War God Asura

Chapter: 67

Returned To The Inner Court
After a month’s journey, Xing Jue finally returned to Imperial Wind Empire, stand under the Floating Cloud Mountain, looking at that fairyland mountain, quite touch Xing Jue feeling.
In one year, Xing Jue grew so much, whether his mind or his strength, no longer that previous kid.
“Xiaohan, Four Eyes, brothers, I am back” Xing Jue looked at the broad road ahead, a disciple wearing blue pavilion robe return from a journey to Imperial Wind Pavilion, Xing Jue softly said, then walked toward Imperial Wind Pavilion.
After Xing Jue returned to his Inner Court mansion, first he change into his purple pavilion robe of Inner Court, after all, it was Imperial Wind Pavilion rule. Every disciple must wear the robe according to their status.
After change into pavilion robe, Xing Jue went to Four Eyes mansion. After one year not meets, Xing Jue misses him, think about Four Eyes excitement when he saw him, Xing Jue also felt excited.
“What? Four Eyes went to Outer Court?” Xing Jue sat in Four Eyes living room mansion, extremely puzzled said.
“Yes, Master Xing Jue, my Young Master went to Outer Court practice pavilion.” The young housemaid in Four Eyes mansion respectfully said.
“Why he didn’t practice inside Inner Court, instead went to Outer Court?” Xing Jue once again asked.
“Report to Master Xing Jue. This servant didn’t understand.” That maidservant shook her head replied.
At this moment Xing Jue full of question, logically, after they entered Inner Court, the disciples of Inner Court almost no longer returned to Outer Court again. From environment of practice, Inner Court practice environment much better than Outer Court, but what make Xing Jue puzzled is why Four Eyes must go to Outer Court to practice.
With this question, Xing Jue came to Outer Court practice pavilion, and when Xing Jue arrived at the Outer Court, he caused a lot of commotion among Outer Court disciples.
And all of these naturally all are because Xing Jue is wearing purple pavilion robe, this is a symbol of Inner Court disciple. In Outer Court disciple’s eyes, Inner Court disciple is very extraordinary.
And among these Outer Court disciples, unexpectedly there are a lot of people who know Xing Jue, hearing the new disciples narrated his past achievement, Xing Jue also felt a little nostalgic.
Because Xing Jue didn’t know at which floor Four Eyes practice, so he just stood in the hall waiting, and it doesn’t matter for him.
Some bold female disciple, run over and start talking to Xing Jue. What troubling Xing Jue the most was every these girls are regarded as an outstanding beauty, it turned out that Xing Jue was a big catch.
“Oh, isn’t this Xing Jue, why did you come to my Outer Court” At this moment an old man voice suddenly sounded, Xing Jue looked back, it’s the elder who manages Outer Court practice pavilion, and has some fate with Xing Jue.
“Hehe, Elder, I came to find Four Eyes, does not know if Elder saw him or not.” Xing Jue surrounded by that group of female disciples, when this Elder appeared, it could be said that he rescued Xing Jue life, Xing Jue walked two steps and then went to the elder side, and said with a smile.
“So because of that, He is practicing at third floor, since you look for him, I will help you call him.” During the talked this Elder brings Xing Jue to third floor and leaving behind a group of dumbfounded female disciples.
“Elder, when there is a disciple practice inside, can you open this profound iron gate?” Xing Jue following behind the Elder, somewhat puzzled said. As far as he knew when a disciple practice inside, other people unable to open the profound iron gate, unless forcefully break that profound iron gate.
“Hehe, because the last time you mistakenly enter the practice room, afterward Great Elder felt that this practice pavilion is not perfect, and improved this practice pavilion.”
“And after six months revised, finally achieve this plan, as long as the elder has the particular spell key, he can force to terminate a disciple practice.” That Elder answered Xing Jue question with a smiled.
After heard Elder words, Xing Jue laughs, because previously when he mistakenly enter practice space, he almost lost his life.
“Oh right, Xiao San also at this Outer Court practice pavilion, do you want to call him?” That Elder asked with a smile.
“Oh? Xiao San also at here, yes, called him too.” After heard this Elder words, Xing Jue felt a bit puzzled, these two guys, among his brothers, can be described as his closest brothers, why both of them went to practice at this Outer Court practice pavilion to practice, it looks like there is some special reason.
Thinking about this, Xing Jue became more impatient to ask the question.
The Elder take out the spell key and then walked to the two room doors in front of him, and touch it to every one of them, and after a while, that two practice room profound iron gate slowly raised.
“F*ck, What’s the matter? Who interrupt my practice?”
“Elder, why did you interrupt my practice?”
After that two profound iron gates opened, first came out a cursed voice, then went out two familiar figure, and they are Four Eyes and Xiao San.
“You two boys, have a big temper.” Saw these two boys, Xing Jue smiled and loudly said.
After heard Xing Jue words, that two people tremble, then quickly turn their eyes toward him. When saw Xing Jue, they overjoyed, then they rushed toward Xing Jue with tears.
“Big brother Xing Jue, you come back.” They came in front of Xing Jue, said with cries and grumble.
“Hehe, you two talk to me first, as a dignified two Inner Court disciples, why went to Outer Court to practice?” Xing Jue smiled then said.
“Er…” And after heard Xing Jue words, they were silent.
“Say it quickly” Xing Jue saw they appearances, knew that there is something happened, then sternly asked.
“Big brother Xing Jue, it’s like this, not long after you left, some people from Inner Court started continuously seek some trouble, they also declared as long as has a relationship with you, we are not allowed to survive in Inner Court.”
“Since then, we are not allowed to entered Inner Court practice pavilion. Many brothers cannot bear with their harassment, start to depressed, at this moment the elite rank sixth “Gao Le” spoke, as long as we break our relationship, and become his subordinate, he will no longer make things difficult for us.”
“After that, everybody announced that they cut off their relationship with you, and threw themselves to be Gao Le subordinate, finally only remain Four Eyes and me only, without any choice, we had to practice at Outer Court.”
“In this one year we painstakingly cultivated day and night, and finally broke through Martial Ancestor level, and a few days ago we had reached Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level. But compare with “Gao Le” the different still too much, after all the other person was Martial Sovereign, the powerhouse of that rank was too strong.” Xiao San slowly said the grievance in his heart goes without saying.
“Good, good, good, Gao Le right?” And after heard Xiao San words, Xing Jue said three “good” words, and then his smiling face instantly became cold.
“Yes, according to what I know, Gao Le also Inner Court Second Elder disciple, therefore regarding his action, the Pavilion Law Enforcement didn’t dare to do anything.” Xiao San said again.
“Second Elder again. Right, didn’t Xiaohan hear your bitter experiences?” After heard it was Second Elder tricks, Xing Jue somewhat puzzled asked.
At that time Xiaohan indeed had let him go with her words, and because of Li Xiaohan existence Second Elder didn’t come to make any trouble toward Xing Jue, then why now he did that.
“We didn’t understand about this, only heard, soon after you went out, sister-in-law practiced in closed door. Besides, sister-in-law didn’t know us, how could she care about us.” Xiao San somewhat depressed said.
Regarding Xing Jue’s girlfriend who owns remarkable abilities, they only heard about it and never seen her.
Xing Jue also thought so, when Li Xiaohan announced their relationship, he just wanted to protect himself, as for Four Eyes and Xiao San, because their relationship with him nobody dares to provoke them.
And after he left Imperial Wind Pavilion, Four Eyes and all were weak and nobody care, that’s why they attacked Four Eyes and all, think about this Xing Jue have no choice to believe that Second Elder is an incredibly sinister man.
At that time when Xing Jue rejected his offer to join his family, such a trivial matter, unexpectedly hang on his heart.
“Four Eyes, Xiao San, these days make you suffered, start from today, in this Inner Court no one dares to bully you again.” Xing Jue gently pats Four Eyes and Xiao San shoulder and said with a smile, if he is not offended that Inner Court Second Elder, they will not suffer like this.
After that, Xing Jue walked toward “Gao Le” mansion, of course, Xiao San and Four Eyes tried to stop Xing Jue, after all, Gao Le already reaches Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, Inner Court elite rank six.
However after they knew Xing Jue strength now, they completely change their manner, and following behind Xing Jue to attack that Gao Mansion.
Inner Court Gao mansion similar with Xing Jue former Outer Court mansion, it has dozens of Inner Court disciple in his mansion, some chatted, some compared notes, some talked nonsense, live a comfortable life, and among these dozens of disciples, some were Xing Jue’s former brothers.
And inside this Gao Mansion, even the gatekeeper is Inner Court disciple, and today who responsible for guarding the door happens to be Xing Jue’s former brothers.
“Quickly look, it’s Xing Jue, Xing Jue come back” One of disciple saw Xing Jue, then panicky said.
After heard that disciple words, another disciple also saw Xing Jue and the others, and then their feelings started to become complicated.
At that time, when they just join Outer Court, they often being bullied, because of this they become Xing Jue subordinate and Xing Jue didn’t say anything toward them.
Later they get into Inner Court, in order to raise their strength Xing Jue use his own points and purchased Martial Skill for them, and now they actually betray Xing Jue, naturally they feel ashamed.
At the same time, Xing Jue and the others arrived at Gao Mansion door, saw these two familiar brothers, Xing Jue actually smiled then said: “Call Gao Le, and tell him to come out.”
And after heard Xing Jue words, that two disciples understood Xing Jue purpose to come. After all, they once followed Xing Jue, they somewhat understand Xing Jue, Xing Jue never loss anything.
Now his brothers were cruelly bullied, Xing Jue naturally will not tolerate that, a disciple quickly ran into Gao Mansion, another disciple lower his head and does not dare to look at Xing Jue.
Soon after that disciple enter the Gao Mansion, from Gao Mansion rushed out dozens of Inner Court disciple, and almost all these people has Martial Ancestor strength, several of them already reach Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor level.

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