War God Asura

Chapter: 76

“Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi”
With a loud shout, one Zhang (3.33 m) black sword Qi, like a black crescent moon, with burst of wind, incredibly fast moved toward a huge Advanced Rank Demon Beast.
When Sword Qi across, a stream of blood splashed, when that blood falls on the ground, that Advanced Rank Demon Beast also loudly fall on the ground.
“Hey, it’s another one” Xing Jue take that Demon Beast into his Storage Bracelet and said with a smile.
“Catch!” At this time, Wang Yanran who not far away from Xing Jue took one white medicine pill and threw it to Xing Jue.
But Xing Jue unexpectedly didn’t use his hand to take it, but directly open his mouth and chew it.
Saw Xing Jue valuable appearance, Wang Yanran can’t help but laugh, although only several days get along together with Xing Jue, Wang Yanran felt very happy.
Six days already passed since the start of Hunting Competition, in these six days, Xing Jue and Wang Yanran work together, a total of thirty Advanced Rank Demon Beast, and ten Intermediate Rank Demon Beast, this kind of harvest is plentiful.
But as time goes by, Xing Jue also found out that the Demon Beast in this mountain range is getting fewer and fewer. In two days they almost didn’t find any Advanced Rank Demon Beast, in desperation both of them start to hunt and kill Intermediate Rank Demon Beast.
But until now, even Intermediate Rank Demon Beast is hard to find, it could be said that the Advanced Rank Demon Beast that they just killed was the first they found in two days.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, I think it’s time for us to go back.” Wang Yanran came at Xing Jue side and said with a smile.
This time to search for Demon Beast, they continue to explore the deeper place on the mountain. Therefore, it caused their distance to the city getting more farther, not only Xing Jue two people, but the other disciples are also like that. So usually this is the time for all the people to return.
“All right!” Xing Jue agreed and said. Then both of them move toward the city.
“D*mn! If you dare, kill me!”
Not far away after both of them went, Xing Jue suddenly stops. Xing Jue suddenly heard Zhao Yue voice, and she seems to be in trouble, but because of their distance too far, Xing Jue stopped, and focused his Soul Power toward that position, to ascertain.
“Kill you, I’m afraid it’s only dirtying my hand, otherwise killing you is easier than pinching an ant.”
“Humph! Then you can’t take that Demon Beast from me!”
“Elder Brother Zhu, stop talking rubbish with her, just directly take it.”
As expected, after Xing Jue concentrated his Soul Power, he can hear Zhao Yue and the others conversation, and indeed at this moment, Zhao Yue is in trouble.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, what happened?” Saw Xing Jue suddenly stopped, Wang Yanran quickly asked.
“Senior Sister Wang, its look like we can’t go back together, my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple is in trouble. I need to go over and help.” Xing Jue told the truth to Wang Yanran.
“In that case, I will go with you.” Wang Yanran said.
“Senior Sister Wang, you better not participate in this matter, the other side is Nangong Aristocratic Family people.” When Xing Jue saw Wang Yanran wanted to go, he immediately urged her not to go.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, you are wrong, so what if they are Nangong Aristocratic Family people.” After hearing Xing Jue words, Wang Yanran somewhat angry said.
Xing Jue does not want to take Wang Yanran to go. After all the other side is Nangong Aristocratic Family people, regarding three big empires strongest forces, Xing Jue doesn’t want Wang Yanran to have any conflict with them, under Wang Yanran persistence, Xing Jue was forced to agree, immediately both of them incredibly fast moved toward Zhao Yue direction.
Although the relationship between Xing Jue and Zhao Yue are not deep, but after all, they are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple. Therefore, Xing Jue will never allow others to bully Zhao Yue, especially Nangong Aristocratic Family people.
But the distance between Xing Jue and Zhao Yue are dozens of miles, and at this moment she had a fierce fight with Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple. Speaking about real strength, Zhao Yue strength actually above Hu Bin, but she is not Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple opponent at all, in several rounds she already seriously injured.
“Hu Hu Hu”
At this moment, Zhao Yue face pale, she weakly lies on the ground, and at her side stood two enchanting females, these two people are Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, their strength was Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.
And behind them stood a male disciple, his strength is Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, but at this moment that male disciple looked at Zhao Yue with sneers.
“Are you hand it back or not?” One of the women fiercely said to Zhao Yue.
“If you dare, kill me!” Zhao Yue stubbornly said.
An hour ago, Zhao Yue and one of Nangong Aristocratic Family female disciples found an Intermediate Rank Demon Beast. However, after that Demon Beast killed, Zhao Yue was the first who took that Demon Beast into her Storage Bracelet.
Naturally, that Nangong Aristocratic Family female disciple didn’t kill it, even she started to attack Zhao Yue, but unexpectedly she wasn’t Zhao Yue opponent. Therefore she sent out Communication Talisman, and then later two Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples caught up, that’s why this happens.
“Humph! Court death!” Saw Zhao Yue refused to hand it over, that female disciple kicked Zhao Yue. But Zhao Yue, who didn’t have any strength left to fight back, spray a mouthful of blood, then weakly lie on the ground, cannot move.
“Hand it over or not?” That woman asked again. Actually, at this time, she can directly take Zhao Yue Storage Bracelet, but she wants Zhao Yue to admit defeat.
“You…are…dreaming…” Zhao Yue said with weak voice.
Seeing this, that female disciple’s heart became even more ruthless, her right fist grip, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi condensed into her fist, then fiercely against Zhao Yue.
With a loud sound, those two women were shocked and fly upside down.
Seeing that, the male disciple quickly catches that two women, then once again looked at Zhao Yue.
At this moment the place where Zhao Yue is full of dust, inside the dust standing a faintly visible figure, after the dust gradually dispersed, a youth appears. Naturally, this is Xing Jue.
“What a great Nangong Aristocratic Family, surprisingly start to do robbery business.” Xing Jue is standing in front of Zhao Yue, glance at that three disciples and said with contempt.
At this time, Wang Yanran also moved, and quickly help Zhao Yue to get up, and put healing Treasure Pill into Zhao Yue mouth.
“I thought who, it turns out the weakest boy of Imperial Wind Pavilion.”
“Your Senior Sister snatched my Junior female prey. We just want it back” That male disciple glance at Xing Jue and slowly said.
“Two people depend on skill to fight for Demon Beast, is this called snatched?” At this time, Zhao Yue injury gets better, immediately refuted.
“Elder Brother Zhu, don’t talk nonsense with them, just directly teach them a lesson!” That girl who fought for that Demon Beast with Zhao Yue shouted with displeasure.
“Yeah, that’s right!” That male disciple pretending to be helpless said, then looked at Xing Jue with a hostile look.
But Xing Jue didn’t afraid, his five fingers tightly grip, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast start to condense.
“So lively” When these two people ready to attack, a man’s voice suddenly sounds.
Then two green figures like a ghost appeared in front of that Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple.
“Senior Brother Liu” After these two men appeared, that three disciples respectfully said.
And the one who stood in the lead is the most outstanding Nangong Aristocratic Family “Liu Teng”.
“Junior Brother Zhu, what’s going on?” After Liu Teng appeared, the other disciple who thoughtless, asked that Zhu disciple.
And that disciple said what happened in detailed.
“Junior Sister Cui, your skill is inferior, is it necessary because of this matter you broke that Communication Talisman?” After hearing that disciple’s words, Liu Teng scolded that female disciple.
“I’m sorry Senior Brother Liu, I was confused” That female disciple quickly respectfully replied, her words full of fear.
“All right, time is running out. We need to go back as soon as possible.” Saw that female disciple admit her mistakes, Liu Teng didn’t pursue anymore and prepared to leave.
“Wait” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly spoke.
“Junior Brother, is there something else?” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly said stop, Liu Teng looked at Xing Jue and said with a smile.
“Your Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, severely wounded my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, and wanted to leave without explanation, isn’t that wrong?” Xing Jue faintly smiled and slowly said.
After hearing Xing Jue words, Liu Teng eyebrow wrinkle, but after silent for a moment, he turned around and said to that three disciples: “Apologized to Junior Sister Zhao.”
After he had spoken, that three disciples, though unwilling, but didn’t dare to do anything. Therefore, they apologize to Zhao Yue.
“By the way, Junior Brother Xing Jue, this time how does your Imperial Wind Pavilion harvest?” After that three people had apologized, Liu Teng said with a smile toward Xing Jue.
“Naturally, it’s quite plentiful” Xing Jue faintly smiled, disliking said.
“Oh? He he, coincidentally, our harvest also a lot.”
“I think a lot more than Junior Brother Xing Jue. It seems this year first place belong to my Nangong Aristocratic Family.” Liu Teng slightly smiled, and his words filled with sarcasm.
After finish said that words, his figure flash and immediately move into the jungle and after coldly glance at Xing Jue that several other disciples also followed into the jungle.
This Liu Teng, a hypocrite.” At this time, Wang Yanran arrived at Xing Jue side and slowly said.
“Nah, I think Liu Teng is very a good person, much better than the others” At this time, Zhao Yue somewhat dissatisfied said, almost the same as her injury.
“Hehe” Heard Zhao Yue words, Xing Jue helplessly shakes his head and smiled. This Zhao Yue views things not as good as the sinister Wang Yanran.
Although on the surface Liu Teng is righteous, a reasonable manner, but Xing Jue felt that Liu Teng is the most dangerous.
But a moment ago what Liu Teng said, actually touched Xing Jue, he can see from Liu Teng expression that he has confidence in this Hunting Competition.
Apparently, this time their harvest is not few, and Liu Teng strength, although he is also Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, but Xing Jue feels that he should be more tyrannical. Otherwise, that several disciples wouldn’t be so afraid of him. When thinking about this, Xing Jue starts to worry about this Hunting Competition.
After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue sleeve wave, nine Advanced Rank Demon Beast and three Intermediate Rank Demon Beast corpses, loudly fell on the ground.
“Oh my God, so many Advanced Rank Demon Beast” Looking at this sudden Demon Beast’s corpse appearance, Zhao Yue said with shock.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, what is this meaning?” Saw Xing Jue action, Wang Yanran confusedly asked.
“Senior Sister Wang, you go back first with Senior Sister Zhao Yue, I have something to do.” Xing Jue slightly smiled and said.
“What happened?” Wang Yanran continued to ask.
“Hehe, about this matter, I ask Senior Sister Wang not to intervene.” Xing Jue said with a smile, his words has several points of pleading.
“Here I still have three Repair pain pill, Junior Brother Xing Jue please take it, maybe it can be used.” Wang Yanran is so smart, naturally, she also knew what Xing Jue want to do, then slowly said to Xing Jue, and give that three Repair Pain Pill to Xing Jue.
“Then thank you Senior Sister Wang.” Naturally, he didn’t reject Wang Yanran good intention, after said goodbye, once again Xing Jue went toward the deeper place in the mountain range.
As Wang Yanran thought, indeed Xing Jue prepared to hunt Demon Beast again, but Wang never thought that this time Xing Jue didn’t plan to kill Advance Rank Demon Beast, but God Rank Demon Beast.

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