War God Asura

Chapter: 75

The Best Partner
“What a strange technique” When he saw Netherworld Palace disciple’s strength instantly promote to Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue extremely shocked said.
Although at this moment that disciple obtained strength, but compared to his Soul Explosion, it seems somewhat unstable.
However, this kind of technique that can promote strength is incredibly terrifying. After all, they are Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, compared with Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, the gap between that strength are very big, especially those who good in fighting to get this power, that person will become even more terrifying.
And obviously that Netherworld Palace disciple is that kind of person, this was seen from his previous fight with Wang Yanran, but compared with Xing Jue he still a lot more worst.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue quickly run, leave me!” Wang Yanran loudly said.
With her Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, at this moment naturally, she also felt that Netherworld Palace disciple strength change, therefore she felt so nervous.
Xing Jue can defeat Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, this already makes her extremely shocked, but Xing Jue a Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, challenged an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, she didn’t believe that Xing Jue would win.
After all, the gap between their ranks is huge, that two levels simply against the heaven, at least she never heard anyone can do that. Therefore, at this moment she worried about Xing Jue safety.
“Senior Sister Wang, relax.” Xing Jue turned his head and said. His handsome face fills with a confident smile.
And don’t know why, when Wang Yanran saw Xing Jue confident smile, without reason her heart become free from anxiety, then without much talk, she takes out a Treasure Pill from her Storage Bracelet and put it into her mouth, prepare to support Xing Jue.
“Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, isn’t it? Unfortunately, that is not a threat to me.” After making Wang Yanran calm down, Xing Jue once again turned to Netherworld Palace disciple and said. His tone is full of disdain.
Then he slowly closed both of his eyes, and when Xing Jue eyes open again, a powerful black soul surges out from his body, then instantly fills Xing Jue whole body like a burning flame, slowly rise Xing Jue body.
Finally, Wang Yanran and that disciple shocking vision slowly rose and looked toward Xing Jue, Wang Yanran only stunned. It’s the first time she saw this powerful secret method, it’s amazing.
Without end, Wang Yanran and that Netherworld Palace disciple looks toward Xing Jue with shocked, because he can feel how powerful that black substance on Xing Jue body.
Facing that Netherworld Palace disciple astonished expression, Xing Jue faintly smiled, then he lightly shouted, that black Soul Power incredibly fast gets into his body, at the same time Xing Jue aura instantly rise and finally break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level. And at this moment his body that floats in the air slowly land on the ground.
“Humph! Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, you think you can be my opponent?” After seeing Xing Jue aura finally stopped at Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, that disciple felt relieved and sneered.
When Xing Jue aura started to rise, he was really nervous, he afraid that Xing Jue aura will surpass him. And after he found out that Xing Jue aura stopped at Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, he feels relieved, because he doesn’t feel that Xing Jue strength at Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign able to defeat him.
“You come and try” Xing Jue slightly smiled and said with disdain.
“Then I will help you” Saw Xing Jue underestimated him, that disciple became angrier. His figure moved, rushed like a thunder advancing toward Xing Jue and mercilessly punch him.
“Give me a break” Facing that disciple powerful blow, Xing Jue step slightly stride, his right fist tightly grips, and immediately attack that disciple.
“Bang” Two fists face each other, two people because of that powerful strength were shaken backward.
“How is that possible?” Saw his own attacked unexpectedly equal with Xing Jue, that disciple said with shocked.
And Xing Jue sneers, immediately round and round of strong winds came out, and his figure suddenly disappears, then instantly appeared in front of that disciple’s body.
At the same time ray of light palm, ruthlessly hit that disciple’s chest.
And this disciple never imagines that Xing Jue speed can suddenly rise, even he didn’t see his movement. When he found out where was Xing Jue it’s already too late.
Without a hitch, Xing Jue palm hit that disciple’s chest.
“Puchi” That man sprays a mouthful blood, then his body incredibly fast shots backward and severely hit a big tree then stopped.
That powerful collision makes the big sturdy tree tremble several times, at this moment that disciple’s face became pale, even his body start to shake, at the same time his strength extremely fast drop, and finally fell to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, his sight flash and fainted.
“It turns out, the strength that obtained by that strange technique very unstable” Saw that fainted disciple, Xing Jue smile and said.
Although Xing Jue hit just now was very powerful, but with Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, not enough to make him faint, and the reason that disciple fainted was because of that strange technique backlash.
“Senior Sister Wang, how are you?” After defeating that disciple, Xing Jue eyes turn toward Wang Yanran, but at this time Wang Yanran looks at Xing Jue with shocked, her bewildered look somewhat adorable.
“Er…, Junior Brother Xing Jue, thank you…” When she heard Xing Jue call, Wang Yanran suddenly awake, then quickly rushed toward Xing Jue and said thanks.
“Haha, Senior Sister Wang was polite” Xing Jue showed a faint smile and said.
“Right, Senior Sister Wang, what about the other Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples? Why you are alone?” Soon after Xing Jue arrived at Wang Yanran side, he asked with a smile.
“Isn’t Junior Brother Xing Jue also alone?” After hearing Xing Jue words, Wang Yanran surprised for a moment, her face becomes depressed, after silent for a moment, she smiles and replied.
“Oh, hehe” Xing Jue also laughs. He knew that he speaks a wrong word. In fact, Xing Jue already guessed that Wang Yanran relationship and several other Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples are bad, and didn’t think about it too much, but right now he regrets it.
“Oh” At this time, the strength that Xing Jue gain from Soul Explosion start to dissipate, and at the same time the backlash brought a painful feeling into his body.
Xing Jue quickly took out one Replenish Qi Treasure Pill and put it into his mouth, but it still can’t subside the painful feeling, he quickly sat down and prepared to use Soul Healing.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, try to eat this.” Upon seeing this Wang Yanran quickly take out a white Treasure Pill from her Storage Bracelet, handed it to Xing Jue and said.
Without hesitate Xing Jue take the Treasure Pill and put it into his mouth, but what made Xing Jue surprised was, after this Treasure Pill entered his stomach, that extremely painful backlash incredibly fast decrease, and finally disappear.
“Senior Sister Wang, what Treasure Pill that you gave me? It’s amazing!” Xing Jue excitedly said to Wang Yanran.
“Haha, this is Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill that I develop “Repair Pain Pill”, every physical pain that caused by anything, if take this “Repair Pain Pill” will instantly get better. ” Saw Xing Jue seems very interested to that Treasure Pill, Wang Yanran explained it in detailed.
“Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill? No wonder there is such a powerful medicine.” After hearing Wang Yanran words, Xing Jue opened his mouth widely and said with astonishment.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, just now did you used a secret method that creates a backlash? I think it’s better if I give this several Repair Pain Pill to you, so in the future, you won’t suffer a painful feeling from that backlash.” Wang Yanran seems to see Xing Jue thoughts, then immediately said with a smile.
During the speech, she takes out ten “Repair Pain Pill” from her Storage Bracelet and hands it over to Xing Jue.
“This…How could that be, this Treasure Pill incredibly precious, I can’t accept it.” Xing Jue quickly refused it, although he really wants to accept, but this Treasure Pill is Black Rank high-grade, after all, it’s an incredibly precious thing, in one breath she gave him ten pills, if this continues, he will owe a big favor.
“If Junior Brother Xing Jue didn’t interfere, perhaps the Treasure Pill inside this Storage Bracelet, already snatched by those Netherworld Palace disciples, this return of favor, simply too small.” Wang Yanran quickly said.
“Er…” After hearing what Wang Yanran said, Xing Jue a little bit hesitated, actually inside his heart Xing Jue want to accept these Treasure Pill, after all the backlashed that Soul Explosion create, require some time to treat, and this will delay his hunting progress.
So if he has this “Repair Pain Pill”, Xing Jue next hunting will be easier, but Xing Jue feels somewhat embarrassed to accept it.
“Senior Sister Wang, why don’t you hunt with me?” After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue looks toward Wang Yanran and said.
“Hunting together?” And after Wang Yanran heard Xing Jue words, she also surprised for a moment, because she never heard the disciples of two different forces can hunt together.
“Senior Sister Wang, to be honest with you, as long as I use the secret technique, I can kill Advanced Rank Demon Beast, but it is true as Senior Sister Wang said that if I used the secret technique, it could create a backlash.”
“However, Senior Sister Wang “Repair Pain Pill” actually can disperse that backlash. As a result, my hunting speed will increase a lot, in addition to Senior Sister Wang Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, you and me together, our hunting efficiency will incredibly fast increase, and the prey that we obtain, can divide equally, what do you think Senior Sister Wang? ” Xing Jue slowly said.
“Yes, as Junior Brother Xing Jue said, that you and I can hunt together.” After hearing Xing Jue word, Wang Yanran silent for a moment then answered with a smile.
Although she is Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, but her combat experience is too little, inside this Demon Beast mountain range, there is also a danger, but she also saw Xing Jue strength, therefore if she hunts with Xing Jue, she will be at ease.
And after Wang Yanran agreed, Xing Jue excitedly laughed, with Wang Yanran Treasure Pill, Xing Jue hunting efficiency, will rise.
“But” At this time, Wang Yanran said with hesitated.
“What’s wrong?” Sees Wang Yanran hesitated look, Xing Jue nervously said. Afraid that Wang Yanran feels regret.
“Just now, if Junior Brother Xing Jue didn’t rescue me, maybe I am unable to continue this Hunting Competition.”
“Therefore the hunting prey can’t divide into half. I only want one-third, if Junior Brother Xing Jue doesn’t agree, then I only have to withdraw.” After silent for a moment, Wang Yanran smiled and said toward Xing Jue.
“Er…, all right.” After hearing Wang Yanran words, Xing Jue surprised for a moment, then helplessly said with a smile.
However, at this moment, Xing Jue impression toward Wang Yanran increased. Working together, but only receive three from ten as repayments, only a fool in this world who do this, and obviously Wang Yanran is not that kind of person, the reason why she does that, naturally she wants to repay Xing Jue.
Saw Xing June agreed, Wang Yanran sweetly smiled, her beautiful smile even makes Xing Jue somewhat bewildered.
Therefore, the best partner in this Hunting Competition made. Immediately that two people didn’t delay any more time, after a bit of recuperation, they start to move toward Demon Beast mountain range deeper place.
And what make Xing Jue surprised was, with Treasure Pill support, Wang Yanran speed unexpectedly not less than his speed, so their hunt efficiency becomes quite terrifying. Xing Jue faintly smiled, he anticipated the next hunt.

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