War God Asura

Chapter: 65

Painstakingly Cultivate Start
“Younger generation, pay respects to Elder Cang.” By this time, Xing Jue slow-witted guessed this old man identity. He immediately kneels on the ground, respectfully said.
“Haha, no need to over-courteous, quickly get up, quickly get up..” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly kneel on the ground, the old man quickly helps Xing Jue to get up and said with a smile. He looks like an old man who treats his descendants kindly.
Saw both of them, Xiao Qian who was nearby happily smiled.
After some talked, Xing Jue knew that this person was one of Soul Devouring Clan elder. After Soul Devouring Clan had suffered extermination, he led Xiao Qian and everyone else, to protected young masters and evacuated.
However because the traitor revealed their whereabouts, it caused their group exterminated, and he also killed, but his soul manage to escape, and finally came here.
However, despite his successfully escaped, Elder Cang soul suffered a heavy loss, so it causes his strength to drop continuously, now Elder Cang strength falls into Intermediate Rank Martial God level only higher than Xiao Qian a rank.
“Who could think that Elder Cang strength regresses into this stage. But Elder Cang back then…” After Xiao Qian heard Elder Cang strength regresses, she feeling sad said.
“Yeah, doesn’t matter what happen that year, it has been very lucky for this old man can survive in the world until now. What most important now in this old man lifetime, surprisingly I still can see my clan later generation, this can be said unfortunate luck.” Speak till here, Elder Cang smiled and looked at Xing Jue.
“I had heard about that Soul Lock Curse before, during that time clansman’s soul body, mostly die because of that Soul Lock Curse. Elder Cang can hold on until now, already very awesome.” After hearing Elder Cang words, Xiao Qian immediately replied.
Soul Lock Curse is an extremely ruthless method, as long as within the soul body has Soul Lock Curse, Soul Power can extremely fast dissipate and finally die.
“I can live until this day, thanks to the power of “Spirit”, otherwise it would be like the other clansmen, my soul will completely consume and then died.” Elder Cang faintly smiled and said.
“Spirit? What is that?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said. This is the first time Xing Jue heard “Spirit” word.
“Haha, Xing Jue, do you know Soul and Beast Soul?” After heard Xing Jue words, Elder Cang smile and asked.
“This, of course, I know” Xing Jue confidently said. Soul is human body characteristic, while soul body, for example, this Elder Cang only purely soul. Xing June naturally know Beast Soul, but Xing Jue never heard about spirit.
“Spirit is more rare and precious than Soul and Beast Soul.”
“Spirit, not created by human body, and not created from the beast body, rather it create from heaven and earth, in short, “Spirit” existence in this Sky Martial Continent are very few.”
“And each spirit poses a terrifying Soul Power. In the past when I was still at Soul Devouring Clan, I collected three spirits, two of them at the day of war were refined by the powerhouses in the clan.”
“And this one was brought out by me. These years, if not use Spirit inside Soul Power, I already dead because of that Soul Lock Curse.” Elder Cang slowly said, seems to have a lingering fear.
During the talked he inserted his hand into his body, after his hand finds something, an object like lotus flower appear on his palm, and this is Spirit.
This “Spirit” color is pale blue, its shape like blooming lotus and the size of a palm. And on the surface of that spirit body also hover a pale blue gas.
However, from such a weak gas, Xing Jue felt, incredibly powerful Soul Power.
“Is this Spirit?” Look at the spirit on Elder Cang hand. Xing Jue felt shocked, such a strong Soul Power, if its use for refining, then his Soul Power will advance by leaps and bounds and reach a frightening level.
“Unfortunately, clan inheritance Cultivation Technique, Soul Devouring Secret Art was gone. Otherwise, after Xing Jue learned Soul Devouring Secret Art, he can refine this spirit.” Elder Cang felt somewhat regrettable said.
“Hehe, Elder Cang, what did you said is this?” After heard Elder Cang words, Xing Jue smiled, then his wrist move and immediately a black book appeared.
“Soul Devouring Secret Art? Oh my God, it is Soul Devouring Secret Art, great, great” After Elder Cang saw Soul Devouring Secret Art in Xing Jue hand, he quickly grab it and constantly flip through the book. After found out that it is really Soul Devouring Secret Art, he excitedly laughed and said.
“Report to Elder, on that chaotic day, I took Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Xiao Qian somewhat timid said. Soul Devouring Secret Art is clan inheritance Cultivation Technique, in fact, she committed a huge crime by secretly take it, and the punishment is beheaded.
Although now Soul Devouring Clan already perished, but Xiao Qian who witnessed Soul Devouring Clan prosperous time, still feel deep fear.
“Hehe, Xiao Qian, no need to be afraid, actually I would like to thank you, if not because of you, perhaps my Soul Devouring Clan inherent Cultivation Technique already gone.” Elder Cang said and smiled toward Xiao Qian. He can feel that Xiao Qian is nervous.
“Thank you Elder” And after heard Elder Cang words, Xiao Qian also felt relieved, then happily smile.
“Xing Jue, are you already practiced this Soul Devouring Secret Art?” Then Elder Cang once again looked at Xing Jue and asked with a smile.
“Report to Elder, Xing Jue master it a bit, not only he succeed practiced Soul Devouring Secret Art but rely on his astonishing talent, he broke through Soul Healing level.”
“Actually, this time we come here wanted to help Master Xing Jue practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.”
“Now has Elder Cang, that is simply too good.” Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to answer Xiao Qian excitedly said. Perhaps because Elder Cang didn’t blame her for stealing Soul Devouring Secret Art, she felt extremely happy. Therefore she went a little too far.
“You girl” Elder Cang looked meaningfully toward Xiao Qian, then said with a smile. Apparently, he didn’t expect that Xiao Qian understood how to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, and felt surprised.
“Xing Jue, start from today this old man will direct you how to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art. It’s not easy to properly practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, although qualification is very important, but you must have some suffering too. Are you prepare for this?” Elder Cang look at Xing Jue and meaningfully said.
“Yes, as long as I can be stronger, I am willing to have any suffering.” Xing Jue determined said, his words full of confident.
“Good, start from tomorrow, this old man will direct you to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, hahaha” Saw Xing Jue attitude, Elder Cang felt very satisfied, then laughed and said.
Next morning, in the deep of Ancient Mountain, Xing Jue under Old Cang direction started to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.
“Xing Jue, first of all, you must practice soul defense, engage in battles with other people, good defense is the best foundation, now you mix Soul Power and Martial Qi together, and then concentrate it to the chest.” Elder Cang stood in front of Xing Jue body and slowly said.
Xing Jue quickly does it according to what Elder Cang said.
“Finished?” Elder Cang asked.
“Yes” Xing Jue quickly nod and said.
“Bang” Suddenly Elder Cang palm move forward, without warning, he hit Xing Jue chest. Powerful Soul Power directly hit Xing Jue to fly, after landing on the ground he directly sprayed a mouthful blood. Obviously, he has severely injured.
“Insufficient defense, use Soul Healing to heal, come again after you healed.” Saw Xing Jue spray blood, on Elder Cang face does not have any pity and sternly said.
With a lot of effort, Xing Jue cleans the blood at the corner of his mouth, and immediately use Soul Healing, started to treat his injury.
After his injury gets better, he came in front of Elder Cang body and said: “Elder Cang, I’m ready.”
“Bang” Saw Xing Jue stand up once again, Elder Cang’s palm without restraint move forward, Xing Jue once again struck to fly, but this time, not the same as before, only a bit blood slowly flowed out from the corner of his mouth.
Saw his defense make a bit result, Xing Jue practice even harder, and this type of cruel practice occur for one week. One week later, Xing Jue finally able to resist Elder Cang palm without seriously injured.
After that Xing Jue started attack training, and movement training, and every training more challenging and suffering than the other. After three months of brutal training, Xing Jue finally completely master that three kinds of soul methods, there is only one type left, Soul Eruption.
But days later, Elder Cang didn’t immediately let Xing Jue start training Soul Eruption, but have Xing Jue focus practicing his Cultivation Technique, and break through to Martial Sovereign level.
Naturally, Xing Jue followed according to Elder Cang instruction, every day keep practice Cultivation Technique, devouring rich Martial Qi in this Ancient Mountain. Under this way of practice, after a month, Xing Jue finally broke through Martial Ancestor and reached that long-awaited Martial Sovereign level.
“I broke through, I broke through, Ha Ha, I broke through” Xing Jue run out the cave and excitedly said toward Old Cang and Xiao Qian who in the middle of a conversation.
“Yes, good, a few days earlier than I expected.” Saw Xing Jue broke through Martial Sovereign, Old Cang smile and said toward Xing Jue, and bringing Xing Jue, went to the practice place.
“Xing Jue, do you know why I didn’t I let you practice “Soul Eruption” before?” Elder Cang stood in front of Xing Jue body and asked with a smile.
“Does not know, please tell me, Elder.” Xing Jue puzzled replied.
“Soul Eruption, it could be said that in Soul Devouring Secret Art control highest skill of soul, if it successfully practices, it will let you instantly promote from Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.”
“However, want to practice this kind of powerful method is hard, several times harder than before. Therefore before you reached Martial Sovereign and wanted to practice Soul Eruption is impossible.” Elder Cang looks at Xing Jue slowly explained.
Xing Jue nod and smiled, he naturally knew Old Cang intention.
“Okay, Soul Eruption required you to master soul defense, soul attack, as well as soul movement and gather them in the same place, you try to use these three skills together.” Old Cang slowly said to Xing Jue.
“Yes” Xing Jue also nod back, and he acts according to Elder Cang said. But after a moment he helplessly said: “So hard, can’t do it.”
“Haha, you’re on the right track. If you want to accomplished Soul Eruption, your body must undergo an extreme stimulus then you can fully use Soul Eruption, and next you must bear it.” Elder Cang slowly said, between the talked, his sleeve wave, a strange water jar appeared.
“Okay, you go and fetch several buckets of water, fill this water jar, wake me up when its full.” Old Cang said toward Xing Jue with a smile, then lie down on the nearby stone, and go to sleep.
“No way? Just this practice? It’s too simple” Xing Jue said in a low voice, then he went to that unusual water jar, move both of his arms forward, and then tightly grab that water jar.
“Rise” With loud shouted, Xing Jue, use his whole body Martial strength to get it up, but what made Xing Jue surprised was under his enormous strength, unexpectedly this water jar not moving at all.
“Oh my God, what is this jar?” Xing Jue exhaustedly sat on the ground looked at the motionless water jar, and helplessly said. At first, he wanted to take that water jar and directly take it to the water source, and then carry it back.
But he never imagines that this looks like ordinary water jar so heavy. Without choice, Xing Jue searched for two barrels in the cave and then run toward the water source.
“Hehe…” Saw Xing Jue gloomily run, Old Cang opened one of his eyes, look at Xing Jue, secretly laughed.

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