War God Asura

Chapter: 73

Hunting Competition Begin
The next morning, when the dawn breakthrough layer of clouds, until reached this mountain range, in front of the city gate, twenty disciples of four big forces, stand there with an excited face.
“Hunting Competition rules are as follows.”
“According to Sovereign lower rank Demon Beast, Primary level Demon Beast one point, intermediate Demon Beast four points, Advance Level Demon Beast fifteen points.”
“Every Demon Beast that disciples hunt and kill will be kept inside their Storage Bracelet.”
“After ten days, come back here. Sort position according to the total score of every Force.”
That Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, stand in front of the city gate and said toward twenty disciples who neatly stands in front of him.
“Elder, what points is God Rank Demon Beast have?” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly started to ask.
“God Rank Demon Beast? Haha, what a joke, if you encounter God Rank Demon Beast you should run away.” Didn’t need to wait for that Elder to speak, a Netherworld Palace disciple laughed and said.
And his words, caused everybody to laugh. In their eyes, God Rank Demon Beast is invincible.
“God Rank Demon Beast five hundred points” At this time, Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Inner Court Great Elder, smiled and said toward Xing Jue.
“Five hundred points? Oh my God!”
“Five hundred points. Doesn’t that means if you can hunt and kill God Rank Demon Beast, then you can get the first position.”
After hearing Great Elder words, every disciple was shocked.
However, think about it, each people on the scene know, their hope to successfully kill God Rank Demon Beast is almost zero.
“Well, is anybody else have any question?” At this time, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder asked again. All disciples said that they didn’t have any question.
“In that case, I announce Hunting Competition now begin.” Saw that everyone wes ready, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder loudly announced.
“…Whiz whiz whiz whiz…”
And after his voice fall, that twenty disciples appeared like the arrow released from its bow, at the same time they get into the jungle.
“Elder Luo, your Inner Court disciple very interesting.”
“With his Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, he won’t really challenge God Rank Demon Beast right?”
“Hahaha” After every disciple left, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder said toward Inner Court Great Elder with mocked.
“Twenty years ago, your Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples could kill God Rank Demon Beast.”
“After twenty years, my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple couldn’t do the same thing?” And Inner Court Great Elder took a glance toward him and said, his figure turned, then walked toward the city.
“Humph! What a joke, it’s too ridiculous.” After heard Inner Court Great Elder words, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder loudly said, as if he listened to a hilarious joke.
After Inner Court Great Elder returned to the loft, then came to the balcony in the loft, looked at the direction where Xing Jue and all went, said in a low voice: “Xing Jue, you must not do something stupid.”
Although just now Great Elder said something like that, but he also knows that with Xing Jue strength, he is not God Rank Demon Beast opponent.
However, with Xing Jue character, if he really encounters God Rank Demon Beast, perhaps he will really attack it. Therefore, at this moment Inner Court Great Elder somewhat worried.
At this moment inside Demon Beast Mountain range, several figures extremely fast runs, just like thunder falls in the jungle, incredibly fast flashed.
“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz”
Suddenly that five purple figures were stopped in this vast forest, and this is Imperial Wind Pavilion Xing Jue and the other people.
“Hehe, listen everybody, should we choose a leader among five of us?” Hu Bin grins and said to the crowd.
“Leader? Did I ever say that I would hunt together with you?” Zhao Yue coldly stared at him, curled her lip and said.
“What do you mean? Do you want to hunt alone?” Hu Bin didn’t understand and asked.
“Most of Demon Beast in this Demon Beast mountain range is Sovereign Rank, and commonly primary rank, and a lot of Intermediate Rank Demon Beast.
“If five of us hunt together, it’s just a waste of time, on the opposite, if we separately hunt, the result even better.”
“You don’t understand such a simple thing?” Zhao Yue glance at him and slowly said. Then her figure flash and get into the nearby jungle.
“Hehe, Senior Brother Hu Bin, I think so too.” Gao Hao mischievously laughed, then immediately get into the jungle.
“Whiz” Ma Qiang also follow and get into the jungle.
After that only Hu Bin and Xing Jue two people remained, saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly not go away, Hu Bin cast a hostile expression toward Xing Jue.
Earlier, he already didn’t like Xing Jue, and now there’s a good chance, he really wants to teach Xing Jue a lesson.
“What? Do you want to compete with me for leader position?” Xing Jue has cast him a glance, then laughed.
“You fight with me. I just want to know, in the end, what kind of arrogance did you have” Hu Bin coldly said.
“Oh? Then come and try” Xing Jue didn’t approve it and laughed.
“Then I will help you” Hu Bin loudly shouted, then his figure moved, then change into a purple shadow, and violently moved toward Xing Jue.
Facing Hu Bin that incredibly fast moves toward him, Xing Jue sneers, his five fingers grip, and punched it toward Hu Bin, at the same time tyrannical Martial Qi rush forth.
Just one hit, Hu Bin blew far away by Xing Jue and finally hit a big tree. Then looked toward Xing Jue with an incredible face.
Actually, his act just now was careless, but he never imagined that he, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign strength surprisingly hit by Xing Jue.
“Humph!” However, after he felt there were nothing serious with his body, Hu Bin coldly snorts, then once again prepare to attack Xing Jue.
“If I didn’t afraid that you will drag us behind, I already cripple you with that fist just now.” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly said with a cold voice.
Hu Bin surprised for a moment because of Xing Jue words and stopped his body that already prepared to move forward.
Saw Hu Bin seems to be afraid, Xing Jue figure flash and jump into the jungle.
And left behind Hu Bin who looked afraid, because he felt that Xing Jue didn’t lie.
Although a moment ago, he was careless, but Xing Jue strike can blow him, it shows that Xing Jue has extraordinary strength. Moreover, if Xing Jue wanted to injure him, with one hit, he wouldn’t look like this.
At this moment, Hu Bin convinced that Xing Jue easily defeated Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Hu.
When these twenty disciples went into the Demon Beast mountain range, they started to send out explosion sounds and Demon Beasts wail sound.
And when some Demon Beast heard this sound, they are frightened and running away.
So in short, it’s impossible to hunt and kill a lot of Demon Beast. There was already no other Demon Beast in this area, if they want to continue killing demon beast, they must find them at the deeper location.
With a loud sound, at the deep in the jungle, a robust and muscular body Sovereign Rank Intermediate level Demon Beast, weakly collapsed on the ground. And in front of his body stand a handsome youth wear a purple robe. Naturally, this is Xing Jue.
After half-day hunting, Xing Jue successful killed three Sovereign Rank Intermediate level Demon Beast. Since after each time successfully killed Demon Beast, it will be tough for him to look for another Demon Beast. Therefore, every time Xing Jue met Sovereign Rank Primary level Demon Beast, he directly passes over, and only after his encounter Sovereign Rank intermediate level Demon Beast, he will attack.
However, after these three encounters, Xing Jue also found out that Demon Beasts in this Demon Beast mountain range are tough, speaking about its powerful body, this Intermediate Rank Demon Beast more powerful than Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.
“It seems that this hunting ground is difficult” Heard the constant attack sound far away, and Demon Beast whining sound, Xing Jue anxiously said.
This time Hunting Competition, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples are: Three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, two Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.
Netherworld Palace disciples are: Five Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.
Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples are: one Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, four Primary Rank Martial Sovereign.
Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples are: Three Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, two Primary Rank Martial Sovereign.
However, talking about actual battle efficiency, Xing Jue can reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.
This way can it can be calculated, Imperial Wind Pavilion are, one Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, three Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, and one Primary Rank Martial Sovereign.
Under normal hunting condition, Imperial Wind Pavilion actually can keep the second position.
However, this time Xing Jue goal, not second position, rather first position.
However, Nangong Aristocratic Family strength is incredibly powerful. Therefore, it’s difficult for Xing Jue to take the first position.
“It seems, I can only use all of my strength.” Xing Jue estimated all of the various forces strengths and slowly said.
Immediately he thought to moving, round and round strong winds revolved around his body, step ahead, his whole body like lightning moved toward the deep mountain range.
And under this speed, after an hour run in hurried, there are two Intermediate Demon Beast nearby Xing Jue, but Xing Jue didn’t stop his footsteps.
Because Xing Jue already made a decision, that is to give up the Primary level and intermediate Demon Beasts, and directly hunt and kill Advance Level Demon Beast.
Finally, after an hour continuously search, its body has three meters long, and two meters tall enormous bear appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes.
This is Sovereign Rank Advanced level Demon Beast “Giant Bear Beast.”
At this moment that Giant Bear Beast discovered Xing Jue, then its big mouth facing Xing Jue and sent out a big roar.
With that Giant Bear Beast big roar, a tyrannical energy came out from its mouth, and finally launch it toward Xing Jue.
Facing that tyrannical energy, Xing Jue does not dare to be careless, the right palm searches, his right hand moved, bright rays of light sent out from his palm, soon a tyrannical palm print light charge forward.
Two energies collide each other, send out a deafening explosion sound.
However, what made Xing Jue surprised was, the energy that Advanced Rank Demon Beast sent out, didn’t completely resolved, unexpectedly, it still have energy left to face Xing Jue attack.
But in this distance, Xing Jue unable to dodge and finally severely hit him.
“Bang” a hit, Xing Jue flies more than ten meters, Xing Jue fall on the ground.
“Advanced level Demon Beast hard to deal with.” Felt the pain in his chest, Xing Jue helplessly said. Just a moment ago if Xing Jue didn’t use Soul Defend to protect his body, then now Xing Jue must be seriously injured.
“Roar” At this moment, that Giant Bear Beast, already incredibly fast rushed toward Xing Jue, its fast speed, make Xing Jue surprised.
“No way out, it seems I can only use that move.” Facing Advance Rank Demon Beast that incredibly fast moved, Xing Jue can feel, this Giant Bear Beast four claws, have terrifying strength.
Then he closed both of his eyes, when both of his eyes open again, black color Soul Power storm out, finally like a flame twisting on Xing Jue body.

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