War God Asura

Chapter: 63

Mysterious Old Man
Inside the jungle of Ancient Mountain, two figures are extremely fast run, and these are Xiao Qian and Xing Jue.
“Huhuhu..” Under this terrifying pressure, Xiao Qian constantly breathes heavily, in her heart she incredibly panics. Right now that senior hasn’t arrived, but he already suppressed Xiao Qian into this weak. When that senior appears Xiao Qian know that she will not have any trace of hope.
Therefore at this moment, to get away from that tracing, Xiao Qian speed already promoted to the peak, she even started to burn her soul again.
“Xiao Qian” Saw blue smoke on Xiao Qian body, Xing Jue sadly said.
“Master rest assured, I will certainly protect you.” However, after hearing Xing Jue words, she smiles and said. Then she immediately hurried up their speed by burning her soul. And her speed instantly increased several times.
But even so, she still unable to get rid that terrifying pressure and the opposite party approached them in ultra-fast speed, if this goes on, in half an hour, Xiao Qian will be caught by that vice-palace hall master.
At this moment above the Ancient Mountain, that vice-palace master hovering in the sky, behind him two huge dark red wings stirred up every time, his speed increase, this kind of speed can be said as terrifying.
But at the same time, suddenly appear a formidable pressured that rapidly spread in front of that palace master. That powerful pressure completely engulfed him. This sudden change makes this vice-palace master surprised.
“Does not know where senior is, why did you stop me?” That palace master quickly stops his figure, said to the empty sky in front of him.
“The person you want to kill is my school disciple, if you move forward a half step, don’t blame me for being impolite.” At this time, a voice full of pressure sounded in front of that vice-palace master.
And after hearing this voice, that palace master coldly snorts and then wants to move forward again. At once a powerful dark red Qi, start to arrive from not far away sky.
That terrifying power makes vice-palace master tremble, look at that dark red Qi fill the air, this vice-palace master finally sensible, then politely said: “Does not know senior was assign from which school.”
“Get lost!” However, after his respectful words said, from the sky transmit those two words. And after heard this words, that vice-palace master clenched his teeth, respectfully said: “Younger generation have offended, and also asked senior not to blame.” He no longer stays, turns around and incredibly fast fly toward Netherworld Palace direction.
After that nameless vice-palace master walked away. The sky becomes calm again, suddenly from where the sound just spread. The space starts to make a creeping motion, then an old man figure appear. This old man is the one who previously directed Xing Jue to go to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village the “Useless Old Man”.
However, at this moment this old man standing in the sky, his body sent out incomparable dignity, just like a saint, stand above the sky.
“Boy, next time you must rely on yourself.” The old man looked at the deep of Ancient Mountain, said with a smile. His figure flashes and disappear.
“Master, that pressure is gone.” Now Xiao Qian and Xing Jue already arrived at the deep of Ancient Mountain, and suddenly they felt the terrifying pressure gone.
“Yes, I also can’t feel it, could it be that this deep Mountain can isolate aura?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said, logically that powerhouse came after them. It’s impossible for him to leave without reason, at this moment they are in this deep of Ancient Mountain, the only thing that Xing Jue can think about that this mountain was able to isolate aura.
“I do not know, no matter how, this place temporarily safe.” Xiao Qian smile, then helped Xing Jue to sit under the big tree, and then she also quickly sits down, tries to recover. Although she used soul combustion for a short time for her, the consumption was enormous.
At this moment, because Xing Jue forcefully used “Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi” the pain he felt already dissipated a lot. Therefore he can use Soul Power.
He quickly transfers his Soul Power into his body, to executed Soul Healing. Maybe because Xing Jue injury is severe, his Soul Power becomes rapidly rise, and under that extremely fast move, Xing Jue even feels a bit out-of-control. Even though make a lot of effort to control, but his Soul Power still wants to explode and come out.
“Bang” Finally, Xing Jue unable to control the Soul Power inside his body. It’s like a volcanic eruption, burst out from inside his body, and what make Xing Jue surprised is at this moment his Soul Power color is black.
After that black colored Soul Power burst out, it starts to revolve around Xing Jue, finally wrapped Xing Jue entire body, and under this black color soul wrapped, Xing Jue injury incredibly fast improved. That painful feeling also extremely quickly dissipated, finally his severe injury, miraculously healed.
“Congratulation Master, your Soul Healing practice succeeds.” Xing Jue’s action, make Xiao Qian at his side who tightly closed her eyes awaken, saw that black colored Soul incredibly fast revolved on Xing Jue’s body, Xiao Qian happily said.
“What? Did you say that I succeed? Xiao Qian, why did my Soul Power colored black?” And after heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue felt somewhat unbelievable said.
Although he already can use Soul Healing. He also knew that he didn’t control Soul Healing, and now under his body stimulus, he uses Soul Healing to the peak. However what makes Xing Jue puzzled is, the supposed to be invisible Soul Power unexpectedly now turned into black colored.
“Report to Master, in fact, your Soul Power should be black colored. This is Soul Devouring Clan exceptional condition. Previously Master unable to control this power, therefore unable to use this Black Soul Power. However, now Master seems to be able to use it, and this is Master real strength.” Xiao Qian carefully explained it to Xing Jue.
“Real strength?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also realize, because he is feeling, the Soul Power that wrapped around his body, completely different than previously, a lot stronger many times. He immediately thought to move, the Soul Power that revolved around his body immediately entered into Xing Jue body.
“HaHa” After saw that he was able to control his strength, Xing Jue excitedly laughed.
“Master, with this Black Soul Power, later you can practice, Soul Attack, Soul Defense, and also Soul Movement.” Xiao Qian once again smiled and said.
“Aha, no wonder.” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue understand why practice Soul Devouring Secret Art must in step by step. It turns out if he wants to use Soul Power to increase Combat Power. First, he must simulate this Black Soul Power.
But at the same time, Xing Jue suddenly heard a Demon Beast roaring not far away. The roaring sound contained formidable pressure. This pressure made Xing Jue trembled.
“God Rank Initial Stage Demon Beast.” Xiao Qian who felt similar pressure, surprise said.
“Xiao Qian did you said that this is God Rank Initial Stage Demon Beast?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue extremely shocked said. These days, at this Eastern Sky Martial Continent, although there are a lot of Demon Beast, generally only at Ancient Rank, God Rank Demon Beast is very rare, unexpectedly they can meet it here.
Generally speaking, Demon Beast of this level, there is a chance to grow “Beast Soul” inside its body. That Beast Soul not only can help people who don’t have Qi Sea and can’t condense Qi Sea, the Beast Soul itself also contained formidable strength. If people use it to refining, then their cultivation can also increase, but if ordinary people want to refine Beast Soul is impossible. However, Xing Jue is an exception.
“Yes Master, God Rank Demon Beast, have an absolute chance yo have Beast Soul grow inside its body, in the future if master refining a God Rank Demon Best Pearl, Beast Soul, Master can improve a lot of skills.” Xiao Qian excitedly said.
“But, God Rank Demon Beast fighting strength very terrifying.” Xing Jue understood Xiao Qian idea very much, Xiao Qian wanted to kill that God Rank Demon Beast, but Xing Jue worried that Xiao Qian just burns her soul, her strength somewhat degenerated, it said that God Rank Demon Beast power compared with Martial Sovereign of human race and some even more stronger.
“Master rest assured, Xiao Qian confident to kill it.” Xiao Qian faintly smiles toward Xing Jue, then turn around and walk toward that Demon Beast direction, Xing Jue helplessly shook his head, then hide his aura and followed.
At this moment in the deep of Ancient Mountain, there is a cave, the cave position entirely concealed, if didn’t carefully look it’s hard to find that cave. And at that cave entrance, there is a huge wolf with dark red color who lie on his stomach. It’s size ten meters long, both of its fangs half a meter long, on top of its head has an unusual black horn. This incredibly fierce Demon Beast called “Black Horn Wolf”.
“Unexpectedly it is Black Horn Wolf. Master, there seems something wrong with this Demon Beast.” A hundred meters from Black Horn Wolf inside the hidden thicket, Xiao Qian whisper.
“Xiao Qian, what’s wrong with it?” Xing Jue a bit puzzled asked. This is the first time for him to meets with this level Demon Beast, therefore he unable to understand it.
“Report to Master, Demon Beast at this level had very high wisdom. Even some can speak human language. However, this Demon Beast is like ordinary Demon Beast, although its strength is tyrannical. However, it’s wisdom still at low level.”
“There are something fishy here, besides Master, you can see that it lie outside the cave, refused to enter the cave, and from time to time it sends out a roar, seems to warn the nearby Demon Beast not to get closer. This indicated that it protected something. Therefore I thought that there must be some treasure inside the cave.” Xiao Qian to slowly said.
“Oh? Because of this then you must kill it.” After listening to what Xiao Qian said, Xing Jue also feels that it might be true. Then he excitedly looks at the mysterious cave behind that Black Horn Wolf body.

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