War God Asura

Chapter: 66

Soul Explosion
“Splash, splash, splash”
One bucket, two buckets, three buckets, one hundred buckets, two hundred buckets, three hundred buckets, this seems like a small water tank, unexpectedly need three hundreds buckets of water to fill it up, Xing Jue ran more than a half day only to completed this task.
“Huff huff huff huff” Xing Jue gasp for air, dragging his weak body to Old Cang side and said: “Old Cang, it’s full”.
“Em? Did it fully fill just now? You boy a little slow” Old Cang lazily yawn, then said to Xing Jue with a smile.
Xing Jue whispers with a voice that only he could hear, said: “You didn’t count how much water your worn-out jar able to load.”
“Take off your clothes and jump in” Old Cang looked that full tank, said to Xing Jue.
Xing Jue also does according to Old Cang said. He takes off two or three layers clothes and strips naked, “Splash” he jumps into the water tank. The water tank was very deep, and Xing Jue needs to stand so his head can barely out of the water.
“Are you comfortable?” Old Cang asked Xing Jue with a smile.
“Yes, it’s very cold” Xing Jue smiled back, after he got into the water tank, his exhausted feeling of this day decreased a lot.
“Next when your practice started, you have to prepare mentally.” Old Cang faces suddenly become serious, then he took out a small red bottle and said to Xing Jue.
“Wait, I will drop this medicine into water, the water will stimulate your skin, before that I remind you, it will feel very painful.”
“But only in that situation, it can arouse and strengthen your inner Soul Power, at that time, you must stay awake.”
“When you finally can bear the pain, then use Soul Defense, attack, movement, fused and use them together.”
“In the end, it depends on your luck, you can or can’t successfully practice Soul Explosion.” Old Cang slowly said to Xing Jue.
“Yes” Xing Jue quickly nod, regarding Soul Explosion practice difficulty, he already had enough preparation in his heart.
Old Cang vision tightened toward Xing Jue, he opened the cap of that red bottle, after the bottle opened, smoke came out, then Old Cang wrist turn, bright red liquid flowed into the water tank.
After the liquid got into the water, it quickly spread out, soon the water in water tank turned into bright red, and the water surface started to make a boiling bubble.
But what made Xing Jue unable to accept that when the liquid got into the water, a piercing painful feeling spread into his body.
The pain is like countless needles pierce every cell in his body, as if someone holds knife and continuously cut his flesh, in short Xing Jue unable to endure that kind of pain.
“Ah!” Finally unable to endure this kind of panful feeling, Xing Jue loudly howls, gradually his sight started to become blurred, and his head starts to become dizzy.
“Control your emotion, stay awake” Old Cang voice suddenly sounded, just like thunder, explode in Xing Jue ear.
Xing Jue instantly become clear-headed, Xing Jue clenched his tooth, constantly said to himself: “Xing Jue must persist, if not you will never become powerful.”
Under his persistent, Xing Jue faces become extremely pale. Even his lip turned into purple.
Not far away, Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue suffered, at the corner of Xiao Qian eyes flowed out a drop of tears, then quietly said: “Master, you must succeed”.
As Soul Devouring Clan maidservant, during the escape, Xiao Qian saw many young masters received this cruel practice, and under this kind of practice, almost none of them succeed.
At least among the young masters who become a fugitive, those young master were completely failed, so Xiao Qian deeply knew, how difficult to practice this Soul Explosion.
After half an hour inside the water tank, finally Xing Jue unable to bear anymore and fainted.
Saw that Xing Jue fainted, Old Cang face became tightened, and finally revealed a touch of sadness, then his sleeve waved and took out Xing Jue from the water tank.
“Huhuhu” Xing Jue face pale, and he lay down inside the cave, his mouth constantly breath heavily. Xiao Qian sat at his side, her hand held a decoction (Chinese medicine), slowly pass it into Xing Jue mouth.
“Xing Jue, can you still hold on?” Old Cang came in front of Xing Jue, slowly asked.
“Yes, I can.” Xing Jue opened his trembling lips and without hesitation replied.
“Em, have a good rest today, you can continue again tomorrow.” After Xing Jue had replied, Old Cang felt pleased and laugh.
Next day, once again Xing Jue get into that bright red water tank, at the same time that painful feeling once again come through.
Xing Jue clenched both of his fists and ground his teeth, holding this painful feeling. What he must do is keep awake in this pain, even for a while that is also a progress.
Within days later, every day Xing Jue soaked inside that bubble water tank, after he fainted, Old Cang take him out, and then Xiao Qian fed him Chinese medicine.
After that extreme suffering, Xing Jue body almost paralyzed, and unable to use Soul Healing. Therefore Old Cang specially prepared one type of recipe for Xing Jue, so his body can extremely fast restore with that Chinese medicine.
That kind of self-destructive training, Xing Jue bears it for two months. Finally, two months later Xing Jue could remain awake inside this bright red water, not fainted. And this is not because of the strength of that bright red was weaken, but Xing Jue endurance increased.
Xing Jue stood inside that water tank, closed both of his eyes, now all he have to do is to control the Soul Power inside his body, use defend, attack, movement, released three kinds of power together, and this difficult.
However under Xing Jue effort, finally he gradually understands it a bit, he found out that these three power indeed can be used at the same time, but the process a lot more complicated.
To practice Soul Explosion faster, Xing Jue got into this water tank every day, every day he soaked inside that water tank, not willing to give up.
One month later under such practice, he finally made a breakthrough.
This day, like usual Xing Jue, soaked inside the water tank, but at this moment he appeared calmer than moment two months ago, he is like standing in the water.
Although on the surface he seems calm, however at this moment inside Xing Jue body, his black Soul Power extremely fast flow, during the flow his muscle and blood expand, each part of his body change.
“Bang” Suddenly Xing Jue Soul Power burst out from inside his body, like a rising flame, wrapped around Xing Jue body.
And wrapped under this Soul Power, Xing Jue strength gradually increase, his body slowly raise and finally separated from that water tank.
“Succeeded! Master he succeeded, Elder Cang quickly come and see” Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue condition, excitedly shouted.
And after heard Xiao Qian shouted, Elder Cang quickly got inside the cave.
Saw Xing Jue floating in the air, the black soul in his body like a burning flame slowly come out from inside Xing Jue body, Old Cang showed an excited smile.
“Xing Jue, take your soul into your body” Elder Cang suddenly loudly shouted.
And after heard Elder Cang instruction, Xing Jue quickly take the flame above him into his body, after that black Soul Power got into his body, Xing Jue strength instantly raises, and finally broke through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.
After that Xing Jue does a beautiful somersault, steadily fall on the ground, he immediately felt his strength, said to Old Cang with a smile: “Old Cang, take my fist”.
Immediately a fist came out, several times more powerful Martial Qi than before attack toward Old Cang.
“Fine” Regarding Xing Jue behavior that deliberately creates trouble, Old Cang laughing, then said.
Old Cang sleeve wave, a Soul Power that not lose from Xing Jue Martial Qi, burst out, finally, with Xing Jue’s Martial Qi fiercely clashed together.
“Bang” Both side opposed each other, and start to make a terrifying energy ripples.
“It’s not finished yet” Saw his attack dissolved, Xing Jue laughed and said, immediately his several fists attack toward Old Cang.
Old Cang received all of his attack, round and round of Soul Power came out from his sleeve and collided with Xing Jue’s Martial Qi.
“Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang”
In this deep Ancient Mountain, round and round explosion sound constantly explode, frightened the nearby Demon Beasts and make them run far away.
“Xing Jue, are you seriously want to go back to Imperial Wind Pavilion?” Inside the cave, Old Cang somewhat puzzled said.
After Xing Jue successfully used Soul Explosion then he said toward Old Cang and Xiao Qian that he prepare to go back to Imperial Wind Pavilion. But Old Cang wanted Xing Jue to stay with him, with his guide Xing Jue practice will grow faster.
“Yes, I must go back” Xing Jue firmly said.
“Yeah… All right then after your strength reached Martial God, come back here, I have something to discuss with you.” After silence for a moment, Old Cang slowly said.
“Yes, Younger Generation will obey.” Xing Jue respectfully said. He can see that Old Cang treat him important.
Next day, under Old Cang, insisted, Xing Jue by Old Cang and Xiao Qian sent out from Ancient Mountain, he left alone.
Old Cang and Xiao Qian stood above the Ancient Mountain, quietly watch Xing Jue figure that gradually went far away, there is satisfied smile on Old Cang face.
Until after Xing Jue figure completely disappears, he unwilling to turn around and leave, Xiao Qian silently accompanied at Old Cang side.
“Xiao Qian, because of my Soul Body, it’s inconvenient to walk around, these things are for you to find.” After a long time, Old Cang turned around and handed a small paper to Xiao Qian, slowly said.
“Old Cang, don’t be like this, that Spirit for maintaining your life, in case..” After Xiao Qian had received the paper, she was surprised, because what was written above it are incredibly precious medicinal herbs, Xiao Qian knows what these medicinal herbs used for, it is used for refining spirit.
But when Xiao Qian has not finished talking, Old Cang hand stop her, then said: “Xing Jue is my Soul Devouring Clan only hope, to make him grow up faster, this old man life not important, do it as I said.”
After saying these words, Old Cang no longer listens to Xiao Qian words, and directly walked toward deep Ancient Mountain.
Look at Old Cang figure that gradually went far away, Xiao Qian bites her lips, she immediately keeps the paper, then moves away from Ancient Mountain, started to search for that several heavenly treasures.

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