War God Asura

Chapter: 64

Elder Cang
“Roar” Seems to felt Xing Jue and Xiao Qian existence, that Black Horn Wolf, suddenly howl toward Xing Jue and Xiao Qian direction. Along with its howl, a powerful force rushed toward them.
“Humph! Just in time” Saw that Xiao Qian coldly snort, her figure moved toward that Black Horn Wolf. Her sleeve wave and then dissolves that powerful strength.
“Roar” After saw Xiao Qian came out, that Black Horn Wolf once again open its huge mouth, at the same time, that previous tyrannical strength went out from its mouth. Facing that sudden surge power, Xiao Qian doesn’t feel afraid. Her sleeve waves a tyrannical Martial Qi collided with that powerful strength.
“Bang” Two collisions start to make round and round of energy ripples.
After that powerful strength once again dissolved, Xiao Qian figure moves and melt into space. Saw that Xiao Qian suddenly disappeared, that Demon Beast starts to howl crazily.
“Just as Xiao Qian said, this Demon Beast wisdom very low.” Saw Xiao Qian use the power of space, Xing Jue said with a smile. He knew that Xiao Qian would give this Demon Beast a sneak attack.
Precisely as Xing Jue expects, at the same time Xiao Qian disappeared, the space behind that Black Horn Wolf suddenly move, Xiao Qian’s figure appear, and now in Xiao Qian hand red rays of light continuously condense, this is Xiao Qian strongest Martial Skill.
However, when she ready to launch her attack toward that Black Horn Wolf, that Black Horn Wolf also felt that Xiao Qian appeared. It’s figure flash and disappeared.
“Terrible, this guy cans teleport.” Saw that Black Horn Wolf suddenly disappear, Xing Jue nervously said.
Saw that Black Horn Wolf disappeared, Xiao Qian smile. She didn’t feel nervous at all because she already realized that Black Horn Wolf position. Xiao Qian turn, the Martial Skill that brewing behind the space suddenly attacks.
“Bang” A muffled sound, that Black Horn Wolf figure unexpectedly appeared, and Xiao Qian palm hit that Black Horn Wolf on its black horn.
However, its black horn incredibly hard, under Xiao Qian powerful hit, not only it didn’t look a bit damaged. Instead, it ejects Xiao Qian several meters and then stops.
However, after Xiao Qian figure stabilized, that Black Horn Wolf suddenly lowers its head, raised up its sharp black horn, incredibly powerful move toward Xiao Qian. That black horn unexpectedly starts to send out red rays of light.
Facing Black Horn Wolf that moves toward her, Xiao Qian didn’t dare to slightly careless, both of her palm spreads out, a lot of Martial Qi incredibly fast condense.
Both of Xiao Qian palms start to send out circles red rays of light, this is the Martial Skill that Xiao Qian just displayed, but right now she display two Martial Skills.
At this moment, that Black Horn Wolf already arrived in front of Xiao Qian body, that sharp black horn carried strong winds, firmly stab toward Xiao Qian, but Xiao Qian didn’t feel afraid, she raises both of her palms then ruthlessly hit its black horn.
Palm and black horn collide, first it make fierce explosion sound then it sent out terrifying energy ripples, under this intense clashed. Xiao Qian, both hands tightly grip that Black Horn Wolf’s horn.
But Black Horn Wolf continuously push toward Xiao Qian, dash forward. Under that powerful pushed, Xiao Qian constantly backward. While being push back, a thick smoke starts to rise under her foot.
“Go die!” At the time Xiao Qian falls into disadvantageous position, Xing Jue suddenly jumps from behind that Black Horn Wolf, his hand holds Cut Soul Sword, and ruthlessly stab it toward that Black Horn Wolf head.
And facing Xing Jue sudden attack, the Black Horn Wolf unable to dodge, because most of the strength in his body concentrated at that black horn, and right now Xiao Qian tightly grabbed its black horn.
“Puchi” Xing Jue successfully use Cut Soul Sword to pierce that Black Horn Wolf huge head.
“Roar” After a whine, that Black Horn Wolf “Thump” fell on the ground. Its large body makes the earth tremble several times, a lot of smokes also followed.
“Xiao Qian, are you all right?” After kill that Black Horn Wolf, Xing Jue arrived at Xiao Qian side and asked with concern.
“Fortunately, Master attacked at the right time. Otherwise, I am not this Black Horn Wolf opponent.” Xiao Qian smile back, obviously it just a short fight, but she also felt that Black Horn Wolf power.
After saw Xiao Qian all right, Xing Jue slowly walk toward that Black Horn Wolf body. Then his right-hand grip, once again Cut Soul Sword condenses.
Because of this Black Horn Wolf fur hard, it’s difficult to use a normal attack to split it, therefore for Xing Jue to searching for that Beast Soul. Cut Soul Sword is the sharpest weapon.
“Puchi” After Xing Jue cut that Black Horn Wolf belly, Xing Jue face that filled with anticipation became disappointed.
Because inside this Black Horn Wolf stomach, except for Demon Beast that hasn’t digested, as well as some organs, there is nothing inside.
“Master, does not need to be disappointed, perhaps the real treasure is in there.” After saw Xing Jue disappointed expression, Xiao Qian smile, then pointed to that dark cave and said.
“Yes, let’s us take a look, what kind of treasure is there in this cave.” Xing Jue brightly smiled, then excitedly run toward inside that cave.
“Open” With a gentle hum, Xing Jue lit up a “light symbol”, and as the light went in, Xing Jue found out that this cave, not only ridiculously big, but someone is living in this cave.
“Master, look” At this time, a stone table inside the cave, attracted Xiao Qian attention.
Xing Jue expectation eyes, look toward that stone table. On that stone table, there was a golden bracelet that sent out rays of light.
“Is that Storage Bracelet?” Saw that shining bracelet Xing Jue said.
“Master, this is high-grade Storage Bracelet.” Xiao Qian excitedly said.
“High-grade Storage Bracelet?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue become excited. Since the last time he kept Xiao Qian in his Storage Bracelet, he almost killed Xiao Qian, after the incident, he knew a little about this Storage Bracelet.
After went through some understanding, Xing Jue knew that high-grade Storage Bracelet could store human inside it, even inside the Storage Bracelet formed illusory Sun and moon, as long as at inside build a house, even if want to survive for a lifetime, it is not a problem.
When Xing Jue knew that this was high-grade Storage Bracelet, he excitedly ran to that stone table and took that Storage Bracelet.
“Who enter this cave without permission will die!” But at the same time, an old voice suddenly came out from that bracelet.
“This bracelet can talk.” Xing Jue frightened by that sudden voice, not believed said.
“Wrong, Master you see” Saw that happened, Xiao Qian rush to the front of Xing Jue body, looked at that Storage Bracelet shocked said.
And after heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also found out that Storage Bracelet starts to send out bright rays of light, and the light getting more and more flourishing.
Finally start to transmit dense gas, what make Xing Jue surprise was that gas starts to condense into and old man.
“Soul body?” Saw the illusory old man in front of him, Xing Jue surprised said.
“He who went into this cave dies!” After that old man had appeared, first he looked at Xing Jue with fierce eyes, then coldly said.
When the old man appeared, Xiao Qian becomes excited, and even her body start to shiver after carefully looked at the old man, Xiao Qian uncertainly said: “Elder Cang?”
“En?” After heard Xiao Qian words, that soul body tremble, then began to look at Xiao Qian, after look for a while, the old man somewhat inconceivable said: “Are you Qian Ji?”
“Report to Elder, it is exactly me, wonderful, cannot think that elder still exists in this world.” After that old man answered, Xiao Qian excitedly said.
“Hehe, I also didn’t expect that you this girl didn’t die, and your body also so healthy.”
“Yeah. The battle of that year, almost all of our Soul Devouring Clan people perished, now able to meet an old friend, can be considered a blessing” After ensured Xiao Qian identity, that old man excitedly smile, but then he sadly said.
“Report to Elder. Our Soul Devouring Clan person hasn’t entirely perished.” After heard the old man words, Xiao Qian quickly said.
“What did you say? Say it again.” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man was shocked, then quickly asked.
“Xiao Qian, who is this person?” At this time, Xing Jue who is nearby, finally couldn’t bear to ask. Because, between that two people conversation, Xing Jue heard that this old man seems to be Soul Devouring Clan person.
“Report to Master. This person is Soul Devouring Clan elder “Elder Cang”.” Because of Xiao Qian extremely happy meet the old friend, she forget Xing Jue at her side, then quickly embarrassedly said to Xing Jue.
“Master? Boy, are you Soul Devouring Clan person?” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man immediately excited, then floating in front of Xing Jue body, his palm stretch forward, then gently press Xing Jue’s chest.
“Er…” Xing Jue felt frightened because of this old man sudden move. However, when he saw that he doesn’t have any evil intention, he didn’t evade, and when that old man hand on his chest, Xing Jue felt that Soul Power inside his body starts to pour into that old man palm.
“Oh my God, you are our Soul Devouring Clan person, great, great, hahaha… Heaven still not forget our Soul Devouring Clan” After sensing for a moment, the old man excitedly laughed, then both of his hands immediately hold Xing Jue shoulders, keep looking at Xing Jue.
“Good, good, good, you are worthy as our Soul Devouring Clan person, you have extraordinary talent.” After looking at him for a bit, Elder Cang excitedly laugh. That smile is like he is getting reborn.

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