War God Asura

Chapter: 71

Hunting Competition
At the eastern part of Sky Martial Continent, there were three big empires. Nangong Empire, Imperial Wind Empire, and Netherworld Empire.
Inside this three big empires, there are four major forces. Nangong Aristocratic Family, Imperial Wind Pavilion, Netherworld Palace, and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.
The four major forces Alliances already exist for several hundred years, and every three years they conducted “Hunting Competition” to develop friendly relations, in fact, they compete fiercely in secret.
In fact, Hunting Competition was to hunt and kill Demon Beast, and each force can send five disciples to participate. However, the disciples who participate must be between Martial Sovereign levels.
The reason why they make this rule because within three big empires Demon Beast rank relatively low, a slightly stronger only Sovereign rank Demon Beast.
Although there was God rank Demon Beast, but it was exceedingly rare, so in order to make the hunting more interesting, they choose a Martial Sovereign level disciple.
And the place for this Hunting Competition is between three big empires, a large mountain called “Demon Beast mountain”.
Just like its name Demon Beast mountain, there is a lot of aggressive Demon Beast inside the mountain, and commonly the Demon Beast level was Sovereign rank. Therefore, here is the best place for Hunting Competition.
At this moment at Imperial Wind Empire above the sky of Demon Beast Mountain, an unusual massive Demon Beast incredibly fast flew.
This was a Sovereign rank Demon Beast. Its size is huge, and had extremely fast flying speed because its outward appearance resembles “Eagle”, therefore it was called “Fast Eagle Beast”.
On the other hand, this Fast Eagle Beast is quite docile, after going through training, it can be used as transportation.
However, because this Fast Eagle Beast is very rare. Therefore inside these three big empires only four big forces able to have Fast Eagle Beast.
This time there is a group of Imperial Wind Pavilion people riding on this Fast Eagle Beast body to go to the Hunting Competition.
This time Imperial Wind Pavilion sent five disciples to participate Hunting Competition.
Ranked second in the elite list, Inner Court Second Elder disciple, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign “Hu Bin”.
A Beautiful woman who ranked third, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign “Zhao Yue”
A fat brother who ranked forth, an Intermediate rank Martial Sovereign “Gao Hao”
A thin brother who ranked fifth, a preliminary rank Martial Sovereign “Ma Qiang”
And Xing Jue ranked sixth because he defeated Gao Le, thus he replaced Gao Le.
And the one who led them, Inner Court Great Elder “Luo Tengyun”
At this moment Great Elder sat at the most front of Fast Eagle Beast, while Xing Jue sat at Great Elder side, talked and laughed cheerfully with Great Elder.
“Great Elder, this Hunting Competition, held once every three years, so who has won the first place last time?” Xing Jue curiously asked.
“This Hunting Competition had several hundred year history. Until now its already held more than hundred times, but each time the result almost the same.”
“Nangong Aristocratic Family always at the first place, the second place was my Imperial Wind Pavilion, third and fourth place was Netherworld Palace and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village in turn.” Great Elder laughed and explained.
“In this thousand years, our Imperial Wind Pavilion never won the first place?” Xing Jue asked again.
“Yes, in truth, Nangong Aristocratic Family strength is deep and immeasurable, event their Younger Generations put a pressured to our Imperial Wind Pavilion side.” Great Elder appeared somewhat helpless.
“Oh?” After hearing Great Elder words, Xing Jue somewhat doubted it. Previously, when he was in Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, he already experienced Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple strength wasn’t very strong.
“Hehe, Xing Jue, don’t look down upon Nangong Aristocratic Family, although your talent is extraordinary, but Nangong Aristocratic Family never lacked a genius outstanding disciple.”
“Especially twenty years ago, a person appeared from Nangong Aristocratic Family, she can be called a monstrous level disciple, her growth rate makes people ashamed.”
“Now her achievement unmatched even in my entire Imperial Wind Pavilion.” Saw Xing Jue somewhat uncertain, Great Elder reminds him again.
“A monstrous talent disciple?” When heard this, Xing Jue started to treated “Nangong Aristocratic Family” more seriously.
Twenty years ago a monstrous talent disciple appeared, and in twenty years that disciple finally matured, there is no one in Imperial Wind Pavilion can be a match for her, that practice talent, Xing Jue felt awe.
“Yes, but your girlfriend “Li Xiaohan” actually can be equal with her.” Great Elder looked toward Xing Jue again and said with a smile.
“Er… hehe” After hearing Great Elder words, Xing Jue laughed foolishly, indeed Xiaohan practice talent is somewhat terrifying.
“Humph! This boy flattering skill wasn’t simple.” When Xing Jue chatted with Great Elder, Hu Bin who sat at the back whispered in a soft voice and stared Xing Jue with hatred eyes.
“Are you jealous?” And these words were heard by rank third on the elite list “Zhao Yue”, then sarcastically said.
“Ridiculous! Why I jealous of him?” Hu Bin replied with displeasure.
“Jealous because of his talent better than you.” Zhao Yue straightforwardly said his weakness.
“Bah! Good talent? I can exterminate him in three moves.” After hearing Zhao Yue words, Hu Bin extremely displeased said.
“Haha” But Zhao Yue slightly laughed, then no longer speak. Her meaning is very clear that you just brag.
“You!” Saw Zhao Yue not convinced, Hu Bin even angrier, then clenched his teeth, no longer speak.
After ten days in hurried, in front of everyone’s eyes, finally, a spectacular mountain range appeared.
Looking at the vast mountain range in front of them, Xing Jue also sighed, this Demon Beast mountain range several times bigger compared with Netherworld Empire Ancient Mountain range.
After several hours flying with Fast Eagle Beast inside Demon Beast mountain range, a small city appeared within everyone sight, and that was Xing Jue and the other’s destination.
Although this is not a big city, but its very exquisite, at the middle of the city is a large plaza, in the center of the plaza has a main hall, and there are small lofts around the plaza.
The lofts divided into four areas, naturally distributed according to four big forces, and the massive city wall surrounding the city made by a special rock. The city wall is very tall, and the reason why it was built this way, to guard against Demon Beast Invasion.
After Fast Eagle Beast circled several times above the city, it slowly landed on that center plaza.
At the same time Xing Jue and the others also found out at the side of the plaza there was already a Fast Eagle Beast, at this moment it was lie down in a nest in the corner of the plaza, snore loudly in its sleep, obviously someone already arrived before them.
“Haha, isn’t this Elder Luo from Imperial Wind Pavilion, unexpectedly this time you come here.” As expected, after Xing Jue and the others just went down from Fast Eagle Beast, at the plaza inside the main hall, a laughter can be heard.
Looks back, saw a black hair old man in a black robe, smiled and walked toward them, but doesn’t know why Xing Jue felt that his smile is incredibly insincere.
And that old man followed by five people around twenty years old, all of these men wore a same black robe, and above their chest carved with “Main” word.
Obviously, these five men should be Netherworld Palace disciples, the Main Hall disciples, besides these five men strengths already reached Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, judging from the external, they were slightly stronger than Imperial Wind Pavilion lineup.
“It turns out Elder Liang from Netherworld Palace.” After seeing this old man, Great Elder also said with a smile.
“Unexpectedly, they sent out Main Hall disciples. They are really shameless.”After seeing that five disciples, Zhao Yue said in a low voice. Hu Bin, Gao Hao, and Ma Qiang extremely agreed and nodded. Only Xing Jue, who thinks the otherwise. For Xing Jue, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, absolutely not a threat.
However, from another aspect, it shows the strength gap between Imperial Wind Pavilion and Netherworld Palace. Obviously, Netherworld Palace Inner Hall didn’t have a disciple who achieved Martial Sovereign rank, so they sent out Main Hall disciples.
However, the only thing that made Xing Jue feel a bad mood is, on that five disciples face there was disdain smiled, appeared to look down upon Xing Jue and the others strength.
Therefore, Xing Jue secretly made a decision, if there is a chance, he must make these five Netherworld Palace disciples have a hard time.
At this time, suddenly there was an eagle cry from the sky, there was another Fast Eagle Beast, circling in the air, and after circling for a moment, that Fast Eagle Beast slowly landed.
After that Eagle landed from above that Eagle went down six people.
These six people besides the old man who led them were wearing a white robe, and the robe engraved with medicine pill and bottle gourd. After saw this pattern, everybody knew that the people from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village arrived.
Xing Jue recognized the Elder, who led Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, at that time when he attended Rookie Convention, he was the one who gave Xing Jue “Soul Gathering Pill”.
However, besides this elder, there is a person who got Xing Jue attention. It was a female disciple who followed behind that Elder.
That female disciple, had beautiful black hair fluttering in the wind, a white face, give the people outstanding feeling, even she wear an ordinary white robe, let people had a classy feel.
Although the distance still very far, but the scent of from that woman’s body greeted their nose, and unexpectedly this fragrance is a high-grade Treasure Pill.
But what attracted Xing Jue attention is not her beautiful appearance, but her Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength.
If Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign didn’t threaten Xing Jue, then this Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, should be regarded as another matter.
But at the same time, in front of that woman’s chest “Three Stars” medal revealed in front of Xing Jue eyes.
“Three stars Refining Medicine Master.” Looked at the three stars Medal, Xing Jue shocked said.
Xing Jue extremely familiar to that medal, that representing refining medicine master status, and this three stars Refining Medicine Master is top Refining Medicine Master at East Sky Martial Continent.
At this age, she already reached three stars refining medicine master level, and she also has Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, this woman is not simple.
However, besides this female disciple, the other four male Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples are weaker, and unexpectedly all of them are Preliminary Martial Sovereign levels.
However, if they together, they a lot stronger than his Imperial Wind Pavilion, after all, Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, was not three Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign can rival.
Compared with Xing Jue, when Hu Bin and the others saw that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village female disciple, their brow tightly wrinkles.

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