War God Asura

Chapter: 74

Hero Saves A Beauty
When that Advanced Demon Beast attack almost arrived, it starts to turn its Giant Bear claw, with a strong wind, it fiercely shot toward Xing Jue. Xing Jue can’t dodge and only can squat down.
“Bang” Xing Jue was hit and ejected by that powerful strength to hundred meters and finally fall on the ground.
But after his body fell to the ground, Xing Jue is slowly getting up, under a protection of that black colored soul, unexpectedly Xing Jue didn’t receive any injury.
In fact, under this condition, Xing Jue is invincible, but he can only in this condition for a short time.
At this time if this black soul didn’t suck into his body, then Soul Explosion strength will disappear.
Therefore, at this moment Xing Jue didn’t hesitate and thought to move, round and round of Soul Power incredibly fast pours into his body, then Xing Jue strength instantly raised and finally reached Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.
When it saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly fine, that Giant Bear Beast make a loud roar, then once again moved toward Xing Jue.
But now, facing the Giant Bear Beast which moved toward him once again, Xing Jue didn’t feel afraid, his right palm grip, a black colored “Cut Soul Sword” condensed, at the same time, Xing Jue also used Storm Wind Technique.
When everything is ready, Xing Jue figure flash and change into a black shadow and moved toward that Giant Bear Beast.
With a muffled sound, Xing Jue passes through that Giant Bear Beast, at the same time a lot of red blood, incredibly fast come out from that Giant Bear Beast body.
At the same time when Xing Jue falls to the ground, that Giant Bear Beast also loudly fall to the ground. At this moment the incomparable Giant Bear Beast before already dead.
After Xing Jue killed Giant Bear Beast, he quickly took a Qi Replenish Treasure Pill into his mouth. After using Soul Explosion, he received a backlashed injury. So in order to have enough physical strength to continue the hunt and kill Demon Beast, Xing Jue can only depend on Treasure Pill to maintain his physical strength.
However, although he used Replenish Qi Treasure Pill, but after Soul Explosion strength dissipated, Xing Jue still can feel waves of pain on his body, then he quickly sat down and use Soul Healing relieved his pain.
After a moment used Soul Healing, Xing Jue’s body finally gets better. Then he slowly stands up and looks at the Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples went, softly said: “Advanced Level Demon Beast really hard to deal with, I think even Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, also very difficult dealing with Advanced Rank Demon Beast.”
After a few sighs, Xing Jue once again used Storm Wind Technique, then moved toward the deepest place in the jungle. In order to help Imperial Wind Pavilion get the first position, Xing Jue must use all of his strength.
“Boom, boom, boom”
When he is on the way, he used his Soul Power, Xing Jue often heard an explosion sound at the distant place, he even clearly heard some disciples dialogs, but this is not what Xing Jue wanted to investigate, he looks for Advance Rank Demon Beast trail.
“All of you court death!”
At this time, a woman loudly shouted and sent into Xing Jue mind.
“Wang Yanran?” After heard that voice, Xing Jue quickly stopped his body, after silence for a moment, he changed his direction and incredibly fast run toward her voice.
At this moment, inside Demon Beast mountain range forest, six people are standing, five of them are Netherworld Palace disciples, and they surrounded a beautiful woman wear a white robe. This woman is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village “Wang Yanran”.
“Hehe, Junior Sister Yanran, hand over your Treasure Pill.”
“If not several of us will start to hurt you.” A disciple who lead them laughed and said.
In fact, they already followed Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples for a long time, after the competition started, they hid their aura and secretly following them, when they separate, they choose the best person in Refining Medicine technique Wang Yanran.
“Humph! If you want to snatch my Treasure Pil, it depends, you have the ability or not.” Wang Yanran coldly snorts and stubbornly said.
“In that case, don’t blame us being ruthless!”
Saw Wang Yanran not willing to give up, that disciple suddenly shouted.
And after he said his command, that several disciples start to attack together. Round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi moved toward Wang Yanran delicate body.
“Humph!” Facing those incredibly fast Martial Qi, Wang Yanran coldly snorts, then both of her arms around her shoulders and extremely fast start to spin.
While spins, her body started to send out a white Qi and formed layers of defense cover and wrapped her tightly.
“Bang, Bang, Bang”
With five attacks sounds, that five Netherworld Palace disciples joint attacks blocked by Wang Yanran.
Saw their long range attacks ineffective, that five disciples figures jump into the air and advancing toward Wang Yanran. Meanwhile round and round of fierce attack, ruthlessly attack Wang Yanran.
Facing five people attacks, Wang Yanran unable to escape, and fight against it desperately.
Round and round of fierce fists, round kick, chopping palm, constantly attack Wang Yanran. She flashed and ignored her defense, using high-speed she moved back and forth among those five people.
Although Wang Yanran strength already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, but obviously her actual combat wasn’t strong, under these five Netherworld Palace disciples extremely cruel and merciless attacks, she finally made a mistake.
And this mistake firmly grabs by that Netherworld Palace disciples, a fierce palm carried a strong Martial Qi, mercilessly hit Wang Yanran waist.
A hit, Wang Yanran was hit to fly by this palm, and finally knocked against the big tree, at the same time she sprayed a mouthful blood, and her face became pale.
“Hehe, I am really sorry to make the heavy attack.” The disciple who previously hit Wang Yanran said with a mean face.
“Kill me if you can!” Wang Yanran coldly said, there is anger above her small pale face.
“Junior Sister Yanran, why did you said that?”
“Ah, since you insist on it, then I will do it as you hope.” That man pretends to be helpless said. Then his sleeve wave, a powerful Martial Qi incredibly fast move toward Wang Yanran.
“Humph!” Facing that extremely fast Martial Qi, Wang Yanran coldly snorts, then her sleeve wave, a tyrannical Martial Qi moved toward that man.
Two Martial Qi collided and make a tyrannical energy ripples. But suddenly that energy ripples suddenly dispersed and ejected four sparkling energies palm prints. Naturally, this was sent out by that four disciples.
Facing those extremely fast palm prints, Wang Yanran’s face change. She can feel that Palm prints contain terrifying energies, those were probably extremely high Martial Skill.
At this moment she didn’t have enough time to defend, she only helplessly looked at those four energies moved toward her. Without any choice, Wang Yanran slowly closed both of her eyes.
“Bang” with a loud sound, Wang Yanran didn’t feel the pain that she expected, and strong winds blew on her body.
“Several big men attacked a weak woman, all of you are shameless!” At this time, a sharp voice sounded in front of Wang Yanran.
When she opened both of her eyes, Wang Yanran surprisingly found a teenager standing in front of her. Apparently, this youth blocked the attacks, and Wang Yanran recognized this teenager. This teenager is Xing Jue.
“I thought who, it turns out Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” That Netherworld Palace disciple also recognized Xing Jue, then mockingly said. However, Xing Jue only showed a faint smile and did not pay any attention.
“Boy, you better not interfere with our matters, otherwise do not blame us for being rude.” Saw Xing Jue blocked their attack, a disciple who leads them coldly said.
“Oh, I must meddle with this matter.” Xing Jue faintly smiled and loudly speak.
“Young fellow, it’s you who courts death, do not blame us.” Saw Xing Jue determined to meddle with this matter, that Netherworld Palace disciple ruthlessly said.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, you are not their opponents, quickly run!” Saw that Netherworld Palace disciple wants to attack Xing Jue, Wang Yanran immediately urges him to leave. After all, even her an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign wasn’t that five people opponent. She does not believe that Xing Jue a Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, could fight that five people.
“Don’t worry, Senior Sister Wang, I am here, no one will hurt you.” Xing Jue slowly turned his head and said with a smiled toward Wang Yanran.
When Wang Yanran saw Xing Jue confidently smiled, her body trembled, didn’t know why an indescribable feeling welled up in her heart.
“Court death!” Saw Xing Jue insist to obstruct that Netherworld Palace disciple finally got angry, then in one large stride, he makes vicious blows and ruthlessly attacked Xing Jue.
But facing this vicious blows, Xing Jue body didn’t even moved, and let that disciple’s attack to come.
In one fist, not only Xing Jue didn’t injured, he didn’t even moved a half step, saw this scene, that Netherworld Palace disciple was surprised, his face instantly changes.
“Your fist was too weak, I will let you see, what is called fist” Xing Juefaintlysmiled and said to that stunned disciple.
His right arm immediately waved, a punchcontained of tyrannical Martial Qi, severely hit that disciple’s chest.
When that disciple about to react, Xing Jue’s fist already severely hit his chest. That disciple instantly sprays a mouthful blood, then his whole body like a broken kite, fly upside down, and finally severely hit on the ground, fainted.
Facing this scene, that several Netherworld Palace disciples, even Wang Yanran also surprised, until a moment later, she slowly wakes up from that shock, then on her beautiful face, appeared a rare smiled.
And that several Netherworld Palace disciples are not fools, at this moment naturally they also saw that Xing Jue strength is uncommon. Then instantly become cautious.
“Lineup” Suddenly a disciple who leads Netherworld Palace disciples loudly shouted.
Under his command, the other four disciples stand behind him, lineup into a straight line.
And both of their hands started to emit a strong energy, finally touch the other disciple’s back at the front, and with the touch of their palm, the strange energy from both of their arms, slowly get into the other person’s body.
All three people are the same, only the disciple who stands at the front stand still, he closed both of his eyes, and at the same time, his strength started to rise, and finally reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level.
After that disciple strength reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, the other three disciples behind him weakly collapsed on the ground.

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