look pale did not have any life force.
After killed that man, Xiao Qian quickly helped Xing Jue to get up, then softly said: “Master, just now that man broke the Communication Talisman, I didn’t know what kind of person who will come this time, we better quickly leave here.”
After finish said that words, didn’t wait for Xing Jue answer, Xiao Qian figure incredibly fast moves toward the deep of mountain.
Meanwhile, inside Netherworld Palace main hall, a middle-aged man with black hair, closed both of his eyes, leisurely lying on a giant dragon chair. This man’s appearance was somewhat similar to that elder who previously killed by Xiao Qian. At this moment besides this man, there are two beautiful and flirtatious woman sits and massage his body.
And in front of these beautiful women, there is a woman who continuously sends fresh fruit into his mouth. This black hair man enjoying himself, tasting the delicious fruit, once for a while he caresses that attractive female body with his hand, this is Netherworld Palace vice-palace hall master, that middle-aged man’s uncle, don’t look that his appearance is so young, he is hundred years old monster.
At this time, a young Netherworld Palace elder, suddenly runs in a hurry, came in and fell on his knees, and panicky said: “Palace master, not good.”
“What happen didn’t you know not to disturb me at this time?” This palace master glanced at that elder, unhappily said. He hates if someone bothers his rest.
“Report… Report to palace master, your inner court relative elder’s Communication Talisman broken.” Saw that vice-palace main elder unhappy, this elder become tense, but clenched teeth and said, because if this matter didn’t quickly report, perhaps his fate will be even more worst.
“What did you say?” As expected, after hearing that nameless elder words, this palace master suddenly sit up, his manner also becomes tense up.
“Where is that Communication Talisman last recorded?” That vice-palace hall master continues to ask. That inner court elder is his biological nephew, and he gift that Communication Talisman, use it to keep his life, if didn’t meet the deadly moment, he will not break that Communication Talisman. But unexpectedly that Communication Talisman was broke, it explained that there is something happened with his nephew.
“Report to palace master, at the surrounding of ancient mountain, southeast location” That elder quickly said.
After that Netherworld Palace elder voice fall, that palace master figure moved, quickly run like thunder, burst out from this main hall.
At this moment at surrounding ancient times mountain, Xiao Qian holding Xing Jue’s arm, incredibly fast moved toward the deep mountain, she previously heard what that man said, that his uncle was Netherworld Palace vice-palace master. Netherworld Palace is one of four big power in this eastern Sky Martial Continent, even vice-palace master also one of top character in these three big empires.
Regarding that kind of character, Xiao Qian is not his opponent. As long as that person turn his palm, he can easily hit Xiao Qian and Xing Jue to death. Although what that middle-aged man said might be a lie, but if it’s true, this time Xiao Qian and Xing Jue this time, can be considered provoked a terrifying existence.
Therefore at this moment, Xiao Qian didn’t dare to be relaxed, she quickly hides her aura and incredibly fast escaped, leave the location where that Communication Talisman broke, the farther, the safer.
“Terrible” However at this moment, an invisible pressure suddenly arrived, under this pressure, Xiao Qian even felt that her breath is difficult. Not only Xiao Qian but the area around here also covered inside that pressure, the Demon Beast that kept howling, instantly became silent, like a rabbit ran into a tiger, didn’t dare to resist.
At this moment, at the location where that middle-aged man died. That vice-palace master who previously still in Netherworld Palace is floating in the air, and behind him, there are two dark red Qi that condensed into the giant wings. When that wings moved, it bring a strong winds, that strong wind waves, blow away that ancient trees, some slightly thin trees, directly blown.
At this moment that vice-palace master expression is serene, looked at the middle-aged man who no longer alive. Although his face seems calm, but in his mind, he was furious.
Previously his brother entrusted his nephew life in his hand, if not because of his big brother, it is impossible for him to have today’s achievement. Although his nephew didn’t work hard to succeed, but in his heart, he is extremely important, and now unexpectedly he was killed, how can he not be angry.
“Killed my nephew, even if you run to the end of the earth, I will catch you, and tear you apart!” Suddenly this vice-palace master eyes look toward the direction where Xiao Qian ran away. Didn’t know why, although Xiao Qian hid her aura, but still hard to escape from this palace master control.
During the talked, this palace master wings suddenly stir, and his body, fly high into the sky like an eagle. Finally, with that terrifying speed, he incredibly fast flies toward Xiao Qian direction, and a terrifying pressure is also extremely fast spreads. Covered this small mountain.
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